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Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Twentieth Edition (Vol.1 & Vol.2)

J. Larry Jameson, Anthony S. Fauci
e altri

editore: McGraw Hill Higher Education

pagine: 4400

HARRISON'S IS MEDICINE! Introducing the Landmark Twentieth Edition of the Global Icon of Internal Medicine The definitive guide to internal medicine is more essential than ever with the latest in disease mechanisms, updated clinical trial results and recommended guidelines, state-of-the art radiographic images, therapeutic approaches and specific treatments, hundreds of demonstrative full-color drawings, and practical clinical decision trees and algorithms Recognized by healthcare professionals worldwide as the leading authority on applied pathophysiology and clinical medicine, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine gives you the informational foundation you need to provide the best patient care possible. Essential for practice and education, the landmark 20th Edition features: Thoroughly revised content-covering the many new breakthroughs and advances in clinical medicine that have occurred since the last edition of Harrison's. Chapters on acute and chronic hepatitis, management of diabetes, immune-based therapies in cancer, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, HIV, and many more, deliver the very latest information on disease mechanisms, diagnostic options, and the specific treatment guidance you need to provide optimal patient care. State-of-the-art coverage of disease mechanisms: Harrison's focuses on pathophysiology with rigor, and with the goal of linking disease mechanisms to treatments. Improved understanding of how diseases develop and progress not only promotes better decision-making and higher value care, but also makes for fascinating reading and improved retention. Harrison's summarizes important new basic science developments, such as the role of mitochondria in programmed and necrotic cell death, the immune system's role in cancer development and treatment, the impact of telomere shortening in the aging and disease processes, and the role of the microbiome in health and disease. Understanding the role of inflammation in cardiovascular disease, the precise mechanisms of immune deficiency in HIV/AIDS, prions and misfolded proteins in neurodegenerative diseases, and obesity as a predisposition to diabetes are just a few examples of how this edition provides essential pathophysiology information for health professionals. All-new sections covering a wide range of new and emerging areas of vital interest to all healthcare professionals. New sections include: Sex and Gender-based Issues in Medicine; Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, and Metabolic Syndrome; and Consultative Medicine- Plus, a new Part covering cutting-edge topics in research and clinical medicine includes great new chapters on the role of Epigenetics in Health and Disease, Behavioral Strategies to Improve Health, Genomics and Infectious Diseases, Emerging Neuro-Therapeutic Technologies, and Telomere Function in Health and Disease, and Network System Medicine. Important and timely new chapters-such as Promoting Good Health, LGBT Health, Systems of Healthcare, Approach to Medical Consultation, Pharmacogenomics, Antimicrobial Resistance, Worldwide Changes in Patterns of Infectious Diseases, Neuromyelitis Optica, and more-offer the very latest, definitive perspectives on must-know topics in medical education and practice. Updated clinical guidelines, expert opinions, and treatment approaches from world-renowned editors and authors contribute to the accuracy and immediacy of the text material and present a clear blueprint for optimizing patient outcomes. End-of-chapter suggested readings reinforce the text material and provide a robust platform for further study and research.
185,00 152,50

Manuale di medicina ambulatoriale

Pasquale Potestà, Flavio Di Muzio

editore: Verduci Editore

pagine: 695

48,00 40,80

Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2019

5 Books in 1

Fred F. Ferri

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 2120

Updated annually with the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment recommendations, Ferri's Clinical Advisor uses the popular "5 books in 1" format to organize vast amounts of information in a clinically relevant, user-friendly manner. This efficient, intuitive format provides quick access to answers on more than 900 common medical conditions, including diseases and disorders, differential diagnoses, and laboratory tests - all updated by experts in key clinical fields. Updated algorithms and current clinical practice guidelines help you keep pace with the speed of modern medicine.
91,00 77,35

