Libri Vari Medicina Subacquea: Novità e Ultime Uscite Medicina | Libreria Cortina dal 1946
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Dal 1946 a fianco di professionisti e studenti Scopri cosa dicono di noi

Opere di carattere generale

Bennett and Elliotts' Physiology and Medicine of Diving

Alf Brubakk, Tom S. Neuman

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 800

For the last 30 years, this book has been considered the "bible" of diving medicine. It is extremely well known to doctors and researchers working in this field, and its editors and contributors are internationally recognized as experts on the subject. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments in the field. Be sure to check sales of the previous edition on this title. It is well known in the field of diving.
180,00 171,00

Hyperbaric medicine practice


Kindwall, E. P. , Whelan, H. T.

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 952

140,00 133,00

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