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Arto Inferiore patologia

Semeiotica clinica del piede

Carmelo Errichiello, Raul Cerlon
e altri

editore: Timeo

pagine: 256

La semeiotica clinica rappresenta uno strumento essenziale all’interpretazione statica e dinamica della patologia del piede. La valutazione anamnestico-clinica deve precedere la consultazione degli esami strumentali, i quali potrebbero erroneamente condizionare la corretta interpretazione delle problematiche cliniche riferite dal paziente.Il testo-atlante descrive l’approccio clinico a un organo di senso e di moto unico come il ‘piede-caviglia’ attraverso il modello didattico della narrazione iconografica, utile al medico per riconoscere i paramorfismi dei quadri patologici.
90,00 85,50

Neale's Disorders of the Foot and Ankle

a cura di J. Gordon Burrow, Keith Rome

editore: Elsevier Health Sciences

pagine: 688

Now in its 9th edition and fully updated to reflect 21st century podiatric practice Neale's Disorders of the Foot and Ankle continues to be essential reading for students entering the profession, qualified podiatrists and other health care professionals interested in the foot. Written by a renowned team of expert editors and international contributors it gives up-to-date, evidence-based content of the highest quality. Podiatric students should find everything they need within its covers to pass their exams, whilst qualified clinicians will find it a useful reference during their daily practice. All the common conditions encountered in day-to-day podiatric practice are reviewed and their diagnoses and management described along with areas of related therapeutics. Fully illustrated in colour throughout including over 500 photographs and illustrations. Complete coverage of podiatric conditions, including Circulatory Disorders, Rheumatic Diseases, Imaging, Foot Orthoses, Pediatric Podiatry, Podiatric Sports Medicine, Podiatric Surgery, Leprosy and Tropical Medicine. Brand new chapters covering key topics including Complimentary and Integrated Medicine, Forensic and Legal Medicine, Evidence Based Practice in Podiatry and Pharmacology & Therapeutics.
77,00 73,15

Il piede. Dal pedicure al benessere posturale

Raffaele Contini

editore: BCM

Il piede è un organo anatomicamente e fisiologicamente complesso, essenziale al mantenimento di uno stato di salute generale d
28,00 26,60

Il gomito. Aspetti clinici e riabilitazione

G., M.

editore: Verduci

pagine: 151

43,00 40,85

Pocket Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery

Christopher DiGiovanni, Rock G. Positano

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 400

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. This latest addition to the popular Pocket series is a go-to-resource for essential, up-to-date information for surgeons, podiatrists, and residents presented in a concise, quick-to-grasp format. With its compact size-perfect for taking home, on the ward, in your office-Pocket Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery addresses common disorders and conditions you'll encounter in a clinical setting. You'll find contributions from nearly 40 experts in both podiatry and orthopaedic surgery, as well as radiology, critical care, anesthesia, and other relevant fields. The ideal portable quick-reference for fast, effective musculoskeletal diagnosis and care! Developed and formatted for quick and easy reference on the go-use with patients in a clinical setting or anywhere you need to get access to the information you need! Focuses on common, everyday issues such as nerve damage and neuropathy, arthritis, fractures and trauma, and other conditions. Comprehensive in coverage of pathology and anatomy, biomechanics, gait analysis, imaging, infectious diseases, and more. Includes only the most up-to-date surgical techniques and procedures. Features a dedicated section on sports medicine disorders and injuries, such as Achilles Heel stress fractures, and tendonitis. Content covers principles and treatment for both adults and children.
55,00 52,25

Le unghie dei piedi

Bianca Maria Piraccini

editore: Timeo

pagine: 109

39,00 37,05


Manuale di Riabilitazione

a cura di L. Panella, A. V. Caserta

editore: Edi. Ermes

pagine: 418

70,00 66,50
50,00 47,50
425,00 403,75

Management of Chronic Conditions in the Foot and Lower Leg

Keith Rome, Peter McNair

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 272

Bridging the gap between undergraduate and postgraduate knowledge and experience, this new full colour resource uses an interdisciplinary approach to help manage chronic conditions - osteoarthritis, Achilles tendinopathy, gout, rheumatic diseases, forefoot/rearfoot entities, stress fractures/reactions, cerebral palsy - in the lower limb and foot. Each chapter includes sections on predisposing factors, diagnosis, impairments, function, quality of life and management strategies while highlighting any complex features of a condition which may present. The latest advances are discussed with suggestions for new paths of research - 'future directions'. The text is further supported by additional commentaries from internationally renowned researchers who highlight the key elements of the work and provide a supplementary perspective of the particular clinical condition. A general view of the patient's needs is offered throughout, connecting clinical realities to real-world patient experiences. Management of Chronic Conditions in the Foot and Lower Leg is a comprehensive, practical tool that can be used to inform daily decision making in practice as well as to support those who build policy and management strategies in the clinical areas covered.
65,00 61,75

Le lesioni degli hamstring

G. Nicola Bisciotti

editore: Calzetti Mariucci

pagine: 127

I Pocket Books in Rehabilitation, libretti agili e di facile consultazione, forniscono le nozioni di base di carattere fisiologico ed anatomico per ogni patologia, indicandone le linee-guida in ambito riabilitativo. Questo Pocket Book affronta una delle problematiche maggiormente ricorrenti nell'ambito della medicina dello sport: la lesione dei muscoli flessori della coscia, ossia il bicipite femorale, il semitendinoso ed il semimembranoso, il cui nome collettivo, in letteratura anglosassone, è hamstring. In particolare, ai primi due capitoli di anatomia e di anatomia di superficie, seguono altri cinque capitoli rispettivamente dedicati all'epidemiologia, alla diagnosi-riabilitazione e prevenzione, alla riparazione chirurgica dopo lesione degli hamstring, alle linee guida per il ritorno in campo dopo l'evento lesivo ed infine alle linee guida per il trattamento riabilitativo.
15,00 14,25