Netter's Clinical Skills

Pocket Guide

Dennis Barbon, Ilene L Rosenberg
e altri

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 72

Make the most of every patient encounter - from the clinical interview and history to the physical exam, both in-office and bedside. This discreet quick reference by Ilene L. Rosenberg, MD, FCCP, Todd Cassese, MD, FACP, and Dennis Barbon, RN, helps you achieve consistent and comprehensive results when collecting data and determining your next steps. Carry this thin, fully illustrated checklist in your white coat pocket for the fastest, most efficient way to access essential information you need to know and remember every day. Point-of-care reminders in the office or on the wards - immediately see what to ask, what exams to perform, what to look for, and more. Fully illustrated memory triggers throughout. Each topic is contained on one page or two facing pages for at-a-glance reference. An excellent everyday pocket reference as well as a handy review for Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills) and OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Exams). Written by educators who know first-hand what needs to be reviewed and remembered during the clinical patient encounter.
20,00 17,00
56,00 47,60

Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine

Ian D Penman, Mark W J Strachan
e altri


pagine: 1440

More than two million medical students, doctors and other health professionals around the globe have owned a copy of Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine since it was first published. Now in its 23rd Edition, this textbook describes the pathophysiology and clinical features of the most frequently encountered conditions in the major specialties of adult medicine and explains how to recognise, investigate, diagnose and manage them. Taking its origins from Sir Stanley Davidson's much-admired lecture notes, Davidson's has endured because it keeps pace with how modern medicine is taught and provides a wealth of information in an easy-to-read, concise and beautifully illustrated format. This book will serve readers everywhere as a core text that integrates medical science with clinical medicine, conveying key knowledge and practical advice in a highly accessible and readable format. The opening section describes the fundamentals of genetics, immunology, infectious diseases and population health, and discusses the core principles of clinical decision-making and good prescribing. A new second section on emergency and critical care medicine encompasses poisoning, envenomation and environmental medicine, and introduces a new chapter on acute medicine and critical illness. The third section covers the major medical specialties, each thoroughly revised and brought fully up to date. Two new chapters on maternal and adolescent/transition medicine complement the one on ageing and disease. A new chapter on medical ophthalmology has been included. Clinical Examination overviews summarise the main elements for each system and now feature in the biochemistry, nutrition and dermatology chapters. Presenting Problems sections provide a clear pathway for the assessment of and approach to the most common complaints in each specialty. Practice Point summaries detail the practical skills that medical students and junior doctors must acquire. Emergency boxes emphasise the core knowledge needed to manage acutely ill patients. In Old Age, In Pregnancy and In Adolescence boxes highlight differences in the practice of medicine in these patient groups, and illustrate the interfaces between medical, obstetric and paediatric services. The text is extensively illustrated, with over 1000 diagrams, clinical photographs, and radiology and pathology images. The global perspective is enhanced by an International Advisory Board of experts from 17 countries, and by authors from around the world. The new second section on emergency and critical care medicine introduces a significantly expanded and comprehensive account of the approaches to dealing with acute medical and critical illness. Two new chapters on maternal and adolescent/transition medicine complement the one on ageing and disease by addressing problems encountered at key stages of patients' lives. A new chapter on medical ophthalmology has been included as a direct response to readers' requests. The opening chapter has been completely rewritten with a new focus on the important principles of clinical decision-making or clinical reasoning. A new internal text design for this 23rd Edition provides a simpler and clearer presentation of the various categories of text boxes.
65,00 55,25

MKSAP 17- Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program

11 volumi in 2 cofanetti

ACP-American College of Physicians

editore: Edi. Ermes

pagine: 2090

L’opera editoriale MKSAP 17 - Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program rappresenta un sistema di aggiornamento collaudato e molto efficace, prodotto e utilizzato da quasi mezzo secolo dall’American College of Physicians come risorsa gold-standard nel campo della formazione in Medicina Interna; tale sistema, accreditato dall’American Board for Internal Medicine per il mantenimento della Certificazione USA, è inoltre utilizzato in Canada dal Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons e in Australia dal Royal Australasian College of Physicians. MKSAP 17 è composta da 11 volumi, ciascuno dedicato a una specialità internistica e consente un aggiornamento veloce e incisivo, per tutti i Medici. I contenuti di MKSAP 17 forniscono le informazioni essenziali e più aggiornate relative a 11 specialità di medicina interna, redatte da decine di esperti internisti e specialisti, e sono integrati da circa 1200 domande a scelta multipla.
330,00 280,50

