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Transplantation of the Liver

Goran B. Klintmalm, Ronald W. Busuttil

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1520

Drs. Busuttil and Klintmalm present Transplantation of the Liver, 3rd Edition, which has been thoroughly revised to offer you the latest protocols, surgical approaches, and techniques used in this challenging procedure. Encompassing today's expert knowledge in the field, this medical reference book is an ideal single source for authoritative, up-to-date guidance on every imaginable aspect of liver transplantation.
268,00 254,60

Cholestatic Liver Disease

Elizabeth J. Carey, Keith D. Lindor

editore: Humana Press Inc.

pagine: 269

Since the publication of the first edition, there have been advances in both the diagnosis and the management of many of the cholestatic liver diseases. Cholestatic Liver Disease, Second Edition thoroughly updates the topics previously addressed, such as primary biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis and cholestatic variants of drug hepatotoxicity and viral disease. New treatments, such as the development of the farnesoid X receptor agonists for the treatment of PBC, are highlighted. Current guidelines and areas of uncertainty are also covered. Additionally, new chapters have been added to reflect the changing landscape of cholestatic liver disease. Cholestatic Liver Disease, Second Edition is a concise yet comprehensive summary of the current status of the field and is of value to clinicians and researchers interested in patients with cholestatic liver disease provide that will help to guide patient management and stimulate investigative efforts.
154,00 146,30

Schiff's Diseases of the Liver

Eugene R. Schiff, Michael F. Sorrell
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 1264

For over 50 years covering 10 previous editions, Schiff's Diseases of the Liver has provided hepatologists with an outstanding evidence-based clinical reference work covering all aspects of liver disease, and is without doubt one of the world's leading hepatology textbooks. Now fully revised and updated, it will serve as your first-stop reference for today's demanding clinical situations. With a strong clinical focus, Schiff's Diseases of the Liver covers anatomy, pathology, testing, imaging, and effects of liver disease on other organs, before moving on to sections that address specific diseases and clinical syndromes. Its enormous appeal has been due to the clarity of text, combined with the sheer thoroughness of its breadth of content. Key features include:* An attractive full color design throughout* Informative section overviews for each section* Concise key concepts box in every chapter* Treatment guidelines and management algorithms for every disease* A full liver transplant section This 11th edition sees all existing chapters fully revised and refreshed with the very latest in clinical information from the world's leading hepatologists. Also new to this edition is a companion website containing a variety of important extra materials, including:* Approximately 100 multiple choice questions of the standard used in ABIM board exams in gastroenterology, to allow the user to self-assess their clinical knowledge * All 450+ figures from the book in a high-quality, fully transportable and downloadable electronic format* High-quality video clips of a variety of surgical procedures, all fully linked to the text*35 case studies featuring real-life clinical scenarios. Schiff's Diseases of the Liver remains the key textbook for all gastroenterologists and hepatologists, in training or fully qualified, managing patients with liver disease.
200,00 190,00

Zakim and Boyer's Hepatology

A Textbook of Liver Disease

Arun J. Sanyal, Michael P. Manns
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1408

"Zakim and Boyer's Hepatology" - the defining work in hepatology - presents comprehensive coverage of both basic science and clinically relevant developments so you can provide the best possible patient care. Drs. Thomas Boyer, Michael Manns, and Arun Sanyal have reorganized and updated the contents of this trusted global reference to reflect today's more clinical approach to hepatology. They bring you up to date on hot topics including HIV Co-Infection Drug Toxicity, Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), and much more. This new streamlined edition is now a single volume with access to the fully searchable contents and an image bank online at making it easier to find the treatment information you need.
285,00 270,75

Handbook of Liver Disease

Expert Consult - Online and Print

Emmet B. Keeffe, Lawrence S. Friedman

editore: Saunders

pagine: 536

Now in full-colour throughout, the only "Handbook of Liver Diseases" available gives you comprehensive information on the all significant liver diseases. The outline format ensures that you get more reliable information by reading fewer words than ever before in Hepatology. Key information is clearly marked throughout and alert symbols are placed in the text to draw your attention to information that is critical to your patient's welfare. Exquisite colour illustrations, informative colour tables and selected, essential references support the text. Key points are listed at the beginning of each chapter and many new illustrations have been added. The text is written by an International Who's Who of Hepatology so that you can absolutely depend upon the information within. The text has been produced on an exceptionally short schedule to ensure that all the material within is absolutely current. This text is an ideal clinical reference for the busy Gastroenterologist, the Gastroenterologist in training, the Internist and even the Medical Student.
88,00 83,60


