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Anatomia patologica pediatrica

Stocker and Dehner's Pediatric Pathology

Aliya N. Husain, J. Thomas Stocker
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 1480

Effectively diagnose the complete range of pediatric pathologies, from neonatal disorders through adolescence. Intended for a broad audience including general and pediatric pathologists, pediatricians, surgeons, oncologists, and other pediatric subspecialties, Stocker & Dehner's Pediatric Pathology is widely recognized as the definitive go-to comprehensive clinical reference in the unique subspecialty of pediatric pathology - which, unlike other subspecialties, is defined by an age group rather than an organ system or process. The tumors that occur in infants and children are distinct from those that develop in adults, and they often exhibit exceptional clinical behavior, thus requiring different diagnostic and therapeutic protocols. Authored by a host of prominent authorities on this challenging area, the fourth edition of Stocker & Dehner's Pediatric Pathology was designed to be a comprehensive volume on all major aspects of the pathologic anatomy of childhood disorders, providing the in-depth, richly illustrated guidance you need to confidently evaluate and dependably report your findings. Sweeping updates in this edition put all of the very latest knowledge and techniques at your fingertips. Key Features*Find authoritative answers on everything from how to perform a pediatric autopsy or apply the latest molecular techniques, to diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities, congenital anomalies and malformation syndromes, inborn errors of metabolism, and congenital and acquired systemic infectious diseases; from how to approach forensic pathology and transplant pathology, to evaluating the pathologies of each organ system and pediatric tumors. Content and observations are integrated from other chapters to convey a sense of unity in the study of the child as a whole.*Appendices featuring over 50 seminal charts and tables on fetal, infant, and child development.*A focus on key pathologic findings as well as the latest molecular genetic tools and the role that these findings play in pathologic diagnosis.*Locate the information you need quickly thanks to an intuitive organization by disease classification and organ system.*Identify pathologic features successfully with the aid of more than 1,300 gross and microscopic images, including 1,200 in full color.* Exclusive online content with over 300 additional images.Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, which can be downloaded to your tablet and smartphone or accessed online and includes features like:*Complete content with enhanced navigation* A powerful search that pulls results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web*Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation*Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text* Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues*Quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use* Over 300 additional images available only online.
364,00 345,80

Speech Sound Disorders

Shelley L. Velleman

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 386

Filled with examples of typically developing children and those with speech sound disorders, Shelley Velleman's Speech Language Disorders offers authoritative coverage of the key concepts of normal speech sound development and production, as well as the related articulation and phonological disorders. A practical resource for patient assessment and treatment, this up-to-date book integrates the latest research in the field with actual speech data examples. Rather than covering treatment options at the end of the text or as an "add on," the book integrates these vital components directly into the appropriate chapters to help Speech-Language Pathology students understand the connection between the science of the disorders and real-life practice. Using highly readable prose enriched by clear definitions, examples, and exercises, the author covers all key concepts, including important topics often not offered in similar books, including evaluating and treating speech sound disorders in young children, those with neurodevelopmental syndromes, and those with prosody issues. In addition, the book helps students see the connection between speech sound disorders and the related motor speech disorders that overlap and complicate assessment and treatment. *Compelling online videos of children with speech sound disorders (supplemented with assignable exercises) bring concepts to life and connect classroom learning with real-life practice.* Considerations for assessment and treatment of children who speak languages other than English are interwoven throughout the text.*Numerous data sets and examples of children with speech disorders provide a real-world context.*Case studies for practice show readers how to apply the concepts and techniques covered.*Assessment and treatment of motor speech disorders in children are covered, including differential diagnosis of dysarthria and Childhood Apraxia of Speech, an area of expertise of the author.* Quick and easy assessment forms for identifying children's speech strengths and weaknesses are included.*Application to practice elements include integrated coverage of the assessment and treatment options for each subcomponent of speech sound development disorder.* Feature boxes point out "common misconceptions" and "common confusion" areas and explain particularly challenging concepts and innovative approaches.* Author-developed exercises for applying concepts, practicing evaluation techniques, scoring tests, and developing treatment plans give students hands-on practice in applying concepts.*End-of-chapter review questions contain multiple-choice quizzes that allow students to assess their understanding of chapter content.
80,00 76,00

Biopsy Interpretation of Pediatric Lesions

Aliya N. Husain

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 392

Pathologists and pathology residents, look no further: Biopsy Interpretation: Pediatric Lesions is your practical, essential guide to pediatric biopsies. This how-to guide is the perfect bench reference for both the pediatric pathologist tasked with interpreting pediatric biopsies and the general surgical pathologist. Authored by a panel of top experts, the topics covered include a wide spectrum of diseases that afflict children, laying a comprehensive framework for diagnosing both the common and not-so-common diseases that can be identified by biopsy. If you're a medical professional faced with the challenge of interpreting pediatric biopsies, this reference will prove indispensable to your day-to-day life. Features: high quality color photomicrographs to highlight key diagnostic features; detailed illustrations complement text; special diagnostic techniques specific to small patients; chapters organized by organ system and include congenital, inflammatory, infectious and neoplastic lesions; techniques include histochemical and immunohistochemical stains, electron microscopic examinations, and molecular tests. Your book purchase includes an eBook version, created for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC & Mac. This eBook features: a powerful search that pulls results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web; cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation; highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text; ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues; and quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use. It includes a 50 question test to reinforce key concepts. It offers over 140 bonus figures integrated throughout the content.
136,00 129,20

