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Ecografia in emergenza nel cane e nel gatto

Matteo Lodi, Stefano Faverzani
e altri

editore: Poletto

Questo quaderno è diviso in due parti: la prima è dedicata principalmente a tutti i colleghi che operano in pronto soccorso veterinario e che non hanno grande confidenza con lo strumento "ecografo". Nella seconda vengono invece trattati argomenti relativi a condizioni di urgenza-emergenza, che però prevedono una buona conoscenza di base dell'ecografia. L'indagine ecografica, sicura perché non impiega radiazioni ionizzanti, non invasiva e, con le strumentazioni attualmente disponibili, potenzialmente utilizzabile in qualsiasi contesto operativo, rappresenta oggi un atout importantissimo per il primo approccio al paziente critico.
25,00 23,75

Apparato muscoloscheletrico nel cane

Stefano Faverzani, Matteo Lodi
e altri

editore: Poletto Editore

pagine: 94

L'ecografia clinica, nella medicina veterinaria dei piccoli animali, rimane attualmente uno strumento diagnostico ad ampio res
30,00 28,50

RX, TC e RM del cane e del gatto. Testo atlante

Diego Boscia, Daniele Troiano

editore: Poletto

pagine: 226

Dopo la dettagliata parte introduttiva, nella quale vengono descritte le tre metodiche (radiologia, tomografia computerizzata
65,00 61,75

Textbook of Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology

Donald E. Thrall

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1000

Learn the latest advances in veterinary diagnostic radiology! Textbook of Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology, 7th Edition, is a one-stop resource covering the principles of radiographic technique and interpretation for dogs, cats, and horses. Within this bestselling text, high-quality radiographic images accompany clear coverage of diagnostic radiology, ultrasound, MRI, and CT. User-friendly direction helps you to develop essential skills in patient positioning, radiographic technique and safety measures, normal and abnormal anatomy, radiographic viewing and interpretation, and alternative imaging modalities. This new edition has been thoroughly revised to include important advances in the field, information about contrast media, dental radiography, and more!Coverage of ultrasound imaging procedures such as the esophagram, upper GI examination, excretory urography, and cystography helps in determining when and how these procedures are performed in today's practice.Rewritten chapters on basic interpretation emphasizes radiography, radiation safety, superficial coverage of normal variants, and will include more in-depth information on the framework for interpretation. An atlas of normal radiographic anatomy in each section makes it easier to recognize abnormal radiographic findings.High-quality radiographic images clarify key concepts and interpretation principles.Up-to-date coverage of the most commonly seen species in private veterinary practices and veterinary teaching hospitals includes the cat, dog, and horse.NEW! Chapter on CT and MR contrast media gives you a better understanding of the agents used to alter patient contrast. NEW! Information on digital imaging helps you understand the latest advances in digital imaging.NEW! Chapter on dental radiology covers common dental issues you may encounter in practice. NEW! Chapter on MR spinal imaging provides the latest information on the diagnosis of spinal cord disease through the use of CT and MRI.
139,00 132,05

Atlante di ultrasonografia dei piccoli animali

a cura di D. Penninck, M. D'Anjou

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 551

150,00 127,50

Small Animal Imaging

Self-Assessment Color Review

John S. Mattoon

editore: CRC Press

pagine: 224

Presented in an easy-to-ready format, Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasound: Self-Assessment Color Review offers a case-based approach to reviewing and interpreting images and developing a differential diagnosis when necessary. Nearly 200 cases are presented, each beginning with the patient's age, gender, breed, and species. The reason the patient was brought to the clinic is discussed along with preliminary examination and diagnostic test findings. Supporting high-quality images are also presented with each case. A separate section presents detailed answers for each case including information on the radiographic findings. Also included are the radiographic diagnosis, comments, and notes on whether further imaging or evaluation is needed. Written by a well-respected expert in the field, this book helps practitioners to develop a systematic approach to reviewing images. The well-structured text reminds practitioners of the basics in radiography and ultrasound interpretation and diagnosis, making it a quick and convenient reference.
40,00 38,00

Manuale di ecografia clinica veterinaria

Federica Rossi

editore: Edra Masson

pagine: 194

Questo volume è uno strumento indispensabile per chi vuole apprendere la metodica ecografica e migliorare il proprio livello di acquisizione e di interpretazione delle immagini ecografiche. Nella prima parte del volume, oltre ai principi di base alle indicazioni per il riconoscimento e l'interpretazione degli artefatti, viene dato ampio spazio alle tecniche di scansione, di rado oggetto di trattazione sistematica. Di grande utilità anche la parte clinica del testo dedicata ai diversi organi addominali ed extraddominali: fornisce un'accurata guida sia all'identificazione delle strutture anatomiche normali che alle singole patologie, illustrate con numerose immagini, tabelle e schemi
60,00 51,00

