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Libri e librai dal 1946 Scopri cosa dicono di noi


Sabiston. Trattato di chirurgia

Courtney M. Townsend, R. Daniel Beauchamp
e altri

editore: Edra

pagine: 2176

Dal 1936, anno della sua prima edizione, il "Sabiston" è il testo di chirurgia più autorevole, un classico diventato sinonimo
249,00 211,65

Nutrizione enterale e farmaci. La relazione tra necessità e senso

editore: Selecta Editrice (Pavia)

pagine: 176

40,00 34,80

Manuale di nutrizione enterale del neonato e del lattante

a cura di V. Bozzetti, Gruppo di Nutrizione Parenterale ed Enterale Neonatale

editore: Biomedia

pagine: 416

Questo manuale nasce dall'esigenza di definire quali sono le modalità e gli obiettivi della nutrizione enterale (e orale) del
28,00 23,80
14,00 11,90

Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplantation 4°Edition

A Companion to Brenner and Rector's The Kidney

Jonathan Himmelfarb, T. Alp Ikizler

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 768

From basic science to practical clinical tools, Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplantation, 4th Edition provides you with the up-to-date, authoritative guidance you need to safely and effectively manage patients with chronic renal disease. Covering all relevant clinical management issues, this companion volume to Brenner and Rector's The Kidney presents the knowledge and expertise of renowned researchers and clinicians in the fields of hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, critical care nephrology, and transplantation - for an all-in-one, indispensable guide to every aspect of this fast-changing field. Contains expanded content on economics and outcomes of treatment, as well as acute kidney injury. Covers hot topics such as the genetic causes of chronic kidney disease, ethical challenges and palliative care, and home hemodialysis. Discusses the latest advances in hypertensive kidney disease, vitamin D deficiency, diabetes management, transplantation, and more. Provides a clear visual understanding of complex information with high-quality line drawings, photographs, and diagnostic and treatment algorithms. Expert ConsultT eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
181,00 153,85

Embolization and vascular surgery

Carlo Setacci, Massimo Lenti

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 160

39,00 33,15

Manuale di chirurgia generale

II edizione riveduta e aggiornata

Davide F. D'Amico

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 2200

180,00 153,00

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. Ninth Edition

A Comprehensive Review

Wesley S. Moore

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 1088

Using an easy-to-read, user-friendly format and hundreds of review questions that facilitate effective studying, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery: A Comprehensive Review, 9th Edition, contains the essential information you need for exam success and daily reference. Dr. Wesley Moore and a team of international experts cover everything from foundational concepts to the latest developments in the field, with each specialist providing a complete summary of a particular area of expertise. Extensive updates throughout the text keep you current with all that's new in this rapidly expanding field. Presents indications, techniques, and results of the spectrum of open vascular operations including carotid endarterectomy, repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm, aorto-femoral bypass, and infra-inguinal bypass, as well as management of varicose veins and deep venous occlusive disease. Contains hundreds of review questions for self-assessment and exam preparation, enhancing your study with superb, easy-to-follow illustrations: line drawings, photographs, duplex ultrasound, magnetic resonance angiography, CT angiography, and catheter-based contrast angiography. Discusses key topics such as catheter-based intervention, including endovascular repair of thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysm, aorto-iliac and femoral-popliteal-tibial occlusive disease, and carotid artery stenting. Features five new chapters: Congenital Arterial Malformations; Atherectomy and Arterial Closure Devices; Carotid Body Tumors; Building a Hybrid Operating Suite including Robotic Capability; and Management of Venous Leg Ulcers. Provides up-to-date coverage of the increasingly important role of endovascular intervention in the vascular surgeon's practice. Details the latest medical management of vascular disease including treatment of hypertension, risk factor modification, and the use of anti-platelets, anti-coagulants, and statins. Expert ConsultT eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
217,00 184,45

