Libri Equini: Novità e Ultime Uscite
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Cavalli. Ritratti d'autore

Fabio Petroni

editore: White Star

pagine: 180

L'idea di realizzare fotografie con lo stile particolare che caratterizza il libro è nata osservando un quadro di Rembrandt, c
29,90 28,41

Equine Genetic Diseases, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Equine Practice, Volume 36-2

Carrie Finno

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 240

This issue of Veterinary Clinics: Equine Practice, guest edited by Dr. Carrie Finno, focuses on Equine Genetic Diseases. Topics include: Genetics, Genomics, and Emergent Precision Medicine 12 years post Equine Reference Genome; Equine SNP Genotyping Arrays; Next-generation Sequencing; Genetic Testing in the Horse; Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease; Genetics of Respiratory Disease; Genetics of Neurological Disease; Genetics of Immune Disease; Genetics of Orthopedic Disease; Genetics of Ocular Disease; Genetics of Skin Disease; Genetics of Endocrine and Metabolic Disease; Genetics of Muscle Disease; Genetics of Laminitis; Genetics of Reproductive Diseases; and Genetics of Behavioral Traits.
83,99 79,79

Il linguaggio del cavallo. Manuale di comunicazione con il cavallo

Sharon Wilsie, Gretchen Vogel

editore: Edizioni Mediterranee

pagine: 224

L'addestratrice professionista Sharon Wilsie assieme a Gretchen Vogel spiega come capire i cavalli ed instaurare con questi sp
28,00 26,60

Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Equine, 3rd Edition


Written by today's leading experts, this book keeps practitioners completely current with the latest in disease management of horses, taking a clear and practical approach ideal for daily equine practice. Arranged by subject for efficient searching, each topic covers clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Practitioners gain quick access to information about conditions and disorders encompassing behavior, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious diseases, laboratory tests, musculoskeletal, neonatology, neurology, ophthalmology, respiratory, theriogenology, toxicology, and urinary diseases.  Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Equine, Third Edition enhances the practitioner's skills in evidence-based treatment planning, and is unmatched for its comprehensive coverage of more than 500 diseases and conditions. This handy, practical guide will help cut down on time spent navigating through other resources, so that equine veterinarians and veterinary students can study, diagnose, and treat with greater efficacy.  Key Features The premier all-in-one equine resource designed specifically for quick information retrieval Divided into identically formatted topics for easy searching by alphabetical listing or by body system Coverage of more than 500 diseases and conditions Fast access to the accumulated wisdom of hundreds of veterinary experts Includes a companion website with 43 editable client handouts, 3 video clips, 8 color images, and select further reading
158,00 150,10

Equine Behavioral Medicine

Bonnie V. Beaver

editore: Academic Press

pagine: 414

Equine Behavioral Medicine provides an essential resource for those who work with, study, and provide care to horses. It provides critical knowledge to help users understand the complex aspects of their behavior in order to benefit the animal, observe safe practices, and advance research in this area. The book includes current information on normal horse behavior and problem behaviors, particularly those associated with medical conditions, changes in the nervous system, and the use of drug therapy. Readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the differences of the sensory systems and the concepts of learning that are helpful for successful treatments and safety. With the use of psychopharmacology becoming increasingly common by veterinarians, including for abnormal behaviors, is important to understand the rationale for the use of these medications. Understanding the intimate relationship between behavior, physiology, and health is key to practitioners, students, professionals, and others who work with, or care for, horses. Pulls together the current published science on equine behavior into chapters covering a variety of specific behavioral topics Features discussion based on an extensive review of the literature Includes a thorough reference list in each chapter for those who might be interested in further research
61,00 57,95

Equine Surgery

John A. Stick, Jorg A. Auer

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1896

Equip yourself for success with the only book on the market that covers all aspects of equine surgery! Equine Surgery, 5th Edition prepares you to manage each surgical condition by understanding its pathophysiology and evaluating alternative surgical approaches. Explanations in the book describe how to avoid surgical infections, select and use instruments, and perfect fundamental surgical techniques including incisions, cautery, retractions, irrigation, surgical suction, wound closure, dressings, bandages, and casts. In addition to diagnostic imaging and orthopedic coverage, it includes in-depth information on anesthesia, the integumentary system (including wound management, reconstructive surgery, and skin grafting), the alimentary system, respiratory, and urogenital systems. Complete coverage of all the information needed to study for the American and European College of Veterinary Surgeons Board Examinations makes this edition an excellent study tool. Section on anesthesiology and pain management prepares you to manage these critical aspects of any surgery. Extensive, up-to-date orthopedic coverage includes joint disorders and joint trauma. Section on integumentary system contains information on wound management, reconstructive surgery, and skin grafting. Section on the alimentary system covers postoperative care, complications and reoperation guidelines. New techniques in vascular surgery keep you up-to-date with best practices. NEW! Expert Consult site offering 40+ videos of surgeons performing techniques so that you can quickly access drug and equipment information. NEW! Expansion of minimally invasive surgical techniques includes laser ablation procedures, implantation of plates against bones in orthopedic procedures, and laparoscopic procedures for soft tissue injuries. NEW! World-renowned contributors, featuring two new associate editors include over 70 of the most experienced and expert equine specialist surgeons, each providing current and accurate information. NEW! Current advances in imaging detect musculoskeletal conditions in the sports horse.
241,00 228,95