Trattato di ecografia del cane e del gatto

John S. Mattoon, Thomas G. Nyland

editore: Edra

pagine: 736

La diagnostica per immagini è oggi molto più utilizzata dai veterinari rispetto al passato e l'ecografia è diventata indispensabile nella loro pratica clinica quotidiana. La caratteristica di questo volume è di presentare l'ecografia come parte integrante dell'esame obiettivo del paziente e del processo di valutazione dei segni clinici. I principi di base e le tendenze più recenti della diagnostica ecografica sono trattati in funzione dell'individuazione dell'iter diagnostico più corretto.
119,00 101,15

Atlas of Normal Radiographic Anatomy and Anatomic Variants in the Dog and Cat

Donald E. Thrall, Ian D. Robertson

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 320

Equip yourself to make accurate diagnoses and achieve successful treatment outcomes with this highly visual comprehensive atlas. Featuring a substantial number of new high contrast images, Atlas of Normal Radiographic Anatomy and Anatomic Variants in the Dog and Cat, 2nd Edition provides an in-depth look at both normal and non-standard subjects along with demonstrations of proper technique and image interpretations. Expert authors Donald E. Thrall and Ian D. Robertson describe a wider range of "normal" as compared to competing books - not only showing standard dogs and cats, but also non-standard subjects such as overweight and underweight pets and animals with breed-specific variations. Every body part is put into context with a textual description to help explain why a structure appears as it does in radiographs, and enabling practitioners to appreciate variations of normal that are not included, based on an understanding of basic radiographic principles.
146,00 138,70

Clinical Echocardiography of the Dog and Cat

Claudio Bussadori, Eric De Madron
e altri

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 348

Covering both classical modalities of echocardiography and newer techniques, Clinical Echocardiography of the Dog and Cat shows how to assess, diagnose, and treat canine and feline heart disease. A clinical approach demonstrates how these modalities may be used to acquire images, and then how you can recognize and identify patterns, relate them to different diseases, and manage patient care with those findings. The print book includes a companion website with 50 videos cardiac ultrasound exams and procedures. Written by veterinary cardiology specialists and echocardiographers Eric de Madron, Valerie Chetboul, and Claudio Bussadori, this indispensable echocardiology resource is ideal for general practitioner veterinarians as well as specialists, including cardiologists and radiologists. - Dedicated coverage of canine and feline echocardiography emphasizes a more in-depth discussion of cardiac ultrasound, including the newest ones such as Tissue Doppler and speckle tracking imaging, and transesophageal and 3D echocardiography.  - A practical, clinical approach shows how these echocardiographic modalities are not just research tools, but useful in diagnosing and staging heart disease in day-to-day practice. - Book plus website consolidates offers current information into a single cohesive source covering classical modalities and newer techniques, as well as updates relating to normal echocardiographic examinations and values. - 50 videos on the companion website demonstrate how to perform echocardiography procedures, illustrating points such as swirling volutes, color flow display of blood flows, dynamic collapses secondary to pericardial effusion, and tumors flicking in and out of the echocardiographic field. - A section on presurgical assessment helps you assess risk and prepare for catheter-based correction of cardiac defects - accurate measurements and proper device selection are key to a successful procedure. - Over 400 full-color illustrations and 42 summary tables help you achieve precise, high-quality imaging for accurate assessment, including photographs of cadaver animal specimens to clarify the relationship between actual tissues in health and disease and their images.
156,00 148,20

Atlas of Small Animal CT and MRI

Allison Zwingenberger, Erik Wisner


pagine: 576

Atlas of Small Animal CT and MRI is a highly illustrated diagnostic imaging guide to common clinical disorders of dogs and cats. Contains over 3,000 high quality CT, MRI and related diagnostic images. Offers a unique approach emphasizing comparative imaging and pathologic correlation. Focuses on important imaging features relevant to imaging diagnosis of disease in dogs and cats. Written by internationally renowned experts in the field
161,00 152,95

