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Farmacologia cardiologica

Farmaci per il cuore

Lionel H. Opie, Bernard J. Gersh

editore: Edra

pagine: 644

Le patologie cardiovascolari sono la principale causa di invalidità e morte nel mondo occidentale e lo stanno diventando anche nei paesi in via di sviluppo. Per affrontare questa situazione è necessario avere a disposizione una serie di classi di farmaci efficaci e una chiara guida per migliorare il loro utilizzo nella pratica clinica. Questo testo costituisce uno strumento per: aiutare nella decisione su come scegliere il miglior trattamento terapeutico per il singolo paziente; scoprire gli ultimi avanzamenti in ambito farmacologico; con la presentazione dei più moderni farmaci e delle classi di farmaci, nonché dei risultati e delle prove delle più recenti sperimentazioni cliniche; gestire in maniera efficace le comorbilità; visualizzare le azioni farmacologiche e fisiologiche chiave grazie ai nuovi e dinamici disegni a colori.
69,00 58,65

Drugs for the Heart

Bernard J. Gersh, Lionel H. Opie

editore: Saunders

pagine: 592

Drugs for the Heart presents highly portable, up-to-date information on every drug class used to treat cardiovascular disease. Drs. Lionel H. Opie and Bernard J. Gersh put the latest dosages, interactions, indications and contraindications, side effects, and more at your fingertips, equipping you to make effective clinical decisions on behalf of your patients.
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22,00 18,70

Drugs in Cardiology

A Comprehensive Guide to Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy

Carl Hayward, Juan Carlos Kaski
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 768

Based on the most recent guidelines in cardiovascular pharmacology, and containing a comprehensive 350-page A-Z formulary of common and less commonly used cardiac drugs and drug groups, Drugs in Cardiology provides practical and accessible guidance on all areas of drug prescribing. Containing independently verified pharmacological data, up-to-date evidence for the clinical uses of specific drugs, and references to the most important clinical trials, it is written from both a clinical and pharmacological perspective, and has been thoroughly reviewed by a panel of consultant cardiologists, making it an essential reference tool for all healthcare professionals involved in cardiovascular pharmacology. Written in the popular Oxford Handbook style to allow quick access to information, the book contains chapters on major clinical conditions, including heart failure, hypertension and pregnancy, giving practical guidance on appropriate treatments in these areas. It also includes numerous flow charts for quick reference and contains an indispensable appendix of information on non-cardiac drugs which affect the heart.
55,00 46,75
33,00 28,05

Advances in Cardiovascular Pharmacology

A Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists Monograph

Philippe R. Housmans

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 280

Pharmacology plays a pivotal role in the practice of cardiovascular anesthesiology. The perioperative management of cardiovascular surgical patients involves the regulation of the cardiovascular, endocrine, coagulation, fluid and ionic homeostasis and other systems. This new addition to the "Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists Monograph" series is a collection of carefully selected reviews of recent advances in pharmacology. The coverage includes inotropic therapy, beta-adrenoreceptor antagonists, myocardial preconditioning, modulators of vascular tone, cardiac electrophysiology, coagulation management, diuretics, statins, and glucose management in cardiovascular surgery. Each of these topics has broad implications for cardiology, cardiac and vascular surgery, cardiac anesthesiology, and intensive care medicine.
55,00 46,75

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Hypertension

G. T. McInnes


pagine: 608

This volume reviews comprehensively the present understanding of the clinical pharmacology and therapeutics of currently available antihypertensive agents. As fewer new molecules are entering development, it becomes increasingly important to utilise existing drugs in a way that exploits their full potential through a greater understanding of their molecular biology and pharmacogenomics.
142,00 120,70

Handbook of Pediatric Cardiovascular Drugs

Carol G. Vetterly, Eduardo M. Da Cruz
e altri

editore: Springer London Ltd

pagine: 372

This handbook of drugs used in pediatric cardiac care will satisfy the need for a quick reference source of common drug therapy. There are no major texts available in the field of pediatric cardiology that exclusively provide therapeutic drug information. Several sources are available that present drug information for cardiology, but these place no emphasis on pediatric care and are written for general cardiac specialists.
54,00 45,90

Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics Manual

Domenic A. Sica, Edmund H. Sonnenblick
e altri

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 802

This portable reference provides current, on-the-spot information on how to use every approved cardiovascular medication in adults and children, and the scientific rationale for their use. A clinical distillation of the editors' comprehensive and highly respected Cardiovascular Therapeutics textbook - this totally revised, treatment-centered manual features: indications, contraindications, dosage, side effects, pharmacokinetics, and adverse reactions for all approved cardiovascular drugs, including the latest therapeutic agents; rationales and usage guidelines for therapeutic strategies; abundant tables and charts that summarize important clinical choices; handy appendices that quickly provide guidance on special considerations - pregnancy, renal insufficiency, hepatic disease and/or congestive heart failure, the elderly, ethnic issues, and more; and, considerations for managing patients on multi-drug regimens.New to this edition are: the latest anticoagulants, thrombolytics, antihypertensives, antiarrhythmics, and cholesterol-lowering drugs; innovative therapies for treating hypertension, angina, MI, peripheral vascular disease, and more; new treatment guidelines reflecting the most recent clinical trials; and, use of alternative/complementary medicine (herbals, vitamins, fish oil, hormones).
45,15 38,38
90,00 81,00

Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics

Dominic Sica, Edmund H. Sonnenblick
e altri

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 1072

This is the definitive reference covering drug therapy of cardiovascular conditions! This comprehensive text describes both current and future developments regarding drug therapy for all cardiovascular diseases. It is updated to cover the latest basic science information, drugs in development, and molecular biological advances. An in-depth review of all the cardiovascular agents currently on the market is also included.
177,41 150,80

Calcium Antagonists in Clinical Medicine

Murray Epstein

editore: Hanley & Belfus Inc.

pagine: 852

This thoroughly revised and expanded new edition presents the current state of knowledge of the diverse applications of calcium antagonists and makes recommendations about their appropriate use. New sections have been added on "Clinical Pharmacology and Metabolic Effects". Sixteen new chapters have been added on such topics as Pharmacogenetics of Hypertension: Using Gene Markers to Infer Pathogenesis and Guide Therapy: New Pharmacologic Directions for Calcium Channel Blockers: Calcium Channel Blocker Use in End-Stage Renal Disease: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, and many others.
108,00 91,80
73,00 65,70

Manuale di terapia antitrombotica. Dalle basi fisiologiche all'uso clinico

Marcello Costantino

editore: Centro Scientifico Editore

pagine: 216

In questo manuale l'autore sviluppa una trattazione sintetica ed efficace delle basi conoscitive dell'emostasi e della trombosi, e una rassegna pratica all'uso dei farmaci antitrombotici. Il volume, offrendo un panorama delle attuali conoscenze sul tema, si rivolge a diversi addetti ai lavori: il cardiologo, l'internista, il chirurgo, il neurologo, il medico di base, gli studenti e gli specializzandi.
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