Libri Malattie della retina: Novità e Ultime Uscite
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Malattie della retina

Ryan's Retina

3 Volume Set

a cura di Andrew P. Schachat, Charles P. WilkinsonDavid R. HintonSriniVas R. SaddaPeter WiedemannK. Bailey FreundDavid Sarraf
e altri

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 3112

Through six outstanding and award-winning editions, Ryan's Retina has offered unsurpassed coverage of this complex subspecialty-everything from basic science through the latest research, therapeutics, technology, and surgical techniques. The fully revised 7th Edition, edited by Drs. SriniVas R. Sadda, Andrew P. Schachat, Charles P. Wilkinson, David R. Hinton, Peter Wiedemann, K. Bailey Freund, and David Sarraf, continues the tradition of excellence, balancing the latest scientific research and clinical correlations and covering everything you need to know on retinal diagnosis, treatment, development, structure, function, and pathophysiology. More than 300 global contributors share their knowledge and expertise to create the most comprehensive reference available on retina today. Features sweeping content updates, including new insights into the fundamental pathogenic mechanisms of age-related macular degeneration, advances in imaging including OCT angiography and intraoperative OCT, new therapeutics for retinal vascular disease and AMD, novel immune-based therapies for uveitis, and the latest in instrumentation and techniques for vitreo-retinal surgery. Includes five new chapters covering Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Imaging Analysis, Pachychoroid Disease and Its Association with Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy, Retinal Manifestations of Neurodegeneration, Microbiome and Retinal Disease, and OCT-Angiography. Includes more than 50 video clips (35 new to this edition) highlighting the latest surgical techniques, imaging guidance, and coverage of complications of vitreoretinal surgery. New videos cover Scleral Inlay for Recurrent Optic Nerve Pit Masculopathy, Trauma with Contact Lens, Recurrent Retinal Detachment due to PVR, Asteroid Hyalosis, and many more. Contains more than 2,000 high-quality images (700 new to this edition) including anatomical illustrations, clinical and surgical photographs, diagnostic imaging, decision trees, and graphs. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
605,00 532,00

The Duke Manual of Vitreoretinal Surgery

Sharon Fekrat

editore: Wolters Kluwer Health

pagine: 250

Concise, authoritative, and easy to navigate, The Duke Manual of Vitreoretinal Surgery offers a step-by-step, highly illustrated approach to the most commonly performed vitreoretinal operating room procedures. Ideal for vitreoretinal surgeons, ophthalmology residents, retina fellows, and OR nurses and scrub techs, it contains practical guidance from the highly esteemed vitreoretinal surgery fellowship program at Duke University making it an unparalleled “how-to” manual for the wide variety of cases and operative scenarios you may encounter. Offers a step-by-step outline for each surgical procedure, from preoperative considerations through postoperative care, including numerous surgical pearls. Contains 250 full-color photographs and illustrations that clearly depict techniques and other essential aspects of vitreoretinal surgery. Covers surgery basics, gas and oil tamponades, pediatric retinal surgery, and management of challenging vitreoretinal surgical scenarios. Provides access, via the eBook, to 50 surgical videos from the Duke archive.  Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience Read directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone. Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.
162,00 153,90

Retinal Detachment Surgery and Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy

From Scleral Buckling to Small Gauge Vitrectomy

Diego Ruiz-Casas, Ulrich Spandau
e altri

editore: Springer International Publishing AG

pagine: 490

This clinically oriented book provides a complete overview of Proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) Retinal Detachment, a difficult surgical challenge faced by ophthalmologists. Small gauge vitrectomy offers new possibilities to tackle this difficult pathology however this surgical approach may differ from one retinal surgeon to the next. To reflect the various approaches to treating PVR, the book is divided up in three parts. In the first part the authors describe the complete variety of surgical techniques applied to PVR detachment. In the second section, well-known international surgeons from Europe to Asia describe their personal surgical approach for PVR detachment and demonstrate their surgery in videos. In the third part, a large variety of retinal surgeons show case reports of PVR retinal detachment to give a complete overview of dealing with this complex retinal disorder.
135,00 128,25

The Retinal Atlas

David Sarraf, K. Bailey Freund
e altri

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 1200

With more than 5,000 images, a unique page layout, and comprehensive illustrations of the entire spectrum of vitreous, retina, and macula disorders, The Retinal Atlas, 2nd Edition, is an indispensable reference for retina specialists and comprehensive ophthalmologists as well as residents and fellows in training. For this edition, an expanded author team made up of Drs. K. Bailey Freund, David Sarraf, William F. Mieler, and Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, each an expert in retinal research and imaging, provide definitive up-to-date perspectives in this rapidly advancing field. This award-winning title has been thoroughly updated with new images with multimodal illustrations, new coverage and insight into key topics, and new disorders and classifications, while retaining the innovative page layout that has made it the most useful and most complete atlas of its kind.
294,00 279,30

