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Alzheimer Parkinson sclerosi multipla ed altre malattie croniche. La necessità di un trattamento psicologico. Manuale pratico per personale sanitario, familiare ed utenti

Alan Masala

editore: Armando Editore

pagine: 204

In Italia le persone colpite da una malattia cronica sono circa 14 milioni, di questi, coloro che sono al di sopra dei 65 anni
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Alzheimer: guida psicologica per il caregiver

Cristina Vigna

editore: Maggioli Editore

pagine: 198

"Io non so quale sarà il vostro destino, ma so una cosa: le sole persone tra voi che saranno davvero felici sono coloro che ha
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Merritt's Neurology

Elan D. Louis, Stephan A. Mayer
e altri

editore: Wolters Kluwer

pagine: 1760

For more than 60 years, Merritt's Neurology has remained a trusted landmark text in clinical neurology, providing unparalleled guidance on neurologic protocols, treatment guidelines, clinical pathways, therapeutic recommendations, and imaging. The fourteenth edition reflects the state of today's practice, with fully updated content and timely new sections and chapters. With this edition, Dr. James Noble joins Drs. Elan Louis and Stephan A. Mayer as co-editor, all of whom trained at Columbia University where Dr. H. Houston Merritt wrote the initial editions of this book. Lauded for its comprehensive coverage, colorful and dynamic visual style, readability, and ease of use, this up-to-date reference is ideal for neurologists, primary care physicians, and residents alike. Contains more than 150 succinct chapters that offer essential information on signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests, and neurologic disorders of all etiologies. Includes a new section on the global burden of neurological disease, coverage of neurological implications of COVID-19, and new chapters covering: Addiction Sepsis associated encephalopathy New treatment modalities of previously incurable disorders, including inherited neuromuscular diseases New treatments with improved efficacy and tolerability in acute stroke and multiple sclerosis, among others Incorporation of new emerging and established biomarkers into practice Helps you quickly navigate the text and easily visualize neurologic topics with a vivid, highly illustrated, full-color format throughout. Many figures and tables have been incorporated throughout the text for quick reference. Electronic versions of the book will feature a series of new "Need to Know Neurology" video clips that focus on key take-home messages. The textbook can also be bundled with Merritt's Neurology Board Review, a forthcoming companion book with over 500 sample board review questions and answers. Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience Read directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone. Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.
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Guyton e Hall & Battaglini. Fisiologia medica+neurofisiologia

editore: Edra

pagine: 1472

Il Guyton, il testo di fisiologia medica è accompagnato da un manuale che descrive i complessi processi fisiologici alla base
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Current diagnosis & treatment neurology

John C. M. Brust

editore: McGraw-Hill Education

pagine: 608

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Neuroscienze psichiatriche e computazionali

Paolo Brambilla

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 400

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Principles of neural science

editore: McGraw-Hill Education

pagine: 1646

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Neurologia clinica

Paolo Barone, Ubaldo Bonuccelli

editore: Idelson-Gnocchi

pagine: 724


Sistema nervoso periferico. Anatomia funzionale

Manrico Morroni

editore: Edi. Ermes

pagine: 224

Il volume è stato progettato per offrire una sintetica ed essenziale visione di tutto il sistema nervoso periferico
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Bradley and Daroff's Neurology in Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set

Joseph Jankovic, John C. Mazziotta
e altri

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 2400

A practical, dynamic resource for practicing neurologists, clinicians and trainees, Bradley and Daroff's Neurology in Clinical Practice, Eighth Edition, offers a straightforward style, evidence-based information, and robust interactive content supplemented by treatment algorithms and images to keep you up to date with all that's current in this fast-changing field. This two-volume set is ideal for daily reference, featuring a unique organization by presenting symptom/sign and by specific disease entities-allowing you to access content in ways that mirror how you practice. More than 150 expert contributors, led by Drs. Joseph Jankovic, John C. Mazziotta, Scott L. Pomeroy, and Nancy J. Newman, provide up-to-date guidance that equips you to effectively diagnose and manage the full range of neurological disorders. Covers all aspects of today's neurology in an easy-to-read, clinically relevant manner. Allows for easy searches through an intuitive organization by both symptom and grouping of diseases. Features new and expanded content on movement disorders, genetic and immunologic disorders, tropical neurology, neuro-ophthalmology and neuro-otology, palliative care, pediatric neurology, and new and emerging therapies. Offers even more detailed videos that depict how neurological disorders manifest, including EEG and seizures, deep brain stimulation for PD and tremor, sleep disorders, movement disorders, ocular oscillations, EMG evaluation, cranial neuropathies, and disorders of upper and lower motor neurons, as well as other neurologic signs. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
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Valutazione clinica neuro-muscolo-scheletrica

Alessandro Ruggeri, Valentina Toscano
e altri

editore: Edi. Ermes

pagine: 512

Il manuale pratico è strutturato in modo sistematico, dai principi fondamentali alla base della valutazione clinica in ambito
90,00 85,50

Compendio di neuroriabilitazione. Dai quadri clinici alla presa in carico della disabilità

