Libri Vari Scienza dell'Alimentazione: Novità e Ultime Uscite Medicina | Libreria Cortina dal 1946
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Scienza della nutrizione. Fisiologia. Principali patologie. Nutraceutica. Nutrigenomica

Rita Canella

editore: Edi. Ermes

pagine: 200

"Scienza della nutrizione" si rivolge agli studenti universitari di discipline di ambito biologico e agroalimentare
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Fisiologia e nutrizione umana

Angela Andreoli

editore: Esculapio

pagine: 352

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Alimentazione 3.0. La nuova frontiera tra salute e sicurezza

La nuova frontiera tra salute e sicurezza

a cura di E. Novellino, A. SantiniF. Aversano
e altri

editore: Edagricole

pagine: 269

Il volume raccoglie la voce di numerosi esperti in materia che - a vario titolo - concorrono ad un esame incrociato dei temi a
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Nutrition at a Glance

Fariba Kolahdooz, Sangita Sharma
e altri

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 168

Internationally successful in its first edition, Nutrition at a Glance second edition is now thoroughly revised and updated, and continues to provide succinct information in a user-friendly, illustrated format. Now in full colour throughout, Nutrition at a Glance introduces key nutrition facts, such as the role of key nutrients in maintaining health, and addresses the concepts of nutritional intake and what makes an adequate diet. It also discusses food safety, allergy and intolerance, GM foods, disease states and nutriogenomics.
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A very short introduction

David A. Bender

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 107

Nutrition is a topic of wide interest and importance. In spite of growing understanding of the underlying biochemistry, and health campaigns such as 'five-a-day', increasing obesity and reported food allergies and eating disorders, as well as the widely advertised 'supposed' benefits of food supplements mean that a clear explanation of the basic principles of a healthy diet are vital. In this Very Short Introduction, David Bender explains the basic elements of food, the balance between energy intake and exercise, the problems of over- and under-nutrition, and raises the question of safety of nutritional supplements. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.
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Interactions of Diet, Genetics, and Inflammation

Bharat B. Aggarwal, David Heber

editore: CRC Press Inc

pagine: 368

The interaction of immune function and nutrition underlies the low-grade chronic inflammation involved in the etiology of many common obesity-associated and age-related chronic disease conditions. This close interaction is the genesis of the term immunonutrition, which represents a new interdisciplinary field of nutritional and medical research. Immunonutrition: Interactions of Diet, Genetics, and Inflammation introduces the breadth of this field, which implicates nutrition in both immune function and in the etiology, prevention, and treatment of common diseases influenced by inflammation and immune imbalance, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and common forms of cancer. The book begins by reviewing the basic mechanisms of immunity and cellular mechanisms of cytokine activation. It discusses the effects of dietary fat intake and changes in Western diet and lifestyle linked to inflammation. It also describes the interaction of genetics and environment in the modulation of immune function and inflammation, and addresses exercise and skeletal muscle as an endocrine and immune organ. The book reviews the entire spectrum of inflammation and cancer from causation to its role in tumor therapy. It examines abdominal obesity and metabolic diseases, interactions between nutrition and autoimmunity in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammation associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease, and asthma. Considering potential nutrition-based treatments, the book explores approaches for reducing abdominal obesity, anti-inflammatory effects of phytochemicals, practical strategies for increasing fruit and vegetable intake, and anti-inflammatory properties of spice phytonutrients. In addition, it explores how uninformed food choices related to fats and oils create a balance of tissue-selective signals that produce harmful health outcomes and how to restore a healthy balance.
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Quanto pesa la tua salute? Spunti per una facile e corretta alimentazione

Maria Giovanna Luini

editore: Trenta Editore

pagine: 40

Maria Giovanna Luini, medico all'Istituto Europeo di Oncologia di Milano, scrive da anni, accanto al professor Umberto Verones

Evidence-Based Approach to Vitamins and Minerals: Health Benefits and Intake Recommendations

Jane Higdon, Victoria J. Drake

editore: Thieme Publishing Group

pagine: 272

An Evidence-Based Approach to Vitamins and Minerals: Health Benefits and Intake Recommendations is a trusted resource for the health professional who needs to interpret the explosion of studies on the role of micronutrients in health and disease and who is concerned about the proliferation of dietary supplements now available to the consumer. This evidence-based reference, now in a second edition, presents the most current scientific, epidemiological and clinical research on the role of vitamins and minerals in preventing disease and promoting optimal health. Organized by micronutrient, the book covers biological function, deficiency, recommended daily allowance, role in disease prevention and treatment, sources, safety, and interactions with other micronutrients and drugs--all endorsed by the internationally acclaimed Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. Special Features: * Each chapter reviewed by a recognized expert in the field, who also served on the books Editorial Advisory Board * Contains the latest intake recommendations from the Linus Pauling Institute, as well as the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute for Medicine * Provides a complete index by disease or disorder that facilitates easy location of condition-specific information found in multiple chapters * Extensively referenced, with hundreds of citations from the most current experimental, clinical and epidemiological studies * Includes useful appendices covering drug-nutrient interactions and nutrient-nutrient interactions, a glossary of terms, a units conversion table, and the Linus Pauling Institute Prescription for Health, summarizing its recommendations for a healthy diet, lifestyle, and supplement use Taking the approach that micronutrients play a significant role not only in preventing deficiency disease, but in enhancing general health and averting chronic disease, this book is essential for physicians, nutritionists, and allied health professionals who need the most reliable, up-to-date information in this rapidly expanding field.
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Fundamentals of Human Nutrition

