Medicina subacquea

Deep diving. Guida avanzata alla fisiologia, alle procedure e ai sistemi

Bret Gilliam, Robert von Maier
e altri

editore: Magenes

pagine: 412

Questo manuale fornisce una panoramica bilanciata sui lati più affascinanti dell'immersione profonda e i suoi pericoli più ins
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Diving and Subaquatic Medicine

Carl Edmonds, John Lippmann
e altri

editore: Apple Academic Press Inc.

pagine: 865

Considered an essential resource by many in the field, Diving and Subaquatic Medicine remains the leading text on diving medicine, written to fulfil the requirements of any general physician wishing to advise their patients appropriately when a diving trip is planned, for those accompanying diving expeditions or when a doctor is required to assess and treat anyone who has been involved in a diving accident. For this fifth edition the original author, Carl Edmonds, is joined by a new team of collaborators and the content has been entirely refreshed and updated throughout. Clinical cases, a feature popular with readers, are expanded, as is the illustrative content. Established and emerging diseases of diving medicine are all covered in full, as is the latest in types of diving, including free and indigenous diving, and associated equipment. Each medical disorder is discussed from a historical, etiological, clinical, pathological, preventative and therapeutic perspective in the informative and accessible style that has made previous editions so popular. Vital reading for physicians, paramedics, naval personnel, and diving organizations, those who know the book already will waste no time in acquiring this update, while those new to the text will quickly find it a must for the personal bookshelf.
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Corso di apnea

a cura di U. Pelizzari, S. Tovaglieri

editore: Mursia

pagine: 624

Un manuale completo, illustrato e interamente aggiornato per diventare apneisti. Dalla teoria alla pratica questo Corso accompagnerà l'aspirante apneista alla scoperta di uno sport, affascinante e completo, che è allo stesso tempo una disciplina mentale e fisica. Un manuale che non deve mancare nell'attrezzatura del subacqueo (apneista e non) che voglia imparare a migliorare le tecniche di respirazione, di rilassamento, di nuoto, di immersione e ampliare le sue conoscenze teoriche. Decine di esercizi, illustrati con utili sequenze di immagini, consentono all'allievo e al suo istruttore di costruire un percorso didattico facilitato ed efficace sia per chi s'immerge con le due pinne sia per chi sceglie la monopinna. Dall'esperienza di due sportivi che da anni si dedicano all'apnea agonistica e all'insegnamento, finalmente un manuale che unisce la ricerca didattica e teorica all'esperienza pratica.
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Physiology and Medicine of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Stephen R. Thom, Tom S. Neuman

editore: Saunders

pagine: 768

Written by internationally recognized leaders in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) research and practice, this exciting new book provides evidence-based, practical, useful information for anyone involved in HBOT. It outlines the physiologic principles that constitute the basis for understanding the clinical implications for treatment and describes recent advances and current research, along with new approaches to therapy. This book is an essential tool for anyone who cares for patients with difficult-to-heal wounds, wounds from radiation therapy, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more.
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Mixed gas diving. Immersione a miscele

Tom Mount, Bret Gilliam

editore: Magenes

pagine: 495

Un testo che affronta il tema dell'immersione a miscele al di fuori del circuito commerciale/militare
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20,00 19,00

Medicina Subacquea e Iperbarica Vol.1

Scuola di Specializzazione in medicina Subacquea ed iperbarica Università di Chieti

Data, P.

editore: Manusa Edizioni

pagine: 522

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Handbook on Hyperbaric Medicine

Daniel Mathieu

editore: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

pagine: 834

The decade since the first Handbook on Hyperbaric Medicine has seen major advances: studies have clarified the actions of hyperbaric oxygenation; clinical practice is becoming more scientific; various organisational and operational guidelines are now widely accepted. This new Handbook arises from the EU Co-operation in Science and Technology (COST) programme for hyperbaric medicine, COST B14, in combination with the results of a number of recent experimental and clinical studies.
265,00 251,75

Diving Medicine

Alfred A. Bove, Jefferson C. Davis

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 644

"Diving Medicine" has earned a worldwide reputation as the definitive source on diving safety and the management of diving-related health conditions. The new 4th Edition has been completely revised and updated while still retaining its practical clinical orientation. It covers basic diving physiology the pathophysiology of decompression, sickness assessment of physical fitness for diving diagnosis, and treatment of diving-related disorders, and much more.
105,00 99,75

Bennett and Elliotts' Physiology and Medicine of Diving

Alf Brubakk, Tom S. Neuman

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 800

For the last 30 years, this book has been considered the "bible" of diving medicine. It is extremely well known to doctors and researchers working in this field, and its editors and contributors are internationally recognized as experts on the subject. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments in the field. Be sure to check sales of the previous edition on this title. It is well known in the field of diving.
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Hyperbaric medicine practice


Kindwall, E. P. , Whelan, H. T.

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 952

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Hyperbaric oxygenation for cerebral palsy and the brain-injured child

A promising treatment

Neubauer, R. A.

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 166

40,00 38,00

International textbook of mixed gas diving


Lettnin, H. K. J.

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 264

24,00 22,80

NOAA diving manual

Diving for science and technology

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 320

134,00 127,30

Technical diving in depth


Wienke, B. R.

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 460

67,00 63,65

Essentials of diving safety

Diving and boating preparedness, advanced safety techniques, dive travel guide

Yapor, W. Y.

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 133

20,00 19,00

Recompression chamber life support manual

Instructor/student guide for the use of breathing gases during hyperbaric exposures

Rutkowski, D.

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 108

42,00 39,90

Hyperbaric facility safety: a practical guide


Workman, W. T.

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 754

148,00 140,60

High pressure breathing air handbook


Mcbride, W. E.

editore: Best Publishing

pagine: 212

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