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Endocrinologia e metabolismo

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Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism 9°th Edition

John P. Bilezikian

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 1100

Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism, 9th Edition is the comprehensive revision of the field-leading reference on bone and mineral health. The eighth edition has been fully revised by the leading researchers and clinicians in the field to provide concise coverage of the widest possible spectrum of metabolic bone diseases and disorders of mineral metabolism. Chapters look to explain basic biological factors of healthy development and disease states and make it easily translatable to clinical interventions. Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism is the definitive, one-stop reference for anyone working in the field of bone health and disease.
190,40 161,84

Diabete e Tecnologia. Terapia insulinica verso il futuro e oltre

Ivana Rabbone

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 130

La tecnologia negli ultimi anni ha rivestito un ruolo importante nella terapia del diabete tipo 1 che nei Paesi occidentali rappresenta più del 90% dei casi di diabete nell’infanzia e nell’adolescenza. Il progresso tecnologico è sicuramente in rapida evoluzione e questo volume si pone come obiettivo quello di raccontare l’evoluzione tecnologica applicata alla terapia del diabete tipo 1 verso il futuro e di rappresentare un aggiornamento facile e immediato in particolare per i medici in formazione che effettuano i primi passi di gestione della terapia del diabete e per altre categorie che fanno parte dei team diabetologici come infermieri, dietisti e psicologi. Un pensiero è rivolto anche ai pazienti e alle loro famiglie che sempre di più sono interessati ad un aggiornamento sulle nuove terapie.
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Metabolismo turbo. Prevenire e curare diabete, obesità, malattie cardiache e altre malattie metaboliche trattandone le cause

Pankaj K. Vij

editore: My Life

pagine: 271

Mentre il moderno stile di vita occidentale si diffonde in tutto il globo, lo stesso accade alla sindrome metabolica: insieme
14,90 12,67

Obesità, sovrappeso e disturbi alimentari: una lettura psicoanalitica. Patologia dell'oralità, patologia della dipendenza, patologia del legame con l'altro

Valentina Carretta

editore: Alpes Italia

pagine: 73

I disturbi del comportamento alimentare (DCA) sono in costante e preoccupante aumento, anche in età pediatrica, tanto da costi
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Guida pratica di endocrinologia

Marco Boscaro

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 432

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Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology

Mosby Physiology Series

Bruce White, John R Harrison
e altri

editore: Elsevier Science Ltd

pagine: 288

Gain a foundational understanding of how endocrine and metabolic physiology affects other body systems in health and disease, including the clinical dimensions of reproductive endocrinology. Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology, a volume in the Mosby Physiology Series, explains the fundamentals of this complex subject in a clear and concise manner, while helping you bridge the gap between normal function and disease with pathophysiology content throughout the book. Helps you easily master the material in a systems-based curriculum with learning objectives, Clinical Concept boxes, highlighted key words and concepts, chapter summaries, self-study questions, and a comprehensive exam. Includes nearly 200 clear, 2-color diagrams that simplify complex concepts. Features clinical commentaries that show you how to apply what you've learned to real-life clinical situations. Keeps you current with recent advances in endocrine physiology with expanded material on reproductive endocrinology and metabolism, and many updates at the molecular and cellular level. Covers the latest developments in fertilization, pregnancy, and lactation, as well as fetal development, puberty, and the decline of reproductive function with age. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. Complete the Mosby Physiology Series! Systems-based and portable, these titles are ideal for integrated programs. Blaustein, Kao, & Matteson: Cellular Physiology and Neurophysiology Johnson: Gastrointestinal Physiology Koeppen & Stanton: Renal Physiology Cloutier: Respiratory Physiology Pappano & Weir: Cardiovascular Physiology Hudnall: Hematology: A Pathophysiologic Approach
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Core Topics in Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care of the Morbidly Obese Surgical Patient

Christopher Bouch, Jonathan Cousins

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 292

An essential read for healthcare providers across all disciplines, this book is a comprehensive guide to the perioperative management of the obese patient. Providing practical guidance on specific aspects of physiology, pharmacology and anaesthetic technique, it addresses the increasing prevalence of obese patients in both elective and emergency settings and the need for a definitive text on the perioperative care for these patients. With content mapped to the Royal College of Anaesthetists learning matrices, the book covers key topics such as: * Epidemiology of obesity * Pathophysiology of obesity * Pre-operative assessment * Intra- operative management * Post-operative care * Bariatric surgery.
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Endocrine and Metabolic Medical Emergencies

