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Biochimica clinica

Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine

Nader Rifai

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 1584

Use THE definitive reference for laboratory medicine and clinical pathology! Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine, 7th Edition provides the guidance necessary to select, perform, and evaluate the results of new and established laboratory tests. Comprehensive coverage includes the latest advances in topics such as clinical chemistry, genetic metabolic disorders, molecular diagnostics, hematology and coagulation, clinical microbiology, transfusion medicine, and clinical immunology. From a team of expert contributors led by Nader Rifai, this reference includes access to wide-ranging online resources on Expert Consult — featuring the comprehensive product with fully searchable text, regular content updates, animations, podcasts, over 1300 clinical case studies, lecture series, and more.New to this edition NEW! 19 additional chapters highlight various specialties throughout laboratory medicine. NEW! Updated, peer-reviewed content provides the most current information possible. NEW! The largest-ever compilation of clinical cases in laboratory medicine is included on Expert Consult. NEW! Over 100 adaptive learning courses on Expert Consult offer the opportunity for personalized education. Key Features Authoritative, current content helps you perform tests in a cost-effective, timely, and efficient manner; provides expertise in managing clinical laboratory needs; and shows how to be responsive to an ever-changing environment. Current guidelines help you select, perform, and evaluate the results of new and established laboratory tests. Expert, internationally recognized chapter authors present guidelines representing different practices and points of view. Analytical criteria focus on the medical usefulness of laboratory procedures. Use of standard and international units of measure makes this text appropriate for any user, anywhere in the world. Expert Consult provides the entire text as a fully searchable eBook, and includes regular content updates, animations, podcasts, more than 1300 clinical case studies, over 2500 multiple-choice questions, a lecture series, and more.
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Citometria a flusso

Claudio Ortolani

editore: Edi. Ermes

pagine: 456

La citometria a flusso è una tecnica che consente la misurazione e la caratterizzazione di cellule sospese in un mezzo fluido
120,00 114,00

Biochimica clinica essenziale. Dal laboratorio ai quadri di patologia clinica

Elisabetta Albi, Tommaso Beccari
e altri

editore: Zanichelli

pagine: 224

Gli orizzonti della biochimica clinica si sono notevolmente ampliati negli ultimi anni, grazie a una maggior conoscenza delle
32,80 31,16

Metodologie biochimiche. Espressione, purificazione e caratterizzazione delle proteine

a cura di M. C. Bonaccorsi di Patti, R. ContestabileM. L. Di Salvo
e altri

editore: Zanichelli

pagine: 336

Metodologie biochimiche è destinato agli studenti che si avvicinano per la prima volta alle tecniche - molto numerose e spesso
44,10 41,90

Metodologie biochimiche e biomolecolari. Strumenti e tecniche per il laboratorio del nuovo millennio

Mauro Maccarrone

editore: Zanichelli

pagine: 416

Metodologie biochimiche e biomolecolari permette di acquisire la padronanza dei principali metodi usati nei laboratori per l'a
47,50 45,13

Laposata's Laboratory Medicine Diagnosis of Disease in Clinical Laboratory Third Edition

Michael Laposata

editore: McGraw-Hill Education

pagine: 592

A complete full-color guide to medical test selection and test result interpretation Laboratory Medicine is an essential text for medical students and residents studying clinical pathology, medical technology students, and for practitioners working in a clinical setting. By selecting the appropriate tests and interpreting the results correctly, physicians using this book should be able to optimize patient outcomes and reduce the cost of achieving a diagnosis. This full-color guide features an easy-to-follow, consistent presentation for each disease discussed. Chapters begin with a brief description of the disorder followed by a discussion that includes tables detailing the laboratory evaluation of specific disorders, and coverage of diagnosis, baseline tests to exclude diagnostic possibilities, and clinical indications that warrant further screening and special testing. •Updated to reflect the most current information•Board review questions appear at the end of each chapter•Approximately 50 laboratory methods presented in easy-to-understand illustrations which include information on the expense and complexity of the assays•More than 200 tables and full-color algorithms encapsulate important information and facilitate understanding•Full-color blood-smear micrographs demonstrate common abnormal morphologies of red blood cells•Valuable learning aids in each chapter, including learning objectives, chapter outlines, and a general introduction•Extensive table of Clinical Laboratory Reference Values showing the conversions between US and SI units for each value•Coverage of genetic test options that are now commonly used in clinical practice
68,00 64,60
51,00 48,45

Advances in Cell and Molecular Diagnostics

Pongali Raghavendra, Thammineni Pullaiah

editore: Academic Press Inc

pagine: 298

Advances in Cell and Molecular Diagnostics brings the scientific advances in the translation and validation of cellular and molecular discoveries in medicine into the clinical diagnostic setting. It enumerates the description and application of technological advances in the field of cellular and molecular diagnostic medicine, providing an overview of specialized fields, such as biomarker, genetic marker, screening, DNA-profiling, NGS, cytogenetics, transcriptome, cancer biomarkers, prostate specific antigen, and biomarker toxicologies. In addition, it presents novel discoveries and clinical pathologic correlations, including studies in oncology, infectious diseases, inherited diseases, predisposition to disease, and the description or polymorphisms linked to disease states. This book is a valuable resource for oncologists, practitioners and several members of the biomedical field who are interested in understanding how to apply cutting-edge technologies into diagnostics and healthcare.
138,00 131,10

Clinical Chemistry

Principles, Techniques, Correlations

Edward Fody, Larry Schoeff
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 784

