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Anatomia patologica ginecologica

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Rosen's Breast Pathology

Paul Peter Rosen, Syed A. Hoda
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 1795

Selected as a Doody's Core Title for 2022 and 2023! Widely recognized as the gold standard reference in the field,Rosen’s Breast Pathologyprovides comprehensive, up-to-date information on diseases of the breast from renowned experts at four leading medical centers, masterfully edited by Dr. Paul P. Rosen. The revised fifth edition covers the latest advances in immunohistochemical, pathobiological, and molecular aspects of benign and malignant breast diseases, helping you reach an accurate diagnosis with confidence. It’s an ideal reference for all physicians and medical personnel who require a thorough knowledge of breast pathology, including pathologists, surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, and radiation oncologists.  Covers clinical and radiological presentation, epidemiology, gross pathology, microscopic pathology, treatment, and prognosis (when relevant) for each disease entity. Addresses surgical and oncological aspects of various diseases wherever appropriate. Thoroughly updated throughout to reflect the latest advances in this dynamic area of practice. Features more than 2,000 high-quality images that highlight key diagnostic features, including hundreds of new illustrations. Stresses the role of pathology in the multidisciplinary management of breast diseases. Emphasizes histopathological features of breast diseases. Recommends appropriate management for specific breast diseases.  Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience Read directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone. Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.
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Blaustein's Pathology of the Female Genital Tract

Brigitte M. Ronnett, Lora Hedrick Ellenson
e altri

editore: Springer International Publishing AG

pagine: 1470

Since the publication of the 1/e in 1977, Blaustein's Pathology of the Female Genital Tract has consolidated its position as the leading textbook of gynecological pathology. An essential reference for all pathologists and residents, this thoroughly updated Seventh Edition includes more than 1400 illustrations in color, informative tables and 22 revised chapters written by internationally recognized experts. Discussion of each specific entity is organized to include general information, etiology, and epidemiology followed by clinical features, pathologic findings, differential diagnosis, clinical behavior, and treatment. This clear organization is applied throughout the book and allows the reader to quickly access key information in every chapter. Blaustein's Pathology of the Female Genital Tract remains the gold-standard reference for practicing pathologists and trainees, as well as for obstetric/gynecology practitioners and residents.
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Differential Diagnoses in Surgical Pathology: Gynecologic Tract

Russell Vang

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 544

Systematically solve tough diagnostic challenges in gynecologic pathology with this new title in the Differential Diagnoses in Surgical Pathology series. This practical, full-color reference uses select images of clinical and pathological findings, together with succinct, expert instructions, to guide you through the decision-making process by distinguishing between commonly confused lesions of the gynecologic tract. By presenting material according to the way pathologists actually work, this user-friendly volume helps you quickly differentiate entities that have overlapping morphologic features. Key Features:* Presents over 170 differential diagnoses in gynecologic pathology, including the most common entities as well as selected rare diseases.* Provides concise, bulleted summaries of clinical and pathological findings and relevant pictorial examples on the corresponding pages.* Features over 1,500 high-quality images of similar-looking lesions side by side for easy comparison with respect to clinicopathologic features and ancillary tests.* Includes sections on Vulva & Vagina, Cervix, Endometrial Epithelial Lesions, Uterine Pure Mesenchymal and Mixed Epithelial-Mesenchymal Lesions, Ovary, Peritoneum/Omentum, Fallopian Tube and Paratubal Region, and Gestational Trophoblastic Disease.* Ideal for practicing pathologists, pathologists in training, residents, and medical students.Your book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience:* The ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time - providing a seamless reading experience online or offline* Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooks* Multiple viewing options that enable you to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive design* The ability to highlight text and add notes with one click
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Testo-Atlante di anatomia laparoscopica tridimensionale