A Clinician's Guide

Glenn Matfin

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 832

The Essential Guide to Recognizing and Treating Acute Endocrine and Metabolic Illness Endocrinology covers some of the most common conditions and serious public health challenges facing medicine today, and endocrine and metabolic emergencies constitute a large proportion of the clinical workload. Endocrine and Metabolic Medical Emergencies: A Clinician s Guide provides a singular reference to help endocrinologists, acute and general medicine clinicians, hospitalists and critical care physicians, and general practitioners recognize the symptoms of endocrine emergencies and provide the highest standards of care. Already the definitive and most comprehensive guide to endocrine emergency care, this new second edition: provides acute care guidance for a range of both common and unusual endocrine emergencies; details the effects of acute medical and critical illness on metabolic and endocrine systems, and their impacts on endocrine investigations; discusses special patient populations, including the impacts of aging, pregnancy, transplantation, late-effects, perioperative, inherited metabolic disorders and HIV/AIDS on presentation and management; and features detailed coverage of disorders by system, as well as, metabolic bone diseases, neuroendocrine tumors, and more. Packed with case studies, images, and chapters written by distinguished authors, this guide is designed for both quick reference and study. Coverage includes the presentation, diagnosis, management, and treatment of endocrine and metabolic disorders in an acute care setting, as well as the most up-to-date guidance on issues including clinical lipidology, glucose, sodium, calcium and phosphate, and more. Blending the latest science with clinical and practical advice, this invaluable resource helps clinicians stay up to date with the field s relevant body of knowledge while providing the practical, clinical insight they need in order to provide their patients with the utmost level of care.
170,00 144,50

Endocrine Physiology

editore: McGraw Hill Higher Education

pagine: 309

54,00 45,90

Practical Diabetes Care

David Levy

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 480

Concise, affordable and extremely practical, Practical Diabetes Care, 4th edition offers a wholly clinical approach to diabetes and its treatment. Covering all the practical aspects of all major aspects of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, it also includes the very latest in clinical research and trial results. Structured in a problem-orientated way, the book focuses on the areas of maximum anxiety for health-professionals treating patients with diabetes, e.g. hyperglycaemic emergencies, and multiple complications. Easy to navigate, clear and convenient for when on the wards and in clinic, this is the perfect guide to the practical aspects of caring for patients with diabetes.
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Diagnostic Pathology: Endocrine

Vania Nose

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 700

Part of the highly regarded Diagnostic Pathology series, this updated volume by Dr. Vania Nos� is a visually stunning, easy-to-use reference covering 125 of the most common endocrine pathology diagnoses. Outstanding images-more than 2,400 in all-make this an invaluable diagnostic aid for every practicing pathologist, resident, or fellow. This second edition incorporates the most recent clinical, pathological, histological, and molecular knowledge in the field to provide a comprehensive overview of all key issues relevant to today's practice. Essential knowledge in all areas of endocrine pathology, including thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenal, pancreas, skin, and inherited tumor syndromes Unsurpassed visual coverage with more than 2,400 carefully annotated clinical images, gross pathology, histology, and special and immunohistochemical stains that provide clinically and diagnostically important information on typical and variant disease features Designed to help you identify crucial elements of each diagnosis along with associated differential diagnoses and pitfalls to more quickly resolve problems during routine sign out of cases Time-saving reference features include bulleted text, a variety of test data tables, key facts in each chapter, annotated images, and an extensive index Thoroughly updated content throughout, reflecting new WHO classifications for endocrine diseases, recently discovered and newly described endocrine disease entities and genetic causes, and treatment changes of endocrine diseases New coverage of encapsulated follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma (EFVPTC), with a new chapter on the new entity NIFTP, new genetic discoveries in the development of pheochromocytoma and paragangliomas, new names that demonstrate the differentiation of certain tumors, and new information on immunoglobulin G4-related disease (IgG4-RD) involving thyroid Expert ConsultT eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
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Trent'anni di sfida al diabete. Legge 115/87 e non solo...

a cura di E. Baio, T. Grilli

editore: Franco Angeli

pagine: 116

Un trittico d'autore: può definirsi così la legge 115, frutto della sinergia di associazioni, diabetologi, parlamentari e uomi