Harrison. Manuale di Medicina Interna

Anthony S. Fauci, Clare Stephenson
e altri

editore: Zanichelli

pagine: 1248

Tratto dalla 19° edizione dell'"Harrison. Principi di Medicina Interna", il volume presenta gli aspetti chiave della diagnosi, delle manifestazioni cliniche e del trattamento delle malattie di più frequente riscontro nella pratica medica. Questa nuova edizione si presenta con un impianto generale agile e con i contenuti ampiamente aggiornati. "Harrison. Manuale di Medicina interna" è un testo di facile consultazione, a colori, arricchito da numerosissimi algoritmi e tabelle. Per ogni patologia vengono descritti: eziologia ed epidemiologia; fisiopatologia; segni e sintomi; diagnosi differenziale; esami di laboratorio e strumentali; trattamento.
82,00 69,00

Manuale di medicina generale per medici di base e specializzazioni mediche

Federico Frusone, Giulia Puliani

editore: Edises

pagine: 2576

Il volume rappresenta un sintetico compendio di tutte le discipline caratterizzanti il programma d'esame per l'ammissione al Corso triennale in Medicina Generale e una parte rilevante degli argomenti richiesti al test di accesso alle Specializzazioni Mediche. Il testo è finalizzato alla preparazione di prove selettive costituite da test a risposta multipla: interamente a colori, ricco di illustrazioni e immagini esplicative, trattazione per punti chiave, tabelle e schemi di sintesi per consentire un rapido ripasso e facilitare la memorizzazione delle principali nozioni. Questa terza edizione è stata aggiornata ed ampliata con nuove sezioni di Embriologia per ciascun capitolo e con specifica attenzione alle discipline afferenti all'area preclinica e alle branche fondamentali della medicina oggetto dei quesiti. Ciascun capitolo contiene quiz ufficiali assegnati negli anni precedenti per dare evidenza delle materie proposte in sede d'esame, e a fine capitolo batterie di quesiti a risposta multipla per la verifica delle conoscenze.
115,00 97,75

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

Anna Goodhart, Catriona Hall
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 904

Now in its tenth edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine has been fully revised, with five new authors on the writing team bringing content fresh from the bedside. Space has been breathed into the design, with more core material at your fingertips in quick-reference lists and flow diagrams, and key references have been honed to the most up-to-date and relevant. Each page has been updated to reflect the latest changes in practice and best management, and the chapters on gastroenterology, history and examination, infectious disease, neurology, and radiology have been extensively revised. Unique among medical texts, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is a complete and concise guide to the core areas of medicine that also encourages thinking about the world from the patient's perspective, offering a holistic, patient-centred approach. Loved and trusted by millions for over three decades, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine continues to be a truly indispensable companion for the practice of modern medicine.
36,00 30,60

Internal Medicine Evidence

Joshua Liao, Zahir Kanjee

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 240

Increase your knowledge of the clinical trials and evidence that lay the groundwork for current practice with Internal Medicine Evidence: The Practice-Changing Studies. Brief, easy-to-read, accessible, and reviewed by experienced clinicians at Harvard Medical School, this time-saving reference allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with 100 of the most practice-changing clinical trials in internal medicine. This unique title is ideal for trainees and seasoned practitioners in medicine, nursing and other health professions, providing insight and understanding into today's practice of internal medicine. Key Features:Save time and effort with convenient, succinct synopses of each study, including editorial commentary on the impact of the trial and the context for incorporating it into practice.Access an important mix of historical and contemporary studies, reviewed by faculty at Harvard Medical School, with an emphasis on material most relevant to today's practice.Explore landmark clinical trials in all areas of internal medicine, including cardiology, critical care, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious diseases, nephrology, oncology, pulmonology, and rheumatology.Plus, by providing easily accessible, relevant material and references, this text can be used to effectively: Enhance discussion and teaching at morning reports or resident conferencesIncrease emphasis on evidence-based medicine in classroom and clinical educationBuild a foundation for an evidence-based medicine curriculum for medical students and residentsYour book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience:The ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time - providing a seamless reading experience online or offlinePowerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooksMultiple viewing options that enable you to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive designThe ability to highlight text and add notes with one click
39,00 33,15

Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine Self-Assessment and Board Review