for Students and Practitioners in the Health Sciences

Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 324

"Fundamentals of Human Nutrition" is an authoritative overview that will help you understand the complex subject of human nutrition. This book is a digest of material from the highly successful "Human Nutrition, 11th Edition". "Fundamentals" is intended for a wide readership of students and practitioners who need a broad understanding of human nutrition, but for whom an in-depth knowledge is not essential. Students and practitioners of nursing, pharmacy, sports science, dentistry and other allied health professions, as well as the interested lay person, will benefit from its easy-to-follow, concise approach.
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Nutrition and Diet Therapy

A Reference Dictionary

Rosalinda T. Lagua, Virginia S. Claudio

editore: Iowa State University Press

pagine: 407

Filling the need unmet by today's medical dictionaries, the new fifth edition of "Nutrition and Diet Therapy Reference Dictionary", is the most comprehensive dictionary covering nutrition and diet therapy available for health care professionals. In this wide-ranging, authoritative volume, authors Lagua and Claudio cover all aspects of nutrition, including assessment, drug nutrient interactions, laboratory interpretations, enteral and parenteral nutrition support, community and public health nutrition programs, and nutrition throughout the life cycle. Much more than a dictionary, the word entries don't just define, but include the main reasons for suggested nutrition therapy and dietary guidelines, foods allowed, and avoided.The coverage includes such topics as nutrition and the immune system, phytonutrients, functional foods, alternative medicine, and the new standard for dietary reference intakes. Special features of the Dictionary are entries on 160 different diets; nutrition therapy for more than 360 disorders, including inborn-errors of metabolism; 170 drugs and their effects on nutrition; and more than 150 nutritional products with their main uses and composition. Of particular importance are topics of public health concerns for the second millennium, and dietary recommendations for prevention of major degenerative diseases such as obesity, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and cancer.The extensive Appendices include over 50 tables, forms, and charts that enrich the word definitions and serve as essential reference aids for the health care professional. With more than 3,200 carefully selected entries, the new fifth edition includes 700 new terms and more than 600 revised and expanded definitions. Terms have been meticulously chosen based on their frequency of use and importance in nutrition. All practitioners in the fields of nutrition and dietetics, as well as educators, students, and others interested in nutrition will find the updated, new edition of "Nutrition and Diet Therapy Reference Dictionary" a compact, handy, yet comprehensive reference tool covering almost all aspects of nutrition and dietetics.
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Principles of Human Nutrition

Martin Eastwood

editore: Blackwell Science Ltd

pagine: 704

This exciting new book is the updated and revised second edition of an extremely popular and well-received textbook. Written by Martin Eastwood, well respected internationally in nutritional sciences, this important new edition provides students with a thorough book that should be adopted for course use on many courses worldwide. Taking into account constructive comments received by students and teachers who used and enjoyed the first edition, this new edition retains the original freshness of the 1st edition, looking at nutrition as an exciting discipline. Special features within the book to help students include summaries, boxes and questions. Carefully laid out to assist learning, the book is divided broadly into sections, providing in-depth coverage of the following subjects: food in the community * metabolism of nutrients by an individual, dictated by genetic makeup, * measurement of an individual's nutritional status * essential, non-essential and non-nutrients; their selection, ingestion, digestion, absorption and metabolism * nutritional requirements in the normal individual and for specific diseases Principles of Human Nutrition, 2nd Edition is primarily written as a course text for those studying degree courses in nutrition and dietetics and for students on modular courses on nutrition within other degree courses, e. g. food studies, medicine, health sciences, nursing and biological sciences. It is also of great value as a reference for professional nutritionists and dietitians, food scientists and health professionals based in academia, in practice and in commercial positions such as within the food and pharmaceutical industries. Multiple copies of this valuable book should also be on the shelves of all universities, medical schools and research establishments where these subjects are studied and taught. For supplementary material associated with this textbook and its contents, please visit the web pages for this book, on the publishers' website: http://www. blackwellpublishing. com/eastwood/ Martin Eastwood was formerly consultant gastroenterologist at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, U. K. and Reader in Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, U. K.
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Conoscenze attuali in nutrizione

E. E. Ziegler, L. J. jr. Filer

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 859

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Il grande libro degli alimenti. Dizionario illustrato: 1000 alimenti, dall'aquisto alla conservazione, dai metodi di cottura ai valori nutritivi

editore: Giunti Editore

pagine: 688

Un manuale pratico, esauriente e piacevole, che permette anche ai più esigenti di scoprire nuovi prodotti o nuovi modi per uti
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