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Fisiologia e fisiopatologia ginecologica

Pavimento pelvico. Aspetti rieducativi e trattamento riabilitativo: una visione unitaria

Ludovico Docimo, Luigi Brusciano

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 192

È uscito un testo originale, sia per i contenuti – poco trattati in letteratura – che per i destinatari, che illustra in modo chiaro e puntuale tutti gli Aspetti Rieducativi ed il Trattamento Riabilitativo del PAVIMENTO PELVICO. Gli Autori, il Prof. Ludovico Docimo e il Prof. Luigi Brusciano esaminano l’anatomia e fisiologia del pavimento pelvico e delle altre strutture ed apparati coinvolti nelle complesse funzioni che incidono talvolta in misura determinante sulla qualità di vita. Il testo è molto interessate non solo per chirurghi, gastroenterologi, ginecologi, urologi, ma anche per fisiatri e riabilitatori e può essere facilmente compreso dagli stessi pazienti che, guidati dallo specialista che li segue, saranno in grado di prendere coscienza del proprio corpo in una fase complessa di sfiducia. Schemi, disegni, esempi pratici e testi funzionali specifici aiutano il malato a vedere la possibilità di un recupero spesso “insperato”, attraverso un iter che prevede una fase di rieducazione e una di riabilitazione, grazie ad un percorso speciale per raggiungere la padronanza di muscoli e funzioni preda di automatismi istintivi errati. INTRODUZIONE Abbiamo pensato alla realizzazione di un testo originale, sia per i contenuti – poco trattati dalla letteratura - che per gli eventuali destinatari; in particolare, abbiamo cercato di illustrare conoscenze fondamentali – talvolta trascurate – di anatomia e fisiologia del pavimento pelvico e delle altre strutture ed apparati coinvolti nelle complesse funzioni che si esplicano in tale distretto, facendo riferimento ad abitudini quotidiane che sostengono condizioni patologiche di vari organi ed apparati, che incidono talvolta in misura determinante sulla qualità di vita.  Il testo, espressione della nostra esperienza, può assumere particolare interesse per differenti campi di speculazione, e cioè per specialisti che operano in questo distretto anatomico: chirurghi, gastroenterologi, ginecologi, urologi, ma anche per fisiatri e riabilitatori, che intendono approfondire e disporre di un riferimento sulle dinamiche del pavimento pelvico, attraverso un semplice e graduale approfondimento, di facile comprensione – anche diretta – per gli stessi pazienti, che di tale approccio possono beneficiarsi, capaci di prendere coscienza del proprio corpo in una fase complessa di sfiducia. Alla base di questo percorso occorre che si raggiunga la padronanza delle strutture coinvolte, muscoli e funzioni preda di automatismi istintivi errati, per la corretta impostazione del trattamento riabilitativo, che prevede una fase di rieducazione e una di riabilitazione. Schemi, disegni, esempi pratici e testi funzionali specifici rendono direttamente comprensibile anche al malato la possibilità di un recupero spesso “insperato”, attraverso un iter riabilitativo che diventa una vera e propria disciplina.  Gli Autori
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Cura e cultura del perineo

Claudio Crescini, Chiara Vernier

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 209

"Cura e cultura del perineo" a cura di Claudio Crescini e Chiara Vernier, aiuterà gli operatori della sala parto ad applicare
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Pocket Obstetrics and Gynecology 2° Edition

K. Joseph Hurt

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 338

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. This practical, high-yield Pocket Notebook title is an ideal on-the-go reference for trainees and practitioners of obstetrics and gynecology. Written by residents with oversight from fellows and faculty experts, and perfect for initial care plans during rounds, this easy-to-use, loose-leaf resource is packed with up-to-date information answering the clinical questions you face every day. Pocket Obstetrics and Gynecology, Second Edition, is an indispensable quick resource you won't want to be without! Includes a new chapter that covers substance abuse in pregnancy, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and psychosis. Features fully revised content throughout, keeping you up to date with best practices and the latest research in the field. Covers primary care; emergencies; operative ob-gyn; pelvic surgery and urogynecology; infertility; prenatal care; normal labor and delivery; complicated pregnancy and delivery; cardiology; pulmonary; gastroenterology; hematology; neurology; gynecologic oncology, and more. Follows the popular Pockets Notebook format, featuring bulleted lists, tables, diagrams, and algorithms that make essential facts easy to find and retain. Contains helpful appendices on pelvic anatomy; common ob/gyn procedures and surgeries; drugs in OB and breastfeeding; ACLS algorithms; and NRP algorithm. Organizes chapters by organ system, putting women's health topics into general medical context - perfect for clerkship studies.
57,00 54,15