Il manuale del cavallo

a cura di A. Wood

editore: Il Castello

pagine: 192

Un manuale di informazioni su ogni aspetto della cura del cavallo, pensato per proprietari e cavalieri esperti e alle prime ar
14,90 14,16

Equitation Science

Andrew McLean, Janne Winther Christensen
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 416

A new edition of a highly respected textbook and reference in the rapidly emerging field of equitation science. Equitation Science, 2nd Edition incorporates learning theory into ethical equine training frameworks suitable for riders of any level and for all types of equestrian activity. Written by international experts at the forefront of the development of the field, the welfare of the horse and rider safety are primary considerations throughout. This edition features a new chapter on research methods, and a companion website provides the images from the book in PowerPoint.
45,00 42,75

Enciclopedia del cavallo

Sandy Ransford

editore: Dix

pagine: 224

Questo volume presenta un'introduzione chiara al mondo equino, seguita da esaustivi capitoli che illustrano come curare, caval
10,00 9,50

Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse

Lais R. R. Costa, Mary Rose Paradis

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 680

Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse is a detailed step-by-step guide to clinical skills in equine practice. With information on techniques ranging from physical examination and blood sampling to lameness and neurologic exams and other specialized procedures, the book is an aid to confidently and effectively performing procedures used in daily equine practice. Well illustrated with clinical photographs throughout, the book s focus is on providing thorough, easy-to-understand descriptions of 80 techniques necessary for examining and treating horses. Each topic includes a summary of the purpose, potential complications, equipment and proper restraint for each procedure, with a detailed description of each action for the technique and the rationale behind it. More than 1,100 full-colour clinical photographs demonstrate the techniques. Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse is an essential purchase for any veterinary practice seeing equine patients. Key features Details each step for 80 common procedures for veterinary care of the horse Supports veterinarians and technicians in performing techniques in daily equine practice Presents more than 1,100 images depicting the steps described in the text Covers the purpose, potential complications, equipment, restraint, actions and rationale for each procedure Offers a practical patient-side reference to essential techniques in clinical practice, ranging from basic assessment to specialized procedures
99,60 94,62

Equine Internal Medicine

Debra C. Sellon, Stephen M. Reed
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1488

Confidently diagnose, treat, and manage patient conditions with the only comprehensive book on the market devoted solely to equine internal medicine. Filled with fully updated content on principles of treatment and contributions from internationally known equine experts, Equine Internal Medicine, 4th Edition focuses on the basic pathophysiologic mechanisms that underlie the development of various equine diseases. A problem-based approach outlines how to apply the latest clinical evidence directly to the conditions you will encounter in practice. A new companion website with over 120 video clips presents diseases and disorders that cannot be explained as well through wordsUpdated information throughout, including the most recent drug information. Current and well-referenced content on equine diseases and treatment techniques cites the latest books and journals.Internationally known equine experts present information on problems affecting horses throughout the world - and provide contributions that enable practitioners and students to approach disease and treatment of equine patients with more authority and understanding. User-friendly exterior and interior design makes the book appealing to both the equine internal medicine practitioner and the veterinary student. Easy-to-find information facilitates a more thorough understanding with minimal frustration.Organized and consistent coverage among chapters allows you to easily find information on a specific topic.NEW! Fully updated and revised sections on disorders and principles of treatment.NEW! Problem-based approach outlines how to apply the latest clinical evidence directly to the conditions you will encounter in practice. NEW! Pathophysiology is emphasized throughout, providing a sound basis for discussions of the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis that follow. NEW! Body systems chapters begin with a thorough discussion of the diagnostic method appropriate to the system, including physical examination, clinical pathology, radiography, endoscopy, and ultrasonography. NEW and UNIQUE! Companion website includes more than 120 video clips linked to content from chapters on cardiovascular and neurologic system disorders.NEW! Flow charts, diagrams, and algorithms clarify complex material.
196,00 186,20

