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Ferret Medicine and Surgery

Cathy Johnson-Delaney

editore: Productivity Press

pagine: 544

Ferrets are becoming increasingly popular as pets, rivalling rabbits as the third most favoured domestic pet after dogs and cats. Ferret Medicine and Surgery discusses the veterinary aspects of this incredible little creature. The book covers ferret medicine and common surgeries, providing a comprehensive reference for the veterinary practitioner. Each chapter of disorders is designed to be inclusive and includes cross references to other chapters throughout as well as some highlights of anatomy and physiology as a review. The format allows easy access to information providing answers to problems that arise in practice. Thoroughly illustrated with high-quality photographs and line drawings, the book is designed to provide quick, concise information of immediate use to the practitioner.
115,00 109,25

Biology and Diseases of the Ferret

James G. Fox

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 852

Biology and Diseases of the Ferret, Third Edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide a current, comprehensive reference on the ferret. Encyclopedic in scope, it is the only book to focus on the characteristics that make the ferret an important research animal, with detailed information on conditions, procedures, and treatments. Offering basic information on biology, husbandry, clinical medicine, and surgery, as well as unique information on the use of ferrets in biomedical research,Biology and Diseases of the Ferret is an essential resource for investigators using ferrets in the laboratory and for companion animal and comparative medicine veterinarians. The Third Edition adds ten completely new chapters, covering regulatory considerations, black-footed ferret recovery, diseases of the cardiovascular system, viral respiratory disease research, morbillivirus research, genetic engineering, hearing and auditory function, vision and neuroplasticity research, nausea and vomiting research, and lung carcinogenesis research. Additionally, the anesthesia, surgery, and biomethodology chapter has been subdivided into three and thoroughly expanded. The book also highlights the ferret genome project, along with the emerging technology of genetically engineered ferrets, which is of particular importance to the future of the ferret as an animal model in research and will allow the investigation of diseases and their genetic basis in a small, easily maintained, non-rodent species.
134,00 127,30

BSAVA Manual of Rodents and Ferrets

Anna Meredith, Emma Keeble

editore: British Small Animal Veterinary Association

pagine: 350

104,00 98,80




editore: Wiley & sons

pagine: 370

27,00 25,65


Health, Husbandry and Diseases

Maggie Lloyd

editore: Blackwell Science Ltd

pagine: 208

The number of ferrets kept as pets is rising each year in Europe and North America. They are ideal companions for those who lead busy lives, since they are friendly, playful and easy to look after. Today, veterinary practices see more ferrets than ever before, for a wide range of diseases as diverse as those seen in the dog and cat, and veterinarians are increasingly called upon to provide advice and treatment for these more unusual pets. This book is intended to be a practical and concise guide to the management of ferret diseases to assist veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses alike. Information on these animals is seldom available in convenient form elsewhere. This book brings together in one volume a wealth of useful information for all those involved in the care and management of ferrets.
51,00 48,45

Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents

Clinical Medicine and Surgery

James W. Carpenter, Katherine Quesenberry

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 496

Addresses the common questions and concerns of the practicing veterinarian who works with small mammals. Serves as a useful reference for veterinary students, technicians, research scientists, pet shop owners, pet owners, and breeders. Because preventive medicine is crucial to small mammal medicine, coverage includes basic biology, husbandry, and routine care of the healthy animal. Also features chapters on disease management, surgery, and radiology.


Marta Avanzi

editore: De Vecchi

pagine: 96

12,00 11,40

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