The most student-friendly clinical chemistry text available today, this fully updated 8th Edition keeps students at the forefront of what continues to be one of the most rapidly advancing areas of laboratory medicine. With clear explanations that balance analytic principles, techniques, and correlation of results with coverage of disease states, the book not only demonstrates the how of clinical testing, but also the what, why, and when of testing correlations to help students develop the knowledge and interpretive and analytic skills they'll need in their future careers. Comprehensive and easy to understand, the 8th Edition now features an entirely new chapter, new and updated learning aids, and an unparalleled suite of teaching and learning resources.New Case Studies, which include scenarios, lab results, and questions, stimulate critical thinking and encourage students to apply content to clinical practice.Rewritten presentations condense large and difficult concepts into easier-to-understand presentations.Enhanced photos and illustrations clarify key concepts.Coverage of the latest equipment and technologies used in today's modern lab prepares students for real-world practice.The basic principles of analytic procedures discussed reflect the most recent or commonly performed techniques in the clinical chemistry laboratory, while material on non-essential topics such as Phlebotomy and Specimen Collection has been moved online on thePoint.Insightful coverage of the impact of problem solving, quality assurance, and cost effectiveness on the laboratory professional prepares students for clinical practice.Updated in-text learning aids include chapter outlines and chapter objectives, tables that condense and augment theory coverage, and end-of-chapter questions that give students an opportunity to assess their level of mastery.
103,00 97,85
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Atlante di istologia e anatomia microscopica

Michael H. Ross, Wojciech Pawlina
e altri

editore: CEA

pagine: 384

Questo Atlante di istologia e anatomia microscopica si compone di 612 microfotografie corredate da testi descrittivi
54,30 51,59

Biochimica clinica generale

Angelo Burlina, Lauro Galzigna
e altri

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 760

Leggendo i vari capitoli non si può che apprezzare il cammino fatto dalla disciplina nella ricerca dell'assicurazione e miglioramento continuo della qualità, nell'interpretazione dei dati, anche attraverso una progressiva evoluzione del concetto dei "valori di riferimento", e nella comunicazione dei risultati anche attraverso l'enorme sviluppo dell'informatica e dei sistemi informatici. Anche il capitolo sul laboratorio d'urgenza rimane di grande importanza, soprattutto per le scelte organizzative e gestionali che oggi possono essere assunte per dare risposte appropriate all'urgenza ed emergenza clinica.
150,00 142,50

Manuale di diagnostica di laboratorio

Michele Cioffi, Piergiorgio Catalanotti
e altri

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 264

La diagnostica di laboratorio è stata caratterizzata negli ultimi decenni da una rapida evoluzione delle tecniche analitiche e dall'ampia disponibilità di apparecchiature automatizzate che consentono al clinico di ricevere dati di laboratorio con sempre maggiore tempestività e attendibilità. Questo volume tratta gli argomenti fondamentali di biochimica, microbiologia e patologia clinica allo scopo di fornire allo studente un approccio pratico alla comprensione dei meccanismi fisiopatologici e all'utilizzo delle indagini di laboratorio nel percorso diagnostico. Vengono introdotti i concetti generali della richiesta delle indagini di laboratorio e della loro utilizzazione e sono trattati i fondamenti e le applicazioni delle moderne tecniche di diagnostica molecolare. Al fondo di ogni capitolo sono state inserite delle domande di autovalutazione allo scopo di fornire utili indicazioni sul grado di preparazione raggiunto per lo svolgimento dell'esame. Il testo viene incontro alle esigenze degli studenti che desiderano consolidare le nozioni apprese durante le lezioni, approfondire gli argomenti trattati dal docente e preparasi all'esame. L'organizzazione del testo consente inoltre di estendere e personalizzare lo studio a seconda dei propri interessi e della propria curiosità scientifica.
26,00 24,70




editore: Academic Press

pagine: 484

145,00 137,75

A Concise Review of Clinical Laboratory Science

Joel D. Hubbard

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 432

The second edition offers a concise review of all areas of clinical lab science, including the standard areas, such as hematology, chemistry, hemostasis, immunohematology, clinical microbiology, parasitology, urinalysis and more, as well as lab management, lab government regulations, and quality assurance. A companion website offers 35 case studies, an image bank of color images, and a quiz bank with 500 questions in certification format.
47,00 44,65

Diagnostica molecolare nella medicina di laboratorio

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 582

140,00 133,00

La PCR e le sue varianti. Quaderno di laboratorio

a cura di A. Scialpi, A. Mengoni

editore: Firenze University Press

pagine: 122

Quaderno di laboratorio, il testo "La PCR e le sue varianti" vuole essere un riferimento per quanti si occupano, nella loro attività di laboratorio, di metodi basati sull'amplificazione degli acidi nucleici. Il testo fornisce le basi teoriche della reazione di PCR e delle sue varianti (es. RT-PCR, PCR quantitativa, PCR isotermica) in maniera rapida e concisa e descrive le principali applicazioni utilizzate per l'identificazione genetica e lo studio del polimorfismo genetico in forma di protocollo facilmente consultabile dagli utilizzatori.
18,50 17,58



O'Connor, C. D. , Hames, B. D.

editore: Scion Publishing LTD

pagine: 254

60,00 57,00

Breast Core Biopsy

A Pathologic-Radiologic Approach

Ira Bleiweiss, Shabnam Jaffer
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 216

This state-of-the-art reference is your visual guide to the diagnosis of the full spectrum of breast lesions seen in core biopsy specimens, including difficult and borderline pathology. Case-based presentations correlating radiologic and pathologic findings, help pathologists, radiologists, and surgeons gain a better understanding of the entire pathology process, thus greatly improving diagnostic accuracy and subsequent therapy.
175,00 166,25

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