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Riabilitazione respiratoria

Respiratory Physiotherapy Pocketbook

An On Call Survival Guide

Jane Cross, Mary Ann Broad
e altri

editore: Elsevier Health Sciences

pagine: 328

Respiratory Physiotherapy: An On-Call Survival Guide is the go-to book for physiotherapy students and newly qualified physiotherapists when caring for patients with respiratory conditions or complications. The title covers all common conditions for both adults and children, in a wide range of settings and focuses on practical information that is directly and immediately applicable to patient care. The third edition is fully updated and revised, each chapter gives you access to the most up to date expertise in the field of respiratory physiotherapy. The consistent chapter layout makes it easy to identify where relevant information will be. New chapter covering the community setting Case studies that cover common emergency situations Self-assessment questions which offer the reader verification of their comprehension and clinical reasoning skills A-Z of treatment techniques Appendices including normal values and common drugs used in critical care areas so that essential information is always at hand
35,00 33,25

Respiratory Muscle Training

Theory and Practice

Alison McConnell

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 256

Respiratory Muscle Training: theory and practice is the world's first book which provides an "everything-you-need-to-know" guide to respiratory muscle training (RMT). Authored by an internationally-acclaimed leading expert, it is an evidence-based resource, built upon current scientific knowledge, as well as clinical experience at the cutting-edge of respiratory training in a wide range of settings. The aim of the book is to give readers: an introduction to respiratory physiology and exercise physiology, as well as training theory; an understanding of how disease affects the respiratory muscles and the mechanics of breathing; an insight into the disease-specific, evidence-based benefits of RMT; advice on the application of RMT as a standalone treatment, and as part of a rehabilitation programme; and finally; and guidance on the application of functional training techniques to RMT. The book is divided into two parts - theory and practice. Part I provides readers with access to the theoretical building blocks that support practice. It explores the evidence base for RMT as well as the different methods of training respiratory muscles and their respective efficacy. Part II guides the reader through the practical implementation of the most widely validated form of RMT, namely inspiratory muscle resistance training. Finally, over 100 "Functional" IMT exercises are described, which incorporate a stability and/or postural challenge, including exercises that address specific "dyspnoeagenic" movements. Respiratory Muscle Training: theory and practice is supported by a dedicated website, which provides access to the latest information on RMT, as well as video clips of all exercises described in the book. Purchasers will also receive a three-month free trial of the Physiotec software platform, which allows clinicians to create bespoke training programmes (including video clips) that can be printed or emailed to patients.
69,00 65,55

Il respiro nell'apnea

Umberto Pelizzari, Lisetta Landoni
e altri

editore: Ugo Mursia Editore

pagine: 144

Un manuale completamente illustrato sulle tecniche di respirazione che permettono di trovare la disposizione ideale per l'apnea. Attraverso la pratica del pranayama (la scienza del respiro), si arriva, in modo del tutto naturale, a inspirare ed espirare la maggior quantità d'aria con il minor sforzo e si rende più favorevole l'apnea sia dal punto di vista muscolare sia da quello mentale, oltre a favorire movimenti elastici e fluidi, forza e resistenza fisica. Non si impara solo una tecnica, ma una nuova e sana abitudine che apporta enormi benefici nel quotidiano, oltre che nella pratica sportiva. Nato dalla collaborazione tra Umberto Pelizzari, recordman di apnea, Lisetta Landoni, insegnante di yoga e pranayama e Anna Seddone, istruttrice di apnea di grande esperienza, questo testo individua, tra le tante, le tecniche di pranayama che meglio si confanno alle peculiarità dell'apnea, adattandole alle esigenze di quest'ultima, perché entrare in acqua si trasformi prima di tutto in un'esperienza della mente e dei sensi. Un libro rivolto all'apneista neofita, al praticante esperto, all'istruttore di apnea e a tutti coloro che vogliono imparare a respirare.
34,00 32,30

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Guidelines to Success

Bartolome R. Celli, Gerilynn A. Connors
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 592

This authoritative text is written by leaders in pulmonary rehabilitation. It is clearly written, logically organized, well referenced, and emphasizes evidence-based practice and a contemporary multidisciplinary approach. Offering unrivaled depth, this edition updates coverage of the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation, therapeutic interventions, smoking cessation, exercise training, and much more as well as important research such as the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) report. This text prepares students for the Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) exam and the written registry and clinical simulations portions of the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) exams.
69,00 65,55

Non-invasive Respiratory Support

A Practical Guide

Anita K. Simonds

editore: Hodder Arnold

pagine: 320

The second edition of this highly practical and informative handbook describes the indications for non-invasive ventilation in acute and chronic ventilatory failure, and the outcome of this intervention in a wide range of respiratory disorders. Nasal Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation (NIPPV) is now widely used in the Intensive Care Unit, High Dependency Unit, General Respiratory Ward and Emergency Department. "Non-Invasive Respiratory Support, 2ed" gives clear and user-friendly advice on the practicalities of this technique, how to select patients, choose equipment and initiate therapy. From a highly respected international author team, the book provides invaluable guidance to Respiratory Physicians, Intensivists, Anaesthetists, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Medical Technicians working in this area.
59,00 56,05

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