Practical Guide to Obesity Medicine

Jolanta Weaver

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 350

Get a quick, expert overview of the many key facets of obesity management with this concise, practical resource by Dr. Jolanta Weaver. Ideal for any health care professional who cares for patients with a weight problem. This easy-to-read reference addresses a wide range of topics - including advice on how to "unpack" the behavioral causes of obesity in order to facilitate change, manage effective communication with patients suffering with weight problems and future directions in obesity medicine.Features a wealth of information on obesity, including hormones and weight problems, co-morbidities in obesity, genetics and the onset of obesity, behavioral aspects and psychosocial approaches to obesity management, energy and metabolism management, and more. Discusses pharmacotherapies and surgical approaches to obesity. Consolidates today's available information and guidance in this timely area into one convenient resource.
80,00 68,00

La fine del diabete

Joel Fuhrman

editore: Macro Edizioni

pagine: 336

"Perché limitarsi a gestire il diabete quando lo si può eliminare per sempre? ""Per prevenire e far regredire il diabete non servono i farmaci, ma un cambiamento radicale del nostro modo di mangiare"".Dottor Joel Fuhrman A differenza di quanto vi è stato detto finora, il diabete non è una malattia cronica. Non è una condanna destinata ad abbreviare l'aspettativa di vita o a causare ipertensione, cardiopatie, insufficienza renale, cecità o altre malattie potenzialmente mortali. In realtà, quasi tutti i diabetici possono sospendere l'assunzione dei farmaci e tornare sani al cento per cento solo adottando poche regole. In queste pagine il dottor Fuhrman, specialista qualificato in materia di nutrizione, ci rivela come possiamo prevenire e far regredire il diabete e le relative complicanze recuperando al tempo stesso il peso forma. La fine del diabete è un'idea radicale espressa in un programma estremamente semplice: mangiare meglio per sconfiggere il diabete. Con oltre 50 ricette, gli esempi di menu (colazione, pranzo e cena), le risposte alle domande più frequenti, i consigli per medici e pazienti questo libro ci dimostra, con un linguaggio coinvolgente, semplice e diretto, che diabete, cardiopatie e ipertensione non sono conseguenze inevitabili del processo di invecchiamento: sono reversibili e prevedibili con un'alimentazione sana.
16,50 14,03
62,00 52,70

Togli peso alla tua vita. Sconfiggere l'obesità con l'approccio multidsciplinare

Andrea Formiga, Alessandra Freda
e altri

editore: Mind Edizioni

pagine: 160

Questo volume nasce dall'esperienza del team C.I.B.O. (Centro Interdisciplinare Bariatria e Obesità) di Monza, che fa del metodo integrato il proprio punto di forza nella cura dell'obesità. Il gruppo è infatti composto da dietista, endocrinologo, psicologo e chirurgo che lavorano in stretto coordinamento tra loro. Il libro, oltre all'analisi medico-scientifica della specifica patologia, fornisce indicazioni nutrizionali e dietologiche su una corretta alimentazione; piccoli trucchi e soluzioni mentali per superare i momenti di crisi compulsiva; descrizione dettagliata, ma semplice e senza tecnicismi, delle varie tipologie di interventi endoscopici e chirurgici disponibili attualmente, evidenziandone punti di forza e debolezza; guida alla sintomatologia post-operatoria, con conseguente alterazione dei gusti e delle abitudini alimentari. Il testo raccoglie anche alcune testimonianze emblematiche di pazienti che hanno condiviso il percorso diagnostico/terapeutico relativo alla risoluzione del problema obesità e delle malattie a esso correlate con il C.I.B.O. Il paziente diventa narratore protagonista: la ricerca del miglioramento personale, il coraggio del cambiamento, una nuova fisionomia, la riconquista della motilità perduta hanno effettivamente migliorato la sua salute, il suo stato d'animo e la coscienza di sé; inoltre, gli hanno consentito un reinserimento completo nella società e il riscatto sociale nelle dinamiche lavorative e personali.
14,00 11,90

Obesità e sonno: dalla patogenesi alla terapia. Ottavo rapporto sull'obesità in Italia

a cura di Istituto auxologico italiano

editore: Il Pensiero Scientifico

pagine: 248

L'8° Rapporto sull'obesità in Italia, curato dall'Istituto Auxologico Italiano, esplora ampiamente la relazione bidirezionale tra obesità e sonno, discutendone i meccanismi patogenetici e le scelte terapeutiche, fornendo particolari riferimenti anche alle differenze di genere e alle peculiarità del problema nelle diverse epoche della vita (dall'infanzia fino alla terza età). Completa il volume il consueto capitolo dedicato alla diffusione dell'obesità in Italia, anche in relazione ai disturbi del sonno, con dati aggiornati a cura dell'ISTAT.
35,00 29,75

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