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Hurwitz Clinical Pediatric Dermatology. A Textbook of Skin Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 736

Written by two leaders in the field of pediatric dermatology, this classic text provides both detailed content for the specialist and easily accessible information for the non-dermatologist and less experienced clinician. Paller and Mancini - Hurwitz Clinical Pediatric Dermatology, 6th Edition, comprehensively covers the full range of skin disorders in children, offering authoritative, practical guidance on diagnosis and treatment in a single volume. This award-winning, evidence-based text has been fully revised and updated, and is an essential resource for anyone who sees children with skin disorders.
150,00 142,50

Smith's Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformation

Kenneth Lyons Jones, Marilyn Crandall Jones
e altri

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 1088

Long known as the go-to resource for superbly illustrated, up-to-date coverage in this complex field, Smith's Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformation, 8th Edition, provides a wealth of information on malformation syndromes of environmental and genetic etiology, recognizable disorders of unknown cause, clinical approaches to specific diagnoses, and normal standards of measurement for the entire spectrum of disorders. This award-winning reference is indispensable for clinicians in pediatrics, neonatology, family medicine, and genetics, as well as nurse practitioners and physician assistants-anyone who needs a complete, authoritative, and easy-to-read guide to help accurately diagnose human disorders, establish prognoses, and provide appropriate management and genetic counseling. Includes an easy-to-read description of each condition: Common and occasional abnormalities, natural history, etiology, and references. Opposing pages contain descriptive photographs and line drawings of either an individual with the abnormality or specific features of the abnormality. Contains new coverage of Hennekam Syndrome, Parkes Weber Syndrome, KBG Syndrome, Kosaki Overgrowth, Malan Syndrome, and much more. Arranges disorders based on similarity in overall features, so you can easily navigate to the correct section and compare/contrast similar disorders. Features more than 1,500 full-color photographs and illustrations, many from the personal collections of Drs. Smith and Jones, and others from multiple international collaborators. Provides summarized information in order to understand basic mechanisms of morphogenesis and birth defects and key concepts in genetics and genetic testing-necessary information for counseling patients and parents. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
98,00 93,10

Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation


editore: American Academy of Pediatrics

pagine: 361

The Neonatal Resuscitation Program (R) (NRP (R)) course conveys an evidence-based approach to care of the newborn at birth and facilitates effective team-based care for healthcare professionals who care for newborns at the time of delivery. NRP utilizes a blended learning approach, which includes online testing and hands-on case-based simulation/debriefing that focus on critical leadership, communication, and team-work skills. The NRP, 8th Edition, introduces a new educational methodology to better meet the needs of health care professionals who manage the newly born baby. New in the 8th edition: Key Points at the beginning of each lesson. Quick response (QR) codes that enable the reader to view short videos about the topic on their mobile device. Lesson Review Questions grouped together at the end of each lesson. Quality Improvement Opportunities and Frequently Asked Questions in each lesson. New sections in Lesson 10 (Special Considerations) about resuscitation of the newborn with a myelomeningocele or an abdominal wall defect. Three Supplemental Lessons (Improving Resuscitation Team Performance, Resuscitation Outside the Delivery Room, and Bringing Quality Improvement to Your Resuscitation Team) that all NRP users to enhance their resuscitation knowledge and performance.
87,61 83,23

Red Book 2021

Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases

a cura di David W. Kimberlin

editore: American Academy of Pediatrics

pagine: 1100

Refer to the Red Book." That's been the watchword for generations of healthcare professionals seeking trustworthy guidance on pediatric infectious disease prevention, management, and control. Now the 32nd edition continues this tradition of excellence with the latest clinical guidance on manifestations, etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of more than 200 childhood infectious diseases. The 32nd edition provides evidence-based guidance on pediatric infections and vaccinations based on the recommendations of the committee as well as the combined expertise of the CDC, the FDA and hundreds of contributors. Red Book is an indispensable reference for pediatricians and pediatric infectious disease specialists and is useful for family medicine and emergency medicine physicians, as well. Public health and school health professionals, medical residents, and students also will find it a high-yield source of pediatric infectious disease and vaccine information. New in the 2021 Red Book: All chapters were assessed for relevance in the dynamic environment that is the practice of medicine today, and every chapter has been modified. Two chapters have been added to the 2021 edition: Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections and a new "System-Based Treatment" table designed to aid in initial antibiotic selections by clinical conditions. Standardized approaches to disease prevention through immunizations, antimicrobial prophylaxis, and infection-control practices have been updated throughout the Red Book References to evidence-based policy recommendations have been updated throughout the Red Book. Appropriate chapters throughout the Red Book have been updated to be consistent with 2021 AAP and CDC vaccine recommendations for immunization of health care personnel, and drug recommendations from 2021 Nelson's Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy.
170,00 161,50

