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Il medico radiologo. Manuale di legislazione, management e deontologia

Corrado Bibbolino, Antonio Pinto
e altri

editore: Il Pensiero Scientifico

pagine: 520

Negli ultimi vent'anni l'attività specialistica dei medici radiologi ha subito profondi mutamenti
70,00 66,50

Elettrocardiografia del cane e del gatto. Interpretazione del ritmo cardiaco

Roberto Santilli, Romain Pariaut
e altri

editore: Edra Masson

pagine: 368

Questo volume è un utile strumento per comprendere le conseguenze emodinamiche dei disturbi del ritmo e delle aritmie sopraven
59,00 56,05
40,00 38,00

Diagnostic MRI in Dogs and Cats

Wilfried Mai

editore: Productivity Press

pagine: 766

Diagnostic MRI in Dogs and Cats makes the vast and increasingly complex topic of clinical MRI in small animals accessible to all veterinarians. With the increasing availability of MRI technology, there is also a pressing need for expertise in interpreting these images. This is the first reference textbook to provide a well-illustrated and comprehensive overview of the current knowledge, focusing on imaging appearance rather than on clinical signs or treatment. With chapters on MRI physics and technology as well as sections on specific anatomical regions, the book functions as a stand-alone reference for the reader, whether they be a radiology/neurology resident in training or a practitioner with a need to learn about veterinary clinical MRI. Each chapter is authored by internationally-renowned experts in the specific area of veterinary radiology, disseminating their experience and summarizing the current knowledge to provide an excellent overview of what is currently known in the field. The chapters on physics and MRI technology are concise and accessible, using many visual aids and diagrams, and avoiding abstract concepts and equations whenever possible. Within each anatomical section, each chapter focuses on a disease category of that body region. When it is important to understand the imaging appearance, the pathophysiology is reviewed and imaging features of prognostic relevance are detailed. This practical yet thoroughly comprehensive book is primarily an evidence-based learning resource for trainees, but will also aid practising veterinarians who have less MRI experience.
270,00 256,50

RX, TC e RM del cane e del gatto. Testo atlante

Diego Boscia, Daniele Troiano

editore: Poletto

pagine: 226

Dopo la dettagliata parte introduttiva, nella quale vengono descritte le tre metodiche (radiologia, tomografia computerizzata
65,00 61,75

Radiografia del cane e del gatto. Interpretazione e diagnosi

Isabel M. García Real

editore: Edra

pagine: 256

Nonostante lo sviluppo di tecniche di imaging sempre più sofisticate, la radiologia rimane il primo ausilio diagnostico per ogni veterinario. Il volume fornisce le basi di anatomia radiografica e accompagna il lettore nell'interpretazione diagnostica delle principali malattie del cane e del gatto. Tutti gli aspetti dell'interpretazione radiografica vengono affrontati in modo dettagliato: il corretto posizionamento del paziente, il confronto dialettico con le altre tecniche di imaging e le variazioni anatomiche che possono condurre a errori di interpretazione diagnostica. La qualità delle immagini e la chiarezza delle indicazioni rendono questo testo uno strumento indispensabile nella pratica clinica quotidiana.
69,00 65,55

Clinical Radiology of the Horse

Chris Colles, Janet Butler
e altri

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 888

Clinical Radiology of the Horse is the best-selling, practical guide to all areas of equine radiography and radiology written by an experienced group of clinicians with a broad range of backgrounds. * Offers an atlas of normal and clinical images, as well as a comprehensive guide to techniques, equipment, positioning, and interpretation for general veterinary practitioners and specialists in imaging and orthopaedics * Updates to this fourth edition fully reflect the move to digital imaging with many new figures in the book and major revisions to the chapters on the head, thorax, and abdomen * Contains expanded coverage of the foot, pastern, and fetlock (now in separate chapters) * Includes a password-protected website with all the images from the book as well as 150 additional images with examples of more subtle lesions, more fractures, correct technique and positioning versus incorrect, immature horses, progression of disease, and pathological images * Offers an atlas of normal and clinical images, as well as a comprehensive guide to techniques, equipment, positioning, and interpretation for general veterinary practitioners and specialists in imaging and orthopaedics
214,00 203,30

BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Radiography and Radiology

A Foundation Manual

Andrew Holloway, Fraser McConnell

editore: British Small Animal Veterinary Association

pagine: 400

98,00 81,20

Lavin's Radiography for Veterinary Technicians

Lois Brown, Marg Brown

editore: Saunders

pagine: 560

Written by veterinary technicians for veterinary students and practicing technicians, Lavin's Radiography for Veterinary Technicians, 5th Edition, combines all the aspects of imaging - including production, positioning, and evaluation of radiographs -into one comprehensive text. Completely updated with all new vivid, color equipment photos, positioning drawings and detailed anatomy drawings, this fifth edition is a valuable resource for students, technicians and veterinarians who need information on the latest technology or unique positioning.
62,00 58,90

