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Tecnica e laboratorio ematologico

L'emogasanalisi. Tutti i segreti in 20 casi clinici

Mauro Mennuni

editore: SEEd

pagine: 242

L'obiettivo principale di questo Manuale è permettere al lettore di eseguire e interpretare in modo semplice e completo un'EGA
30,00 28,50

Laboratory Hematology Practice

Bruce Davis, Kandice Kottke-Marchant

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 770

Expertly edited and endorsed by the International Society for Laboratory Hematology, this is the newest international textbook on all aspects of laboratory hematology. Covering both traditional and cutting-edge hematology laboratory technology this book emphasizes international recommendations for testing practices. Illustrative case studies on how technology can be used in patient diagnosis are included. Laboratory Hematology Practice is an invaluable resource for all those working in the field.
265,00 251,75

Procedures in Phlebotomy

John C. Flynn

editore: Saunders

pagine: 256

Introducing the practices and procedures of phlebotomy, "Procedures in Phlebotomy, 4th Edition" provides easy-to-read guidelines for both basic and special phlebotomy techniques. It describes proper procedures for venipuncture, special collection procedures, and pediatric and geriatric considerations, and addresses essential topics such as infection control, OSHA guidelines, and anatomy and physiology. It also discusses professional issues such as interpersonal communication, department management, total quality, and medical-legal topics. Written by expert phlebotomy educator John C. Flynn, Jr., this edition includes more in-depth content, a new chapter on medical terminology, new case studies, and a practice exam that prepares you for the phlebotomy certification exam.
42,00 39,90

Atlas of Peripheral Blood

The Primary Diagnostic Tool

Daniel A. Arber, Irma Pereira
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 304

This book will be a full-color atlas of both benign and neoplastic proliferations in the blood. The book will illustrate the morphologic features on peripheral blood smears of the various disorders and the text will focus on diagnostic criteria, differential diagnosis and modern classification terminology. The book may be used as a stand-alone resource and should be useful to trainees and clinicians that routinely review peripheral blood smears. The book will be accompanied by an on-line image bank containing numerous additional full-color images of the various disorders.
130,00 123,50

Microscopic Haematology

A Practical Guide for the Laboratory

Gillian Rozenberg

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 250

109,00 103,55

Problematiche cliniche in ematologia

a cura di M. Bazzan

editore: Edizioni Medico-Scientifiche

pagine: 369

L'attività di consulenza e la richiesta di nozioni di tipo ematologico all'intero degli Ospedali, ma anche sul territorio, è aumentata. Ciò è avvenuto a causa della crescente complessità dei casi trattati, ma anche dei buoni risultati terapeutici ottenuti in questo ambito. Inoltre è sempre più frequente l'attività di "supporto" generalistico a pazienti ematologici, in condizione di post dimissione e di gestione delle complicanze delle malattie e delle terapie prescritte. Oggi è indispensabile che nel bagaglio culturale del medico, non specialista ematologo, siano presenti nozioni semplificate, pratiche, ma ampie, relative ad un primo approccio diagnostico delle più rilevanti patologie ematologiche. Questo manuale di Ematologia pratica è stato ideato per soddisfare tali esigenze. Non si tratta di una trattazione ematologica sistematica, per la quale si rimanda a più prestigiosi trattati, ma di un agile compendio pratico, diagnostico-terapeutico. La trattazione di un gruppo di particolari "situazioni" ematologiche (le più frequenti nella pratica clinica quotidiana) è suddivisa in 12 Capitoli, in ciascuno dei quali sono contenute indicazioni tratte da Linee Guida e/o schemi di flusso diagnostico-terapeutico.
45,00 42,75

Applied Phlebotomy

Dennis J. Ernst

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 283

Geared specifically to short courses in blood collection, this concise full-color text teaches the skills necessary to obtain blood specimens effectively and safely, in accordance with Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (formerly NCCLS) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines. The book presents step-by-step procedure instructions and explains why these procedures are important to blood specimen collections. "It Could Happen To You" case studies discuss actual phlebotomy-related injuries. "Tips From the Trenches" offer practical phlebotomy pointers. "In the Lab" describes what happens to blood in the lab and underscores the importance of key collection concepts. Each chapter ends with multiple-choice review questions.
27,00 25,65

The Blood Group Antigen Facts Book

Christine Lomas-Francis, Marion Reid

editore: Academic Press Inc

pagine: 584

The second edition of "The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook" provides key information relating to human red blood cell membrane components carrying blood group antigens, the molecular basis of the antigens, their serological characteristics, and the clinical significance of blood group antibodies. The data on this group of molecules has expanded greatly since the previous edition was published five years ago. It includes topics such as: history and information on terminology, expression, chromosomal assignment, carrier molecule description, molecular basis of antigens, effect of enzymes/chemicals, clinical significance, disease association, phenotypes, glycotypes and key references. It includes over 250 fully updated entries on blood group antigens, formatted on single pages for easy use. I provides inclusion of RHAG blood group system and over twenty new antigens. It contains basic science paired with clinical applications to give context to information. It includes full-color illustrations, gene maps and charts. It includes both traditional and ISBT-sanctioned naming conventions.
78,00 74,10

Il laboratorio in ematologia

Odoardo Gambella

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 288

Il presente manuale è essenzialmente un utile testo di consultazione sia per quanto riguarda l'interpretazione dei referti ematologici, sia per vagliare il tipo o i tipi di esami necessari nelle varie situazioni emopatiche. Nella prima parte sono descritte le tecnologie più in uso nella diagnosi ematologica; nella seconda vi è trattata la fisiopatologia delle emopatie in questione con le conseguenti alterazioni morfologiche e bioumorali. In quasi tutti i capitoli sono esposte le metodiche di uso più comune, con il relativo riferimento bibliografico. Il manuale è rivolto principalmente a coloro che operano nei laboratori di analisi cliniche, ai medici di ospedali e cliniche di piccole dimensioni, di medicina generale e al personale paramedico.
20,00 19,00

Flow Cytometry in Hematopathology

A Visual Approach to Data Analysis and Interpretation

D. Nguyen

editore: Humana Press Inc.

pagine: 256

This unique text offers a systematic and practical approach to the analysis and interpretation of FCM graphics. Using numerous FCM illustrations derived from actual well-documented clinical cases, the authors demonstrate a step-by-step approach to optimal FCM data analysis on specimens suspected of harboring hematopoietic malignancies. The discussion moves from simple to complex specimens, with an emphasis on visual pattern analysis. A wide variety of hematologic disorders are covered, including leukemias and lymphomas. The companion CD-ROM with 80 detailed case studies provides additional opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of FCM data analysis.
135,00 128,25

Flow Cytometric Analysis of Hematologic Neoplasms

A Color Atlas and Text

Tsieh Sun

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 296

This thoroughly updated Second Edition provides a comprehensive review of the basic principles, clinical applications, and interpretation of flow cytometry results. Focusing on hematologic neoplasms, it covers current uses and applications while considering cost containment trends in healthcare. More than 30 complete clinical cases with detailed clinical histories, flow cytometric findings, morphologic illustrations, and other pertinent information on molecular biological techniques, cytochemistry, and cytogenetics provide readers with complete clinical information to assist in diagnosis, as well as to hone skills. The text also features 6 new leukemias/lymphomas and 94 new color illustrations, including color photographs of peripheral blood smears, bone marrow smears, bone marrow core biopsies, and histologic sections of lymph nodes, spleen, liver and solid tumors.
244,48 232,26

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