Equine Science

Zoe Davies

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 480

From genetics to functional anatomy, cell biology to the equine digestive system, Equine Science, Third Edition covers all the essential scientific knowledge you need for your equine programme. Thoroughly updated, this new edition features a clear, systematic presentation, stunning full-colour photographs and illustrations, chapter summary points and self-assessment questions throughout. Describes the structure and function of the various body systems of the horse Explains the scientific rationale behind modern equine training practices Features new chapters on exercise physiology and the evolution of the horse Reflects the latest scientific advances and changes in the student curriculum Includes new information on circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, the immune system, and hindgut microbiology. A powerful teaching and learning aid, Equine Science, Third Edition is an essential text for students on higher education equine studies and equine science programmes, as well as those studying for BHS qualifications up to BHSII Stage 4 Horse Knowledge and Care.
39,60 37,62

Nutritional Management of Equine Diseases and Special Cases

Bryan M. Waldridge


pagine: 216

Nutritional Management of Equine Diseases and Special Cases offers a concise, easy-to-comprehend text for equine veterinarians with questions about commonly encountered nutritional problems. * Assists veterinarians in supporting equine patients with special nutritional needs * Focuses on nutritional problems and impact on different body systems * Covers ponies, miniature horses, draft horses, donkeys, and mules * Offers complete coverage of common diseases and problems helped by nutrition * Includes useful chapters on poisonous plants and mycotoxins
80,00 76,00

Cavalli allo specchio. Viaggio nella mente dei cavalli per conoscerli, addestrarli e gestirli in scuderia

Paolo Baragli, Marco Pagliai

editore: Pisa University Press

pagine: 251

La mente del cavallo controlla il suo comportamento con gli stessi meccanismi psicologici degli altri animali e dell'essere umano. Se anche spesso si sente parlare di "arte dell'equitazione", non possiamo ignorare che il comportamento, la psicologia e l'etologia del cavallo sono scienza a tutti gli effetti. La relazione che abbiamo instaurato con quest'animale presenta evidenti criticità, dovute alla mancata conoscenza dei meccanismi della mente che ne regolano il comportamento. Avere accesso e poter comprendere le nozioni scientifiche di tali meccanismi, permetterà a professionisti o semplici appassionati di instaurare un canale di comunicazione efficace ed efficiente con il proprio cavallo. Solo così sarà possibile avere cavalli tranquilli, che si sentono sicuri ad averci accanto, e questo garantirà il loro benessere psichico e il miglioramento delle performance in gara o durante una bella passeggiata.
18,00 17,10

Joint Disease in the Horse

C. Wayne McIlwraith, Christopher E. Kawcak
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 424

Dr. McIlwraith’s Joint Disease in the Horse, 2nd Edition is the only book to give you a full account of equine joint disease, combining a thorough, up-to-date survey of scientific advances with a practical guide to both medical and surgical treatments. With contributions from nationally and internationally recognized pioneers in the field, this groundbreaking text offers an overview of joint structure and function and translates the latest information on basic joint pathobiology into practical application for the clinician. Step-by-step guidance on injection techniques and medications, along with a survey of practical arthroscopic surgery and developments, make it a truly indispensable reference for all equine veterinarians treating sports and racing horses. UNIQUE! Unprecedented, state-of-the-art coverage of the pathology, pathogenesis, and clinical diagnosis of traumatic and degenerative joint disease, so you stay in the know. Section on general principles of joint pathobiology provides the background to evaluate and interpret the diagnostic and surgical aspects of disease. Explores treatments for traumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis and other joint entities, offering a broad range of options and up-to-date recommendations for problematic decisions. Addresses recent advances and results in arthroscopic surgery for the acute injury and results including fragment removal, fragment fixation, and synovectomy. Discussion of current research provides insight for difficult cases and calls out the directions in which future arthritis research is headed. More than 325 photographs and line drawings help engage and guide you through procedures and treatments. NEW! Full color throughout with new artwork and a range of new images including radiographs showing both the normal and the disease progression. NEW! Practical step-by-step approach demonstrates the authors’ preferred injections methods and shows underlying anatomic correlations. NEW and UPDATED! Restructured and substantially revised to emphasize treatment options, making it a practical, concise, and accessible reference and text. NEW! All-new chapters on drugs and new biological therapies, including stem cells, IRAP, and PRP and thoroughly updated coverage of HA and corticosteroids. NEW! Covers advanced imaging, giving you the latest information available. NEW! Expert advice from Dr. McIlwraith, three new co-editors, and new contributors - all distinguished specialists in the field of joint disease in the horse. Lameness and surgical clinicians describe how to approach the various, specific disease conditions. Equine specific radiologists provide their opinions on the best imaging techniques for defining the disease and making interpretations.
146,00 138,70

