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Anestesia e rianimazione

The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Pain Management

Gary J. Brenner, James P. Rathmell

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 665

Offering expert guidance from seasoned clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital, this bestselling handbook provides accurate, clinically essential information in a portable, quick-reference format. Broad-based, multidisciplinary coverage draws from the disciplines of anesthesiology, neurology, behavioral medicine, nursing, psychiatry, and physical therapy to provide practical, evidence-based information for sound therapeutic choices. Now in full color for the first time, The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Pain Management, Fourth Edition, contains numerous new chapters, new illustrations, and other features that keep you up to date with today’s latest approaches to pain management. Contains an extensive new section on interventional approaches to pain management, as well as new chapters on radiotherapy and radiopharmaceuticals for cancer pain and ethical considerations in pain medicine. Features new chapters on discography, epidural steroid injections; intrathecal drug delivery; peripheral nerve blocks; and sympathetic blockade. Includes handy appendices that provide useful medication information, basic science coverage relevant to clinical strategies, and numerous tables and chapter-opening outlines for quick reference
62,00 58,90

Terapia intensiva cardiovascolare

a cura di S. Savonitto, A. Farina

editore: Il Pensiero Scientifico

pagine: 476

Il volume guida il lettore attraverso la gestione pre-ospedaliera delle emergenze cardiologiche, le indicazioni a ricovero in
52,00 44,20

Brown's Atlas of Regional Anesthesia

Ehab Farag, Loran Mounir-Soliman

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 336

Trusted by anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, and pain management specialists through five outstanding editions, Brown's Atlas of Regional Anesthesia, 6th Edition, continues to keep you fully informed and up to date in this fast-changing field. This practical how-to guide demonstrates each technique in an easy-to-follow manner, providing unmatched guidance on administering a wide range of nerve block techniques in all areas of the body. New videos, new illustrations, and new chapters improve your knowledge and expertise, helping you provide optimal, safe regional anesthesia to every patient. Covers the full range of key regional anesthesia topics including anatomy, local anesthetic pharmacology, traditional landmark-based and ultrasound-guided blocks, pediatric regional anesthesia, and chronic pain procedures. Features step-by-step instruction highlighted by superb artwork, new anatomical drawings, and clinical photographs-now entirely in full color. Includes access to a video library that includes numerous new videos covering every block described in the atlas, a new introductory video on daily clinical practice procedures, and enhanced voiceover on all videos. Contains an all-new section on obstetric regional anesthesia, plus new coverage of pic block, serratus anterior block, erector spinae block, stellate ganglion block, rectus sheath catheter block, and pediatric pudendal nerve block, with significant updates to pharmacology sections. Presents a wide variety of images to help you develop a 3-dimensional concept of anatomy essential to successful regional anesthesia: cross-sectional anatomy, illustrations of gross and surface anatomy, and ultrasound, CT, and MRI scans. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
169,00 160,55

Global Anaesthesia

a cura di Rachael Craven, Ben Gupta

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 432

The Oxford Specialist Handbook of Global Anaesthesia is a key reference for anaesthetists working in environments with scarce resources. Whether due to rural locations, poverty, natural disasters, the outbreak of epidemics, or war and conflict, this handbook supports anaesthetists to practice to a high standard in challenging situations and to problem solve when faced with unusual circumstances. Practical and concise, this resource outlines how to make the most of minimal resources, from finding alternatives to typical forms of anaesthesia, to the minimum standards for the safe and effective use of equipment. Intuitively laid out, with preoperative and perioperative instructions across a swathe of sub-specialties, including obstetrics, paediatrics, burns, pain, trauma, and critical care. Written by international experts with a wealth of experience administering anaesthesia in elective and emergency settings across the globe, this essential handbook provides the definitive guide to the provision of consistently safe anaesthesia in unfavourable environments, in a portable and easy-to-read format.
36,00 34,20