Intraocular Tumors: An Atlas and Textbook

Carol L. Shields, Jerry A. Shields

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 608

Order these two volumes together and save 15% off the individual price! Intraocular Tumors, 3rd Edition and Eyelid, Conjunctival, and Orbital Tumors, 3rd Edition PACKAGE Search ISBN: 978-1-4963-2363-7 For outstanding visual clarity in ocular diagnosis ...nothing else comes close. In this updated and revised third edition, world-renowned authorities at the Wills Eye Hospital provide outstanding guidance on recognition, evaluation, and treatment of ocular tumors, highlighted by more than 2,500 stunning photographs and surgical drawings. This unsurpassed ocular oncology resource is a comprehensive guide to the clinical features, diagnosis, management, and pathology of intraocular tumors and pseudotumors, depicting clinical variations, treatment, and histopathologic characteristics of the many varied benign and malignant lesions that affect the uveal tract, retina, and other intraocular structures. Now brought thoroughly up to date with recent clinical and scientific innovations, this unique volume has been greatly expanded with over 25% new material, and offers more high-quality images than any other text/atlas in the field. * Presents each entity in an easy-to-follow format: a concise description with references on the left-hand page and six illustrations on the right-hand page.* Depicts in precise photographic detail the gross and microscopic features that distinguish each condition, while professional drawings and intraoperative photographs demonstrate key surgical principles and procedures.* Features numerous new references regarding diagnosis and treatment, as well as new scientific tables containing key information for your clinical practice.* Features 25% new images, including panoramic images, surgical images, diagnostic testing images from multiple modalities, and updated OCT images with numerous enhanced depth imaging OCT (EDI-OCT).* Covers new information on evolving conditions such as the management of choroidal nevus and melanoma with guidance for early detection using risk factors; information on the newest treatment for retinoblastoma with intra-arterial and intravenous chemotherapy; management of intraocular tumors with photodynamic therapy. Important new information on genetics of uveal melanoma, the implications of genetics, and treatment outcomes is describedNow with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, which can be downloaded to your tablet and smartphone or accessed online and includes features like: * Complete content with enhanced navigation* Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web* Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation* Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text* Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues* Quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use
310,00 294,50

Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine Retinopathy

David J. Browning

editore: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

pagine: 291

Malpractice settlements are large for undetected hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine toxicity which, if untreated, can lead to permanent loss of central vision. Knowledge of the ocular toxicity of these drugs has increased during the past fifty years as their use has expanded. Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine Retinopathy is the first single-source book on the subject and is essential for the practicing ophthalmologists, rheumatologists, dermatologists, and internists who prescribe these drugs. It covers clinical topics such as signs and symptoms of toxicity, toxicity screening, ancillary testing, to whom and why the drugs are prescribed and dosing considerations. Additionally, the book addresses practice management considerations, including coding, reimbursement and equipment costs, and the medico-legal responsibilities of the rheumatologist and of the ophthalmologist. Guidelines for the management of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine vary around the world and differences between the guidelines of the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries are identified. The book concludes with a collection of case examples illustrating common clinical scenarios and their management. This book is a "must-have" resource for physicians who use these drugs.
65,00 61,75

Surgical Management of Intraocular Inflammation and Infection

Dean Eliot, P. Kumar Rao

editore: JP Medical Ltd

pagine: 125

Inflammatory and infectious diseases in the eye often present very challenging diagnostic dilemmas and are difficult to manage. Despite advances in anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory therapy, permanent structural changes can occur in the eye because of intraocular inflammation or infection. These are best managed with surgery. Modern treatment of these inflammations and infections involves novel drug therapy and retina-vitreous surgical procedures. This is the first book to review the recent surgical protocols used in the management of intraocular inflammation and infection, and covers indications, pre-procedure therapy, surgical procedure, and complications. Key Points * First book to review the latest surgical intervention procedures to manage inflammation and infection of the eye * Covers indications, accompanying therapy, techniques, and complications * Contributing team of leading US experts
114,00 108,30

Handbook of Retinal Screening in Diabetes

Diagnosis and Management

Deborah Batey, Roy Taylor

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 184

Beginning with chapters summarizing the basics of diabetic retinopathy, this updated volume outlines the need for screening, how to screen safely and correctly, and the normal condition of the retina without diabetic retinopathy, all using excellent line and halftone illustrations. The core focus then moves on to examining each different form of retinopathy, all supported by outstanding color retinal photographs illustrating the appearance of the retina at various stages of retinopathy, plus an analysis on the best treatment for each stage. The book ends with chapters providing self-assessment questions of the type that screeners will encounter when gaining their now mandatory retinal screening qualifications, as well as a background information chapter offering advice on related UK, European, and US organizations. A website contains all the full-color retinopathy images from the book, with the option to download these into presentations.
69,00 65,55

