Libri Sclerosi multipla: Novità e Ultime Uscite
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Sclerosi multipla

Più forte del destino. Tra camici e paillette. La mia lotta alla sclerosi multipla

Antonella Ferrari

editore: Mondadori

pagine: 173

Essere una donna disabile in un mondo in cui l'immagine femminile appare sempre patinata e perfetta non è facile, ma Antonella Ferrari, attrice e ballerina, malata di sclerosi multipla, non si è mai arresa tanto da diventare un punto di riferimento, una fonte di ispirazione per tante persone meno fortunate. "Mi sono beccata tantissime porte in faccia, tantissime delusioni ma dovevo andare avanti anche per tutti quelli che vivono bloccati per colpa di una malattia." In questo libro Antonella, per la prima volta, racconta la sua storia. E lo fa senza censure, condividendo i suoi momenti di sconforto, la rabbia, la frustrazione, la fatica di rialzarsi dopo ogni caduta ma anche la grande gioia data da ogni piccola conquista e l'enorme soddisfazione di avercela fatta, di aver trovato il suo posto nel mondo dello spettacolo.
9,00 8,55

Sclerosi multipla. 300 consigli per rendere più facile la propria vita

Shelley Peterman Schwarz

editore: Red Edizioni

pagine: 112

Un volume che si rivolge ai pazienti e alle famiglie coinvolte da questo problema. Uno strumento per rendere la vita dei malati più semplice.
12,00 11,40

Primer on Multiple Sclerosis

Barbara S. Giesser

editore: Oxford University Press Inc

pagine: 504

Primer on Multiple Sclerosis was developed to provide a comprehensive overview of the clinical and basic science aspects of MS. It is designed to be of practical use to clinical neurologists, and addresses all of the major issues that may occur in the management of persons with MS. The reader is provided with the latest information on the science of MS, including immunology, genetics, epidemiology and pathology, as well as a summary of the newest directions in basic science research. Guidelines for diagnosis and appropriate use of diagnostic modalities are presented. All clinical aspects of MS are discussed, including extensive information on aspects that may be more challenging for the neurologist to manage, such as sleep disorders and pain. Disease modifying therapies, including those that are FDA approved, as well as off label and experimental therapies are discussed. Finally, there are chapters on employment and legal issues, as well as an overview of clinical trials and clinical trial outcome measures, which are helpful in reviewing the scientific literature in these areas.
60,00 57,00

Multiple Sclerosis

Recovery of Function and Neurorehabilitation

Alan J. Thompson, Giancarlo Comi
e altri

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 260

Recent developments in basic and applied science have led to better understanding of disease mechanisms and more efficient therapies for multiple sclerosis. The most effective way of managing these patients is through a carefully planned neurorehabilitation programme. The main aims are to reduce disability and handicap and improve functions through effective training, stimulating activity and social participation. As the first text on recovery of function and neurorehabilitation in MS, this book focuses on mechanisms of recovery, application of neuroplasticity to therapeutic interventions, and determination of the efficiency of these interventions. Basic principles of neurorehabilitation in MS are described, as well as techniques for treating specific syndromes which may occur in MS. Written and edited by leading clinicians and researchers, the book achieves an excellent balance between basic science, pathophysiology, and clinical rehabilitation. An essential resource for clinicians and therapists treating patients with multiple sclerosis, neurophysiologists, and health care advisors.
82,00 77,90

Multiple Sclerosis 3

Claudia Lucchinetti, Reinhard Hohlfeld

editore: Saunders

pagine: 496

"Multiple Sclerosis 3" emphasizes the latest in the pharmacologic treatment of this incurable inflammatory demyelinating disorder. Primary editors Claudia Lucchinetti, MD, and Reinhard Hohlfeld, MD, with the aid of all new contributors, present a complete and current reference on multiple sclerosis that includes discussions of such hot topics as Biomarkers, Genomics, and Surrogate Outcomes in MS; Pediatric MS; Transverse Myelitis; Attack Therapies in MS; Current Disease-Modifying Therapeutic Strategies in MS; Management of Aggressive MS; Symptomatic Therapies in MS; Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies; and Strategies to Promote Neuroprotection and Repair. Distinguish between MS and other similar demyelinating disorders and know the best and most aggressive methods of treatment. This title in the "Blue Books of Neurology" series is exactly what you need to treat the disease and its relapses.
199,00 189,05

