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Terapia nefrologica

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

Claudio Ronco, John A. Kellum
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press Inc

pagine: 320

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) is the standard of care for management of critically ill patients with acute renal failure. Part of the Pittsburgh Critical Care series, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy provides concise, evidence-based, bedside guidance about this treatment modality, offering quick reference answers to clinicians' questions about treatments and situations encountered in daily practice. Organized into sections on theory, practice, special situations, and organizational issues, this volume provides a complete view of CRRT theory and practice. Tables summarize and highlight key points, and key studies and trials are included in each chapter. The second edition has been updated to include a new chapter on the use of biomarkers to aid in patient selection and timing, extensive revisions on terminology and nomenclature to match current standards, and the most up-to-date information on newly developed CRRT machines.
61,00 56,00

Therapy in Nephrology and Hypertension

A Companion to Brenner and Rector's "The Kidney"

Christopher S. Wilcox

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1160

Thoroughly revised, the new edition of this companion to "Brenner & Rector's The Kidney" equips you with today's guidance to effectively manage renal and hypertension patients. International authorities emphasize the specifics of treatment while presenting field-tested advice on the best therapeutic strategies available. New chapters of this title reflect the latest evidence impacting current clinical issues, while a new, two-color design helps you reference the information more easily. And now as an "Expert Consult" title, it offers convenient online access to the complete contents of the book - fully searchable - anytime, anywhere.
115,00 109,25

Optimal Treatment Strategies in End-stage Renal Failure

Claude Jacobs

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 320

During the past 4O years there have been major conceptual and technical advances in the domain of dialysis methods and renal/organ transplantation for long-term treatment of patients with End-Stage Renal Failure (ESRF). This now enables better defined, more selective strategies of treatment to be undertaken, according to patient-specific criteria such as age or underlying renal disease also taking into account the lifetime duration of these treatments. For many patients this implies necessary successive changes of mode of therapy depending on their availability, occurrence of medical/technical complications or failure and social-environmental and economic factors. This rationale has inspired the structure of this volume which is divided into four sections: 1/ A descriptive overview of the various modes of renal replacement therapy (RRT): Extracorporeal dialysis/filtration, peritoneal dialysis, kidney and multi-organ transplantation.2/ Most appropriate indications and use of these methods, respective advantages, drawbacks and outcome in children, pregnant women and elderly patients 3/ In diabetic patients and in patients with hereditary/congenital diseases. 4/ The ethical issues generated by this new domain in Medicine by limitations in treatment facilities or medical dilemmas for acceptance, best technical choices, withdrawal or termination of RRT in individual patients. Finally, contributors form Eastern European Countries, Africa and Far Eastern Countries analyse the current status of RRT in their respective geographical area and the ways and means required for a wider implementation of RRT in thus far lesser economically developed countries where the great majority of the populations still have no access to these life-saving therapeutic procedures.
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