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Anomalie della visione

Pickwell's Binocular Vision Anomalies

Bruce J. W. Evans

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 464

Now in a fully up-to-date 6th Edition, Pickwell's Binocular Vision Anomalies provides a practical introduction to binocular vision, offering comprehensive theory, how-to clinical guidance, and a summary of current research in a single, consolidated volume. Ideally suited for both students and clinicians, this bestselling text serves as an accessible, evidence-based reference when faced with binocular vision or pediatric challenges.
97,00 92,15

Atlante-guida alla refertazione dell'esame del campo visivo

Guido Corallo

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 338

Questo atlante fa da naturale compendio al Manuale di Perimetria, dello stesso autore
45,00 42,75

Contact Lenses 6°Edition

Anthony J. Phillips, Lynne Speedwell

editore: Elsevier Health Sciences

pagine: 672

Completely revised with the latest advances, evidence, and standards needed for everyday practice, Contact Lenses, 6th Edition, remains a definitive work on this multi-faceted topic, ideal for optometrists, dispensing opticians, ophthalmologists, and contact lens practitioners. This classic, superbly designed text is perfectly suited for health care professionals, providing all of the essential knowledge needed in one convenient volume. Provides up-to-date, authoritative information on contact lens materials and lens types, treatment in contact lens and tear film complications, and myopia correction and contact lenses for abnormal ocular conditions. Discusses current topics such as miniscleral lenses, keratoconus, corneal cross linking, and paediatric, cosmetic and prosthetic contact lenses. Includes NEW online access to ExpertConsult, with calculators and simulation programs for scleral lens fitting, sagittal values, soft toric mislocation, front vertex power, orthokeratology and rigid lens design, and more. Contains high-quality line diagrams and clinical illustrations to highlight key points in the text. Focuses on the evidence behind contact lens practice, enabling you to make informed choices about the care you give to your patients. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
202,99 192,84

Manuale di perimetria

Guido Corallo

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 320

45,00 42,75

Fondamenti di Ottica della Visione

Ferdinando Catalano

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 274

28,00 26,60

Miopia. percezione e personalità

Conoscere la miopia per comprendersi meglio

Luca Marchi

editore: Medical Books

pagine: 146

18,00 17,10

Visual Diagnosis in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Alexander B. Baer, Christopher P. Holstege
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 204

Improve your skills in visual diagnosis Speed and accuracy of diagnosis is the key to saving lives in emergency and critical care medicine. Careful visual inspection of the patient, the data (radiography, electrocardiogram), and related clues can often help providers choose the right diagnosis and ultimately the best treatment - but this knowledge comes with experience. This book provides 110 randomly presented visual diagnosis cases for self-testing, imitating real-life situations found in the emergency department setting. Written by distinguished emergency and critical care physicians, and thoroughly revised and updated throughout, this second edition includes 25% new cases and is an ideal aid for trainees preparing for Board examinations as well as an invaluable 'refresher' for qualified emergency and critical care providers.
74,00 70,30

Visual Fields

Thomas Walsh

editore: Oxford University Press Inc

pagine: 336

This third edition of Visual Fields: Examination and Interpretation contains revisions and updates of earlier material as well as a discussion of newer techniques for assessing visual field disorders. The book begins with a short history of the field of perimetry and goes on to present basic clinical aspects of examination and diagnosis of visual field defects in the optic nerve, optic disc, chorioretina, optic chiasm, optic tract, lateral geniculate field bodies, and the calcarine complex. Additional aspects of visual field examination are explored including those of monocular, binocular, and junctional field defects, congruity vs. incongruity, macular sparing vs. macular splitting, density, wedge-shaped homonymous field loss, and monocular temporal crescent. Various new techniques of automated perimetry are also considered including SITA, FASTPAC, and SWAP. In all, this volume provides a very useful overview of the techniques, both old and new, of visual field examination in a multiplicity of eye disorders and as such will be of interest to all ophthalmologists, neuro-opthalmologists, retina specialists, and optomestrist.
84,00 79,80

Normal Binocular Vision

Theory, Investigation and Practical Aspects

David Stidwill, Robert J. Fletcher

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 280

Binocular vision, i.e. where both eyes are used together, is a fundamental component of human sight. It also aids hand-eye co-ordination, and the perception of the self within the environment. This is a major new textbook for students of optometry, orthoptics, and ophthalmology, and also of psychology. Fully illustrated throughout, the book includes self-assessment exercises at the end of each chapter, and sample experiments in binocular vision functioning.
60,00 57,00

