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Farmaci E.V. pocket

Gladdi Tomlinson, Deborah A. Ennis

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 240

Il manuale costituisce un prezioso strumento per medici, infermieri e ostetriche. In un comodo formato tascabile, riesce a concentrare le informazioni indispensabili a una corretta e sicura prescrizione e somministrazione della terapia per via endovenosa.Il volume si compone di importanti sezioni relative a:- accertamento della persona assistita e raccolta dati relativa al sito di infusione, al dispositivo in uso e al tipo di infusione prescritta;- elenco delle soluzioni endovenose con la descrizione dell’azione farmacologica, delle indicazioni terapeutiche e degli interventi assistenziali;- enunciazione dei differenti tipi di incompatibilità farmacologica che possono instaurarsi;- descrizione dei principali esempi di calcoli matematici utili alla preparazione delle infusioni;- spiegazione della procedura di somministrazione dell’infusione endovenosa;- risposte ai principali quesiti che possono insorgere nella gestione della terapia endovenosa;- elenco dei principi attivi, con indicazione delle dosi terapeutiche per l’adulto e il bambino, la quantità della soluzione e il tempo di infusione;- linee-guida per la somministrazione del potassio;- tabelle riassuntive, per una veloce consultazione, delle incompatibilità tra farmaci e tra farmaci ed elettroliti.
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L'informatore farmaceutico. Guida integratori

editore: Edra

pagine: 1150

Il cittadino è sempre più attento alla salute, assume nuovi comportamenti e stili di vita orientati al benessere con particola
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Manuale di farmacoterapia

editore: Idelson-Gnocchi

pagine: 1256


Mosby's Drug Reference for Health Professions


editore: Mosby

pagine: 1568

The best drug resource for health professionals and health professions students on the market is back! Mosby's Drug Reference for Health Professions, 6th Edition makes it easy to look up the drugs that patients and clients are taking and understand how those drugs may affect treatment. This new edition has been expertly edited to determine which drugs should be retained, excluded and added, allowing for quick access to over 700 concise drug monographs. The newly revised Precautions and Considerations sections contain key information such as storage and administration written specifically for general health professions markets. Packed with practical resources for everyday use, no student or practitioner should be without this portable drug guide!Abbreviated drug monographs organized alphabetically by generic name save you time finding need-to-know details for day-to-day practice.Precautions and Considerations sections include key information written specifically for health professions students and practitioners.Drug storage information identifies those drugs in which extra care is needed to maintain potency.Lifespan content provides the answers needed when working with elderly, pediatric, and adult populations.Alphabetical organization of drugs by generic name - and a two-color design - save time in finding need-to-know details for day-to-day practice.Icons call attention to special drug information including high alert warnings and IV compatibilities/incompatibilities.Useful appendices make it easy to look up topics including normal laboratory values.NEW! Updated drug list adds newly approved drugs and deletes drugs that have been recalled or discontinued to ensure that drug information is clinically accurate, relevant, and current.NEW! Over 700 drug monographs ensure you have the most current and inclusive drug information.NEW! Updated and streamlined outline focuses on the most useful information.
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Drug Facts and Comparisons

Facts & Comparisons

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 4152

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Drug Facts and Comparisons 2016

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

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Drug Identifier

The Premier Tool for Drug Identification

Facts & Comparisons

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

This electronic tool provides quick drug identification with more than 10,000 color images organized by multiple attributes including imprint, shape, generic and trade name, manufacturer, and NDC.
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Handbook on Injectable Drugs

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

editore: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

pagine: 1280

Constantly expanding, ASHP's Handbook on Injectable Drugs, 18th EditionTM, is now newly updated with the latest information. With its 37-year track record for covering vast amounts of data with precise, accurate detail, nothing else comes close for compatibility, stability, storage, and preparation of parenteral drugs. The 18th edition provides new monographs, new references (including peer-reviewed literature), additional information, and extensive revisions throughout - empowering you with professional confidence. The new, updated online version is available, as well - and as an app for iOS, and Android. The online program and app feature a multiple drug search function, allowing you to simultaneously check an unlimited number of medications for two-drug combination compatibility. Appended MedWatch safety alerts, wall-chart custom views of compatibility results, instant search capabilities, and other interactive advantages provide exceptional accuracy with easy, intuitive navigation. Packages of the print and online versions, for both single user and institutional purchases, are now available.
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Drug Interaction Analysis and Management

John R. Horn, Philip D. Hansten

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 2096

'Drug Interactions Analysis and Management 2014' assists in the prevention and management of drug interactions. Emphasizing management options for improved patient outcomes, the text also and includes recommendations for alternative medications (as appropriate).
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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients

Raymond C Rowe

editore: Pharmaceutical Press

pagine: 1033

The Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients is internationally recognised as the authoritative source of information on pharmaceutical excipients giving a comprehensive guide to uses, properties and safety. The handbook collects together essential data on the physical properties of excipients as well as providing information on their safe use and potential toxicity. All 380 monographs are also thoroughly cross-referenced and indexed to allow their identification by chemical, non-proprietary or trade names. Monographs benefit from a standardized, easy-to-use template and include: * pharmacopoeial information from the UK, Europe, Japan and the United States where relevant; * non-proprietary names and synonyms; * chemical name, CAS Registry number, empirical formula, molecular weight; * functional category, applications and incompatibilities; * material description and typical properties; * safety, stability, storage and handling information; * method of manufacture; * related substances; * primary references; * editorial comments; * author details and revision date.
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Pocket Prescriber

