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Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

Gary Butler, Jeremy Kirk

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 480

Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes looks at issues in children arising from either deficient or excessive production of hormones; chemical messengers secreted into the blood stream from specialised glands. It contains information on endocrine glands, diabetes and its management, and clinical problems such as short stature, puberty and obesity. Written by two senior clinicians, the fully revised second edition offers evidence-based guidance to practitioners in the field. With bullet points, illustrations and clinical tips, the information in this comprehensive handbook is easy to access. Presented in pocket size, this it is the ideal source to have on the ward. This handbook provides pragmatic advice on how to deal with common disorders, rare conditions, and emergencies. Includes a new chapter on endocrine support for young people with gender dysphoria. Written in a logical format, it includes background information on anatomy and physiology. With bullet points and clinical tips, it is an easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to the field. New to this Edition: All chapters have been revised and updated Now includes infromation on classification and diagnosis based on recently identified genes Updated management guidelines (especially in areas such as diabetes) have been incorporated There is a new chapter on gender dysphoria, reflecting the increasing role of medical management in this challenging condition.
54,00 51,30

Diabete e Tecnologia. Terapia insulinica verso il futuro e oltre

Ivana Rabbone

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 130

La tecnologia negli ultimi anni ha rivestito un ruolo importante nella terapia del diabete tipo 1 che nei Paesi occidentali rappresenta più del 90% dei casi di diabete nell’infanzia e nell’adolescenza. Il progresso tecnologico è sicuramente in rapida evoluzione e questo volume si pone come obiettivo quello di raccontare l’evoluzione tecnologica applicata alla terapia del diabete tipo 1 verso il futuro e di rappresentare un aggiornamento facile e immediato in particolare per i medici in formazione che effettuano i primi passi di gestione della terapia del diabete e per altre categorie che fanno parte dei team diabetologici come infermieri, dietisti e psicologi. Un pensiero è rivolto anche ai pazienti e alle loro famiglie che sempre di più sono interessati ad un aggiornamento sulle nuove terapie.
35,00 29,75

Practical Diabetes Care

David Levy

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 480

Concise, affordable and extremely practical, Practical Diabetes Care, 4th edition offers a wholly clinical approach to diabetes and its treatment. Covering all the practical aspects of all major aspects of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, it also includes the very latest in clinical research and trial results. Structured in a problem-orientated way, the book focuses on the areas of maximum anxiety for health-professionals treating patients with diabetes, e.g. hyperglycaemic emergencies, and multiple complications. Easy to navigate, clear and convenient for when on the wards and in clinic, this is the perfect guide to the practical aspects of caring for patients with diabetes.
59,00 56,05

Trent'anni di sfida al diabete. Legge 115/87 e non solo...

a cura di E. Baio, T. Grilli

editore: Franco Angeli

pagine: 116

Un trittico d'autore: può definirsi così la legge 115, frutto della sinergia di associazioni, diabetologi, parlamentari e uomi

La fine del diabete

Joel Fuhrman

editore: Macro Edizioni

pagine: 336

"Perché limitarsi a gestire il diabete quando lo si può eliminare per sempre? ""Per prevenire e far regredire il diabete non servono i farmaci, ma un cambiamento radicale del nostro modo di mangiare"".Dottor Joel Fuhrman A differenza di quanto vi è stato detto finora, il diabete non è una malattia cronica. Non è una condanna destinata ad abbreviare l'aspettativa di vita o a causare ipertensione, cardiopatie, insufficienza renale, cecità o altre malattie potenzialmente mortali. In realtà, quasi tutti i diabetici possono sospendere l'assunzione dei farmaci e tornare sani al cento per cento solo adottando poche regole. In queste pagine il dottor Fuhrman, specialista qualificato in materia di nutrizione, ci rivela come possiamo prevenire e far regredire il diabete e le relative complicanze recuperando al tempo stesso il peso forma. La fine del diabete è un'idea radicale espressa in un programma estremamente semplice: mangiare meglio per sconfiggere il diabete. Con oltre 50 ricette, gli esempi di menu (colazione, pranzo e cena), le risposte alle domande più frequenti, i consigli per medici e pazienti questo libro ci dimostra, con un linguaggio coinvolgente, semplice e diretto, che diabete, cardiopatie e ipertensione non sono conseguenze inevitabili del processo di invecchiamento: sono reversibili e prevedibili con un'alimentazione sana.
16,50 15,68

Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes at a Glance

Aled Rees, Andrew Lansdown
e altri

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 160

Recognising a need to promote and enhance teaching of clinical endocrinology and diabetes in UK medical schools, the Society for Endocrinology, in collaboration with Diabetes UK and the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists, created a national curriculum that sets out the minimum recommended standards for undergraduate medical education. Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes at a Glance corresponds to the curriculum and covers all important areas of diabetes and endocrinology in a clinically relevant and concise manner, with complementary figures to ensure principles are explained clearly. It highlights key practical skills for undergraduates in line with the GMC recommendations that medical graduates should be well prepared for their Foundation posts. There is also emphasis on the importance of multidisciplinary teams in the management of endocrine diseases and diabetes. These include sections on structured education programmes, psychosocial aspects, and patient self-management and monitoring. Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes at a Glance will serve as a valuable resource for medical students and junior doctors treating patients with these conditions.
37,00 35,15

Journey towards closing the loop

Paolo Pozzilli

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 1169

35,00 29,75

Diabetes in Old Age

Alan J. Sinclair, Trisha Dunning

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 560

This new edition of the popular and market-leading Diabetes in Old Age features up-to-date and comprehensive information about the key aspects of managing older people with diabetes, predominantly type 2 diabetes. With a strong evidence-based focus throughout, the entire range of issues surrounding diabetes and its many complications are covered, each with a clear focus on how they relate directly to the older patient. Varying approaches to optimizing diabetes care in the community, primary care and secondary care health care arenas are presented, and the importance of comprehensive functional assessment is emphasized. Coverage of areas unique to an ageing population of older people with diabetes such as falls management, frailty and sarcopenia, and cognitive dysfunction form a key cornerstone of the book. In every chapter, best practice points and key learning outcomes are provided, as well as published evidence bases for each major conclusion. Diabetes in Old Age, 4th edition is essential reading for diabetologists and endocrinologists, diabetes specialist nurses, primary care physicians, general physicians and geriatricians, podiatrists and dieticians with an interest in diabetes, as well as all health professionals engaged in the delivery of diabetes care to older people.
145,00 137,75

Textbook of Diabetes

Allan Flyvbjerg, Barry J. Goldstein
e altri

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 1104

Now in its fifth edition, the Textbook of Diabetes has established itself as the modern, well-illustrated, international guide to diabetes. Sensibly organized and easy to navigate, with exceptional illustrations, the Textbook hosts an unrivalled blend of clinical and scientific content. Highly-experienced editors from across the globe assemble an outstanding set of international contributors who provide insight on new developments in diabetes care and information on the latest treatment modalities used around the world. The fifth edition features an array of brand new chapters, on topics including: * Ischaemic Heart Disease * Glucagon in Islet Regulation * Microbiome and Diabetes * Diabetes and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease * Diabetes and Cancer * End of Life Care in Diabetes as well as a new section on Psychosocial aspects of diabetes. In addition, all existing chapters are fully revised with the very latest developments, including the most recent guidelines from the ADA, EASD, DUK and NICE. Via the companion website, readers can access a host of additional online materials such as: *200 interactive MCQ's to allow readers to self-assess their clinical knowledge * every figure from the book, available to download into presentations * fully searchable chapter pdfs Once again, Textbook of Diabetes provides endocrinologists and diabetologists with a fresh, comprehensive and multi-media clinical resource to consult time and time again.
250,00 237,50

Type 1 Diabetes

David Levy

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 272

Providing clinicians with the latest developments in research, this new edition of Type 1 Diabetes is a succinct and practical guide to the diagnosis, evaluation, and management of Type 1 diabetes. Part of the Oxford Diabetes Library series, this pocketbook contains 12 fully updated chapters on key topics such as history, epidemiology, aetiology, presentation, insulin treatment, and microvascular and macrovascular complications. It also features new chapters on technology, diet and lifestyle, and pregnancy planning to ensure the reader is fully equipped with the latest understanding of Type 1 diabetes.
40,00 38,00

Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring Made Easy

Nick Oliver, S. Sufyan Hussain

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 128

This innovative new guide to the diabetes technology introduces both insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring to the range of healthcare professionals involved in diabetes care. It is the first book of its kind and covers the principles and step by step implementation of state of the art devices to support people with diabetes. With interactive clinical cases and worked examples it will prove to be an invaluable, practical guide. * Complete, up-to-date guide to insulin pump initiation and getting the most out of pump therapy * A clear framework for systematic interpretation and making the best use of continuous glucose monitoring data * Tips for managing challenging glucose patterns including exercise, alcohol and fasting * BONUS access to the complete downloadable eBook version on Expert Consult
31,00 29,45

The Hands-on Guide to Diabetes Care in Hospital

David Levy

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 176

3 am call: "Mrs X has a blood sugar of 23. Come and deal with it." "I think my insulin pen is called something like Solostar." The respiratory doctors started high dose prednisolone, and the patient s glucose is 18. What is the blood glucose target for this patient admitted with an acute coronary syndrome? Do you struggle with common diabetes problems in hospital practice? The Hands-on Guide to Diabetes Care in Hospital is an ideal companion for ward practitioners, providing answers to these and many other practical diabetes problems, helping you to deliver safe and effective care to patients. Using the best current UK and international guidance, The Hands-on Guide to Diabetes Care in Hospital presents succinct guidance on acute diabetes problems, blood glucose management, acute medical and surgical problems commonly complicated by diabetes and insulin and non-insulin agents, as well as preparing for discharge to the community. With top tips, key points, questions to ask, treatment and follow-up advice in each chapter, this is an essential resource for all medical trainees and students who treat diabetic patients. Ward-based nurses, diabetes specialist nurses and pharmacists will also find a lot that is relevant to their practice.
31,00 29,45

Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Diabetes

Gary Frost

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 352

Publishied on behalf of The British Dietetic Association , Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Diabetes is an exploration of the evidence and practice of nutrition in diabetes, offering a global view of the lifestyle interventions for the prevention and management of diabetes, including management of complications and special population groups. With internationally recognised authors, this book applies the rigour of evidence-based medicine to important enduring topics in diabetes, such as: * public health efforts at diabetes prevention * formulating nutritional guidelines for diabetes * carbohydrates and the glycaemic index * the management of diabetes in older people The authors draw on their research and practical experience to offer sound guidance on best practice, ensuring that interventions are both scientifically secure and effective.
48,00 45,60

ABC of Diabetes

Sudhesh Kumar, Tim Holt

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 136

ABC of Diabetes provides primary care practitioners with a practical guide to all aspects of diabetes including the aetiology, diagnosis and management of Types 1 and 2 diabetes, detection and prevention, and the organization of care and support. Advances in diabetes care take place at a rapid rate and this new edition is updated throughout to cover the latest evidence-based information for contemporary practice. A new chapter describes the management of severe and complex obesity complicated by diabetes and the management of patients through bariatric surgery. It also covers the growing number of devices and digital technology, including health informatics, that can assist in diabetes care and provides evidence of their benefit. With more links to useful websites and resources online, it is now easier than ever to keep up-to-date with changes. Drawing on the professional and teaching experience of an expert author team, ABC of Diabetes is an essential guide for general practice, primary care practitioners, diabetes specialist nurses, as well as for medical students and those training in diabetes as a specialty.
46,00 43,70

Public Health Mini-Guides: Diabetes

Angela Scriven, Josie Evans

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 126

Public Health Mini-Guides: Diabetes provides up-to-date, evidence-based information in a convenient pocket-sized format. Diabetes is a worldwide public health concern and is being referred to as the 'global epidemic of diabetes', the 'silent epidemic' and the 'diabetes timebomb'. The increasing incidence of diabetes, the heavy burden of morbidity and mortality associated with diabetes, and its spiralling healthcare costs, underpin the importance of a public health approach to the prevention and management of diabetes. This Mini-Guide explores in more detail how public health practice might address some of these issues.
13,00 12,35