Primo soccorso del mio bambino. Una guida completa per ogni emergenza

Costantino De Giacomo, Nicola Tovaglieri

editore: Tecniche Nuove

pagine: 128

Un Manuale di Primo Soccorso pediatrico che si rivolge a chiunque si trovi ad affrontare una situazione d'emergenza, illustran
14,90 14,16

Tascabile di pediatria

Paritosh Prasad, Uzair Admani
e altri

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 408

Questo volume, che fa parte della popolare collana Pocket Medicine e curato dai medici del Univesity of Rochester Medical Center, ha una forte impronta pratica ed è aggiornato sui disturbi ed i problemi pediatrici che possono essere incontrati nelle più disparate situazioni cliniche, comprese quelle della Terapia Intensiva Neonatale e Pediatrica. Il libro rappresenta uno strumento di lavoro ideale per studenti di medicina, specializzandi e medici che operano sul campo, in quanto ricco di elenchi, tabelle e algoritmi che forniscono in modo sintetico, ma esaustivo, informazioni chiave circa i più comuni problemi cardiologici, pneumologici, gastroenterologici, nefrologici, emato-oncologici, infettivologici, endocrinologici, reumatologici e neurologici dell’età pediatrica. Le sue piccole dimensioni, inoltre, fanno sì che possa essere comodamente tenuto nella tasca del camice. La terza edizione è arricchita da un nuovo capitolo contenente immagini dermatologiche a colori ed è stata implementata con nuove informazioni relative alle ultime evidenze scientifiche e tecnologiche nell’ambito di ciascun campo affrontato. Lo stile con cui è scritto, conciso e puntuale, facilita l’apprendimento e la memorizzazione dei punti chiave. Infine, l’adattamento, in lingua italiana, è stato curato dall’equipe pediatrica della UOC Pediatria dell’Ospedale Sandro Pertini di Roma, che vanta un’esperienza pluriennale in ambito pediatrico e neonatologico.  
30,00 28,50

Park's The Pediatric Cardiology Handbook

Myung K. Park, Mehrdad Salamat

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 548

Through five successful editions, Park's The Pediatric Cardiology Handbook has been the go-to portable reference for fundamental and practical information on the diagnosis and management of children with congenital and acquired heart disease. In the fully updated 6th Edition, Dr. Myung K. Park is joined by new co-author Dr. Mehrdad Salamat in providing concise, authoritative guidance for pediatricians, cardiology fellows, family practitioners, medical students, and more. Designed as a companion to Dr. Park's larger text, Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners, this pocket-sized resource features useful diagrams, summary tables, helpful images, and clear descriptions of disorders-perfect for healthcare professionals in practice or in training. Access to this product, which may be at the discretion of your institution, is up to 3 years of online and perpetual offline access. Elsevier reserves the right to restrict or remove access due to changes in product portfolio or other market conditions. Provides extensive updates on congenital heart defects, infective endocarditis, cardiomyopathies, cardiac arrhythmias, long QT syndrome, blood pressure,systemic hypertension, dyslipidemia and Kawasaki disease Includes new recommendations on lipid screening for children, preventive cardiology including childhood obesity, sport participation using new 14-point evalaution as well as the normative blood pressure standards for auscillometric and oscillometric methods obtained in the San Antonio Children's Blood Pressure Study. Offers an expanded section on two-dimensional echocardiography, along with detailed normative values of echocardiography in the appendix. Covers the newest approaches in the area of cardiac surgery, such as hybrid procedures as well as non-surgical, percutaneous management of certain heart defects. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
49,00 46,55