Visual Perception: A Clinical Orientation

Steven H. Schwartz

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 488

The text that bridges the gap between basic visual science and clinical application -- now in full color Includes 3 complete practice exams! A Doody's Core Title for 2011! This comprehensive text on visual science is unique in that it highlights the fundamental aspects of monocular visual perception that are necessary to successful clinical practice. Recognized for its engaging, enjoyable style and ability to explain difficult topics in simple, easy-to-understand terms, Visual Perception goes well beyond the basics, including information from anatomy to perception. Covering a broad range of clinically-relevant topics, including color vision and its defects, spatial vision, temporal aspects of vision, psychophysics, physiology, and development and aging, the Fourth Edition of Visual Perception has been updated to include full-color figures and many new clinical images. Each chapter has been revised to keep up with the latest advances in the basic sciences, and throughout the text the linkage between basic psychophysics and clinical practice has been strengthened. Features New full-color presentation with 250 illustrations, including color vision tests and fundus photographs 3 practice exams (more than 200 multiple-choice questions) Self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter Current references from leaders in each subfield Enjoyable to Read AND Comprehensive! Experimental Approaches, Introductory Concepts, The Duplex Retina, Photometry, Color Vision, Anomalies of Color Vision, Spatial Vision, Temporal Aspects of Vision, Motion Perception, Depth Perception, Psychophysical Methodology, Functional Retinal Physiology, Parallel Processing, Striate Cortex, Information Streams and Extrastriate Processing, Gross Electrical Potentials, Development and Maturation of Vision, Practice Exams, Answers to Self-Assessment Questions, Answers to Practice Exams, References
80,00 76,00

Multifocal IOLs

Frank Joseph Goes

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 248

This full-color text covers the very latest techniques in intraocular lens surgery. This book provides a concise and simplified text on the state-of-art technique of multifocal IOLs. It represents the current knowledge of the technique, the most widely used approaches, clinical experiences, surgical outcomes, and patient selection. It will help the surgeon understand the different types of multifocal IOLs. This work offers: a diversified approach to the subject of Multifocal IOLs; an up-to-date overview of multifocals and future development; color photographs; and, discussion of patient selection, surgery complications, new lenses, future technologies, physical principles, etc.
100,00 95,00

Test Yourself Atlas in Ophthalmology

Jack J. Kanski

editore: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

pagine: 336

"The Clinical Ophthalmology Test-Yourself Atlas" new edition is a more valuable aid to examination success than ever before. The topics covered have been expanded, and extra images and questions have been added throughout. The book has been completely redesigned and re-formatted to be more user-friendly, and it now provides a handy reference and revision guide that can be conveniently referred to at any time. A new online website presents all the questions and images in varied formats so you can interactively assess all aspects of your knowledge by the most effective means possible. You can work through questions thematically using the in the classroom mode, or alternatively choose the random in the clinic mode that mimics the arbitrary presentation of cases in clinical practice. With its variety, flexibility and instant feedback, the online self-assessment tool provides a thorough, challenging and stimulating way for students to review and consolidate their knowledge.The new "Clinical Ophthalmology Test-Yourself Atlas" book and online assessment is the perfect revision aid for all those seeking examination success.
69,00 65,55

I vizi di refrazione

Gianpaolo Paliaga

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 208

La quarta edizione di questo volume si è resa necessaria allo scopo di effettuare un aggiornamento generale dell'opera con particolare riguardo sia ad alcuni concetti fondamentali, quali i fronti d'onda e le aberrazioni oculari, che alle più recenti tecniche di indagine delle caratteristiche refrattive del diottro oculare. Come nelle precedenti edizioni, la trattazione di questi temi è stata effettuata con modalità adeguate sia alla formazione culturale che alle esigenze pratiche degli oftalmologi. Lo scopo di questo volume continua, quindi, a essere quello di fornire un testo propedeutico destinato a consentire una corretta esecuzione della diagnosi e della misura dei vizi di refrazione e di facilitare una comprensione di letture più ardue e ostiche.
30,50 28,98