Pocket Anesthesia

Richard D. Urman, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld

editore: Wolters Kluwer Health

pagine: 415

60,00 57,00

Anesthesia Secrets

a cura di Brian M. Keech, Ryan D. Laterza

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 512

For more than 30 years, the highly regarded Secrets Series (R) has provided students and practitioners in all areas of health care with concise, focused, and engaging resources for quick reference and exam review. Anesthesia Secrets, 6th Edition offers practical, up-to-date coverage of the full range of essential topics in the practice of anesthesiology. This bestselling resource features the Secrets' popular question-and-answer format that also includes lists, tables, pearls, memory aids, and an easy-to-read style - making inquiry, reference, and review quick, easy, and enjoyable. The proven Secrets Series (R) format gives you the most return for your time - succinct, easy to read, engaging, and highly effective. Fully revised and updated throughout, including protocols and guidelines that are continuously evolving and that increasingly dictate best practices. New chapters on Electrocardiogram Interpretation, Cardiac Physiology, Vasoactive Agents, Volume Assessment, Blood Pressure Disturbances, Mechanical Ventilation Strategies, Perioperative Point-of-Care Ultrasound and Echocardiography, Neuraxial Techniques, Peripheral Nerve and Trunk Blocks, Patient Safety, and Medical Ethics.?? Top 100 Secrets and Key Points boxes provide a fast overview of the secrets you must know for success in practice and on exams. Features bulleted lists, mnemonics, practical tips from leaders in the field - all providing a concise overview of important board-relevant content. Portable size makes it easy to carry with you for quick reference or review anywhere, anytime. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
39,99 37,99

Anestesia, Rianimazione, Terapia Intensiva, Dolore

Opera in 2 volumi

editore: Idelson-Gnocchi

pagine: 1500

A.R.T.I.D., un acronimo ormai irrinunciabile per comprendere come la nostra Disciplina, oggi, abbia raggiunto una sofisticata valenza interdisciplinare.Questo trattato, di circa 1500 pagine, è il prodotto di numerosi autori, operanti in campo universitario ed ospedaliero, e medici in formazione nella nostra Disciplina, che quotidianamente svolgono la loro attività clinica in prima linea.Affronta tutti gli argomenti del nostro settore disciplinare, “l’inafferrabile MED/41”. Un primo capitolo di storia dell’Anestesia introduce il lettore nel vortice delle più aggiornate conoscenze, di base ed applicate, dell’Anestesia oggi in Chirurgia, della Terapia del Dolore, fino ad approfondire puntigliosamente tutta la complessa parte riguardante la Diagnostica e le procedure in Anestesia e Terapia Intensiva; fino a sviluppare gli aspetti più particolari, come quelli che riguardano la legislazione attuale e la responsabilità professionale.Un vero trattato quindi, con l’ambizione di essere di importante aiuto in particolare ai giovani Specializzandi e Professionisti che affrontano questa sempre più delicata Disciplina.1

La decisione terapeutica nella medicina del dolore

Dalla diagnosi patogenetica alla scelta motivata.

Guido Orlandini

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 350

La terapia del dolore non consiste, come molti credono, soltanto nel levare il dolore indipendentemente dalla causa, impostando le scelte terapeutiche sulla valutazione della sua intensità. Su tale premessa, il pilastro portante di questo libro è che con la valutazione algologica si arrivi alla diagnosi patogenetica del dolore e che in base ad essa si imposti la Terapia. Il libro è diviso in due Parti : la prima ha carattere introduttivo con richiami ai concetti fondamentali della fisiopatologia del dolore, e la seconda che affronta il tema della decisione terapeutica, nei diversi tipi patogenetici di dolore.
35,00 33,25

Anestesia Pediatrica

Martin Jöhr

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 240

Per la 9a edizione, questo libro è stato completamente rivisto. Oltre a essere stato integrato con le acquisizioni più recenti, offre una descrizione dell’attuale prassi quotidiana “nel modo in cui viene effettivamente condotta”. Il libro illustra l’approccio agli interventi più frequenti e fornisce le linee guida per la gestione di determinate situazioni, come le emergenze in pazienti non a digiuno, i bambini con infezioni delle vie aeree superiori, i casi di intubazione più difficoltosa o il trattamento della bassa pressione del sangue. Particolare attenzione viene data ai dettagli relativi all’attività quotidiana, come il fissaggio dei tubi e dei cateteri venosi e la scelta dei materiali. In un’appendice, estesa, vengono illustrate le sindromi con implicazioni rilevanti sull’anestesia.   Novità nella 9ª edizione: Nuova sezione sulla chirurgia mininvasiva Malattie metaboliche Il “bambino non cooperativo” e i pazienti con ADHS Nuove regole per il digiuno e terapia infusionale ottimizzata Gestione della pressione del sangue Blocchi dei nervi mascellare e pudendo Bibliografia completamente rivista e aggiornata Scelta e dosaggio dei farmaci Procedure comprovate, tecniche ottimali, materiali più appropriati Piani d’azione trasparenti Il bambino non a digiuno e le situazioni di emergenza Interventi speciali in vari campi di specializzazione Bambini con malattie concomitanti Situazioni problematiche e soluzioni potenziali
35,00 33,25