Moss & Adams' Heart Disease in infants, Children, and Adolescents

Including the Fetus and Young Adult

a cura di Daniel J Penny, Timothy F. Feltes

editore: Wolters Kluwer Health

pagine: 1912

Selected as a Doody's Core Title for 2021! Widely recognized as the definitive text in pediatric cardiology, Moss and Adams' Heart Disease in Infants, Children, and Adolescents provides the authoritative, state-of-the-art information you need when caring for young patients with heart disease. The editorial team, led by Dr. Robert Shaddy, from Children's Hospital Los Angeles and the University of Southern California, ensures that you are kept fully up to date with recent advances in this complex and fast-changing field. This award-winning title, now in its Tenth Edition, continues to be the reference of choice for today's cardiology fellows, pediatric cardiologists, and cardiology practitioners worldwide. Offers updated and revised content from cover to cover, ensuring that this classic text remains the gold standard reference in the field. Contains more information on genetics, overseen by new editor Dr. Seema Mital. Progresses logically through cardiac development, genetics, embryology, anatomy, physiology, individual congenital heart lesions, electrophysiology, diagnostic testing, interventional, surgical and pharmacologic management, and much more. Features clear headings and references for ease of navigation and quick access to resources for further research. Presents information in an easy-to-follow, visually appealing manner, with high-quality illustrations throughout. Provides additional digital content, accessible through the eBook, that includes access to hundreds of videos of imaging and clinical procedures, as well as auscultation recordings of various cardiac lesions that are associated with specific chapters and supplementary to the text. Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience Read directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone. Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.
372,00 353,40

Medicina pediatrica d'emergenza

Peter Cameron, Biswadev Mitra
e altri

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 672

Questo libro sull’emergenza pediatrica costituisce un solido e indispensabile riferimento per ogni Pediatra, indipendentemente dal fatto che presti servizio in un Dipartimento di Emergenza Accettazione (DEA), in un Pronto Soccorso (PS), in un reparto di Pediatria. Un Pediatra del XXI secolo deve conoscere, saper riconoscere e soprattutto essere in grado di gestire tutte le situazioni emergenziali, indipendentemente dal contesto in cui si trovi a operare.
60,00 57,00

Medicina manipolativa in pediatria. Approccio osteopatico

Jane E. Carreiro

editore: Futura Publishing Society

pagine: 416

Il testo vuole essere una guida per l'applicazione delle tecniche meccaniche sui bambini; in ciascuno dei capitoli vengono descritte le più comuni condizioni cliniche, la loro presentazione (considerazioni cliniche) e il loro trattamento (considerazioni relative al trattamento) comprendenti la descrizione di tecniche manipolative specifiche, utili per la gestione dei vari casi clinici. Nel libro vengono riportate numerose radiografie, disegni, fotografie e dissezioni anatomiche per facilitare la comprensione e l'applicazione delle varie tecniche.
115,00 102,35

2021 Nelson's Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy

a cura di John S. Bradley, John D. Nelson

editore: American Academy of Pediatrics

pagine: 362

Completely updated and revised, the 27th edition of this best-selling reference provides instant access to the latest recommendations for treatment of infectious diseases in children, including COVID-19. For each disease, the authors provide a commentary to help select the best of all antimicrobial choices. Drug descriptions cover all antimicrobial agents available today and include complete information about dosing regimens. New in the 27th edition: Continuous updates of drug and dosing changes 4 new chapters Reorganized chapter order to improve functionality
51,00 48,45

Displasia evolutiva delle anche. Raccomandazioni per la diagnosi precoce

a cura di R. Agostiniani

editore: Il Pensiero Scientifico

pagine: 88

L'opera è frutto della del lavoro comune di un gruppo multidisciplinare di esperti - formato da pediatri, radiologi, ortopedic
18,00 17,10