Anthony S. Fauci, Charles M. Wiener
e altri

editore: McGraw Hill Higher Education

pagine: 512

Prepare for certification, MOC/recertification, and in-service exams with the most trusted name in medicine: Harrison's. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Self-Assessment and Board Review, 19th edition, is a completely revised and updated guide to help you prepare for your primary board certification, maintenance of certification/re-certification, and for in-service exams. With an important component of the Harrison's set, this review reflects all of the most up-to-date material featured in the 19th edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. This ultimate study partner contains more than 1000 revised and updated questions (and answers), simulating those on the primary certification exam. Integral to interactive self-assessment and in line with the core Harrison's text, the high-yield content reflects the weighting of subject matter included on the internal medicine board exam blueprint and spans the field of internal medicine.
80,99 68,84

The 5-Minute Clinical Consult 2018

Frank J. Domino

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 1328

Make the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic decisions in the least time! A best seller for over 25 years, The5-Minute Clinical Consult 2018 is a practical and useful resource for clinicians in primary care, family medicine, emergency medicine, nursing, and pediatrics. It provides rapid access to guidance on diagnosis, treatment, medications, follow-up, and associated factors for more than 540 diseases and conditions. The5-Minute Clinical Consult 2018 is designed to deliver maximum clinical confidence as efficiently as possible...allowing you to focus your valuable time on giving your patients the best possible care. Find the answers you need quickly thanks to an intuitive, at-a-glance format, with concise, bulleted text; hundreds of diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms; ICD-10 codes, DSM-5 criteria; and much more.Make confident decisions aided by current evidence-based designations in each topic.Written by esteemed internal medicine and family medicine practitioners and published by the leading publisher in medical content, The 5-Minute Clinical Consult 2018, 26th Edition includes a Free Trial to is a quicker, more valuable, evidence-based, online workflow tool easily integrated at the point of care. provides online-exclusive content, including: More than 1,500 additional topics, including the full contents of The 5-Minute Pediatric Consult and Rosen & Barkin's 5-Minute Emergency Medicine ConsultDifferential diagnosis support from an expanded collection of algorithmsCurrent evidence-based designations highlighted in each topicThousands of images to help support visual diagnosis of all conditionsA video library of procedures, treatment, and physical therapy techniquesAn A-to-Z Drug Database from Facts & Comparisons (R)Guidance on laboratory test interpretation from Wallach's Interpretation of Diagnostic TestsMore than 3,000 patient handouts in English and SpanishICD-10 codes and DSM-5 criteriaFREE point-of-care CME and CE: 0.5 credits each time you search the site to find the best treatment for your patients. This activity has been reviewed and is acceptable for up to 20 prescribed credits by the AAFP and the ANCC. [call-out box:] Consider a subscription to, available for 1 year with the purchase of The 5-Minute Clinical Consult Premium 2018: 1-Year Enhanced Online Access + Print, 26th Edition or an online-only subscription, available at
88,00 74,80

Goldman-Cecil Medicina interna

Lee Goldman, Andrew I. Schafer

editore: Edra

pagine: 3328

Goldmann-Cecil Medicina Interna è la miglior risorsa per la medicina interna disponibile dal 1927. La 25a edizione di Goldmann-Cecil Medicina Interna offre una guida completa e obiettiva per la valutazione e la gestione di ogni condizione medica. Aggiornato in ogni sua parte, anche in questa edizione ha mantenuto la medesima impostazione presentandosi come un testo esaustivo che spiega attentamente il perché (la fisiopatologia che sta alla base della malattia) e il come (ad oggi basato sull’evidenza a partire da studi clinici randomizzati e meta-analisi) degli argomenti affrontati. Le descrizioni della fisiologia e della fisiopatologia includono i più recenti progressi avvenuti nel campo della genetica e li espongono in un modo semplice, teso a essere utile per i non esperti. Il volume è caratterizzato da taglio pratico e da un’organizzazione schematica. L’acquisizione di nuove informazioni, abbastanza facile al giorno d’oggi, viene spesso confusa con la loro conoscenza e comprensione. Gli Autori hanno cercato di superare questo aspetto offrendo un testo che non solo convogli tutte le informazioni, ma che anche stimoli nuove domande e promuova il ragionamento clinico oltre a fornire una panoramica sulle più recenti scoperte. L’obiettivo è di guidare il lettore nella diagnosi e nella terapia, non solo per i pazienti con malattia sospetta o nota, ma anche per i pazienti che possono avere disturbi non diagnosticati e che richiedono una valutazione iniziale. Goldmann-Cecil Medicina Interna è uno strumento di apprendimento ideale per i medici internisti e gli studenti, nonché una preziosa risorsa per i professionisti della salute. Contenuti La nuova edizione contiene nuovi capitoli dedicati ai temi all’avanguardia della medicina come la salute globale, la biologia del cancro e la genetica, il microbioma umano in stato di salute e di malattia. Il volume da spazio a un'ampia trattazione dei più recenti sviluppi nel campo della biologia tra cui le specifiche per la diagnosi, la terapia e le dosi dei farmaci Oltre 1500 domande a risposta multipla aiutano nella preparazione dell’esame e permettono l’autovalutazione
249,00 211,65

