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Ecografia muscoloscheletrica

Ecografia muscoloscheletrica. Casi clinici. Domande e risposte

S. Galletti, A. G. Pinto

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 259

I "quiz aperitivo" (così chiamati per l'orario in cui venivano proposti in aula) di ecografia muscoloscheletrica sono da tempo
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Ecografia muscolo-scheletrica

M. T., Joseph H

editore: Verduci

pagine: 1154

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Diagnostic Ultrasound: Musculoskeletal

James F. Griffith

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 1076

Gain a solid understanding of musculoskeletal ultrasound anatomy, pathology, and technique with the second edition of this award-winning reference. Written by Dr. James F. Griffith and other leading experts in the field, Diagnostic Ultrasound: Musculoskeletal offers more than 100 detailed, clinically-oriented chapters of ultrasound anatomy, technique, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, reporting, and ultrasound-guided interventional procedures for the entire musculoskeletal system. This wealth of updated information helps you achieve an accurate musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnosis for every patient. Ensures that you stay on top of rapidly evolving musculoskeletal ultrasound practice and its expanding applications for everyday clinical use Contains new chapters on how to properly examine the joints of the upper and lower limbs with ultrasound and the best ultrasound technique for examining the groin, including groin herniae Provides new information on ultrasound diagnostics and interventional techniques, keeping you up-to-date with improved accuracy of ultrasound diagnoses and clinical benefits of ultrasound-guided techniques, including joint injections for the upper and lower limbs Uses a bulleted, templated format that helps you quickly find and understand complex information, as well as thousands of high-quality images and illustrations Describes how to write an efficient, useful, and factually correct ultrasound report Approaches musculoskeletal ultrasound from the viewpoints of a specific diagnosis (Dx section) as well as that of a specific ultrasound appearance (DDx section) Offers updates on fundamental ultrasound technique and ultrasound anatomy, ideal for those either new to musculoskeletal ultrasound or those with limited experience who wish to improve their skill An ideal reference for radiologists, sonographers, rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, sports physicians, and physiotherapists Expert ConsultT eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices
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Atlante di ultrasonografia delle più comuni patologie muscoloscheletriche

a cura di L. Ozcakar, F. Franchignoni

editore: Edi. Ermes

pagine: 576

Un atlante con illustrazioni eloquenti ed efficaci, chiaro, moderno ed esaustivo: affronta e discute la diagnostica delle più comuni patologie dell'apparato muscoloscheletrico. Composto da più di 500 immagini e 20 filmati relativi a numerose patologie, con testo a corredo che contiene anamnesi, esame clinico e descrizione dei reperti ultrasonografici. Accanto a questi, sono state inserite le "Note dell'esperto", commenti e spiegazioni pratiche. Le sezioni del volume sono organizzate secondo le regioni anatomiche, come in un atlante di anatomia, partendo da testa e collo per scendere fino a caviglia e piede. Le sottosezioni, poi, sono suddivise secondo le strutture anatomiche osservate. L'ecografia ha guadagnato un ruolo importante nelle applicazioni cliniche per la diagnosi e gestione di vari disturbi muscoloscheletrici grazie ai suoi numerosi vantaggi: lo scopo primario di questo libro è fornire numerosi esempi relativi alle più comuni patologie muscoloscheletriche osservabili nella pratica clinica.
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Terapia infiltrativa ecoguidata in reumatologia

Marco Di Carlo, Andrea Di Matteo
e altri

editore: Mattioli 1885

pagine: 78

"Nel management delle malattie reumatiche croniche, infiammatorie e non, la terapia iniettiva intra-articolare e periarticolare gioca un ruolo importante. Le sostanze utilizzate in questo tipo di metodica sono molteplici: corticosteroidi, acido ialuronico, Platlet Rich Plasma o fattori di crescita e molto numerosi sono gli studi presenti in letteratura dedicati a tale ambito. Le iniezioni intra-articolari rappresentano ormai una strategia terapeutica piuttosto utilizzata e supportata dalle principali linee guida internazionali." (Dalla Prefazione)
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Waldman's Atlas of Diagnostic Ultrasound of Painful Foot and Ankle Conditions

Steven Waldman

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 208

With a focus on real-time clinical decision making, Dr. Waldman's practical text helps you increase your diagnostic accuracy by performing dynamic scanning of the suspected pathology at the time the patient is being examined. Derived from Waldman's Comprehensive Atlas of Diagnostic Ultrasound of Painful Conditions, this unique resource helps guide your targeted point-of-care ultrasound examination of foot and ankle disease. Classic ultrasound images and anatomic drawings depict commonly encountered conditions, and Dr. Waldman's expert advice guides you clearly toward the correct clinical diagnosis. Key Features * An ideal reference for clinicians who would like to use, or are already using, ultrasonography to evaluate and treat foot and ankle disorders in their practice.* Full-color line drawings, high-quality clinical photographs, and clearly labelled ultrasound images depict both common and uncommon pathologic conditions encountered in clinical practice.* Chapters highlight anatomic considerations, physical diagnostic tests, clinical correlates, ultrasound techniques, clinical pearls, and more.* Written in the clear, concise, easy-to-read, "how to do it" style that is the hallmark of all of Dr. Waldman's textbooks.* A focus on the foot and ankle makes this a valuable resource podiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons specializing in foot and ankle, and other clinicians involved in the diagnosis and management of foot and ankle disorders.Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, which can be downloaded to your tablet and smartphone or accessed online and includes features like:*Complete content with enhanced navigation*Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web*Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation*Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text* Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues*Quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use
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Ecografia muscoloscheletrica