Dal triage alla terapia intensiva pediatrica

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 310

L’assistenza infermieristica sta sempre più delineando i propri confini all’interno del processo di cura del paziente.La necessità di legare l’olismo dell’assistenza infermieristica, alla specificità̀ di un contesto come quello dell’area critica, ed in particolare quello dell’area critica pediatrica, è da identificare come la chiave di lettura del presente libro.Tuttavia, il manuale nasce con lo scopo di supportare la pratica clinica e la formazione degli infermieri che vogliono operare in area critica pediatrica. Oltre a basarsi sulle più importanti evidenze scientifiche, il testo propone dei riferimenti ad alcune procedure specifiche dell’Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù. All’interno dei 21 capitoli è possibile navigare tra le problematiche più comuni in pediatria e sulla loro gestione infermieristica nelle tre principali aree che caratterizzano il contesto di un Dipartimento Emergenza Accettazione: Pronto Soccorso, Osservazione Breve, Area Intensiva. Per ogni condizione clinica esposta, oltre alle procedure infermieristiche di riferimento, verranno fornitialcuni cenni sull’epidemiologia, sulla fisiopatologia e sullo specifico trattamento.Il presente testo va interpretato come una guida rapida che sintetizza i concetti generali e li riorganizza in maniera sistematica ad uso e consumo dei professionisti infermieri e per la formazione universitaria circa il contesto dell’emergenza pediatrica.
25,00 23,75

Pediatric Secrets

Richard A. Polin, Mark F. Ditmar

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 688

For more than 30 years, the highly regarded Secrets Series (R) has provided students and practitioners in all areas of health care with concise, focused, and engaging resources for quick reference and exam review. Written by Drs. Richard A. Polin and Mark F. Ditmar, Pediatric Secrets, 7th Edition, features the Secrets' popular question-and-answer format that also includes lists, tables, pearls, memory aids, and an easy-to-read style - making inquiry, reference, and review quick, easy, and enjoyable. The proven Secrets Series (R) format gives you the most return for your time - succinct, easy to read, engaging, and highly effective. Fully revised and updated throughout, including protocols and guidelines that are continuously evolving and that increasingly dictate best practices. Practical, up-to-date coverage of the full range of essential topics in the practice of pediatrics. Top 100 Secrets and Key Points boxes provide a fast overview of the secrets you must know for success in practice and on exams. Features bulleted lists, mnemonics, practical tips from leaders in the field - all providing a concise overview of important board-relevant content. Portable size makes it easy to carry with you for quick reference or review anywhere, anytime. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
44,00 41,80

Sperling Pediatric Endocrinology

Mark A. Sperling

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 1072

An ideal resource for both pediatricians and endocrinologists, Sperling's Pediatric Endocrinology, 5th Edition, brings you fully up to date with accelerating research; new discoveries in metabolic, biochemical and molecular mechanisms; and the resulting advances in today's clinical care. The editorial team of world-renowned pediatric endocrinologists led by Dr. Mark Sperling, as well as expert contributing authors, cover comprehensive and current aspects of both basic science and clinical practice. Whether you're preparing for certification or have extensive clinical experience, this detailed, authoritative reference helps you increase your knowledge and determine the best possible course for every patient. Delivers trusted guidance in every area of the field: including Endocrine Disorders of the Newborn, Endocrine Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence, and Laboratory Tests. Features new topics such as transgender issues in children and adolescents and endocrinology of pregnancy, the fetus and the placenta. Offers expert coverage of hot topics such as disorders of sexual development, molecular basis of endocrine disorders, hypoglycemia in newborns and infants; neonatal and other monogenic forms of diabetes; Type I and Type II diabetes and their treatment with new insulins together with the progress in an artificial pancreas and new medications for T2DM in adolescents; the obesity epidemic and role of bariatric surgery; and advances toward personalized medicine. Includes easy-to-follow algorithms and numerous quick-reference tables and boxes in every clinical chapter, plus interactive questions online for self-assessment. Offers state-of-the-art information and fresh perspectives from new and award-winning authors in such areas as disorders of growth, multiple endocrine tumors, and puberty and its disorders in girls and boys. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
122,99 116,84

Vaccinare i bambini tra obbligo e persuasione: tre secoli di controversie. Il caso dell'Italia

Eugenia Tognotti

editore: Franco Angeli

pagine: 248

La storia completa e mai raccontata di tre secoli di controversie: dalle prime resistenze degli antinoculisti nell'Italia del

