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Libri e librai dal 1946 Scopri cosa dicono di noi


Le fratture di scapola

Giuseppe Porcellini, Sergio Candiotto
e altri

editore: Timeo

pagine: 246

120,00 102,00

Surgery of the Hip

Daniel J. Berry, Jay MD Lieberman

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 1368

Offering authoritative, comprehensive coverage of hip surgery, the 2nd Edition of Surgery of the Hip is the definitive guide to hip replacement, other open and arthroscopic surgical procedures, and surgical and nonsurgical management of the hip across the lifespan. Modeled after Insall & Scott Surgery of the Knee, it keeps you fully up to date with the latest research, techniques, tools, and implants, enabling you to offer both adults and children the best possible outcomes. Detailed guidance from expert surgeons assists you with your toughest clinical challenges, including total hip arthroplasty, pediatric hip surgery, trauma, and hip tumor surgery. Discusses new topics such as direct anterior approach for total hip arthroplasty, hip pain in the young adult, and hip preservation surgery. Contains new coverage of minimally invasive procedures, bearing surface selection, management of complications associated with metal and metal bearing surfaces, management of bone loss associated with revision THA, and more. Provides expert, personal advice in "Author's Preferred Technique" sections. Helps you make optimal use of the latest imaging techniques, surgical procedures, equipment, and implants available. Includes access to select procedural videos online. Covers tumors of the hip, hip instability and displacement in infants and young children, traumatic injuries, degenerative joint disorders, and rehabilitation considerations-all from both a basic science and practical clinical perspective. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
351,00 298,35

Ortopedia pediatrica

Guido Barneschi

editore: Timeo

pagine: 216

L’ortopedia pediatrica è una branca fondamentale dell’ortopedia e, allo stesso tempo, rappresenta una parte consistente dell’attività clinica di un pediatra. Una cattiva gestione di questa materia può portare a conseguenze deleterie per il bambino e a enormi sprechi dal punto di vista economico per le famiglie e il sistema sanitario. Nel presente libro viene riportata l’esperienza maturata in questo settore nel corso di molti anni di attività svolta nella Clinica ortopedica dell’Università di Firenze e di oltre 25 anni di insegnamento di Ortopedia pediatrica nella Scuola di specializzazione in Pediatria dell’Università di Firenze, iniziata già nel vecchio Ospedale Meyer.Questo libro ha un approccio originale alla materia, partendo da un’impostazione semeiologica (la deformità, il dolore, la tumefazione e la disfunzione), in modo da orientare immediatamente la consultazione. I suoi contenuti sono fortemente innovativi e, pur mantenendo le basi dettate dalla tradizione ortopedica italiana, si ispira ai moderni concetti dei Maestri dell’ortopedia pediatrica mondiale, in particolare Lynn Staheli, John Herring e la scuola che fa capo a Tachdjian, Fritz Hefti e Alain Dimeglio: si rimanda alle loro splendide monografie per un approfondimento delle nozioni che troverete in questo libro.
100,00 85,00

Ortopedia pediatrica. guida pratica illustrata

Guido Barneschi

editore: Timeo

pagine: 214

L'ortopedia pediatrica è una branca fondamentale dell'ortopedia e, allo stesso tempo, rappresenta una parte consistente dell'a
100,00 85,00

Principi AO per il trattamento delle fratture

Richard E. Buckley, Christopher G. Moran
e altri

editore: Edra

pagine: 1136

Il manuale "Principi AO per il trattamento delle fratture" è un punto riferimento della traumatologia a livello mondiale
249,00 211,65
90,00 76,50

Obtorto Collo

Alberto Lissoni

editore: Ghedimedia

18,00 16,20

La responsabilità dell'ortopedico

a cura di D. Vasapollo

editore: Maggioli Editore

pagine: 226

Il volume affronta in maniera scientifica, senza tralasciare le ricadute operative, le tematiche della specificità della figur
24,00 20,40

Operative Techniques in Lower Limb Reconstruction and Amputation

a cura di Gordon Lee

editore: Wolters Kluwer Health

pagine: 312

220,00 187,00
325,00 276,25

Netter's Moving AnatoME

An Interactive Guide to Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Stephanie Marango, Carrie B. McCulloch

editore: Elsevier Science Ltd

pagine: 202

Students and practitioners in the health sciences face a universal paradox: while preparing to be a caregiver to others, it's easy to lose sight of one's own health and well-being. Netter's Moving AnatoME: An Interactive Guide to Musculoskeletal Anatomy helps you meet and overcome this challenge in a highly personal, uniquely effective way. This movement-based, interactive resource encourages you to approach anatomy by moving while you learn, with expert guidance from online videos designed exclusively for students of anatomy. Both fun and functional, this experiential learning approach jump starts your personal commitment to self-care, relaxation, and work-life balance by integrating academic material with real-life application. Study anatomy as it relates to your own moving body: Understand the range of motion as you move your joints, notice the contours of muscles and bones under your skin, and feel muscles stretch between proximal and distal attachments-bringing anatomy education to life as you explore your own Moving AnatoME. Approach the study of musculoskeletal anatomy from a mindful perspective-that of your own body movements as you learn from the print material and more than 40 videos online. Benefit from a quick overview of structure and function, tips for personal and patient care, Practice What You Preach boxes, and Clinical Correlation boxes that link anatomy concepts to clinical presentation, physical exam, surgery, and related clinical situations. Make the most of your study time by strengthening your anatomy comprehension and moving in the direction of increased physical awareness, self-care, and overall wellbeing. Explore each region of your body joint by joint, assimilating knowledge through personal yoga and Pilates exercises that demonstrate the anatomy of each region. Learn from authors, wellness educators, and yoga/Pilates instructors Dr. Stephanie Marango and Dr. Carrie McCulloch-physicians who are committed to bridging the gaps between movement and medicine. Relax and have fun as you prepare and study for the challenging task of learning musculoskeletal anatomy, and gain practical tips for building healthy habits along your personal continuum of self-care. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
36,00 30,60

Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism 9°th Edition

John P. Bilezikian

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 1100

Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism, 9th Edition is the comprehensive revision of the field-leading reference on bone and mineral health. The eighth edition has been fully revised by the leading researchers and clinicians in the field to provide concise coverage of the widest possible spectrum of metabolic bone diseases and disorders of mineral metabolism. Chapters look to explain basic biological factors of healthy development and disease states and make it easily translatable to clinical interventions. Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism is the definitive, one-stop reference for anyone working in the field of bone health and disease.
190,40 161,84
216,00 183,60
50,00 42,50

Musculoskeletal Injections and Alternative Options. Softcover.

A practical guide to 'what, when and how?'

a cura di Maneesh Bhatia

editore: CRC Press Inc

pagine: 242

Musculoskeletal injections for joint or tendon problems are performed commonly and their use, which can result in a marked improvement in acute symptoms as well as delay or postpone surgery, is on the rise. Key features: Provides concise, current and portable information Covers the latest treatment options, supported by scientific evidence and guidelines Discusses alternative injections, non-injection measures and novel treatment modalities Text supported by illustrations and video of injection procedures and physiotherapy Ideal for both the non-specialist seeking an introduction to the subject and the more experienced practitioner This accessible guide helps doctors from various disciplines including orthopaedics, sports medicine, rheumatology, radiology and primary care as well as allied health care professionals understand the indications and local anatomy to safely perform injections with complication avoidance. In addition, the book provides useful information regarding other alternatives including physiotherapy and novel modalities. The content is supported by current evidence, guidelines and companion videos.
38,00 32,30
90,00 76,50

Injection Techniques in Musculoskeletal Medicine

A Practical Manual for Clinicians in Primary and Secondary Care

Stephanie Saunders


pagine: 319

The fully updated fifth edition of Injection Techniques in Musculoskeletal Medicine is a trusted step-by-step guide for a wide range of practitioners who deal with the management of painful joints and soft tissues, particularly in relation to sports and overuse injuries. Area-by-area guidance is given for each lesion on appropriate patient selection and delivery of the drug. Every technique has its own two-page spread, the first consisting of a detailed but easy-to-follow description of the causes, positive assessment findings, anatomical details and injection procedure. The facing page shows an anatomical illustration of the region and a photograph displaying landmarks for the injection. This edition features brand-new full-colour photographs and case studies. An online trainer, which covers all the most common injection techniques and aims to test the reader's knowledge, accompanies this edition. This trainer uses case studies, videos, animations and interactive self-assessment on anatomical landmarks, differential diagnoses, assessment criteria, drug selection and technical skills. There is also access to a library of over 50 video clips showing supplementary injection techniques, which clearly demonstrate the correct anatomical position for each needle insertion. . Illustrations, references, lesions, drugs, controversies . Chapters on Other Injectable Substances; Landmark and Image Guided Injections . Latest evidence in injection therapy literature . Adapted and simplified practical sections . Brand new full colour photographs . Case studies
57,00 48,45

Atlante di anatomia chirurgica. Vie d'accesso in traumatologia

Cofanetto Arto superiore + Bacino e arto inferiore

Gianfranco Zinghi, Raffaele Pascarella
e altri

editore: Timeo

pagine: 700

Questo testo atlante in due volumi, con più di 700 pagine, 400 disegni anatomici, 200 immagini di campo operatorio e documentazione di casi clinici emblematici, vuole mettere nella giusta luce le conoscenze necessarie per accedere, “a cielo aperto”, a un segmento scheletrico fratturato. L’anatomia che studiavamo sui banchi dell’università ci ha fornito quel bagaglio culturale fatto di muscoli, vasi e nervi che è necessario, ogni tanto, rispolverare. Per questo motivo abbiamo voluto mettere insieme schemi e disegni riguardanti sia le vie d’accesso, sia l’anatomia chirurgica.Abbiamo pensato di contenere lo scritto al minimo indispensabile, privilegiando l’iconografia.Tutte le tavole portano la firma di insigni maestri e/o allievi della scuola di disegno anatomico dell’Istituto Rizzoli; le foto dei campi operatori sono state selezionate da un’enorme quantità di osservazioni con particolare attenzione sia all’aspetto estetico, sia a quello didattico.L’opera è in due volumi, il primo (320 pagine) riservato all’arto superiore, il secondo (384 pagine) alla pelvi, al cotile e all’arto inferiore. Abbiamo escluso le ricerche anatomiche e le vie d’accesso dedicate alla chirurgia della mano perché di stretta competenza superspecialistica.I radiogrammi che documentano i vari tipi di frattura (pseudoartrosi e consolidazioni viziose comprese) non vogliono privilegiare né una tecnica operatoria, né questo o quel mezzo di sintesi, bensì descrivere la via d’accesso più adatta al tipo e al livello della lesione.
270,00 250,00
120,00 111,00

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