Giorgio Sandrini

editore: Verduci

pagine: 741

Compendio di Neuroriabilitazione – Seconda Edizione Aggiornata ed Ampliata Alla luce del successo riscosso dalla prima edizione abbiamo ritenuto di promuovere la stampa di una nuova completamente rinnovata che ha ora tra i curatori anche Nicola Smania. È noto come la neuroriabilitazione sia una delle discipline, in campo medico, che maggiormente ha visto nel corso degli ultimi anni crescere i settori di ricerca e con essi il numero di pubblicazioni. Abbiamo ritenuto, pertanto, indispensabile, da una parte chiedere agli autori di aggiornare i loro capitoli alla luce dei contributi di maggior interesse pubblicati negli anni recenti e sino ad oggi, dall’altra introdurre ben dodici nuovi capitoli che dessero maggiore spazio a temi che sono diventati sempre più importanti nella pratica clinica. Questo anche considerando che il nostro libro si rivolge a tutti gli Specialisti e Professionisti operanti in campo neuroriabilitativo. I nuovi capitoli riguardano, in particolare, le nuove tecnologie e metodologie per la riabilitazione del paziente neurologico, ma anche le metodologie diagnostiche e di trattamento delle disfagie neurogene, dato il grosso rilievo di questo topic. È stata anche ampliata l’area dei capitoli riguardanti i disturbi cognitivi.
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Asfissia perinatale ed encefalopatia ipossico-ischemica. Prevenzione, diagnosi, terapia e riabilitazione

a cura di F. Ferrari, L. Lucaccioni

editore: Franco Angeli

Oggi è possibile valutare con precisione la gravità dell'encefalopatia ipossico-ischemica (EII) fin dalle prime ore di vita

Neuroanatomy Text and Atlas

John Martin

editore: McGraw-Hill Education

pagine: 525

A regional and functional approach to learning human neuroanatomy – enhanced by additional full-color illustrations and PowerPoint® slides of all images in the text for instructors!Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas covers neuroanatomy from both a functional and regional perspective to provide an understanding of how the components of the central nervous system work together to sense the world around us, regulate body systems, and produce behavior. This trusted text thoroughly covers the sensory, motor, and integrative skills of the brains and presents an overview of the function in relation to structure and the locations of the major pathways and neuronal integrative regions.Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas also teaches readers how to interpret the new wealth of human brain images by developing an understanding of the anatomical localization of brain function. The authoritative core content of myelin-stained histological sections is enhanced by informative line illustrations, angiography, and brain views produced by MRI, and other imaging technologies.• Revised and updated to reflect advances in clinical neuroanatomy and neural science• Full-color illustrations enrich the text, including many new to this edition• Chapters begin with a clinical case to illustrate the connections and functions of the key material • Chapters end with a series of multiple-choice review questions• NEW Online learning center will display brain views produced by MRI and PET• Increases knowledge of the regional and functional organization of the spinal cord and brain, one system at a time• Provides thorough coverage of the sensory, motor, and integrative systems of the brain, together with cerebral vasculature• Promotes understanding of the complex details of neuroanatomy needed for accurate interpretation of radiological image• Comprehensive atlas provides key views of the surface anatomy of the central nervous systems and photographs of myelin-stained sections in three anatomical planes• Includes learning aids such as clinical topics, boxes, chapter summaries, and a Glossary of key terms and structures
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Saverio Cinti, Antonio Giordano

editore: Edi. Ermes

pagine: 304

Il volume affronta la neuroanatomia in maniera classica, partendo dal midollo spinale e dai nervi spinali, per proseguire con
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Il Bergamini di neurologia

a cura di A. Mauro, A. Chiò

editore: Cortina Raffaello

pagine: 848

La nuova edizione del Bergamini di Neurologia, il più diffuso manuale di neurologia in ambito teorico e clinico, presenta al l
74,00 70,30

Essentials of Modern Neuroscience

Franklin Amthor, W. Anne Burton Theibert
e altri

editore: McGraw-Hill Professional

pagine: 720

A NEW core textbook on neuroscience with a uniquely clinical focus and hundreds of full-color illustrations Developed by an exciting author team composed of University of California-San Francisco faculty members who are currently teaching neuroscience, this innovative new resources skillfully bridges the gap between basic and clinical science. Clinical content and numerous cases throughout the book enable readers to actually apply the principles they are learning to real-world situations. Essentials of Modern Neuroscience includes the strong pedagogy that has proven popular in other revised LANGE basic science titles, including chapter opening Learning Objectives, bulleted chapter Summaries, cases, and application boxes. Chapters are intentionally succinct, making them more manageable to student readers. The text is bolstered by nearly 500 rich full-color images that clearly depict the content being discussed in the chapter. The Table of Contents and organization mirrors the way most medical schools teach the subject, and contents include unique chapters on Addiction, Affective Disorders, and Neurologic Diseases.
85,00 80,75

La memoria negata. Combattere l'Alzheimer e la demenza senile con la qualità della relazione. Una guida introduttiva per il familiare e il caregiver

Catia Liburdi

editore: Franco Angeli

pagine: 144

Uno strumento pratico per chi si trova a dover accudire persone con deterioramento cognitivo

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