Gass' Atlas of Macular Diseases

Anita Agarwal

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1378

This fifth edition of "Gass' Atlas of Macular Diseases", by Dr. Anita Agarwal, provides expert diagnostic guidance on macular disorders and quickly brings you up to date on this evolving specialty. Using a case-based approach, it richly depicts a full range of retina and macular diseases, including new infectious, degenerative, and dystrophic conditions. Take advantage of the latest imaging technologies to identify common and rare disorders, and confirm difficult diagnoses with the aid of more than 5,500 high-quality images. Printed in full color for the first time, this edition is accessible online.
320,00 304,00

The Retina and Its Disorders

Dean Bok, Joseph Besharse

editore: Academic Press Inc

pagine: 910

This selection of articles from the "Encyclopedia of the Eye" covering retina, optics/optic nerve and comparative topics constitutes the first reference for scientists, post docs, and graduate students with an interest beyond standard textbook materials. It covers the full spectrum of research on the retina - from the basic biochemistry of how nerve cells are created to information on neurotransmitters, comparisons of the structure and neuroscience of peripheral vision systems in different species, and all the way through to injury repair and other clinical applications. This is the first single volume to integrate comparative studies into a comprehensive resource on the neuroscience of the retina. Chapters are carefully selected from the "Encyclopedia of the Eye" by one of the world's leading vision researchers. The best researchers in the field provide their conclusions in the context of the latest experimental results.
120,00 114,00

Diabetic Retinopathy

The Essentials

Gloria Wu

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 288

"Diabetic Retinopathy: The Essentials" is written for general ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as family practitioners, diabetologists, and internists who encounter diabetic patients on a daily basis. It focuses on the diagnosis and management of diabetic retinopathy from the point of view of the retinal specialist. The book begins with the epidemiology, anatomy, and pathophysiology of diabetic retinopathy, and then covers important topics such as classification issues, diagnostic testing, examination techniques, new treatment modalities, patient management, indications for vitrectomy, pregnancy concerns, and informed consent. Coverage includes both general medical issues in diabetes and specifically ophthalmologic concerns. Features include more than 200 full-color photographs, case studies, and algorithms for patient management. A companion website includes the full text online and an image bank.
130,00 123,50

Retina Atlas - A Global Perspective

R. C. Saxena, Sandeep Saxena

editore: Jaypee brothers Medical publishers

pagine: 1040

Retina Atlas: A Global Perspective is a presentation of vitreoretinal disorders through 2300 images. The first section discusses different imaging techniques - fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography, ultrasonography, microperimetry and multifocal electroretinogram. The second section examines numerous ocular disorders including retinal vascular, macular, vitreoretinal surgical, inflammatory and infectious, traumatic, hereditary chorioretinal, optic nerve and tumours. With contributors from Europe and the USA, this comprehensive atlas includes a DVD ROM. NEW: Retina Atlas App - compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Available from iTunes.
150,00 142,50

Trattamento del distacco retinico primario: la storia, le opzioni, le tecniche

Ingrid Kreisig

editore: Springer Verlag

pagine: 235

Questo volume, scritto dai maggiori esperti nel campo della chirurgia vitreo-retinica, raccoglie le informazioni piu aggiornate e costituisce quindi una guida completa e valida per il chirurgo. L'opera si apre con un'analisi approfondita dell'evoluzione della chirurgia del distacco di retina, durante gli ultimi 70 anni. All'inizio del 21esimo secolo, con l'utilizzo di quattro procedure principali, si sta manifestando un cambiamento nel pattern delle modalito di trattamento. Gli esperti nel campo della chirurgia vitreo-retinica descrivono poi queste tecniche chirurgiche: cerchiaggio con drenaggio, retinopessia pneumatica, vitrectomia e chirurgia sclerale minimale senza drenaggio. I vantaggi e gli svantaggi di ciascuna tecnica sono valutati in relazione con una selezione di casi, singole procedure chirurgiche di riattaccamento della retina, riaccollamento definitivo, funzione visiva e analisi costi/benefici. Un intero capitolo presenta un confronto fra le varie tecniche di chirurgia vitreo-retinica. Il libro descrive inoltre, le potenzialita della farmacoterapia adiuvante piu recente (triamcinolone acetonide intravitreale, anti-metabolita, fluorouracile, daunorubicina, eparina, ecc) per migliorare l'esito chirurgico e funzionale dell'intervento. Infine, l'ultimo capitolo intitolato "Prospettive," e dedicato alle nuove tecniche di imaging e alle medicine anti-proliferative. L'opera, che contiene numerose immagini digitali e tabelle e uno strumento fondamentale per la diagnosi e la ricostruzione del distacco primario di retina. Il volume e rivolto ad oftalmologi, specializzandi in chirurgia vitreo-retinica, laureandi e studenti."

