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Light in the Heart of Darkness

Light in the Heart of Darkness
titolo Light in the Heart of Darkness
sottotitolo EMDR and the Treatment of War and Terrorism Survivors
autori , ,
argomenti Psicologia e Psichiatria Psicologia delle emergenze
Psicologia e Psichiatria Psicoterapia individuale
Psicologia e Psichiatria
editore WW Norton & Co
formato Libro
pagine 240
pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9780393703665
37,00 35,15 (-5%)
Focusing on the application of EMDR to survivors' traumatic experiences, this book covers a wide range of subject matter including school violence, 'near-war' experiences, refugees, combat soldiers, children, and emergency service workers. Using their experiences in humanitarian relief efforts, the authors provide useful information to all clinicians interested in participating in such activities. The book also includes extensive case histories as well as a 'consumer's report' from a war medic whose chronic PTSD was successfully treated with EMDR.

Indice testuale

The nature of war and terrorism trauma; case presentation; interview with an EMDR client; interview with an EMDR therapist; the therapist; overview of EMDR methodology; client history; client preparation; assessment; desensitization and blocked response; installation; body scan and closure; reevaluation and termination; recent and ongoing events; children; abreaction; grief and loss; guilt; anger; relief work; cross cultural issues; research.

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