Atlas of three-dimensional laparoscopic anatomy

Franco Lelli, Ciro Sommella

editore: Verduci

pagine: 41

Volume grande formato (22 x 28) di 76 pagine, figure 3D, corredato di occhialini 3D. Doppia lingua, i testi presenti nel volume sono sia in Italiano che in Inglese. 3D glass included. Double language, the content is in English and Italian (in the same volume)La comparsa della tecnologia tridimensionale nell’ambito medico, dapprima con le apparecchiature ecografiche e poi con l’avvento della robotica e della laparoscopia tridimensionale, hanno impresso una forte accelerazione alla chirurgia mininvasiva. La chirurgia robotica si è imposta come una chirurgia intuitiva che ha reso fattibili interventi complessi anche a chirurghi che non avevano un training di chirurgia endoscopica. Il vantaggio di questa tecnica è la riproduzione non speculare del gesto delle mani, la possibilita` di magnificare l’immagine e la visione tridimensionale del campo chirurgico. Purtroppo la robotica è attualmente gravata da alti costi e da tempi di allestimento più lunghi rispetto alla laparoscopia.La comparsa di laparoscopi tridimensionali rappresenta un giusto compromesso tra facilitazione chirurgica, mini invasività e costi accettabili. In particolare l’introduzione della terza dimensione in laparoscopia consente di magnificare l’anatomia chirurgica, facilitare l’atto chirurgico e ridurre i tempi della learning curve. La profondità di campo consente manovre più precise e intuitive, facilitando enormemente, ad esempio, l’esecuzione di suture e nodi chirurgici.Per esperienza diretta lavorare in tridimensionale riduce lo sforzo mentale che il chirurgo deve compiere per comprendere, altrimenti, i piani bidimensionali ed adattare i movimenti delle mani ad una dimensione non fisiologica della visione.Scorrendo le pagine di questo libro si potrà apprezzare l’emozione che si prova ad operare in tridimensionale. Il Ginecologo si trova immerso in un viaggio all’interno della pelvi. Riesce ad offrire il massimo della professionalità tecnica sentendosi in perfetta simbiosi con le immagini tridimensionali senza soluzione di continuità tra l’operatore e l’operata.
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Singer & Monaghan's Cervical and Lower Genital Tract Precancer

Diagnosis and Treatment

Alastair R. S. Deery, Albert Singer
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 304

The guide to effective practice management of precancerous lesions in cervix and lower genital tract. This third edition contains in-depth examination of the different modalities that contribute to the safe and scientific management of precancerous lesions in the female genital tract. One of the most important is colposcopy which provides an accurate and effective route to their identification. Professor Albert Singer is internationally recognized as a master of colposcopy. His training courses throughout the world are in high demand. In this edition, he has teamed with fellow expert Ashfaq Khan to present a very accessible, authoritative and highly illustrated guide to the power of colposcopy. Practical pictorial guidance to recognizing potentially cancerous abnormalities in the cervix, vagina, and vulva is framed by internationally agreed disease classifications. Consensus guidelines from the US and Europe provide a rigorous platform for management advice. The latest information on HPV, the role of biomarkers, and new methods in diagnosis and treatment are all featured. Cervical and Lower Genital Tract Precancer is the ideal companion for anyone wishing to incorporate safe and scientific methods of diagnosis and treatment into their clinical practice.
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Uterine Pathology

Robert Soslow, Teri Longacre

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 362

Part of the Cambridge Illustrated Surgical Pathology series, this book provides a comprehensive account of the experienced gynecologic pathologists' diagnostic approach to uterine pathology. Discussion is built around major pathologic entities in the uterus and cervix while highlighting the diverse and complex spectrum of alterations encountered in daily practice. Emphasizing clear description, diagnostic algorithms and problem solving, the book's primary goal is to lay the foundation for diagnostic accuracy, reproducibility, and relevance. It also dispels common misconceptions and encourages an intelligent and thoughtful approach to diagnostic problems using all the tools available to the modern physician. The book is richly illustrated, with more than 700 color photomicrographs, all of which are also found in downloadable format on the accompanying CD-ROM.
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Wilkinson and Stone Atlas of Vulvar Disease