Clinical Cases Uncovered

Indra Neil Guha, Kathryn Nash

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 216

Hepatology is an important specialty with diseases and complications related to viral hepatitis and alcohol being the main reason for seeking specialist advice. On most general medical rotations and on most surgical wards there are patients with hepatological problems. Hepatology: Clinical Cases Uncovered contains clinical presentations with real-life patient cases and outcomes as seen on the wards and in exams, and leads students through a practical approach to diagnosis and management of hepatological disease. Following a question and answer approach, including self-assessment material and a 'refresher' section on the basic science, Hepatology: Clinical Cases Uncovered features investigations and the treatment options available for patients presenting with hepatological problems. Difficult concepts are clarified and relevant links are made between pathology and clinical presentation. Hepatology: Clinical Cases Uncovered is ideal for medical students, junior doctors on the Foundation Programme, GP trainees, residents, specialist nurses and nurse practitioners. The book is also an ideal refresher for hepatology or gastroenterology trainees at the beginning of their specialist training programme
36,00 34,20

Diagnostic Pathology: Hepatobiliary & Pancreas

Laura W. Lamps

editore: Amirsys, Inc

pagine: 436

Designed as an easy-to-use and comprehensive reference for the practicing pathologist, "Diagnostic Pathology: Hepatobiliary and Pancreas" is the next highly anticipated title in "The Diagnostic Pathology series" offered by Amirsys. As readers have come to expect from this series, "Diagnostic Pathology: Hepatobiliary and Pancreas is filled with superior medical images, including gross photographs, photomicrographs, and detailed medical illustrations. As with our other Diagnostic Pathology titles, chapters include definitions, terminology, etiologies and pathogenesis, demographics, clinical presentations, therapy, prognoses, radiologic imaging, pathology, and differential diagnoses. The pathologic features are extensively detailed with descriptions of the macroscopic features, microscopic findings, cytopathology (as indicated), and as needed, ancillary studies. The latter include histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics and ultrastructural findings. There are also a variety of quick-reference test data tables, as well as helpful introductory chapters, annotated and illustrated staging templates, and chapters on specimen examination handling. This handsome volume is a veritable one-stop shop for your hepatic, biliary, and pancreatic pathology reference needs.
240,00 228,00

The Liver

Biology and Pathobiology

Allan Wolkoff, David Cohen
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 1216

In its Fifth Edition, this classic book retains its traditional strength of relating molecular physiology to understanding disease pathology and treatment as it explores the current state and future direction of hepatology. Painstakingly revised, this edition includes 60 new chapters. As in previous editions, a section called Horizons summarizes advances of extraordinary nature in areas expected to have a substantial impact on hepatology. The Fifth Edition's Horizons section includes emerging topics such as tissue engineering of the liver, liver-directed gene therapy, decoding the liver cancer genome, and imaging cellular proteins and structure. To preserve essential background information which has not changed while making room for the panoply of major new contributions to understanding of liver disease, 14 chapters from the previous edition are freely available online at To view these chapters visit -
200,00 190,00

Liver Diseases

An Essential Guide for Nurses and Health Care Professionals

Suzanne Sargent

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 352

Liver disease is a rapidly growing speciality, and nurses and health care professionals need to have the relevant knowledge and skills to care for patients with liver problems in a safe and effective way. Liver Diseases is a comprehensive, evidence-based, practical guide to the nursing care and management of patients with liver disease. Liver Diseases explores a range of liver conditions, including cirrhosis, portal hypertension, alcoholic liver disease, viral hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, Wilson's disease and acute liver failure. It looks at the anatomy & physiology of the liver, assessment of liver function and diagnostic studies, acute and chronic liver disease, pregnancy related liver disease, liver transplantation and infectious liver diseases. For each condition the epidemiology, complications and nursing management are provided, along with illustrative case studies and further reading. Liver Diseases is an invaluable tool for all nurses and health care professionals working with people with liver disease. SPECIAL FEATURES The first UK book on care of the liver from a nursing and healthcare perspective Written by a well-respected and renowned author in the field Covers a wide spectrum of liver diseases, with relevant nursing management guidelines With case studies, further reading and illustrations throughout
55,00 52,25

Atlas of Pancreatic Cytopathology with Histopathologic Correlations

Ralph H. Hruban, Syed Z. Ali
e altri

editore: Demos Medical Publishing

pagine: 208

Although there are a number of publications including pancreatic cytopathology, there is a void in current pathology literature for a practical and well-illustrated atlas. The atlas contains 450 high-resolution images (including images of the histopathologic and radiologic features of the lesions, which makes this volume equally attractive to cytopathologists and surgical pathologists alike). Clinical and radiologic examinations cannot reliably distinguish benign or inflammatory pancreatic disease from carcinoma. The increased use of pancreatic fine needle aspiration (FNA) along with advances in imaging techniques and the introduction of endoscopic ultrasound guidance have led to significantly better detection and recognition of pancreatic masses. Consequently, pancreatic cytopathology is integral to accurate pre-operative diagnosis-yet it is a challenging diagnostic area with a variety of potential pitfalls and 'look-alike' lesions. Skillful recognition and an awareness of the limitations of the procedure are essential in avoiding mis diagnosis of these dangerous lesions. "Atlas of Pancreatic Cytopathology with Histopathologic Correlations" fills a void in current pathology literature. With 450 high-resolution images, including images of histopathologic and radiologic features, this practical atlas presents an integrated approach to diagnostic cytopathology that will help physician cytopathologists, cytotechnologists, and pathologists avoid potential pitfalls and 'look-alike' lesions. Written by recognized experts in the field, the extensive high-resolution color images of the characteristic features of pancreatic disease are presented with detailed descriptions that cover classic features, diagnostic clues, and potential pitfalls. "Atlas of Pancreatic Cytopathology with Histopathologic Correlations" is a valuable resource for the seasoned cytopathologist, general and surgical pathologists, pathology trainees, and cytotechnologists.
140,00 133,00