Manuale di Medicina Interna

Ranuccio Nuti

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 544

48,00 40,80

Cofanetto Dionigi Rugarli. Chirurgia e medicina interna

6 ed - 7 ed 4 volumi indivisibili

Renzo Dionigi, Claudio Rugarli

editore: Edra

pagine: 8196

Dionigi e Rugarli insieme in un unico e pratico cofanetto: la nuova edizione della "Chirurgia" del Dionigi e la "Medicina interna sistematica" del Rugarli, consentono allo studente di avere, in un'unica soluzione, tutte le discipline chirurgiche e nozioni di base di medicina interna, suddivise per categorie nosologiche. Rapide consultazioni per uno studio integrato e per un'accurata diagnosi differenziale con patologie di altri sistemi e apparati, il cofanetto è uno strumento fondamentale che accompagna lo studente di medicina nel corso del triennio clinico e della futura professione medica.
299,00 254,15
44,00 37,40

Harrison. Principi di medicina interna - 19 ed. 2016

2 volumi in cofanetto + risorse online

Dennis L. Kasper, Anthony S. Fauci
e altri

editore: CEA

pagine: 4300

Harrison Principi di Medicina interna è il punto di riferimento per medici, specializzandi e studenti. Rappresenta lo stato dell'arte sulle ricerche e la pratica medica, offrendo quanto di più aggiornato sulle conoscenze delle malattie e sul loro trattamento. Sono le caratteristiche salienti di quest'opera che si articola in 487 capitoli (di cui 425 contenuti nei due volumi e 62 disponibili online). Questa nuova edizione affronta in modo rinnovato le basi della fisiopatologia classica e si sofferma sulle metodiche e sulle strumentazioni di ultima generazione oggi disponibili per valutare i sintomi e trattare le malattie. In particolare nella XIX edizione, ampiamente aggiornata, sono stati introdotti nuovi capitoli: Salute dell'uomo, Fatigue, Genomica e malattie infettive, Cambiamenti climatici e malattie infettive, Steatosi epatica e steatoepatite non alcoliche, Neoplasie endocrine multiple, Sindromi poliendocrine autoimmuni. Molti altri sono stati interamente riorganizzati, tra questi: Epatite virale acuta, Epatite cronica, Infezioni da virus Ebola e Marburg, Sclerosi multipla e altre malattie demielinizzanti, Sindrome coronarica acuta, Diabete mellito, Ipertensione arteriosa, Trombosi venosa profonda e tromboembolia polmonare, Danno renale acuto, Malattia renale cronica, Malattie infiammatorie intestinali, Alterazioni del metabolismo delle lipoproteine, Sindrome da virus dell'immunodeficienza umana, e molti altri. Di particolare rilievo è l'aggiornamento del capitolo dedicato all'HIV/AIDS, che offre sia linee guida cliniche sia una trattazione esaustiva e analitica della patogenesi. Gli aggiornamenti si riferiscono agli ultimi protocolli di trattamento e affrontano il tema della prevenzione combinata, rendendo di fatto questo capitolo il trattato più completo e aggiornato presente oggi sul mercato. Molti altri capitoli rispecchiano i rapidi progressi compiuti riguardo alle malattie immunomediate e al loro trattamento. Inoltre, un capitolo sulla malattia IgG4-correlata presenta brevemente tutta una serie di entità nosografiche di recente identificazione. Un'ampia trattazione delle malattie neurodegenerative evidenzia i progressi compiuti nella loro classificazione, nel loro trattamento e nello studio dei meccanismi di aggregazione proteica responsabili della loro patogenesi. Il capitolo dedicato all'epatite cronica presenta nel dettaglio le eclatanti scoperte relative all'uso dei farmaci antivirali diretti per il trattamento dell'epatite C, uno dei più importanti progressi terapeutici della medicina contemporanea. Un nuovo capitolo è dedicato alla genomica e malattie infettive, mentre i capitoli sul microbioma umano e le malattie cromosomiche hanno ricevuto importanti cambiamenti. A un altro tema di crescente interesse, l'impatto dell'età sulla salute e sulla malattia, sono dedicati diversi capitoli, tra cui uno nuovo sulla biologia dell'invecchiamento. Integrano i nuovi