Gregory's Pediatric Anesthesia

a cura di George A. Gregory, Dean B. Andropoulos


pagine: 1328

As the field pediatric anesthesia advances and expands, so too does the gamut of challenges that are faced by today's anesthesiologists. Gregory's Pediatric Anesthesia aims to fully prepare trainees and experienced professionals for modern practice by equipping them with the knowledge and cutting-edge techniques necessary to safely and successfully anesthetize children for a range of different surgeries and other procedures. Supporting their work with current data and evidence, the authors explore topics including basic principles, potential complications, and best practice, and illustrate their findings with detailed case studies that cover all major subspecialties. This essential new edition includes access to illustrative videos and features new and expanded sections, such as: Anesthesia for Spinal Surgery complications including postoperative blindness Robotic surgery for Pediatric Urological Procedures Anesthesia for Non-Cardiac Surgery in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease (new chapter) Extensive additional ultrasound images for regional anesthesia Neonatal Resuscitation The Pediatric Surgical Home and Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (new chapter) Now in its sixth edition, Gregory's Pediatric Anesthesia continues to provide reliable and easy-to-follow guidance to all anesthesiologists caring for younger patients.
289,00 274,55

Yao & Artusio's Anesthesiology

Problem-Oriented Patient Management

a cura di Hugh C Hemmings

editore: Wolters Kluwer Health

pagine: 1288

105,00 99,75

Terapia Intensiva Secrets

Polly E. Parsons

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 600

Per ottenere le risposte necessarie per una terapia intensiva di successo! Terapia intensiva – Secrets, 6ª edizione, presenta l’usato formato di domande e risposte, che include anche elenchi, tabelle, in uno stile facile da leggere e di rapida e piacevole consultazione. Il collaudato formato della serie «segreti» ti offre il massimo rendimento in termini di tempo – è conciso, coinvolgente ed altamente efficace. Copre l’intera gamma di argomenti essenziali nell’assistenza critica per i professionisti in formazione o praticanti, includendo anatomia, fisiologia, Immunologia e infiammazione – argomenti di fondamentale importanza nella gestione efficace dei pazienti in condizioni critiche. I 100 segreti più importanti ed i punti chiave forniscono una rapida panoramica dei segreti che si devono conoscere per avere risultati positivi nella pratica e negli esami. Le dimensioni ridotte lo rendono di facile consultazione o revisione in qualsiasi luogo ed in qualsiasi momento.
39,00 37,05

Oxford Textbook of Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography

a cura di Anthony McLean, Stephen Huang

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 392

Advanced critical care echocardiography brings many benefits to critical care medicine. For those wishing to practice echo at a more advance level, it is necessary to master the theoretical aspects. The Oxford Textbook of Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography provides a physiological and evidence-based reference guide to the principles and techniques of advanced echocardiography. Both transoesophageal and transthoracic echocardiography are addressed and over 300 videos, 470 figures and, 140 mcqs are included making this an ideal adjunct for courses for intensivists. The foundations of advanced echocardiography are outlined before specific assessment methods of critical care echo are provided. In reality, most critically ill patients do not suffer only one clinical problem so a section on integrated techniques explains how to answer both common and unexpected critical care questions. Finally the re use of echocardiography in critical care is explored. Important reference values for clinical use can be accessed easily in the appendices. The Oxford Textbook of Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography includes access to online-only content, consisting of videos, figures and multiple choice questions that can be used to reinforce understanding. This online material can be accessed by activating your unique access code. Authored by an international team of expert practitioners this textbook reflects the International Consensus Statement on Training Standards for Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography. Designed for trainees and consultants, this resource provides comprehensive and integrated coverage of all aspects of advanced critical care echo.
160,00 152,00