Blueprints Obstetrics & Gynecology


editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 529

Clinical high-yield content covers what you need to know for the USMLE, shelf exam, and your Obstetrics & Gynecology rotation! This best-selling Blueprints title is an ideal resource for the obstetrics and gynecology rotation and board preparation. This is the perfect companion for quick study breaks during rotation downtime, with concise chapters that appeal to students who want a review of key concepts, research, and therapies in today's practice. Blueprints are also utilized by students in physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and osteopathic programs, as well as residents preparing for USMLE Step 3. Features include: Expanded coverage of topics, evidence-based research, therapies, and the latest changes in the management of cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer screening, abnormal uterine bleeding, hypertension in pregnancy, cervical insufficiency, prenatal diagnosis, and preterm labor. Updates on the latest techniques in contraception, sterilization, and hormone replacement, as well as current treatment options for uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. Updated tables and figures that improve student's assimilation and retention of information. Case-based clinical vignette questions at the end of each chapter help you review the material and prepare for exams. New and updated board-style questions, with full explanations of both correct and incorrect options, increase understanding.
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La diagnostica delle infezioni sessuali

Dal laboratorio alla clinica

a cura di M. Delfino

editore: Idelson-Gnocchi

pagine: 270


Rosen's Diagnosis of Breast Pathology by Needle Core Biopsy

Edi Brogi, Frederick C. Koerner
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 544

Accurately identify the full range of clinical and pathological entities with Rosen's Diagnosis of Breast Pathology by Needle Core Biopsy, Fourth Edition! With guidance from the same trusted authorities responsible for the esteemed clinical reference, Rosen's Breast Pathology, you'll gain masterful insights on how to confidently meet diagnostic challenges on needle core biopsy material. These challenges are summarized in the three maxims stated by Dr Paul Peter Rosen in the Preface to the First Edition of this book, and which continue to relevant today: 1. Anything can turn up. 2. What you see is what you have. It may not be all there is. 3. What you see may be all there is. The pathologist must always keep these precepts in mind when offering a diagnosis based on limited material in needle core biopsy samples. This book will serve as a complete guide to interpreting this material. Furthermore, the reader will:* Discern subtle features that point to a conclusive diagnosis thanks to complete, richly illustrated coverage of both common and uncommon needle core biopsy findings.* Compare your findings to a treasury of outstanding illustrations that capture the telltale appearance of each lesion.* Apply the latest knowledge in the field with completely revised content throughout - including cutting-edge information on molecular pathology; updated information on specimen handling and ancillary testing; current treatment and management recommendations; citations to latest reference sources; and much more.* Correlate pathological, radiological, and clinical findings to reach the most informed diagnoses.Your book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience:* The ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time - providing a seamless reading experience online or offline* Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooks* Multiple viewing options that enable you to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive design* The ability to highlight text and add notes with one click
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A Practical Guide to Vulval Disease: Diagnosis and Management

Fabrizio Bogliatto, Fiona M Lewis
e altri

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 240

This book is a practical guide to the diagnosis and management of vulval disorders. It offers guidance for all those who are treating patients with vulval disease at trainee and specialist level, helping to improve management for the patient and prevent delays in diagnosis, including referrals to specialists. It contains key information about diagnosis, investigation and basic management, with a section on signs and symptoms guides the reader to the correct chapter for the treatment of that disease. The experienced authors include updated classification and terminology of vulval disease with an explanation of how this should be useful in clinical practice and guidance as to when the patient should be referred on to a specialist. As vulval diseases are different to those of the rest of the skin patients with vulval disease present a large unmet need, often with delays in diagnosis due to a lack of training from physicians. This practical guide provides the specialist knowledge required for diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.
120,00 114,00