Equine Internal Medicine

Self-Assessment Color Review Second Edition

Thomas J. Divers, Tim S. Mair

editore: CRC Press

pagine: 399

Written by well-respected experts from the UK and USA, Equine Internal Medicine: Self-Assessment Color Review Second Edition presents more than 200 interesting and challenging cases encountered in equine practice, complete with photographs, imaging, or endoscopy findings; blood or fluid smears; other ancillary tests; and, in some cases, pathologic findings. Completely revised and updated, this new edition of a bestseller contains entirely new cases, presented in random order, just as they would in practice. The cases are formatted as self-assessment problems comprising integrated questions, illustrations, and detailed explanations designed to educate as well as to provide answers. The authors include pertinent questions with each case to guide you through the case workup and treatments with in-depth answers for each case in the second half of the book. They provide a short list of pertinent references after most cases. Coverage includes neurology, cardiology, respiratory disease, gastroenterology, urology, infectious diseases, parasitology, hematology, oncology, endocrinology, reproduction, dermatology, ophthalmology, immunology, and musculoskeletal disorders, in foals and adult horses. Whether preparing for exams or continuing your professional development, this book gives you a firm foundation in how to assess, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of cases.
45,00 42,75

Clinical Equine Oncology

Derek C. Knottenbelt, Janet. C. Patterson-Kane
e altri


pagine: 699

Diagnose common equine tumors accurately and find clinical information quickly! Clinical Equine Oncology describes the cellular basis of cancer and its etiopathogenesis, along with the principles of diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancer cases. This comprehensive resource offers more than just facts and diagrams - hundreds of detailed photographs make it easier to recognize and evaluate more than 50 types of tumors. It's useful to anyone working in the equine field, whether you're a veterinary surgeon, a practicing vet, equine dentist, or veterinary student. Written by a recognized expert on equine medicine, Derek Knottenbelt, this is the only book on the market that is completely dedicated to coverage of cancer in horses! - More than 50 different types of tumor are covered, including tumors that occur in each of the 10 body systems. - Over 800 excellent-quality photographs show the appearance of pathologies and cancerous conditions both before and after treatment. - More than 80 full-color diagrams summarize key information. - Detailed "Pathology" section describes common neoplasms in horses, cites research literature, and describes what is generally known about each condition. - Authoritative, inclusive, and unique coverage is likely to remain the standard reference for years to come. - Authors are recognized as the top experts in the field of equine oncology. - Practical, colorful design includes icon-based references for quick appraisal of prevalence and prognosis.
130,00 123,50

Il piede del cavallo

a cura di C. Rognoni

editore: Le Point Veterinaire Italie

pagine: 154

40,00 38,00

Introduzione alla nutrizione equina

Zoe Davies

editore: Cortina Raffaello

pagine: 254

La nutrizione è riconosciuta come parte vitale della cura dei cavalli, indispensabile per garantire livelli ottimali di salute, riproduzione, prestazioni e benessere. Questo libro è utilissimo ai proprietari, agli allenatori e agli allevatori di cavalli, rafforzandone le competenze tecnico-scientifiche. E' importante anche per chi voglia compiere studi di scienza e gestione equina. Con la pubblicazione dell'edizione italiana, Equidiets propone al pubblico degli appassionati e degli operatori di settore una visione organica e aggiornata sull'alimentazione equina, con riferimento alle evidenze emerse e consolidate dalla ricerca internazionale degli ultimi vent'anni. Introduzione alla nutrizione equina è un testo introduttivo, ma esaustivo, per tutti coloro che vogliono conoscere e apprezzare la "best practice" della dietologia equina. Il testo aiuta anche a spazzar via diverse false leggende ancora radicate tra gli addetti ai lavori. Questa iniziativa editoriale curata da Equidiets si inquadra nei progetti multi-settoriali identificati dal programma collaborativo Horse & Tuscany (HAT), che è coordinato dall'Associazione FERPI Toscana e che partecipa alla European Horse Network a Brussels.
40,00 38,00

Saunders Equine Formulary

Derek C. Knottenbelt, Fernando Malalana

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 494

This is an indispensable reference for equine veterinary practitioners, veterinary students, and others involved in breeding and keeping horses. This new edition has been fully revised, updated and re-written in a more user-friendly style and format with the inclusion of high quality line drawings and photographs to aid understanding. Also, a conscious decision was made to use generic drug names making this as relevant as possible for everybody working in the equine field all over the world.
70,00 66,50

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