Il diabete al tempo del cibo. Una sana alimentazione per promuovere il benessere

a cura di E. Baio

editore: Franco Angeli

pagine: 152

Ippocrate ci insegnava a fare del cibo la nostra medicina. Il volume vuole indagare e dimostrare - sulla base di evidenze scientifiche, studi economici e antropologici - l'associazione tra l'assunzione di cibi sani e sostenibili e lo stato di salute della popolazione, declinato nel paradigma delle cronicità, il diabete e le complicanze cardiovascolari. La scienza attesta infatti come cattivi stili di vita, specificatamente un'alimentazione scorretta, siano causa di numerose patologie croniche e che l'alimentazione non è solo preventiva, ma anche terapeutica per le persone diabetiche e per prevenire o ritardare l'insorgenza di complicanze cardiovascolari. Il volume propone al lettore anche numerose ricette per la realizzazione di piatti sani per persone diabetiche e per tutti coloro che desiderano mantenersi in salute con un'alimentazione equilibrata.

Mangiare sano con il diabete

Ricette gustose per diabetici 2

Marlisa Szwillus, Doris Fritzsche

editore: Tecniche Nuove

pagine: 130

14,90 12,67

International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus

Ele Ferrannini, George Alberti
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 1240

The International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus has been a successful, well-respected medical textbook for almost 20 years, over 3 editions. Encyclopaedic and international in scope, the textbook covers all aspects of diabetes ensuring a truly multidisciplinary and global approach. Sections covered include epidemiology, diagnosis, pathogenesis, management and complications of diabetes and public health issues worldwide. It incorporates a vast amount of new data regarding the scientific understanding and clinical management of this disease, with each new edition always reflecting the substantial advances in the field. Whereas other diabetes textbooks are primarily clinical with less focus on the basic science behind diabetes, ITDM's primary philosophy has always been to comprehensively cover the basic science of metabolism, linking this closely to the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of the disease. Edited by four world-famous diabetes specialists, the book is divided into 13 sections, each section edited by a section editor of major international prominence. As well as covering all aspects of diabetes, from epidemiology and pathophysiology to the management of the condition and the complications that arise, this fourth edition also includes two new sections on NAFLD, NASH and non-traditional associations with diabetes, and clinical trial evidence in diabetes. This fourth edition of an internationally recognised textbook will once again provide all those involved in diabetes research and development, as well as diabetes specialists with the most comprehensive scientific reference book on diabetes available.
294,00 279,30

Endocrinology and diabetes

Ramzi Ajjan, Stephen M. Orme

editore: Springer

pagine: 224

This book provides case studies accompanied by questions and commentaries for the specialist registrar in diabetes and endocrinology, to assist with problem-based learning during their training. The case studies range from the everyday to the rare and complicated, presenting a strong foundation for the specialist trainee to prepare them for their qualifying exams and, more importantly, for their future clinical consultations.
85,00 80,75

Diabetes Care

A Practical Manual

Rowan Hillson

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 496

Diabetes is common, chronic, complicated, and costly both to the patient and to the state. It causes distress, disability, and premature death. Most diabetes complications can be prevented or reduced. Diabetes Care Second Edition is a concise and easy-to-read reference source for all aspects of care in the management and understanding of diabetes. This pocketbook provides a step-by-step guide to diabetes care for doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals working in primary, community, and secondary care, particularly general practitioners, practice nurses, diabetes specialist nurses, junior hospital doctors, ward nurses, and pharmacists. The author draws on practical experience taking a common-sense approach to the assessment, education, monitoring, and treatment of diabetes across all age groups and ethnic backgrounds. There are detailed sections on helping patients manage their diabetes in everyday life, extensive advice on the monitoring and adjustment of glucose levels, and discussion on the preventing and coping with emergencies. Focus is primarily on the prevention, detection, and treatment of diabetic tissue damage, including heart disease. The new edition of Diabetes Care - a Practical Manual provides up-to-date guidance on managing diabetic emergencies including hypoglycaemia and diabetic ketoacidosis, and new advice about diabetes care in A&E and the hospital setting. There is also an expanded section on using data and audit to review and improve care.
34,00 32,30

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