Clinical Optics and Refraction

A Guide for Optometrists, Contact Lens Opticians and Dispensing Opticians

Andrew Keirl, Caroline Christie

editore: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

pagine: 368

Specially written for students by authors with many years experience in teaching optics and dispensing, "Clinical Optics and Refraction" gives a concise view of the subject which avoids excessive emphasis on theory and instead concentrates on a practical and clinically based approach. With the requirements of UK optometry and dispensing optician syllabuses in mind, the authors give a clear account of the field of spectacle and contact lens optics in relation to the clinical context. The text contains numerous how-to-do-it worked examples, based on recent past examination questions, and many clear line illustrations to give students maximum help in understanding the practical issues in what can often be a challenging area of the curriculum. As well as being a must for optometry students and student dispensing opticians, "Clinical Optics and Refraction" will also be essential reading for qualified dispensing opticians entering training and practice as contact lens opticians. Practising optometrists will also find it invaluable as quick and accessible reference.
95,00 80,00

Bennett and Rabbett's Clinical Visual Optics

Ronald B. Rabbetts

editore: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

pagine: 488

'Combines academic depth with clear clinical explanation; still the best visual optics textbook around' - Professor Roger Anderson, Vision Science, University of Ulster. 'Essential reading for all those interested in the optics of the eye and the measurement of vision and ocular characteristics' - Dr Colin Fowler, Optometry & Vision Sciences, Aston University. "'Bennett & Rabbetts"' clinical visual optics cleverly explores and combines the founding principles, clinical relevance and some more advanced aspects of optical techniques, instrumentation and applications in a unique and thought-provoking manner. An invaluable resource to the student, practitioner and clinical visual scientist alike' - Dr James Loughnan, Optometry, Dublin Institute of Technology. 'Numerous clinical anecdotes bridge the gap between theory and practice, resulting in a text which will be an invaluable guide to students of optometry, researchers and practitioners alike' - Dr Robert Cubbidge, Optometry & Vision Sciences, Aston University. The fourth edition of this classic textbook has been brought thoroughly up to date with revised chapters on Ocular Aberrations, Visual Examination of the Eye, and Distribution and Ocular Dioptics of Ametropia. New contributors have been added and the book has been completely redesigned using colour to offer a more accessible layout and enhance the many line illustrations. The new CD Rom has valuable additional resources including a simulation of subjective refraction, video clips showing clinical procedures and extra appendices to the book. This comprehensive review of optics of the human eye covers: refractive correction and the instruments used in: eye examination, measurement of visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, refractive errors, accommodation and binocular vision; the side effects of spectacle and contact lens corrections; the oculo-motor system and stereopsis providing a firm foundation for further study; the dioptics of the eye, including its aberrations and schematic eyes; and thorough theoretical chapters and clinical chapters that contribute a fundamental understanding of the procedures, together with sound practical advice. The new edition of "Clinical Visual Optics" will be invaluable to all those studying optometry, dispensing optics and physiological optics. The depth of coverage will make it a prime source of information for the qualified practitioner or a prospective researcher in these fields.
169,00 160,55

The Visual Fields Via the Visual Pathway

Fiona Rowe

editore: Blackwell Publishing Ltd

pagine: 304

This textbook is a dynamic exploration of the relationship between the visual pathway and visual field impairments. Aimed at the practitioner or student of visual fields, the clinical focus of the book is oriented towards differential diagnosis and will assist the reader in identifying the site of a lesion. The emphasis is on detection and interpretation of visual field defects, rather than the background and psychophysics of visual field assessment. Discussion of the normal visual field is included for comparative purposes. The structure of the book traces the visual pathway anatomically from front to back, and is supplemented by information on methodology and programme choice.
70,00 66,50

Binocular Vision

Bruce J. W. Evans

editore: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

pagine: 144

"Eye Essentials" is a major new series which provides authoritative and accessible information for all eye-care professionals, whether in training or in practice. Each book is a rapid revision aid for students taking higher professional qualifications and a handy clinical reference guide for practitioners in busy clinics. Highly designed with synoptic text, handy tables, key bullet points, summaries and stunning full-colour illustrations, the books have rapidly established themselves as the essential eye-clinic pocket books.This book includes: authoritative information from world opinion leaders; instant access to essential information; concise, colourful and clinical; the latest information, the best illustrations Clinical pearls, practice pitfalls and clear action icons. "Eye Essentials" offer all eye-care students and practitioners the key points at a moment's notice.
43,00 40,85

Low Vision Assessment

Eye essentials

Macnaughton, J.

editore: Butterworth-Heinemann

pagine: 237

44,00 41,80

Essentials of Clinical Binocular Vision

Erik M. Weissberg

editore: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

pagine: 256

Clinically relevant information on binocular vision in an easily referenced format.
69,00 65,55

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