Retina and Optic Nerve Imaging

Carl D. Regillo, Thomas A. Ciulla

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 398

This book is designed to be the primary resource for clinicians and researchers looking for information on posterior segment imaging. The book summarizes and reviews imaging technologies which have emerged over the past 20 years, emphasizing those developed in the last three years. It also discusses technologies currently in the developmental or experimental stage. The book is organized topically by imaging modality, but each chapter discusses the disease process in the context of the imaging techniques. The chapters compare and contrast these techniques and discuss their advantages and disadvantages, ultimately recommending the best modality given the particular situation. Over 450 images, 137 in full color, complement the text.
179,00 170,05

Retina: Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Ophthalmology

Allen Ho, Carl D. Regillo
e altri

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 312

The new "Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Ophthalmology Series" is a unique combination of text, quick reference, and color atlas, covering every essential sub-specialty in Ophthalmology including pediatrics. Each title features more than 150 color illustrations throughout and a short, succinct format, which in most cases, includes: Epidemiology and Etiology, History, Physical Examination, Differential Diagnosis, Laboratory and Special Examinations, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Management.
80,65 76,62

Diseases of the Macula

A Practical Approach

Jack J. Kanski, Stanislaw A. Milewski

editore: Mosby

pagine: 240

This title is the recipient of the Royal Society of Medicine Book Awards 2002 and the highly commended British Medical Association Book Awards 2003. "Diseases of the Macula" provides a practical and clinically oriented approach to the diagnosis and management of macular disorders. It covers not only diseases that primarily affect the macula, such as age-related macular degeneration, but also those that might have an indirect but never-the-less significant effect on macular function, such as vascular and inflammatory diseases.Many diseases in this book are illustrated with brief case studies, to help bring them to life and facilitate learning. Liberally illustrated throughout with over 400 photographs (300 in full colour), and supplemented with case studies, this book is carefully organised so that the most important conditions are described towards the beginning of each chapter, with the less common conditions following. This highly accessible and practical title will be invaluable to the general ophthalmologist and to optometrists, and particularly to trainees.
108,00 102,60

Retina, Choroid and Vitreous

The Requisites

Jose S. Pulido

editore: Mosby

pagine: 240

Finally, there appears a book dedicated solely to the posterior segment of the eye. "Retina, Choroid, and Vitreous" is the fifth volume and a perfect complement of the "Requisites in Ophthalmology" series; it extracts the most essential information of what is important to learn for both ophthalmologists in practice and in training. Dr. Pulido covers the most frequently found diseases, such as: age-related macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in the U.S.) and its recent breakthroughs, repair of retinal trauma and detachment, treatment of infections, and the evaluation of all imaging technologies and diagnostic modalities. Unique to the requisite series, it adopts a well-illustrated format comprised of boxes, highlighted sections, and points to remember. In addition, colour photographs depict the latest imaging techniques in order to aid the physician in accurately diagnosing ailments.
122,00 115,90

Retina, vitreo, macula. Vol 2°


Guyer, D. R. et al.

editore: Verduci Editore srl

pagine: 1345

205,00 194,75

Handbook of Pediatric Retinal OCT and the Eye-Brain Connection

Cynthia A. Toth

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 368

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) plays a vital role in pediatric retina diagnosis, often revealing unrecognized retinal disorders and connections to brain injury, disease, and delayed neurodevelopment. Handbook of Pediatric Retinal OCT and the Eye-Brain Connection provides authoritative, up-to-date guidance in this promising area, showing how to optimize imaging in young children and infants, how to accurately interpret these images, and how to identify links between these images and brain and developmental disorders. Illustrates optimal methods of OCT imaging of children and infants, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to recognize and avoid artifacts Explains how the OCT image may relate to brain disease and delayed neurodevelopment Features more than 200 high-quality images and scans that depict the full range of disease in infants and young children Provides guidance in identifying retinal layers and important abnormalities. Covers the structural features of the retina and optic nerve head in developmental, acquired, or inherited conditions that affect the eye and visual pathways Offers practical ways to set up imaging programs in the clinic, operating room, or neonatal nursery Enhanced eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices

Retina and Vitreous Surgery

Abdhish R. Bhavsar

editore: Saunders

pagine: 288

Whether you're in training or an established practitioner, the brand-new "Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Series" features the essential information you need on a variety of surgical maneuvers in six subspecialty areas. Every author has been carefully selected for each title based on their experience and wealth of clinical expertise. And, each book is presented in a concise, templated format that complements the commentary and procedures on the accompanying DVD.

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