Shields' General Thoracic Surgery

Joseph Locicero

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 2384

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. The gold standard thoracic surgery reference for 45 years, Shields' General Thoracic Surgery remains your #1 resource for comprehensive coverage of both open and endoscopic surgical techniques, with commentary from more than 150 global experts in the field. This two-volume masterwork covers all facets of thoracic disease, enhanced with dynamic audio and visual content, colorful graphics, and an authoritative analysis of the world's literature and electronic data - making this 8th Edition the most extensive and concise collection of practical, complete information available for today's busy clinician. Key Features Addresses new topics such as deciphering complex statistical analyses, efficient use of the new World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), mining big data sets for specific decision making, and developing and performing effective quality improvement projects for the surgeon's practice and hospital setting. Includes a retrospective into the past with particular emphasis on artificial ventilation and the era of minimal invasion - both revolutionary milestones in the 100-year history of thoracic surgery. Covers all aspects of thoracic disease, including anatomy and embryology, diagnostics, and radiology, as well as extensive sections on lung cancer and other pulmonary tumors. Includes multidisciplinary contributions on medical treatment, radiation oncology, and surgery and anesthesia. Continues Dr. Thomas W. Shields' outstanding tradition of comprehensive coverage, while also transforming the text into a more concise and streamlined reference Your book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience: The ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time - providing a seamless reading experience online or offline Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooks Multiple viewing options that enable you to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive design The ability to highlight text and add notes with one click
355,00 301,75

Kirk's Basic Surgical Techniques

Fiona Myint


pagine: 272

The Seventh Edition of this highly regarded title for surgical trainees gives clear, concise guidance on all aspects of acquiring surgical techniques to ensure operative success. The full range of surgical skills is comprehensively reviewed in a clear 'how-to-do-it' style, which consolidates those learnt both in theatre and on training courses. This new edition has been thoroughly revised by a new author based on the much praised editions by its original author Mr R M Kirk. Key Points boxes throughout the text summarise the important aspects of each technique. Provides guidance on the full range of surgical techniques required by all trainee surgeons. Concentrates on the main principles behind the use of the surgical techniques Key Points boxes provide hints and tips to reinforce the main aspects of each technique. Now renamed Kirk's Basic Surgical Techniques a new author has comprehensively revised the text taking full account of new developments in surgical techniques and equipment. A new final chapter on the handling the patient.
49,00 41,65

Fischer's Mastery of Surgery

Vol. 1/2

Josef E. Fischer

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 2856

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Here are the core procedures every general surgeon needs to master, in step-by-step detail with commentary from experts in the field. In two full-color volumes, Fischer's Mastery of Surgery, Seventh Edition includes the essentials of diagnosis, anatomy, and pre-operative planning while maintaining a focus on clear, step-by-step depictions and descriptions of procedures. This thoroughly revised edition brings you up to date with evidence-based approaches for virtually any surgery you'll be called upon to perform. Key Features Provides extensive coverage of vascular surgery as well as of common thoracic, breast, esophageal, endocrine, colorectal, gastric, pancreatic, liver, and biliary procedures. Walks you step by step through each procedure, with tips and cautions from leading surgeons. Includes background and history for each procedure, as well as diagnostic and postoperative considerations. Features more than 3,400 illustrations that offer a surgeon's-eye-view of the most advanced approaches. Concludes each chapter with expert editorial commentary that puts the chapter material in a broad context and provides helpful critiques of the most recent literature. Streamlines the table of contents to combine chapters on open and minimally invasive approaches. Your book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience: The ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time - providing a seamless reading experience online or offline Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooks Multiple viewing options that enable you to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive design The ability to highlight text and add notes with one click
350,00 297,50

Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery, 27th Edition

Andrew McCaskie, Norman Williams
e altri

editore: CRC Press

pagine: 1612

Bailey & Love is the world famous textbook of surgery. Its comprehensive coverage includes the scientific basis of surgical practice, investigation, diagnosis, and pre-operative care. Trauma and Orthopaedics are included, as are the subspecialties of plastic and reconstructive, head and neck, cardiothoracic and vascular, abdominal and genitourinary surgery. The user-friendly format includes photographs, line diagrams, learning objectives, summary boxes, biographical footnotes, memorable anecdotes and full-colour page design. This book's reputation for unambiguous advice make it the first point of reference for student and practising surgeons worldwide.
235,00 199,75