Eugene G. McNally

editore: Edra Masson

pagine: 469

Il volume mantiene lo stesso approccio pratico della prima edizione: come eseguire l'esame ecografico, come ottenere immagini
169,00 157,17

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

a cura di L. Ozcakar, M. De Muynck

editore: Edi. Ermes

pagine: 271

60,00 57,00

Diagnostic Imaging of the Foot and Ankle

Axel Stbler, Markus Walther
e altri

editore: Thieme Publishing Group

pagine: 280

The foot has a special place in musculoskeletal diagnosis due to its complex anatomy and because many similar symptoms can have different causes, each requiring a different approach to treatment. The evaluation of foot disorders and diseases requires close clinicalradiological correlation and communication with foot experts. Foot disorders and injuries increase with age, due in part to the rising popularity of recreational sports in all age groups. Diagnostic Imaging of the Foot and Ankle will help you train your eye to recognize disorders and diseases of the foot and ankle, including those that are often misdiagnosed or overlooked. Key Features: * By practitioners for practitioners: First-hand knowledge from leading surgical and orthopedic foot experts and radiologists * Clear and concise: A textbook and reference in a user-friendly layout focused on the foot and ankle * Uniform format: Entities are described by definition, clinical presentation, imaging modalities, typical imaging features, differential diagnosis, treatment options, course, and pitfalls * Clinical aspects and treatment: Clinicalradiological correlation plus a concise review of treatment options * The new standard: This information on the foot and ankle is available nowhere else in such a condensed form * Highest quality images: More than 500 superb illustrations including high-resolution images acquired with high-field MRI and multi-channel coils
150,00 142,50

Practical Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Eugene McNally

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 456

Practical Musculoskeletal Ultrasound is your ideal, accessible guide to all of today's clinically useful musculoskeletal ultrasound techniques and their major applications in patient diagnosis and management. This thoroughly updated radiology reference encompasses all of the most recent advances in ultrasound technology, delivering the unmatched guidance you need to conduct an effective ultrasound examination, obtain optimal images, and expertly interpret your findings.
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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Ian Beggs

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 464

Want to increase your imaging capabilities exponentially? Look no further than Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, an expertly crafted guide to ultrasound and musculoskeletal diagnosis. In this comprehensive book, you'll learn everything you need to know about employing powerful imaging techniques to produce precise and consistent readings. With clearly segmented and organized text, each topic is enhanced and supported by illustrations, photographs, and imaging scans. Assisted by the author and his world-renowned contributors, you'll focus on different parts of the body, as chapter subjects range from the shoulder, to the elbow, to the hand and wrist, as well as the muscles, nerves, and more. You can witness how radiology specialists and practitioners are increasing their knowledge and expertise of the anatomy, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and techniques of this imaging tool. Under the guidance of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, you can acquire the skills you need to offer insightful, effective imaging diagnosis and outstanding medical treatment. Features: vivid combination of color photos, imaging scans, and four-color anatomical drawings; chapters organized anatomically including a special chapter devoted to nerves; comprehensive analysis of sports injuries and rheumatologic applications; bonus tips and supplemental info are highlighted for easy reference; headers and sub-headers divide content into digestible chunks; clinical examples and findings illustrate and enumerate each topic; ultrasound methods with step-by-step instructions; and, techniques accompanied by examples of relevant pathology.
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Alberto Migliore

editore: Verduci Editore srl

pagine: 123

30,00 28,50

Normal Ultrasound Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System

Enzo Silvestri, Alessandro Muda
e altri

editore: Springer Verlag

pagine: 139

The book provides a comprehensive description of the ultrasound anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and clear guidance on the technique. Ultrasound images are coupled with anatomic pictures explaining probe positioning and scanning technique for the various joints of the musculoskeletal system: shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, hip, knee, foot, and ankle. For each joint there is also a brief explanation of normal anatomy as well as a list of tricks and tips and advice on how to perform the ultrasound scan in clinical practice. This book will be an excellent practical teaching guide for beginners and a useful reference for more experienced sonographers.
86,00 81,70

Neuromuscular Ultrasound

Francis Walker, Michael S. Cartwright

editore: Saunders

pagine: 208

"Neuromuscular Ultrasound" demonstrates the use of ultrasound as an alternative to electrodiagnosis in the evaluation of neuromuscular disorders through detailed descriptions and clear illustrations. Drs. Francis Walker and Michael S. Cartwright discuss techniques for visualizing muscles and nerves without painful testing for better patient compliance and more efficient diagnosis. Color illustrations, pearls for the clinician, and ultrasound videos online, ensure that you'll be able to apply this technology effectively in your practice.
132,00 125,40
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Polso e mano. Ecografia

Ferdinando Draghi

editore: Athena Audiovisuals

pagine: 166

"L'ecografia muscoloscheletrica ha registrato un impressionante sviluppo nell'ultimo decennio dovuto ad diversi fattori: continuo miglioramento tecnologico delle apparecchiature ecografiche, qualità intrinseche della metodica (basso costo, facile accesso, dinamicità, ottima accettazione dei pazienti), possibilità di realizzare sotto guida ecografica interventi terapeutici e, non ultimo, l'entusiastico apporto di alcuni ecografisti pionieri nel campo muscoloscheletrico, che dopo anni di studio e di ricerca si sono dedicati alla diffusione di questa meravigliosa tecnica di imaging." Dalla presentazione di Srefano Bianchi.
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