Diagnostic Pathology: Nonneoplastic Pediatrics

Alexandros D. Polydorides, Angelica R. Putnam
e altri

editore: Amirsys, Inc

pagine: 1000

Diagnostic Pathology: Nonneoplastic Pediatric offers expert guidance on over 270 of the most often encountered nonneoplastic entities in pediatric pathology. Written by expert pathologists, this book encompasses every major organ system and concentrates on reactive, infectious, congenital, and genetic conditions with histopathology. Transplant pathology is also covered. As usual, this book is filled with high quality microscopic images. Each image is carefully annotated to highlight the most diagnostically significant considerations. Concise, bulleted text notes the most significant diagnostic factors. This volume will serve as a valuable go-to resource for pathologists, fellows and residents alike. This book features all the classic benefits of all Amirsys(registered) titles, including time-saving bulleted text, key facts in each chapter, stunning annotated images, extensive index, and Amirsys eBook Advantage(trademark), an online version of the print book with larger images and fully searchable text. This book features: the classic benefits of all Amirsys(registered) titles, including time-saving bulleted text, Key Facts in each chapter, stunning annotated images, and an extensive index; amirsys eBook Advantage(trademark), an online version of the print book with fully searchable text.
280,00 266,00

Color Atlas of Pediatric Pathology

Aliya N. Husain, J. Stocker

editore: Demos Medical Publishing

pagine: 250

Pediatric pathology has been a recognized sup-specialty of pathology for almost two decades. Today pathology training programs are required to provide education in pediatric pathology. In addition to pediatric pathology specialists, many general and community-based pathologists regularly handle pediatric specimens. A working knowledge of current pediatric pathology is essential for appropriate handling of these cases. The Color Atlas of Pediatric Pathology covers the broad range of children's diseases that a pathologist will likely encounter and is edited by well-known leaders in this field. Coverage extends to surgical specimens as well as handling of placentas and autopsies.Rather than a highly detailed, academic text, The Color Atlas of Pediatric Pathology is a practical working resource. The atlas features approximately 900 high-quality images supported by concisely written text highlighting the salient diagnostic features as well as important staging and prognostic (including molecular) parameters. Features of The Color Atlas of Pediatric Pathology include: * Comprehensive coverage of pediatric surgical and autopsy pathology * Each chapter is presented by a recognized expert Practical presentation: concise text highlights diagnostic features making the atlas an outstanding resource for the practitioner * Illustrated throughout with approximately 900 full-color images
180,00 171,00

Sudden Death in the Young

Roger W. Byard

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 700

Determining the cause of death in children and young adults can pose considerable challenges. Professor Byard provides for the first time a complete overview of pathological aspects of sudden death in the young, from before birth to middle adult life. Highly illustrated with more than 800 colour figures, this third edition contains new sections on sexual abuse, pregnancy-related deaths and rare natural diseases, as well as expanded coverage of unexpected death in young adults up to the age of 30 years. Chapters are organised by systems and cover all aspects of natural death, as well as accidents, suicides and homicides. Supported by extensive referencing and numerous tables, the book can also be used as a practical autopsy manual. An encyclopaedic overview and analysis of sudden death in the young, this is a key text for pediatric and forensic pathologists, pediatricians, and lawyers and physicians involved in medicolegal cases.
185,00 175,75

Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System in Children

Deirdre A. Kelly

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 640

"An excellent up-to-date comprehensive and practical text book dealing with all aspects of paediatric hepatobiliary disease. It will be useful to both generalists and specialists as it is clinically focused with a problem-solving approach and should be useful for day-to-day as well as more esoteric clinical problems. I found it useful in my general paediatric practice and my trainees have also found it useful. It is very practical with a diagnostic approach and lots of tables and clinical pathways to follow when confronted with day-to-day clinical problems. I have road-tested it in real life with good effect." - Judging Panel, 2004 BMA Medical Book Competition Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System in Children, Third Edition provides a practical approach to the diagnosis and management of paediatric liver diseases, highlighting the importance of multidisciplinary team working and holistic management of the child and family. This fully revised edition has also been updated to cover recent advances in paediatric hepatology. It includes new chapters describing the effects of liver disease in pregnancy on mother and child through to adolescence. With increasing numbers of young people surviving into adult life this edition addresses the importance of managing adolescent transition effectively. Trainees, practising paediatric gastroenterologists and hepatologists will welcome the practical approach outlined in this text, while other healthcare professionals involved in the management of liver disease in children will find it an accessible and comprehensive reference.
196,00 186,20

Potter's Pathology of the Fetus, Infant and Child

Enid Gilbert-Barness, Joseph R. Siebert
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 2444

This comprehensive reference addresses all aspects of fetal and neonatal pathology, including complicated pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, abortion, placental pathology, and disorders affecting the full-term neonate. A consistent organization allows for quick access to specific guidance, and nearly 2,500 illustrations, 2,350 in full color depict conditions and abnormalities as they present in practice, facilitating diagnosis. An Image Bank on CD-ROM new to this edition features all of the illustrations from the 2-volume set, downloadable for presentations.
425,00 403,75

Fetal and Neonatal Pathology

Jean W. Keeling

editore: Springer London Ltd

pagine: 800

This revised and up-dated edition has a practical approach to the examination of both foetuses and perinatal deaths. It provides essential clinical and pathophysiological information and discusses the pathogenesis of abnormalities as a basis for appropriate methods of investigation. Part 1 deals with termination of pregnancy for foetal anomalies. Part 2 is organized by system, describing and illustrating those pathological problems which are likely to be encountered in the foetus and neonate.
329,00 312,55

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