Edward J. Wilkinson

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 288

Designed for quick, easy reference in the office or clinic, "Atlas of Vulvar Disease" is a robust pictorial and textual guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of vulvar diseases. Written by Edward J. Wilkinson, MD, a professor of pathology and expert in gynecologic pathology, and I. Keith Stone, MD, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology, this atlas is a must-have resource for both clinicians and pathologists focused on women's health. Organized by dermatologic findings, "Atlas of Vulvar Disease" presents a complete overview of diseases within each broader topic area. Each disorder includes a definition, general features, clinical presentation, microscopic features, differential diagnosis, clinical behavior and treatment, and progressive therapeutic options, to guide the diagnosis and treatment of various vulvar diseases. Hundreds of full-color clinical photographs and relevant histopathologic photographs illustrate the clinical appearance and histopathologic characteristics of the full spectrum of vulvar diseases. Tables on sexually transmitted diseases, vesicobullous disease, and the classification of vulvar diseases are included to assist in differential diagnosis. Clinical pathological correlations aid in the diagnosis and interpretation of laboratory findings. Two indexes facilitate quick look up a disease entity or a clinical presentation. A free companion web site features the full-text as well as an extensive image bank of clinical and histopathologic photographs from the book.
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Breast Pathology

A Volume in the Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology Series

Anne Marie Mulligan, Frances P. O'Malley
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 400

"Breast Pathology", a title in the "Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology" series, provides all of the most essential information on the pathological entities encountered in practice in an easy-to-use format. Drs. Frances P. O'Malley, Sarah E. Pinder, and Anna Marie Mulligan provide unparalleled expert guidance for the study and diagnosis of a broad spectrum of breast lesions as well as the broad range of appearances of normal breast tissue. The consistent, practical format with a wealth of illustrations, at-a-glance boxes, and tables, along with online access, makes this title ideal for quick reference for both novices and experienced breast pathologists.
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Diagnostic Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology

Christopher P. Crum, Kenneth R. Lee
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1216

In this title, Drs. Christopher P. Crum, Marisa R. Nucci, and Kenneth R. Lee help you diagnose neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions of the female reproductive tract with their comprehensive update of "Diagnostic Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology". This 2nd edition provides all of the latest guidance needed to accurately evaluate pathologic features and morphologic patterns. With 650+ new color images, an appendix with algorithms for the use of biomarkers, key points, diagnostic pearls, and more ...all now available with searchable online access. This title is a must-have for today's pathologist.
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Patologia della vagina. Testo atlante

editore: Athena Audiovisuals

pagine: 430

I progressi sulla conoscenza delle basi cellulari e biomolecolari della fisiopatologia del basso tratto genitale femminile, gli avanzamenti tecnologici in ambito diagnostico e terapeutico hanno prodotto significativi mutamenti nell'inquadramento clinico e nel management della patologia vaginale, i cui aspetti multidisciplinari richiedono un approccio gestionale integrato. Questa opera, che riunisce il contributo di varie competenze e professionalità, esplora ed analizza vari aspetti: Le basi anatomiche e fisiologiche della vagina; Le alterazioni morfo-funzionali; L'ecosistema vaginale; L'eziopatogenesi delle infezioni batteriche, micotiche e protozoarie più diffuse, con le possibili complicanze ostetriche e ginecologiche; Le infezioni virali; Le lesioni benigne e traumatiche; Le lesioni neoplastiche intraepitelaili; Le neoplasie invasive. È corredata da una vasta iconografia clinica e microscopica ad integrazione dei vari capitoli. Questo libro è articolato in due volumi.