Guarire dalla sclerosi multipla

Ann Boroch

editore: Il Punto d'Incontro

pagine: 320

La sclerosi multipla è una malattia autoimmune del sistema nervoso centrale progressivamente invalidante, che colpisce circa tre milioni di individui in tutto un mondo. Si tratta di una condizione infiammatoria che distrugge la mielina, la bianca sostanza grassa che isola i nervi, impedendo la trasmissione degli impulsi nervosi. Sebbene questa malattia sia per lo più ritenuta incurabile, Ann Boroch ha sviluppato un innovativo protocollo di trattamento che sta producendo risultati sorprendenti. Questo testo descrive la sua ricerca, la storia di coloro che hanno avuto la meglio sulla sclerosi multipla e una sezione pratica che spiega come sviluppare il proprio piano di trattamento.
14,90 14,16

Multiple Sclerosis

A Comprehensive Text

Cedric S. Raine, Henry McFarland
e altri

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 480

Multiple sclerosis has rapidly changed over the last decade into a condition necessitating a multi-disciplinary approach to both its management and understanding. This book reflects all these advances, including contributions from genetics, immunology and molecular biology. The many new drugs, both approved or in advanced stages of clinical trials, which give cause for optimism for the treatment of the disease, are described. This new comprehensive work has both editors and contributors that bring together basic science researchers and clinicians from Europe and the USA.
162,00 153,90

Multiple Sclerosis Care

A Practical Manual

Bernadette Porter, Jennifer Freeman
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 408

Multiple Sclerosis Care - A Practical Manual is a concise and easy to use reference source for all aspects of care in the management and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It is useful for all health professionals involved in the care of people with MS, including hospital doctors and GPs, therapists and social workers. It takes account of the latest scientific evidence and guidelines in the management of MS, and takes a practical and pragmatic approach to the evaluation of controversial aspects of MS care. The book is divided into five sections, beginning with background information on MS history. The second section concentrates on the diagnosis of MS, while the third deals with ongoing management of the condition. Part four provides practical advice on auditing and service evaluation, and finally, the book lists additional resources, websites, charities and other useful information. Each aspect of MS is easy to access, with simple line diagrams and tables, as well as examples of investigations, including MR scans. The book offers handy, easy to use information for practical and scientific information about MS. The handbook has been written by a neurologist, physiotherapist and specialist nurse, all leaders in their field, who are all involved in both MS research and active service delivery to people affected by the disease.
30,00 28,50

The Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Multiple Sclerosis

Anthony Feinstein

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 274

Multiple sclerosis is the most common cause of neurological disability in young and middle-aged adults. This fully updated and revised new edition provides a detailed account of the many neuropsychiatric disorders associated with MS and is relevant to both the research and the clinical setting. Using the latest brain imaging findings and results from treatment trials, the symptoms, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of depression in MS are covered, as are psychosocial factors and the link between depression and MRI abnormalities. Subsequent chapters focus on cognitive dysfunction in MS, including the natural history of cognitive change, the use of screening instruments and neuropsychological batteries, brain imaging correlations and management strategies. The book concludes with a survey of the behavioral benefits and risks associated with disease-modifying drugs. It will be valuable to all mental health professionals, neurologists, and others caring for those affected by MS.
74,00 70,30

The Neurobiology of Multiple Sclerosis

Intern. Review of Neurobiology vol. 79

Minagar, A.

editore: Academic Press

pagine: 732

146,00 138,70

Multiple Sclerosis and Demyelinating Diseases

Advances in neurology Vol. 98

Freedman, M. S.

editore: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

pagine: 374

Focuses on multiple sclerosis and related demyelinating diseases. This book examines developments in diagnosis, treatment, and other aspects of clinical management. It also presents evidence-based treatment protocols and reviews clinical testing of therapies.
165,00 156,75

McAlpine's Multiple Sclerosis

Alastair Compston, Christian Confavreux
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 992