Manuale Washington di terapia intensiva

Marin H. Kollef

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 850

In questo volume si trovano informazioni complete e aggiornate per la diagnosi al letto del malato e la gestione di alcune del
49,00 46,55

Terapia intensiva pediatrica. Manuale di sopravvivenza

Joanna H. Davies, Marilyn McDougall

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 500

Il volume soddisfa la peculiare esigenza d'essere di supporto al personale medico nella propria attività quotidiana di assiste
29,00 27,55
40,00 38,00

50 Landmark Papers Every Acute Care Surgeon Should Know

a cura di Stephen M Cohn, Peter Rhee

editore: CRC Press

pagine: 326

In 50 Landmark Papers every Acute Care Surgeon Should Know, editors Stephen Cohn and Peter Rhee have compiled a selection of the most influential recent contributions to the specialty of acute care surgery/emergency surgery. This book comprises 50 thought-provoking and relevant topics, reviewing carefully selected papers to update the readers on what has been published in the last decade. 50 key papers cover the most relevant studies from a wide range of topics from Acute Cholecystitis to Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia. This book is of interest to surgical residents and trainees, Trauma and Surgical Critical Care fellows and all members of the Acute Care team. This is both an informative and personal look at evidence-based topics, and is relevant to all general and acute care surgeons. About the Editors Stephen M. Cohn, MD FACS Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University Nutley, New Jersey, USA Peter Rhee New York Medical College Westchester Medical Center Valhalla, New York, USA
72,00 68,40

Atlas of Uncommon Pain Syndromes

Steven D. Waldman

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 488

Covering the many relatively uncommon pain conditions that are often misdiagnosed, this one-of-a-kind visual resource clearly presents the extensive knowledge and experience of world-renowned pain expert Steven D. Waldman, MD, JD. Atlas of Uncommon Pain Syndromes, 4th Edition, first and foremost helps you make a correct diagnosis - a critical step in managing patients in chronic pain. Hundreds of high-quality illustrations, as well as x-rays, ultrasound, CTs, and MRIs, help you confirm your diagnoses with confidence. Offers head-to-toe coverage - 135 conditions in all - providing concise, easy-to-read chapters for each condition. Dr. Waldman's practical guidance is designed to help you make the correct diagnosis of uncommon pain syndromes, even the signs and symptoms don't quite fit. Explains each pain syndrome using a consistent, easy-to-follow format: an ICD-10 CM code for billing purposes, followed by a brief description of the signs and symptoms, laboratory and radiographic testing, differential diagnosis, available treatment options, and clinical pearls. Features updated chapters throughout, as well as 12 new chapters covering Hemicrania Continua, Acute Calcific Prevertebral Tendinitis, Sternohyoid Syndrome Snapping Scapula Syndrome, Erythromelagia, Foix-Alajouanine Syndrome, Lumbar Paraspinous Muscle Compartment Syndrome, Clunealgia, Nutcracker Syndrome, Paroxysmal Extreme Pain Disorder, Iliopsoas Tendon Rupture, and Snapping Pes Anserinus Syndrome Provides practitioners and trainees in pain medicine, anesthesiology, neurology, psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, primary care, and more with a firm foundation in the diagnosis of uncommon pain in daily practice. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
136,00 129,20

Oxford Textbook of Critical Care

Mervyn Singer, Andrew Webb
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 1960

Now in paperback, the second edition of the Oxford Textbook of Critical Care is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary text covering all aspects of adult intensive care management. Uniquely this text takes a problem-orientated approach providing a key resource for daily clinical issues in the intensive care unit. The text is organized into short topics allowing readers to rapidly access authoritative information on specific clinical problems. Each topic refers to basic physiological principles and provides up-to-date treatment advice supported by references to the most vital literature. Where international differences exist in clinical practice, authors cover alternative views. Key messages summarise each topic in order to aid quick review and decision making. Edited and written by an international group of recognized experts from many disciplines, the second edition of the Oxford Textbook of Critical Careprovides an up-to-date reference that is relevant for intensive care units and emergency departments globally. This volume is the definitive text for all health care providers, including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other allied health professionals who take care of critically ill patients.
165,00 156,75

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