contenuti e gli aggiornamenti, i nuovi video dedicati ai disordini del sonno, all'ingegneria tissutale, all'imaging cardiaco non invasivo, all'esame del paziente in coma, alla miastenia gravis e ad altre patologie della giunzione neuromuscolare. Nuovi atlanti illustrano l'imaging non invasivo, la rivascolarizzazione percutanea e l'endoscopia gastrointestinale Ai due volumi che compongono l'opera si affianca una gran quantità di risorse online accessibili sul sito dedicato e riservate agli acquirenti. Per maggiori informazioni sull'accesso al sito e sui contenuti consultare le pagine finali del libro. Per una migliore consultazione dei capitoli in formato elettronico e per un accesso offline ai filmati è disponibile il volume Harrison Principi di Medicina interna. Volume integrativo di oltre 400 pagine, acquistabile separatamente, che contiene: ✔ La stampa dei capitoli in formato elettronico (62 capitoli) ✔ DVD allegato con 150 filmati in lingua inglese Tutti i materiali contenuti nel volume integrativo sono disponibili online per gli acquirenti del libro principale.
331,50 281,78

Pocket Medicine

The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine

Marc S. Sabatine

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 296

Quick access to key clinical information and solutions to common problems in internal medicine - as close as your pocket! Pocket Medicine, Sixth Edition, is your go-to resource for fast answers to diagnostic questions you'll face on rounds and exams. Prepared by residents and attending physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital, this portable, best-selling reference tackles the diagnosis and treatment of the most common disorders in cardiology, pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology, nephrology, hematology-oncology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, rheumatology, and neurology. Bulleted lists, tables, and algorithms focus on the information you need in order to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. * Completely updated throughout to keep you current with what's new in internal medicine.*16-page color insert displays classic normal and abnormal radiographs, CT scans, echocardiograms, peripheral blood smears, and urinalyses commonly seen in the practice of internal medicine.* References to landmark papers help you answer questions from attendings and residents - all from a trusted source acceptable for use on rounds.* Surgical, OB-GYN, and ophthalmic consult section guides you to ask the right questions and get the best care for your patients.* Ideal for medical students, interns, residents, advanced practice nurses, PAs, and candidates reviewing for internal medicine board exams.
50,00 42,50

Netter's Introduction to Clinical Procedures

Joseph Feldman, Marios Loukas
e altri

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 320

Written with the student in mind, Netter's Introduction to Clinical Procedures, by Drs. Marios Loukas, R. Shane Tubbs, and Joseph Feldman, uses the well-known Netter anatomy art as a foundation for reinforcing the relevant clinical anatomy needed to successfully understand and perform basic procedures. Learn the practical application of this knowledge with step-by-step guides incorporating concise text, images, and animation. Key Features Didactic Netter illustrations provide clear informative visuals for quick understanding of anatomical relationships. Concise explanations enhance understanding of clinical underpinnings and implications. More than 30 common clinical procedures are explained and demonstrated with step-by-step illustrations. Multiple choice questions reinforce key concepts and challenge your knowledge. Student Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience includes access -- on a variety of devices -- to the complete text, animation, "test yourself" images, and references from the book.
43,00 36,55

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