The Textbook of Hepatology

From Basic Science to Clinical Practice

Andres Blei, Jean-Pierre Benhamou
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 2360

THE encyclopedic guide to hepatology - for consultation by clinicians and basic scientists Previously the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Hepatology, this two-volume textbook is now with Blackwell Publishing. It covers basic, clinical and translational science (converting basic science discoveries into the practical applications to benefit people). Edited by ten leading experts in the liver and biliary tract and their diseases, along with outstanding contributions from over 200 international clinicians, this text has global references, evidence and extensive subject matter - giving you the best science and clinical practice discussed by the best authors. It includes unique sections on: * Symptoms and signs in liver disease * Industrial diseases affecting the liver * The effects of diseases of other systems on the liver * The effects of liver diseases on other systems It's bigger and more extensive than other books and discusses new areas in more depth such as stem cells, genetics, genomics, proteomics, transplantation, mathematics and much more. Plus, it comes with a fully searchable CD ROM of the entire content. Click here to view a sample chapter on the liver and coagulation
620,00 589,00

Comprehensive Clinical Hepatology

Text with CD-ROM

Adrian M. DiBisceglie, Bruce R. Bacon
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 744

Authoritative and highly illustrated in full color, this comprehensive resource is the result of a joint effort of four experienced senior clinicians and educators. It focuses on the medical aspects of transplantation, offers an oasis of knowledge on key topics for clinical practice and examination, and discusses the newest developments in the field, including NASH and hepatitis. Key point boxes, a signs and symptoms index, and practice points make this text a must have reference for clinical practice and an ideal resource for board review for certification or recertification.
253,00 240,35

Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

C. J. Hawkey, Jaime Bosch
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 1216

"Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology" has been designed to cover the clinical and patient-management aspects of gastrointestinal and liver disease in a unique and exciting format. The book is illustrated throughout in fully integrated color, and contains an illustration program of over 1650 algorithms, graphs, diagrams and clinical photographs that is based on an award-winning format. A section on common symptoms introduces the chapters covering disease, and the book also includes a separate section on diagnosis and treatment especially designed for quick look-up and reference. Treatment is presented according to the evidence base for it. The book has been structured to comprehensively cover gastroenterology and hepatology, but allow fast access to the key answers the clinician needs in their everyday practice. Relevant pathophysiology is included to underpin the clinical detail. Written by a global selection of some of the most exciting names in gastroenterology and hepatology today, "Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology" will be an essential addition to the libraries of gastroenterologists, hepatologists, and internists, and particularly trainees and residents who are looking for a modern and fresh approach to this subject area. This book is also available as an e-dition - the book plus an accompanying, constantly updated website. Click on related titles for more information.
213,00 202,35


A Practical Approach

B. Al Knawy, M. L. Shiffman
e altri

editore: Elsevier Science Ltd

pagine: 620

"Hepatology: A Practical Approach" is the only liver reference designed to meet the clinical needs of non-liver specialists. Over 100 of the most well-known hepatologists from eight different continents present all the practical information you need on every aspect of liver disease, in just the right amount of detail. Consistently organised chapters guide you step by step from concise summaries of pathophysiology to detailed guidelines for diagnosis and management, applicable to a full range of clinical scenarios.
132,00 125,40

Hepatobiliary Tract and Pancreas

K. Rajender Reddy, William Long

editore: Mosby

pagine: 368

"The Requisites in Gastroenterology Series" clearly and succinctly encompasses all of the core knowledge in the field - providing the essential information students need for exams and acting as handy, practical references for practitioners. Each volume in the series offers complete practice-proven information from internationally recognised authorities. They cover all the information that you must know for exams and for clinical practice in an easily digestible format. Packed with illustrations, boxes and tables, there is no quicker way to gain the knowledge you need.
105,00 99,75

Apparato digerente

Frank H. Netter

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 204

90,78 86,24

Hepatology, Principles and Practice

History, Morphology, Biochemistry, Diagnostics, Clinic, Therapy

Erwin Kuntz, Hans-Dieter Kuntz

editore: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K

pagine: 836

Everything about morphology, biochemistry, diagnostics, clinics and therapy of liver diseases in a easy-to-read layout. Numerous colour illustrations and tables lead from "seeing" to "understanding" and further on to diagnostic and therapeutic "acting". In addition, step-by-step programs, flow charts, check lists and textual markers provide the reader with the principles of economics and quality management in diagnostics and therapy. The conservative or invasive therapeutical recommondations presented in the individual chapters are systematically summarized and completed in the final chapter. This book gives an exceptional good overview on hepatology, not only for specialists in clinic and practice but also for general practioners and students.
157,52 149,64

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