Le patologie cartilaginee e legamentose della caviglia

Progressi in Medicina e Chirurgia del Piede 21

a cura di Società italiana della caviglia e del piede

editore: Timeo

pagine: 172

50,00 47,50




editore: Timeo

pagine: 303

80,00 76,00

Neale's Disorders of the Foot

Clinical Companion

Donald L. Lorimer, J. Gordon Burrow
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 344

"Neale's Disorders of the Foot Clinical Companion" is the essential, portable complement to the new "Neale's Disorders of the Foot 8th Edition". It is perfect for putting key information in clinical context. Students and practitioners will love its presentation of tips and valuable treatment notes in a handy format that is easy to refer to in the clinic. All the common conditions encountered in day-to-day podiatric practice are dealt with, and there are many algorithms for ease of use. This Companion will prove to be a really valuable friend when you need rapid reference to treatment guidelines in the clinic.
37,00 35,15

Atlas of the Diabetic Foot

Eleftherios Dounis, Konstantinos Makrilakis
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 260

Foot ulcers occur in approximately 15# of the patients with diabetes mellitus in their lifetime, with a major impact on their quality of life. Many hospital admissions related to diabetes are due to foot ulcers, which can result in prolonged hospital stay and increased morbidity and mortality. The majority of lower limb amputations are performed in patients with diabetes every year (80,000 at least in the USA). Most of the diabetes-related foot problems can be prevented or their severity reduced by early detection and treatment. This book contributes to improved foot care through raised awareness of prevention, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and management among healthcare professionals. This comprehensive atlas, now in a second edition, provides: 520 colour photographs, graphs, tables and imaging studies Educational examples taken from genuine case reports A reference guide for identifying patients at risk for foot problems Illustration of common problems such as neuropathic and neuroischaemic ulcers, ischaemia and infection Introduction to new technologies and bioengineered materials used for the treatment of foot ulcers This book will be of interest to diabetologists, endocrinologists, podiatrists, specialist nurses, general practitioners, surgeons and clinical researchers.
119,00 113,05

Illustrated Dictionary of Podiatry and Foot Science

Jean Mooney

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 446

More than just a collection of simple definitions, the "Illustrated Dictionary of Podiatry" is a pocket-reference guide for students and practitioners which covers anatomy, pathology, systemic disease, clinical diagnostic tests, treatment and management of foot problems and much more. Along with its handy size, a cross-referencing system helps make the Dictionary as user friendly as possible and draws the content together, while the many tips, tables, line drawings and photographs (including a colour section) expand on entries and summarize information on essential points. "The Illustrated Dictionary of Podiatry" is an essential tool that all podiatrists and student podiatrists will want to have to hand during practice and study.
42,00 39,90

The Achilles Tendon

James A. Nunley

editore: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

pagine: 272

Disorders of the Achilles tendon are universal, affecting people in a wide range of age groups. Because the Achilles tendon is one of the most pow- ful musculotendinous structures in the body, the impact of an injury to the Achilles tendon becomes magnified. There is a wide range of disorders or problems that can involve the insertional region, where pathology may rest with bone, tendon, or bursae. A completely different set of pathologic entities resides in the noninsertional region, one of which may include the frustrating degenerative tendinopathy. As our growing population ages but remains phy- cally active longer into life, the incidence of these disorders will continue to increase. I am proud to be given the opportunity to write the foreword to this text, which is intended for foot and ankle surgeons worldwide. Seldom does a book on a single entity become a current concepts review, as this work has. Too often, textbooks are not published for several years after the chapters have been written, making them obsolete upon publication. Not so with this book, which deals with timely topics on the Achilles tendon. Dr. James Nunley has compiled this work in slightly over a year, thus providing the reader with sta- of-the-art material. Dr. Nunley had the foresight to create a much needed techniques-oriented book dealing with the complexities of the Achilles tendon. His approach was to develop a comprehensive guide to managing Achilles tendon problems.
166,00 157,70

Atlas of Functional Shoulder Anatomy

Giovanni Di Giacomo, Nicole Pouliart
e altri

editore: Springer Verlag

pagine: 231

The anatomy of the shoulder is based on complex joint biomechanics. The purpose of this Atlas is to focus the reader's attention on a series of bone, ligament, muscle and tendon structures and ultrastructures within the shoulder on which only the most recent international literature has reported in specialized journals. This Atlas also presents extremely high-definition images of "targeted" sections obtained from cadavers preserved using state-of-art techniques. This unique Atlas, making use of images of major visual impact, offers a scientific message on a topical joint, using simple but dedicated descriptive language.
169,95 161,45

The Crucial Principles in Care of the Knee

J. Richard Steadman, John A. Feagin

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 278

Written by internationally eminent authorities in sports medicine and knee surgery, this book thoroughly describes and illustrates the key principles in the diagnosis, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of knee disorders. The information on surgical procedures, outcomes, and complications is evidence-based and documented from a database of over 15,000 cases. Coverage includes detailed descriptions and illustrations of three new surgical procedures--microfracture for chondral injuries, stimulation of the healing response in ligamentous injuries, and arthroscopic treatment of the degenerative knee. Specific postoperative rehabilitation protocols are included for many surgical procedures. Other topics covered include injury prevention, imaging, functional evaluation, and biomechanics. More than 300 outstanding illustrations complement the text.
165,00 156,75

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