Radiography of the Dog and Cat: Guide to Making and Interpreting Radiographs

M. C. Muhlbauer, S. K. Kneller

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 497

Radiography of the Dog and Cat: Guide to Making and Interpreting Radiographs offers a comprehensive guide to producing high-quality radiographs and evaluating radiographic findings. Equally useful as a quick reference or for more in-depth information on specific diseases and disorders, the book is logically organized into sections describing how to make high-quality radiographs, normal radiographic anatomy, and interpretation of radiographic abnormalities. It is packed with checklists for systematic evaluation, numerous figures and line drawings, and exhaustive lists of differential diagnoses, resulting in an especially practical guide for the radiographic procedures performed in everyday practice. Written in a streamlined, easy-to-read style, the book offers a simple and fresh approach to radiography of the dog and cat, correlating physics, physiology, and pathology. Coverage includes patient positioning, contrast radiography, normal and abnormal radiographic findings, and differential diagnoses as they pertain to musculoskeletal, thoracic, and abdominal structures. Radiography of the Dog and Cat: Guide to Making and Interpreting Radiographs is a one-stop reference for improving the quality and diagnostic yield of radiographs in your clinical practice.
88,00 83,60

Equine MRI

Rachel C. Murray

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 608

Equine MRI is a unique, comprehensive guide to MRI in the horse. Edited by Rachel Murray, a leading authority and researcher in the field with over ten years of equine clinical MRI experience, the book also includes contributions from worldwide experts in the subject. Divided into the following four sections, the book presents key information based on previous validation work and clinical practice: Principles of MRI, including the practicalities of image acquisition and interpretation Normal MRI anatomy and normal variations Different types of pathological change Options for clinical management and prognosis for different conditions MRI is a rapidly expanding area in veterinary medicine that confers detailed, three-dimensional information on both bone and soft tissue. Expanding clinical knowledge, improvements in technology, and practical application of MRI to the standing and recumbent horse means this useful imaging modality has become an integral and essential part of the diagnostic evaluation in lameness and is a realistic option for investigation of ophthalmological, neurological and cranial pathology. Equine MRI enables readers to understand the best ways to achieve good quality images, and provides a detailed explanation of the problems that may occur. With close to 950 normal and abnormal images, this book offers considerable detail and examples of both common and uncommon problems, making it a great reference for equine veterinarians, veterinary students, specialists in equine surgery, and specialists in veterinary imaging.
140,00 133,00

Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat

Hester McAllister, J. Kevin Kealy
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 592

Interpret diagnostic images accurately with "Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat, 5th Edition". Written by veterinary experts J. Kevin Kealy, Hester McAllister, and John P. Graham, this concise guide covers the principles of diagnostic radiology and ultransonography and includes clear, complete instruction in image interpretation. It illustrates the normal anatomy of body systems, and then uses numbered points to describe radiologic signs of abnormalities. It also includes descriptions of the ultrasonographic appearance of many conditions in dogs and cats. Updated with the latest on digital imaging, CT, MR, and nuclear medicine, and showing how to avoid common errors in interpretation, this book is exactly what you need to refine your diagnostic and treatment planning skills.
130,00 123,50

Atlante per l'interpretazione dell'anatomia radiografica

A. Coulson

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 664

120,00 114,00

BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Thoracic Imaging

Tobias Schwarz, Victoria Johnson

editore: British Small Animal Veterinary Association

pagine: 200

110,00 104,50

BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Endoscopy and Endosurgery

David Sobel, Philip Lhermette

editore: British Small Animal Veterinary Association

pagine: 300

116,00 110,20

An Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and Cat

Arlene Coulson, Noreen Lewis

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 664

This is the definitive reference for the small animal practitioner to normal radiographic anatomy of the cat and dog. With over forty years of experience between them, the authors have produced an invaluable reference atlas for the veterinary practitioner. The book is suitable for the general and referral based practitioner, undergraduate or postgraduate veterinary surgeon. Over 550 radiographic images analysed and explained More than 50 new figures added, with the quality of existing images enhanced Revised contents and page headers for easy-reference Clear informative line drawings to trace radiographic shadows and schematic drawings of underlying structures not seen in plain radiographs.
173,00 164,35

Handbook of Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasound

Techniques and Differential Diagnoses

Frances Barr, Robert H. Wrigley
e altri

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 382

"The Handbook of Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasound: Techniques and Differential Diagnoses" provides a user-friendly reference for a wide range of radiographic and ultrasonographic findings in dogs and cats. This title enables successful and clear interpretation of radiographs and ultrasonograms. It offers clearly sequenced text arrangement from the identification of the radiographic or sonographic abnormalities to a list of subsequent considerations for each sign. It prioritizes different clinical findings to tailor further diagnostic tests or therapeutic interventions. It takes imaging abnormalities from the descriptive to the interpretative. This title features: colour throughout that enhances user-friendliness; many new conditions; extra illustrations that show techniques and normal anatomy; additional information on techniques, normal appearance and disease processes; and, Expanded Further Reading sections. This book is intended for all users of small animal diagnostic imaging, from radiologists through to general practitioners to veterinary students, and will be an invaluable supplement to existing references in the subject.
70,00 66,50

Radiologia per la pratica ippiatrica

Timothy O'Brien

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 264

29,00 27,55
190,00 180,50

Atlante di ecografia addominale del cane e del gatto

Paolo Bargellini, Sergio Fanfoni
e altri

editore: Poletto

pagine: 328

Gli obbiettivi principali dell'opera sono di offrire gli strumenti di conoscenza della metodica ai medici veterinari che vogli
130,00 123,50

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