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Laboratorio microbiologico

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Bailey & Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology

Patricia Tille

editore: Mosby

pagine: 1056

The new 12th edition of Bailey & Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology solidifies its reputation as the classic text in the field of microbiology. This new edition features the same comprehensive, authoritative content - and adds new and updated material throughout. The team of authors includes three well-respected clinical microbiologists, all of whom have experience both in the classroom and the clinical laboratory.
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Giovanni B. Fogazzi

editore: Edra Masson

pagine: 254


Diagnosi clinica e metodi di laboratorio

Richard A. McPherson, Matthew R. Pincus
e altri

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 1460

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Esami medici dalla A alla Z. Tutto quello che vorresti sapere su oltre 400 test clinici

Bruno Brigo

editore: Tecniche Nuove

pagine: 652

Una guida che valorizza in maniera tutte le informazioni rese disponibili dagli esami di laboratorio e strumentali. Il testo comprende due parti: la prima considera soprattutto gli esami del sangue, la seconda presenta le indagini selettive per l'esplorazione dei vari organi e apparati, secondo il criterio della suddivisione in sezioni specialistiche. Per ogni singolo parametro di laboratorio sono riportati la definizione, i valori normali di riferimento e le condizioni che ne comportano l'aumento o la diminuzione. Gli esami strumentali vengono compiutamente definiti nel loro significato, nella loro interpretazione e modalità di esecuzione con le indicazioni, controindicazioni ed eventuali precauzioni. Questa seconda edizione è ampliata con: ulteriori esami di laboratorio e radiologici e il riferimento ai valori normali secondo il Sistema Internazionale; il calendario degli esami medici da effettuare periodicamente sia in presenza di disturbi sia in assenza di malattia, distinti per sesso e fasce d'età; approfondimenti (Focus) che visualizzano concretamente alcuni percorsi per la diagnosi e la cura di condizioni di grande interesse quali l'ipercolesterolemia, l'ipertensione arteriosa, l'osteoporosi, il tumore del seno.
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Life Span Extension

Single Cell Organisms to Man

Antonello Lorenzini, Christian Sell
e altri

editore: Humana Press Inc.

pagine: 216

In recent years, remarkable discoveries have been made concerning the underlying mechanisms of aging. In "Life-Span Extension: Single-Cell Organisms to Man", the editors bring together a range of illuminating perspectives from researchers investigating the aging process in a variety of species. This novel work addresses the aging process in species ranging from yeast to man and, among other subjects, features detailed discussions of the naked mole-rat, an exceptionally long-lived rodent; the relationship between dietary factors/food restriction and aging; and an evolutionary view of the human aging process. Single mutations that extend life span have been identified in yeast, worms, flies, and mice, whereas studies in humans have identified potentially important markers for successful aging. At the same time, it has been discovered that the genes and pathways identified in these studies involve a surprisingly small set of conserved functions, most of which have been the focus of aging research for some time. For example, the mTOR pathway, a regulator of translation and protein synthesis, has been identified as a common longevity pathway in yeast and Caenorhabditis elegans. In mammals, this pathway intersects with neuroendocrine pathways and with the insulin/insulin-like growth factor pathways, which have been identified as major modulators of life span and aging in both invertebrates and mice. Novel, emerging technologies and the increasingly wide variety of systems that are now used to study aging and the mechanisms of aging provide enormous opportunities for the identification of common pathways that modulate longevity. It is these common pathways that are the focus of this important volume.
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Microbiologia clinica

André Eyquem

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 1545

240,00 228,00

Molecular microbiology laboratory

A writing intensive course

Ream, W. , Geller, B. , Trempy, J. , Field, K.

editore: Academic Press

pagine: 268

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Koneman's Color Atlas and Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology

Elmer W. Koneman, Gary W. Procop

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 1936

Now in striking full color, this 7th Edition of Koneman's gold standard text presents all the principles and practices readers need for a solid grounding in all aspects of clinical microbiology-bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, and virology. Comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and filled with high quality images, the book covers cell and structure identification in more depth than any other book available. This fully updated 7th Edition is enhanced by new pedagogy, new clinical scenarios, new photos and illustrations, and all-new instructor and student resources. * A new-full color design clarifies important concepts and engages students. * Updated and expanded coverage of the mycology and molecular chapters reflect the latest advances in the field. * New clinical scenarios demonstrate key applications of microbiology in the real world. * Additional high quality images enhance visual understanding. * Clinical correlations link microorganisms to specific disease states using references to the most current medical literature available. * Practical guidelines for cost-effective, clinically relevant evaluation of clinical specimens include extent of workup and abbreviated identification schemes. * In-depth chapters cover the increasingly important areas of immunologic and molecular diagnosis. * Principles of biochemical tests are explained and illustrated to bridge the gap between theory and practice. * Line drawings, photographs, and tables clarify more complex concepts. * Display boxes highlight essential information on microbes. * Techniques and procedure charts appear at the back of the book for immediate access. * Extensive bibliographic documentation allows students to explore primary sources for information. * Chapter Objectives and Review Questions help students master key concepts. * To enhance teaching the learning, the book is now supported by chapter-by-chapter online resources for instructors and students, including, an image bank, PowerPoint slides, and Weblinks. A Test Bank is available for instructors. All resources can be found at

Graff's Textbook of Urinalysis and Body Fluids

Kristy Shanahan, Lillian Mundt

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 352

Retaining the wide array of full color photos, illustrations, and photomicrographs that have made Graff's Textbook of Urinalysis and Body Fluids a time-honored resource for students and laboratory professionals, this updated Third Edition is now even easier to use and easier to teach from. In addition to adding new and expanded content, the authors have reorganized the book into shorter, easier-to-digest chapters, added photos that depict important slides currently seen in practice, and created new online engagement exercises to help students master the material. An expanded array of online resources saves instructors time and help students succeed. *More than 500 photos and illustrations--50 new to this edition--clarify concepts and familiarize readers with the normal and abnormal structures found in body fluids.*A new chapter on Microscopy covers the basics of microscope handling, principles of illumination, and how to achieve the best contrast for proper viewing.*Most of the 190 urinary sediment images have been resized and three have been replaced.* Chapter 10's Atlas of Urinary Sediment, featuring over 190 full-color photomicrographs, is the central chapter and jewel of the text. No other text includes anything comparable.*Superb coverage of urinalysis and other bodily fluids, including cerebrospinal fluid, serous fluids, synovial fluids, gastric fluids, fecal analysis, semen analysis, and vaginal secretions, preserves the integrity and importance of Sister Graff 's work while expanding the book's use as a valuable resource for students, instructors, and laboratory professionals.* Chapter Objectives prepare students for each chapter's material by laying out the key topics.* Chapter-opening Key Terms enhance student understanding and provide handy lists for studying. Terms are bolded and highlighted in color throughout the chapter for in-context reinforcement.* Chapter-ending Study Questions reinforce key concepts and give students an opportunity to test their understanding.*Case Studies include sample lab results and images, challenging students to put the chapter's concepts into practice. Answers are in Appendix A.*An updated Glossary of Terms is ideal for study and review.* A complete index is especially helpful to those who rely on the book as a reference.
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