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Dal 1946 a fianco di professionisti e studenti Scopri cosa dicono di noi





editore: CIC Edizioni Internazionali

pagine: 119

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Carlo Flamigni, Anna Pompili

editore: L'Asino d'Oro

pagine: 197

A 50 anni dalla commercializzazione della prima pillola, l'informazione sui mezzi contraccettivi continua a essere estremamente scarsa e troppo spesso influenzata da interessi commerciali o da posizioni etiche dominanti. Essendo difficile immaginare, e non certo auspicabile, una società fondata sull'astinenza sessuale, è necessario che tutti siano in grado di utilizzare le tecniche contraccettive più idonee. Questo libro, in un'ottica estremamente pratica, intende fornire a ciascuno queste conoscenze: gli autori analizzano, uno per uno, i vari metodi contraccettivi e rispondono a dubbi che frequentemente non trovano soluzione neppure negli ambulatori medici, confutando luoghi troppo spesso comuni.
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A Clinical Guide for Contraception

Leon Speroff, Philip D. Darney

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 432

The thoroughly updated Fifth Edition of this practical handbook is a current, reliable, and readable guide to the intelligent use of today's contraceptive options. The authors provide the essential information that clinicians and patients need to choose the best contraceptive method for the patient's age and medical, social, and personal characteristics. The book concisely covers all available drugs and devices. Each contraceptive method is covered in a single chapter that includes history of the contraceptive, method of action, pharmacology (when applicable), contraindications, and use. This edition includes new and updated information on new oral contraceptive pills, transdermal and vaginal delivery, post-pregnancy contraception, use of Essure for sterilization, and uses of contraceptives for non-contraceptive indications.
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La contraccezione. Quando perché e come

P. Giorgio Crosignani

editore: Franco Angeli

pagine: 104

A dispetto del largo uso che se ne fa, poco si discute di contraccezione e molti suoi aspetti rimangono ancora in ombra

Contraception: Your Questions Answered

John Guillebaud

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 618

This book was one of the original books in the "Your Questions Answered" (YQA) series. Now published as a stand-alone volume it serves as a primary source of information about reversible methods of contraception. Written in an informal - and yet highly informative - question-and-answer style, it represents a dialogue between general practitioner (asking the questions) and reproductive health specialist (providing the answers). The main aim of the book is to give practical guidance to busy clinicians when they are faced with patients who want help with choosing the best means of controlling fertility. Most chapters conclude with questions frequently asked by the patient - the answers to which can be very difficult for the unprepared and busy clinician to improvise 'on the spot' in the surgery.
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Contraception Today

A Pocketbook for Primary Care Practitioners

John Guillebaud

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 168

Previous editions of this best-selling pocketbook have been recognized as the gold-standard introductory guide to contraceptive practice. The target audience, family practitioners and practice nurses, are often well placed to offer good contraceptive advice because they already know the patient's health and circumstances. The latest edition summarizes all available methods of contraception and the various factors to be considered in using them.
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Contraception and Family Planning

Ian Milsom

editore: Elsevier Health Sciences

pagine: 256

"European Practice in Gynaecology and Obstetrics" is a series of books conceived and endorsed by the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EBCOG). Its aim is to provide up-to-date, evidence-based information that represents the consensus of opinion among leading European experts in the field, as part of the overall aim of standardising training and practice in order to ensure quality care and facilitate exchange among physicians in all parts of Europe and the rest of the world. The topics chosen for each volume are those of significant clinical interest where treatment is changing in response to research findings and developments in practice. The volume editor and contributing authors are European specialists invited to contribute because of their expertise in their field. The books concentrate on various types of management used in European practice as well as published results. The authors present treatments for which a consensus exists and - when there is no consensus - they discuss the key elements of the controversy. Each book provides a review of the basic science, recent concepts in pathophysiology, clinical aspects, treatment and unresolved problems or controversies, as well as the major recent references. A final section provides multiple-choice questions for each chapter.
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Handbook of Contraception and Reproductive Sexual Health

Suzanne Everett

editore: Baillière Tindall

pagine: 800

This handbook offers sound, up-to-date, practical information and advice about the complete spectrum of approaches to contraception and reproductive sexual health. It gives detailed explanation of all contraceptive methods, including how to use them, contra-indications, interactions and the anxieties clients may have. Some of the problems encountered are highlighted and suggestions given as to how these may be resolved. This is the only current book on contraception written by a nurse and it discusses the role of the professional in detail.
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Contraception today



editore: Taylor & Francis

pagine: 154

21,00 19,95

La contraccezione

D. Serfaty

editore: Medical Books

pagine: 400

35,12 33,36

Fertility Control

Update and Trends

B. Runnebaum, T. Rabe

editore: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K

pagine: 268

The name of Benno Runnebaum is closely tied to the status of gynaecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine and so it seemed appropriate to dedicate this conference book entitled "Fertility Control" to him in recognition of his achievements. His clinical and research work is reflected in more than 450 original scientific publications and many young scientists and doctors from home and abroad have received their further clinical and scientific training in his department. With this volume we would all like to thank Professor Runnebaum as a mentor and friend for his achievements in the field of gynaecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine.
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