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Hematology, Immunology and Infectious Disease

Neonatology Questions and Controversies

Akhil Maheshwari, Robin K. Ohls

editore: Saunders

pagine: 368

This exciting new reference brings you information about the most controversial hematology, immunology, and infectious disease challenges you face in your practice. The book confidently tackles these subjects and gives seasoned advice on the latest diagnostic and treatment strategies using evidence-based medicine wherever possible. It gives you the latest information you need to keep pace with the fast-paced, dynamic environment of neonatology.
80,00 76,00


Principles and Practice

Eva D. Quinley

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 432

Praised by both instructors and students for its clear, concise, and thorough presentation, "Immunohematology: Principles and Practice" is an ideal text for anyone who wants to master the theory and practices of today's blood banking. The Third Edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect the latest scientific findings and clinical practices. Among the new materials are chapters dedicated to information technology and project management. Each chapter features a host of learning aids - including learning objectives, key words, boxes emphasizing critical information, and review questions - to focus your studies and make it easy to learn and apply new concepts. In addition, a section of color plates highlights important material. Online resources include the fully searchable full text online and a special online study guide that features questions and case studies corresponding to each chapter.
63,00 59,85


Morphology, Immunophenotype, Cytogenetics, and Molecular Approaches

Faramarz Naeim, P. Nagesh Rao
e altri

editore: Academic Press Inc

pagine: 612

This comprehensive, full color hematopathology reference book emphasizes immunophenotpic features, cytogenetic studies, and diagnostic molecular aspects. Hematopathology begins with introductions to morphologic evaluation of the hematopoietic tissues and principles of immunophenotyping, cytogenetics and molecular studies followed by chapters dedicated to different types of hematologic disorders. Each chapter starts with a basic overview of hematopathlogy followed by a comprehensive review of immunophenotypic, cytogenetic and molecular findings. The text is balanced with large numbers of full color images, graphs, charts, and tables to assist the reader in understanding these highly technical issues. * Emphasizes the immunophenotypic features, cytogenetic studies, and diagnostic molecular aspects of hematology * Features hundreds of images, charts and tables for the identification of hematologic disorders not only based on histopathologic features, but also with the use of advanced accessory techniques.
121,00 114,95

Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation

Clinical Research and Practice

Hilliard M. Lazarus, Mary J. Laughlin

editore: Humana Press Inc.

pagine: 454

Internationally recognized physicians and researchers review both the basics of allogeneic stem cell transplantation and recent advances in the field, particularly as they relate to antitumor effects and graft-versus-host disease. They also provide unique decision-tree analyses to guide clinicians in selecting and managing their allogeneic transplant patients. The innovations discussed cover a variety of areas, ranging from stem cell mobilization in normal donors, to indications for allogeneic transplantation other than hematologic malignancies, to the use of nonmyeloablative conditioning regimens. The authors also explore new developments in the optimal selection of unrelated allogeneic grafts (e.g., matched unrelated donor, partially mismatched family member, or umbilical cord blood), the use allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell vs marrow-derived grafts for transplantation, and the kinetics of immune reconstitution after transplantation.
193,00 183,35

The Diagnosis of Lymphoproliferative Diseases

An Atlas

George Delsol, Kevin Gatter

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 270

This illustrated dignostic guide book provides a single comprehensive source of essential information for non specialists to enable them to diagnose lymph node and related pathologies with confidence. The text is designed to be short and succinct. It is supported by abundant high quality digital images so that every important point in the text is illustrated. The book covers reactive as well as malignant conditions. It will be of great value to general pathologists, diagnostic histopathologists, lab oriented haematologists and oncologists and has a comprehensive and user friendly index. The goal is to provide the busy pathologist with all they need in one easily accessible book.
276,95 263,10
140,00 133,00

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