Since 1955, this landmark masterwork has been revered for its authoritative presentation of the entire state of scientific and clinical knowledge about multiple sclerosis. This new edition summarises the state of knowledge on this common neurological disease to mid-2005. No person who aspires to know about multiple sclerosis can do without this book! The state-of-the-art 4th Edition presents the most recent information on the genetics and epidemiology, clinical neurology, pathogenesis, and management of this common neurological disease. Amply illustrated and referenced and beautifully written, "McAlpine's Multiple Sclerosis" has been described as - 'A standard reference for multiple sclerosis researchers, embryonic 'MS-ologists' and hard-pressed clinical neurologists alike' - ("Brain", review of the last edition).
245,00 232,75
83,00 78,85

Multiple Sclerosis as a Neuronal Disease

Stephen G. Waxman

editore: Academic Press Inc

pagine: 496

This book examines the role of neurons in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and the changes that occur in neurons as a result of MS. It places MS in a new and important perspective that not only explains the basis for symptom production, remission, and progress in MS, but also promises to open up new therapeutic possibilities. It brings together the latest information from clinical, pathological, imaging, molecular, and pharmacological realms to explore the neurobiology of Multiple Sclerosis. It is superbly illustrated and referenced.
178,00 169,10

Costi sociali e aspetti farmacoeconomici

M. Pia Amato, Emilio Portaccio

editore: Springer Verlag

pagine: 60

La sclerosi multipla (SM) rappresenta la seconda causa di disabilità neurologica nel giovane adulto, dopo i traumi cranici
23,91 22,71

Multiple Sclerosis

Etiology, Diagnosis, and New Treatment Strategies

Howard L. Weiner, Michael J. Olek

editore: Humana Press Inc.

pagine: 246

A synthesis of current concepts about the evaluation, treatment, and future directions in MS. On the evaluation side, the authors review the use of MRI, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, functional MRI, and three-dimensional MRI, and consider the rapidly developing body of pathologic information they have yielded. On the treatment side, the focus is on recently approved medications (Novantrone), new indications for medications (CHAMPS Trial), medications in development (Oral Interferon Tau, Oral Copaxone, and Oral Cellcept), immunosuppressive therapy for both progressive disease and symptomatic therapy; the current medications for treating relapsing-remitting MS (Avonex, Betaseron, and Copaxone) are also discussed. For future directions, the authors present the current best thinking, as well as the latest discoveries in immunology relating to MS, including groundbreaking B-cell research and its applications to specific immunotherapies, and the use of immune markers for tracking the disease.
101,00 95,95

Systemic Sclerosis

Daniel E. Furst, Philip J. Clements

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 417

Systemic Sclerosis is a comprehensive, standard reference on sclerosis written by well-known experts in the field. The book presents a concise overview of the causes of scleroderma, as well as the latest information on the development and diagnosis of the disease. Problems in affected organs are discussed along with treatment options. The Second Edition has been revised and expanded to make it a more clinically useful reference, with the increased number of diagrams, pictures, and tables, inclusion of highlighted "nuggets" of therapy, and detailed explanation of appropriate tests to order based on organ involvement.
208,00 197,60

Multiple Sclerosis in Clinical Practice

Aaron Miller, Fred Lubin
e altri

editore: Taylor & Francis Ltd

pagine: 256

Because multiple sclerosis is a variable, unpredictable condition of unknown aetiology and poorly understood pathogenesis, a condition that places an enormous burden - physical, psychological, social and financial on those affected by it (patients, family, careers and friends), unanswered questions need addressing. Popular television shows like "West Wing" have brought MS to the attention of millions of viewers. Multiple Sclerosis in Clinical Practice provides answers for those in family practice when being interviewed by patients and family. Clinical trial data are analyzed and presented in a clear, concise style so that those diagnosing and treating MS patients can do so in an effective manner. This is a practical guide for all those working in clinical practice.
86,00 81,70

Multiple Sclerosis

John Noseworthy, W. Ian McDonald

editore: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

pagine: 400

This practical resource presents key information on multiple sclerosis-from diagnosis and clinical features...through genetics and rehabilitation and the psychosocial consequences of the disease. Completely revised and updated, it examines the latest research and advances in patient management.
124,00 117,80

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