Vulvar Pain

From Childhood to Old Age

Alessandra Graziottin, Filippo Murina

editore: Springer International Publishing AG

pagine: 252

This book offers detailed coverage of all aspects of vulvar pain in age groups from children to the elderly, with a particular focus on factors that precipitate or maintain the pain. Guidance is provided on diagnosis and treatment, and careful consideration is given to special circumstances associated with vulvar pain, including childbirth, recurrent cystitis, female genital mutilation, medical comorbidities, and sexual comorbidities in both partners. Vulvar pain of neurogenic and iatrogenic origin is also fully discussed. Two innovative chapters present case reports highly relevant to clinical practice and address outstanding issues, including controversies and difficulties in terminology, initial triggers, the role of stress, psychogenic causes, and misuse and abuse. The book is exceptional in covering vulvar pain throughout the human life span and in a wide range of situations, and it will be of value to all who are involved in management of the condition.
114,39 108,67

Diagnostic Pathology: Breast

David G. Hicks, Susan C. Lester

editore: Amirsys, Inc

pagine: 600

Part of the highly regarded Diagnostic Pathology series, Diagnostic Pathology: Breast, second edition, is a visually stunning, easy-to-use reference covering all aspects of breast pathology. Outstanding images, including gross and microscopic pathology, a wide range of supportive immunohistochemistry, and detailed medical illustrations with numerous examples of morphologic findings, make this an invaluable diagnostic aid for every practicing pathologist, resident, or fellow. This second edition incorporates the most recent clinical, pathological, histological, and molecular knowledge in the field to provide a comprehensive overview of all key issues relevant to today's practice.
210,00 199,50

Partorire in movimento. I movimenti del bacino durante il parto

Blandine Calais-Germain, Núria Vives Parés

editore: Epsylon (Roma)

pagine: 176

Il libro mostra alle donne come muovere e modificare il proprio bacino per facilitare il passaggio del bambino durante il parto.
32,00 30,40

The Bethesda System for Reporting Cervical Cytology

Definitions, Criteria, and Explanatory Notes

David Wilbur, Ritu Nayar

editore: Springer International Publishing AG

pagine: 321

This book offers clear, up-to-date guidance on how to report cytologic findings in cervical, vaginal and anal samples in accordance with the 2014 Bethesda System Update. The new edition has been expanded and revised to take into account the advances and experience of the past decade. A new chapter has been added, the terminology and text have been updated, and various terminological and morphologic questions have been clarified. In addition, new images are included that reflect the experience gained with liquid-based cytology since the publication of the last edition in 2004. Among more than 300 images, some represent classic examples of an entity while others illustrate interpretative dilemmas, borderline cytomorphologic features or mimics of epithelial abnormalities. The Bethesda System for Reporting Cervical Cytology, with its user-friendly format, is a "must have" for pathologists, cytopathologists, pathology residents, cytotechnologists, and clinicians.
51,99 49,39

Female Genital Tract Congenital Malformations

Classification, Diagnosis and Management

B. C. Tarlatzis, Grigoris Grimbizis
e altri

editore: Springer London Ltd

pagine: 318

Female genital malformations represent miscellaneous deviations from normal anatomy. With a prevalence of approximately 6% in the general population, they might be associated with health problems, potentially dangerous complications or poor reproductive outcome depending on the type and the degree of the anatomical abnormality. During the last two decades the better understanding of their pathogenesis, the availability of new non-invasive techniques for their diagnosis and the increased experience from their treatment have radically changed their management. A new, clinically oriented classification system has now been developed facilitating their evidence-based appraisal. It is a reality that the management of female genital malformations has changed rapidly during the last few years from an experience based and mainly descriptive field to a scientific evidence-based one. This book presents all uterine, cervical and vaginal anomalies in a systematic way and the new ESHRE/ESGE classification system utilised for their categorization. In addition, their embryogenesis and etiology are summarized. The diagnostic work-up of women with female genital malformations is reviewed in an evidence-based fashion and taking into account the availability of new non-invasive diagnostic methods. The treatment strategy and the therapeutic alternatives to restore health and reproductive problems associated with their presence are critically reviewed.
130,00 123,50
110,00 104,50