The Pelvic Girdle

An Integration of Clinical Expertise and Research

Diane G. Lee, Linda-Joy Lee

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 464

"The Pelvic Girdle" continues to provide the busy clinician with the latest evidence and clinical tools/knowledge to immediately impact and enhance daily practice for the management of lumbopelvic-hip pain and disability. This fourth edition has changed fundamentally in presentation and content to provide the clinician with the evidence and clinical tools for effective practice. The new model presented in this edition - The Integrated Systems Model and the Clinical Puzzle - co-developed by Diane Lee & Linda-Joy Lee, facilitates effective clinical reasoning, hypothesis development and prescriptive treatment. It is highly unlikely that there will ever be enough research evidence to meet the needs of a clinician who is faced with patients presenting with a wide and variable range of single and multiple impairments every day. Clinical expertise (knowing how to do the right thing at the right time) comes from disciplined, reflective practice and it is hoped that this text will help more clinicians become expert in this field.
64,00 60,80

Pelvic Organ Dysfunction in Neurological Disease

Clinical Management and Rehabilitation

Anton Emmanuel, Clare J. Fowler
e altri

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 358

Pelvic Organ Dysfunction in Neurological Disease describes the neurological control of human bladder, bowel and sexual function and then details the dysfunctions which may arise as a consequence of various neurological diseases. Easy to read, the book will be of value to any healthcare professional managing patients in whom pelvic organ functions have been compromised by neurological disease. The book provides a structured approach to present day understanding of the neurological control of pelvic organs and the investigation and management of each type of organ dysfunction. A unique feature of this book is that it addresses the impact of specific neurological disorders on all three functions. The authors have all been associated with the Department of Uro-Neurology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London since it was established 20 years ago. This book is a timely review of their accumulated knowledge and the latest literature.
89,00 84,55

Ascessi, fistole anali e retto-vaginali. Esperienze e riflessioni di un coloproctologo

Mario Pescatori

editore: Springer Verlag

pagine: 328

Il volume illustra in una prima parte la storia della chirurgia delle fistole, l'anatomia della regione anorettale, il ruolo d
40,00 38,00

Step-by-step Colposcopy, Cryosurgery, and LEEP

B. Shakuntala Baliga

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 276

This is a quick-reference guide to the basic principles of colposcopy, cryosurgery, and LEEP. The book covers all aspects of colposcopic techniques in a concise manner. It is meant to be a quick reference, especially for those new to the technique. It includes step-by-step details of colposcopy, cryosurgery, and LEEP; sample forms for recording colposcopy findings; and, procedure notes. There is an accompanying DVD that has diagnosis-aiding photo images. This title describes the basic principles of colposcopy and also provides details of cryosurgery and LEEP. Pattern descriptions supported by wonderful line diagrams and a range of actual colpophotographs are an ideal training resource. This title contains clear description of the indications and contraindications for treatment and the special safety precautions required to maximize health gain with minimal side effects. It is complete with procedure notes.
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Hematological Complications in Obstetrics, Pregnancy, and Gynecology

Eugene P. Frenkel, Ravi Sarode
e altri

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 620

There are many haematological complications associated with obstetrics, pregnancy and gynaecology, and unfortunately, they often lead to significant morbidity or mortality for both mother and child. As the first comprehensive reference on all aspects of haematological complications of obstetrics, pregnancy and gynaecology this book will be a valuable resource to haematologists, obstetricians, gynaecologists, reproductive medicine specialists, internists, anaesthesiologists and others. The chapters are written by acknowledged experts in the field, and for each condition covered the etiology, pathophysiology, clinical and laboratory diagnosis and management are discussed where appropriate.
76,00 72,20

Gynecologic Pathology

A Volume in the Series: Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology

Esther Oliva, Marisa R. Nucci

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 592

This new title in the "Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology" series offers today's most essential gynecologic pathology know-how in a compact, high-yield format! For each pathologic entity examined, you'll find discussions of clinical features, pathologic features (gross and microscopic), as well as ancillary studies, differential diagnosis, and prognostic and therapeutic considerations. The text's pragmatic, well-organized approach - complemented by abundant full-color, high-quality illustrations and at-a-glance tables - makes it easy for you to access the information you need to quickly and accurately identify pathology specimens. The result is a practical, affordable resource for study and review as well as for everyday clinical reference.
138,00 131,10

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