Transplantation Pathology with Online Resource

Phillip Ruiz

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 396

Modernize your approach to graft biopsies, diagnosis and pathogenesis in transplantation pathology, with the second edition of this specialized textbook. Reach the latest classification schemes, combining both anatomic and clinical pathology, and gain a comprehensive understanding of detailed pathological processes, affecting both host and graft. Following publication of the first edition in 2009, technological advances in understanding of transplant immunology and physiology have enhanced many aspects of pathological diagnoses. This edition bridges key knowledge gaps in pathophysiologic mechanisms and constantly evolving clinical protocols, facilitating strong support for the pathologist, clinician, and student. Authored by leading experts in transplantation medicine, this multimedia guide boasts richly illustrated images, underscoring vital diagnostic features for busy readers. Addressing topics such as the immunopathology of graft rejection, laboratory medicine and dermatological complications in transplantation, this textbook engages with a variety of underlying pathogeneses, taking into account current laboratory and clinical findings, worldwide.
175,00 148,75

Surgical Instrumentation

An Interactive Approach

Renee Nemitz

editore: Saunders

pagine: 376

With hundreds of detailed, full-color photographs of common surgical instruments, Surgical Instrumentation: An Interactive Approach, 3rd Edition helps you learn the identification, purpose, and set up of instruments for surgical procedures. Written for surgical technologists by a surgical technologist, it offers a level of visual clarity and realism unmatched by any other surgical instrument book. Many photos include close-up views of the instrument tip, so you can quickly discern differences between instruments. Interactive resources on Evolve allow you to view 360-degree rotations of more than 100 instruments. Also included are flash cards, timed memory exercises, Mayo stands, back-table set ups, quizzes, and instrument sets for common procedures in various surgical specialties. Over 660 full-color, high-quality photographs help you to learn the most common surgical instruments for all surgical procedures. Close-up photos of instruments show the details of each tip and demonstrating variations to make it easier to identify each surgical instrument. Consistent, clear, and concise instrument monographs include the name, common name, category, use (type of surgery and where on the body), cautions relating to safety or patient care, and other details such as regional name variations. NEW! Instrument sets for common procedures quickly accessible in specialty chapters. Presentation of two illustrations per page makes it easier to see the details of each instrument. Student resources on Evolve include all of the images from the text, additional 360-degree views and close-ups of over 100 instruments, animations of large and small fragment sets, and timed recall exercises for practice in learning instruments. Chapter quizzes on Evolve help you master the various instruments used in general and speciality surgeries. NEW! Chapter about Mayo stand and back-table covers common tray setup procedures. NEW! Additional close-up/inset photos with existing instruments give you a detailed way to examine and learn about instruments they'll be working with on a daily basis. NEW! Content on robotics instruments familiarize you with the design and use of these advanced surgical utilities.
78,00 66,30
235,00 199,75

Nutrizione artificiale in pediatria

Andrea Pession, Sergio Amarri
e altri

editore: Zanichelli

pagine: 480

La nutrizione è un capitolo fondamentale della pediatria che oggi, oltre ad occuparsi di crescita e sviluppo, è chiamata sempre più a rispondere alle esigenze nutrizionali personalizzate di soggetti in età evolutiva affetti da patologie croniche e complesse. Il libro è interamente dedicato alla nutrizione artificiale, enterale e parenterale, ovvero a quella procedura terapeutica atta a soddisfare i fabbisogni nutrizionali di pazienti in età pediatrica, altrimenti non in grado di alimentarsi per via naturale. Partendo dagli elementi fondamentali della nutrizione e della sua valutazione con particolare attenzione ai fabbisogni nutrizionali, il testo prosegue poi approfondendo il tema della nutrizione artificiale pediatrica in generale e nello specifico delle patologie e degli scenari medici e chirurgici che più spesso ne necessitano, senza tralasciare la realtà della terapia intensiva e alcuni aspetti emergenti. Un testo utile nella pratica quotidiana di studenti di medicina, medici in formazione, pediatri e altri specialisti coinvolti nell'assistenza pediatrica, chiamati ad affrontare il tema della malnutrizione.
58,00 50,46
23,00 19,55