Electrical Stimulation for Pelvic Floor Disorders

E. H. J. Weil, Jacopo Martellucci
e altri

editore: Springer International Publishing AG

pagine: 260

This book will enable the reader to gain a sound understanding of contemporary and futuristic evidence-based interventions and assessment procedures for pelvic floor disorders. It gathers the experiences of some of the most important experts on electrical stimulation techniques, offering a multidisciplinary and problem-oriented approach organized according to therapeutic goals. Interventions are recommended that are consistent with theory and display clinical efficacy for specific disorders, including urinary incontinence or retention, fecal incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction and neurological diseases involving the pelvic floor. All of the surgical or rehabilitative techniques requiring electrical stimulation for the treatment of these disorders are explored and essential background information is provided on functional anatomy, neurophysiology and concepts in electrotherapy. This volume will be a very useful tool for urologists, general or colorectal surgeons, gynecologists and anesthesiologists and also physiotherapists and alternative medicine practitioners (a specific chapter focuses on electroacupuncture). It will assist in their clinical practice as they seek to help the very many patients who suffer from any of the wide range of functional pelvic floor disorders.
154,00 146,30

Practical Breast Pathology

Tibor Tot

editore: Thieme Publishing Group

pagine: 206

Focused on a modern, interdisciplinary approach to diagnosing and managing diseases of the breast, this concise book builds on the high standard set in the previous edition. It provides a complete foundation in the basic principles, radiologic appearance and underlying pathology of breast disease, without overwhelming non-pathologist members of the team with excessive detail. For effective communication at every level, Practical Breast Pathology, Second Editionprovides the clear information, case examples and superb illustrations that make it an ideal clinical problem solver. Special features of the second edition: High-quality examples of modern multimodality radiology (digital mammography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging) correlated with large-format 2D and 3D histologic slides New findings on such clinically important topics as the lobar nature of breast carcinoma, multifocality, diffuse carcinomas and extent of disease, concept of the sick lobe and more Introduction of the molecular classification of invasive breast cancer Discussion of prognostic and predictive factors in breast carcinoma, such as hormone receptors and HER2 status Updates on preoperative diagnosis, including intact biopsy and radiologic assessment of the extent and distribution of lesions Enriched with new information and stunning illustrations in every chapter, Practical Breast Pathology, Second Edition is a key link in the exchange between pathologists, radiologists, oncologists and breast surgeons, as well as residents and trainees. It provides an essential framework for understanding the mammographic-pathologic correlation, leading to increased cooperation among clinical team members and significantly improved outcomes for patients.
109,99 104,49

Pain in Women

A Clinical Guide

Allison Bailey, Carolyn Bernstein

editore: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

pagine: 322

Pain is a complex experience, influenced by many variables. There is currently growing interest in the influence of sex and gender on the experience of pain. The fact that there are sex differences in pain and analgesia is now a well-recognized phenomenon within the field of pain medicine. However, the specific mechanisms underlying these differences remain somewhat poorly understood. Traditionally, these sex differences in pain experience have been attributed largely to psychological, behavioral and socio-cultural variables - in particular, a perceived greater willingness on the part of women to report painful symptoms and seek medical attention. Although psychosocial factors do influence pain perception, there is now substantial evidence to support a strong role for hormonal factors mediating sex differences in pain modulation. In Pain in Women: A Clinical Guide, a renowned group of experts in pain medicine breaks new ground in the field by synthesizing and elucidating the range of biological and neurohormonal factors underlying these conditions and clarifying potential treatment options based on these factors. The initial section of this unique title introduces the topic of pain in women and its importance and then goes on to describe hormonal and myofascial considerations in this patient population. The second section addresses specific pain disorders common in women and the various treatment options for these, including rehabilitative and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments. The third and final section covers the specific populations of the pregnant/postpartum woman, issues related to breast cancer, the female athlete, menopausal considerations and the role of physical therapy in women's health. Timely and state-of-the-art, Pain in Women: A Clinical Guide is an important new reference that fills a significant need in the developing area of pain medicine.
110,00 104,50

Pathology of the Female Reproductive Tract

George L. Mutter, Jaime Prat

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 904

Covering a comprehensive range of common, rare, benign and malignant lesions, Pathology of the Female Reproductive Tract, 3rd Edition, authored by an international panel of subspecialty experts, brings you the latest scientific and diagnostic information for diseases of the female reproductive tract. From basic concepts of pathophysiology and diagnostic criteria to clinical correlation, this updated medical reference book delivers an integrated and practical approach to diagnosis and management of women with reproductive tract disorders.
215,00 204,25

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