Donald R. J. Singer, Timothy R. J. Nicholson

editore: Hodder Education

pagine: 310

Pocket Prescriber 2013 is a concise, up-to-date prescribing guide containing all the "must-have" information that junior doctors, nurse prescribers, and medical students need at their fingertips. Key features: A-Z list of the 500 most commonly prescribed drugs with each entry containing the key prescribing information Safety issues, warnings, drug errors, and adverse effects Practical guidance on drug selection, plus protocols and guidelines Advice and reference information for complicated prescriptions Concise management summaries for the common medical emergencies The new European Resuscitation Council algorithms Clinically useful reminders of basic pharmacology (e.g., receptor profiles)
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Drug Information Handbook


editore: Lexi-Comp,U.S.

pagine: 2193

The Drug Information Handbook, 22nd Edition, continues the Lexicomp tradition of delivering trusted, pharma-free pharmacotherapy knowledge to healthcare professionals. This resource follows a user-friendly, dictionary-like format, providing clinicians with fast access to clear, concise Lexicomp drug information. Endorsed by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the Drug Information Handbook is relied on daily by clinicians everywhere to improve medication safety and enhance patient care. Benefits The Drug Information Handbook covers over 5,500 medications and features 41 new monographs and hundreds of updates to existing content. Each monograph encompasses up to 39 fields of information, including detailed content on dosage, drug interactions and adverse reactions. Supplementing the drug information is a comprehensive Appendix offering charts, tables, treatment guidelines and therapy recommendations and a Pharmacologic Category Index listing all drugs within their unique pharmacologic class.
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EMS Pocket Drug Guide

Leonard G. Gomella, Patrick Gomella

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 472

The drug guide that belongs in the pocket of every front-line EMS provider This is the first EMS pocket drug guide that contains the detailed information typically found only in much larger reference books. EMS Pocket Drug Guide is a true must-have for any level EMS provider from basic to advanced. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, it should always be with you for quick, reliable reference in the field. The detail you need without sacrificing ease of use Essential information on 1000 of the most commonly prescribed medications and more than 70 drugs most often used in the pre-hospital setting Drug-specific EMS pearls, including signs and symptoms of overdose and specific overdose management Sections on street drugs and medicinal herbs Quick field reference tables, including cardiac algorithms, weight conversion, and injury severity scores
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Handbook on Injectable Drugs

Lawrence A. Trissel

editore: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

pagine: 1700

The Handbook of Injectable Drugs is the premier reference for compatibility, stability, storage and preparation of parenteral drugs, all peer reviewed with new monographs, new references, additional information and the latest guidelines - essential for your confidence as a professional who makes critical decisions on a daily basis. As one user states, "This reference is the I.V. Bible for information on compatibility, stability, pH of drugs, whether or not to filter or protect from light." With a 35-year track record as the industry's "gold standard," the 17th Edition is uniquely designed to make complex and thorough data easily accessible to busy practitioners worldwide. The new edition includes a total of 332 monographs, all updated, including 23 fluids and 42 new references - a total of 2,830 in all, footnoted and linked. And it is once again edited by the esteemed author, Lawrence A. Trissel.
355,00 337,25

The Review of Natural Products

Ara DerMarderosian, Constance Grauds
e altri

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 1728

'The Review of Natural Products' is a source of current natural product information for health care professionals. More than 400 in-depth monographs are included, based on scientific research.
77,00 73,15

ImmunoFacts 2013

Vaccines and Immunologic Drugs

John D. Grabenstein

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 1568

The leader in drug information for more than 60 years - Facts & Comparisons - brings you ImmunoFacts, the most current and comprehensive collection of immunologic, antibody, and vaccine information available. Written by John D. Grabenstein, renowned immunologic authority and noted specialist in the use of immunologic drugs, ImmunoFacts' easy-to-follow organization allows access to unbiased comparisons of immunologic drugs. Make informed decisions about dosage, administration, storage, formulary admission, and purchase of vaccines and immunologic drugs. ImmunoFacts is an essential resource for anyone who prescribes, administers, dispenses, or monitors immunologic agents.
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Drug Information Handbook W/international Trade Names Index

Charles F. Lacy

editore: Lexi-Comp,U.S.

pagine: 2263

"The Drug Information Handbook with International Trade Names Index" contains all the content from Lexicomp's "Drug Information Handbook", plus Canadian and International drug monographs for use worldwide! Endorsed by the American Pharmacists Association, (APhA), this easy-to-use reference is compiled especially for the pharmacist, physician or other healthcare professional requiring quick access to comprehensive drug information. Benefits: "The Drug Information Handbook with International Trade Names Index, 21st Edition", contains 1741 drug monographs. Each monograph is supported by up to 37 fields of clinically important pharmacology detail, including dosage, drug interactions, pharmacologic category and warnings/precautions. Brand names are listed alphabetically and cross-referenced by page number to the generic drug monograph. Over 150 pages of appendix information is provided, including a Pharmacologic Category Index and an International Trade Names Index.
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