Park's Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners

Myung K. Park, Mehrdad Salamat

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 690

Providing authoritative, everyday guidance in the diagnosis and management of children with congenital and acquired heart disease, Park's Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners is the go-to reference of choice for pediatricians, family practitioners, NPs, and PAs-as well as medical students, residents, and fellows. The 7th Edition of this core text comprehensively covers every aspect of pediatric cardiology in an easy-to-read, practical manner for the non-specialist, bringing you completely up to date with all that's new in this fast-changing field. Covers everything from history and physical examination through preventative treatment and the management of special problems. Incorporates all of the latest concepts and most recent developments in pediatric cardiology. Offers highly accessible content through the extensive use of numbered lists, easy-to-use tables, and explanatory graphs and diagrams. Features new chapter outlines, as well as a new larger size and two-color format for greater readability. Provides fresh perspectives and expertise from new author Dr. Mehrdad Salamat, who joins Dr. Park for this 7th Edition. Synthesizes the most important references for generalists in a Suggested Readings section, ideal for additional reading in greater depth. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
102,00 96,90

The Harriet Lane Handbook

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Keith Kleinman
e altri

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 1216

Every three years, The Harriet Lane Handbook is carefully updated by residents, edited by chief residents, and reviewed by expert faculty at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Easy to use, concise, and complete, this essential manual keeps you current with new guidelines, practice parameters, pharmacology, and more. The 22nd Edition of this portable reference continues to be the #1 source of pediatric point-of-care clinical information for pediatric residents, students, nurses, and all healthcare professionals who treat young patients. Trusted for more than 65 years for fast, accurate information on pediatric diagnosis and treatment. Updated and expanded content includes an all-new chapter on Psychiatry, plus reorganized information on Emergency and Critical Care Management, as well as Traumatic Injuries. The popular Pediatric Drug Formulary, updated by Carlton K. K. Lee, PharmD, MPH, provides the latest in pharmacologic treatment of pediatric patients. Outline format ensures you'll find information quickly and easily, even in the most demanding circumstances. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
49,00 46,55

I nostri primi mille giorni. Dalla gravidanza allo svezzamento: l'alimentazione per un microbiota sano di mamma e bambino

Benedetta Raspini

editore: Sperling & Kupfer

pagine: 240

Nei laboratori di ricerca di tutto il mondo l'attenzione è concentrata sul microbiota: i milioni di batteri che popolano il no
17,90 17,01

Maltrattamento all'infanzia

Manuale per gli operatori dell'area pediatrica

a cura di Maria Grazia Apollonio, Carla Berardi

editore: Il Pensiero Scientifico

pagine: 355

Il maltrattamento all’infanzia è la più frequente, grave e sottodiagnosticata malattia cronica dell’età pediatrica. Questo manuale nasce dall’esigenza di una guida formativa che accompagni il pediatra e l’operatore sanitario nel far fronte a tale fenomeno. Gli autori del libro sono clinici, pediatri di famiglia, psicologi e specialisti in medicina legale che lavorano quotidianamente a contatto con le famiglie. L’obiettivo che si sono proposti è di affrontare operativamente il maltrattamento e descriverne la complessità del fenomeno in tutti i suoi aspetti,  dalla prospettiva prettamente clinica fino alle ripercussioni sull’assetto emotivo del professionista. La tempestività di una diagnosi di fronte a un sospetto maltrattamento, l’intervento terapeutico nei casi accertati di abuso, l’impegno a riconoscere le ripercussioni psicologiche e decifrare gli aspetti giuridici del problema, ma anche a conoscere le possibili risorse della comunità, gli interventi di prevenzione e costruire una rete territoriale sono temi che riguardano una moderna visione del problema.  È infatti indispensabile coinvolgere non solo gli operatori della sanità, ma tutte quelle figure professionali, dagli assistenti sociali agli educatori, che hanno uno stretto legame con il bambino. Anche a loro è quindi dedicato il libro, oltre che ovviamente ai pediatri di famiglia, ospedalieri e di comunità, ai medici di medicina generale, di pronto soccorso e di continuità assistenziale che sempre più sono coinvolti nell’assistenza al bambino e all’adolescente.
45,00 42,75

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