Dionigi. Chirurgia. Estratto

Renzo Dionigi

editore: Edra

pagine: 992

Il volume è pensato per gli studi di Chirurgia del triennio di Medicina. Contiene, infatti, tutte le discipline chirurgiche e permette rapide consultazioni per uno studio integrato e per un'accurata diagnosi differenziale con patologie di altri sistemi e apparati. L'opera, nella sua nuova edizione, è stata rivista in molte sue parti, aggiornando il testo con le nuove procedure chirurgiche e con le recenti applicazioni tecnologiche nella diagnostica e nella terapia chirurgica. Contenuti: Aspetti generali; Chirurgia generale; Chirurgia d'urgenza; Trapianti d'organo. In quest'ultima sezione, sono state riviste e aggiornate le parti dedicate al trapianto di cuore e al trapianto di rene.
119,00 101,15

Chirurgia colonproctologica e pelviperineale

a cura di A. Renzi, L. Lenisa

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 1034

Quando Adolfo Renzi, appena insediatosi come Presidente della SIUCP, propose al Consiglio Direttivo Societario di redigere un testo di colonproctologia sotto l’egida della Società accolsi la proposta con scetticismo ed entusiasmo. Lo scetticismo mi derivava dal sapere che l’impresa sarebbe stata certamente ardua e faticosa, l’entusiasmo invece dalla consapevolezza che i chirurghi italiani hanno dato un grande contributo alle conoscenze di anatomia e fisiopatologia degli organi pelvici e che molteplici proposte terapeutiche innovative sono da attribuirsi a nostri conterranei: un giusto omaggio, dunque! Leggendo attentamente il contenuto del testo, però, mi sono reso conto che lo spirito con cui è stato scritto non è quello di rivendicare meriti, bensì quello di continuare a dare un servizio di divulgazione scientifica con la legittima ambizione di farlo diventare patrimonio della collettività. È evidente che sebbene molti degli Autori siano illustri colleghi, essi sono stati selezionati seguendo il criterio dell’esperienza personale prescindendo dalla loro fama e notorietà. Nella stesura dei singoli capitoli, inoltre,traspare come la linea editoriale sia stata quella di affiancare all’evidenza scientifica anche valutazioni personali derivanti dalla concreta esperienza in sala operatoria ed in reparto. In merito all’evidenza scientifica mi permetto di far rilevare che benché essa debba essere il faro verso il quale indirizzare le nostre scelte diagnostiche e terapeutiche, purtroppo non sempre è lo specchio fedele della realtà clinica. In non poche occasioni “certa evidenza scientifica” viene artatamente confezionata per auto-promozione o, come accade quando ci sono di mezzo specifici e costosi presidi medico-chirurgici, a fini più commerciali che scientifici. A tutti è noto che ho collaborato e collaboro con varie aziende e la mia esperienza mi ha insegnato che non di rado sono certe dinamiche economiche a decretare il successo o l’insuccesso di specifiche procedure più che la loro reale efficacia terapeutica. Il mio auspicio è che questo testo, di cui con entusiasmo ho accettato di scrivere la Presentazione, possa contribuire oltre che all’apprendimento di questa affascinante disciplina anche allo sviluppo di uno spirito critico ed analitico. Una solida conoscenzadell’anatomia, della fisiologia e della fisiopatologia sono infatti indispensabili per capire se una tecnica chirurgica ha le corrette basi razionali e, dunque, se e quando applicarla. Purtroppo molto spesso vengono decantate procedure che sono la negazione delle conoscenze acquisite in tanti anni e con il contributo di molti. Vorrei che questo fosse un monito per tutti i colleghi e per i giovani in particolare. Concludendo voglio sinceramente congratularmi con gli Autori per lo sforzo prodotto e per gli eccellenti risultati raggiunti. Un particolare ringraziamento ad Adolfo Renzi non solo per questo testo che grazie alla sua determinazione, dote sempre più rara, è stato felicemente portato a termine e del quale, sono certo, seguiranno altre edizioni man mano che l’evoluzione della specialità lo richiederà, ma anche per tutto quanto ha fatto e continua a fare, insieme all’attuale Consiglio Direttivo, alla guida della SIUCP.
180,00 153,00

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