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Acute Care and Emergency Gynecology

David Chelmow

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 350

Acute Care and Emergency Gynecology covers almost 100 common and uncommon gynecologic problems encountered in urgent and emergency settings. Problems are presented in a case-based approach, integrating relevant evidence-based major Society recommendations where available, and supplementing with carefully researched expert opinion for many common situations for which no guidelines apply. The emphasis in on management. Discussions are designed to be detailed enough to guide practice, but focused to where they can be read in the time available prior to seeing a patient. The book serves two goals: first, it is designed for the many providers who prefer case-based learning, particularly for continuing professional development purposes; secondly, it is designed for rapid reference for someone seeing a similar case in this setting. Essential reading for physicians, midwives, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in the areas of gynecology, family medicine, and primary care who provide gynecologic care in the urgent and emergency setting.
60,00 57,00



G. Carlo Di Renzo

editore: Verduci Editore srl

pagine: 306

47,00 44,65

Urgenze ed emergenze ostetriche e ginecologiche

a cura di M. Massobrio

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 262

Il problema della soluzione ottimale delle urgenze-emergenze ostetriche e ginecologiche impegna in modo particolare i medici ginecologi, coinvolge le sempre maggiori aspettative delle donne rispetto alla salute e alla qualità di vita, richiede agli amministratori di Aziende ospedaliere un notevole sforzo organizzativo e finanziario. Il volume riveste quindi significati non esclusivamente specialistici, ma anche medico-legali e di politica ed economia sanitaria. Le tematiche di pertinenza ostetrica riguardano sia il versante materno che quello feto-placenta-madre.
34,00 32,30

Clinica dell'emorragia del postpartum

Sergio Ferrazzani, Lorenzo Guariglia
e altri

editore: Poletto

pagine: 56

L'emorragia al parto e il rischio per la vita della donna sono fenomeni noti, temuti e sostanzialmente invariati nel tempo com
25,00 23,75

Primary Care for Women

Jeffrey F. Peipert, Phyllis C. Leppert

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 1209

Thoroughly revised and updated for its Second Edition, this comprehensive, practical reference is an essential resource for obstetrician-gynecologists who are increasingly responsible for primary care and need information on the diagnosis and management of non-gynecologic disorders. It offers all primary care practitioners invaluable guidance on the wide variety of problems unique to women. The book includes chapters on age-specific issues to care for female patients at each stage of life and disease-oriented chapters covering all disorders seen by primary care physicians. Disease-oriented chapters include etiology, differential diagnosis, history, physical examination, laboratory and imaging studies, treatment, and special considerations during pregnancy.
110,00 104,50

Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies

Diagnosis and Management

Judith E. Tintinalli, Mark Pearlman
e altri

editore: McGraw-Hill Inc.,US

pagine: 604

This is a well-illustrated quick-reference guide to the complete management of emergent medical problems occurring in women. Formatted to lead the clinician from signs and symptoms to differential diagnosis. It includes a bulleted list of high-yield key facts at the start of each chapter and highlighted diagnostic and treatment guidelines.
88,72 84,28

Primary Care of Women

Fredric D. Frigoletto, Isaac Schiff
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 800

This up-to-date and expanded 2nd edition is an invaluable resource for clinicians committed to providing primary health care to women. It provides a concise, practical synthesis of knowledge from various disciplines, including sections on medical disease, behavioral medicine, and prevention. The coverage focuses on problems commonly seen in primary care practice that occur more frequently or exclusively in women, or that manifest differently or respond differently to treatment in women than men. All topics are thoroughly addressed in a focused, well-organized approach that helps readers quickly locate answers to specific questions. With its focused presentation and clear discussion, "Primary Care of Women, 2nd Edition" offers an authoritative look at the complexities of a woman's biological, emotional, and social functioning in the context of her physical and mental health.
111,00 105,45

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