Atlas of Small Animal Ultrasonography

Dominique Penninck, Marc-André D'Anjou

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 568

Atlas of Small Animal Ultrasonography, Second Edition is a comprehensive reference for ultrasound techniques and findings in small animal practice, with more than 2000 high-quality sonograms and illustrations of normal structures and disorders. Provides a comprehensive collection of more than 2000 high-quality images, including both normal and abnormal ultrasound features, as well as relevant complementary imaging modalities and histopathological images Covers both common and uncommon disorders in small animal patients Offers new chapters on practical physical concepts and artifacts and abdominal contrast sonography Includes access to a companion website with over 140 annotated video loops of the most important pathologies covered in each section of the book  
178,00 169,10

Small animal diagnostic ultrasound

John S. Mattoon, Thomas G. Nyland

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 665

Now in full-color with over 750 vivid images located near their text descriptions, Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound, 3rd Edition is the must-have resource for coverage of the basic principles of ultrasonography in small animal medical care. Using a logical body-systems approach, where chapters are organized from "head to tail," this third edition offers completely revised and up-to-date information regarding the latest techniques, applications, and developments in ultrasonography - including expanded coverage of Doppler imaging principles and new gross anatomic and pathological specimen images. Also new to this edition are 100 video clips (housed on a companion website) that demonstrate normal and abnormal conditions as they appear in ultrasound scans.
125,00 118,75

Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography

Jessica A. Kidd, Kristina G. Lu
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 520

The only visual guide to equine ultrasonography based on digital ultrasound technology. Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography provides comprehensive coverage of both musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal areas of the horse. Ideal for practitioners in first opinion or referral practices, each chapter features normal images for anatomical reference followed by abnormal images covering a broad range of recognised pathologies. The book is divided into musculoskeletal, reproductive and internal medicine sections and includes positioning diagrams demonstrating how to capture optimal images. With contributions from experts around the world, this book is the go-to reference for equine clinical ultrasonography. Key features include: * Pictorially based with a wealth of digital ultrasound images covering both musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal areas and their associated pathologies. * Each chapter begins with a discussion of normal anatomy and demonstrates how to obtain and interpret the images presented. * A video library of over 50 ultrasound examinations is available for streaming or download and viewing on-the-go. Access details are provided in the book.
174,00 150,00

Veterinary Computed Tomography

Jimmy Saunders, Tobias Schwarz

editore: Iowa State University Press

pagine: 576

This practical and highly illustrated guide is an essential resource for veterinarians seeking to improve their understanding and use of computed tomography (CT) in practice. It provides a thorough grounding in CT technology, describing the underlying physical principles as well as the different types of scanners. The book also includes principles of CT examination such as guidance on positioning and how to achieve a good image quality. Written by specialists from twelve countries, this book offers a broad range of expertise in veterinary computed tomography, and is the first book to describe the technology, methodology, interpretation principles and CT features of different diseases for most species treated in veterinary practice. Key features • An essential guide for veterinarians using CT in practice • Includes basic principles of CT as well as guidelines on how to carry out an effective examination • Describes CT features of different diseases for most species treated in practice • Written by a range of international leaders in the field • Illustrated with high quality photographs and diagrams throughout
151,00 143,45

Veterinary Echocardiography

June A. Boon

editore: Iowa State University Press

pagine: 632

Veterinary Echocardiography, Second Edition is a fully revised version of the classic reference for ultrasound of the heart, covering two-dimensional, M-mode, and Doppler examinations for both small and large animal domestic species. Written by a leading authority in veterinary echocardiography, the book offers detailed guidelines for obtaining and interpreting diagnostic echocardiograms in domestic species. Now thoroughly updated to address advances in technology, including better transducers, tissue harmonic imaging, better color flow mapping, and color and spectral tissue Doppler imaging, this second edition provides an authoritative, comprehensive resource for echocardiographers of all levels of experience. The Second Edition has been restructured to be more user-friendly, with chapters on acquired and congenital heart diseases broken down into shorter disease-specific chapters. Key changes include the addition of normal tissue Doppler technique, as well as five new appendices, covering topics such as normal reference ranges and an exam checklist. Veterinary Echocardiography, Second Edition builds on the success of the previous edition to provide complete information on obtaining echocardiograms in veterinary medicine.
154,00 146,30

Small Animal Endoscopy

Clarence A. Rawlings, Todd R. Tams

editore: Mosby

pagine: 696

This latest edition of the critically acclaimed "Small Animal Endoscopy" presents informative, practical, and up-to-date guidance on endoscopic indications, instrumentation, patient preparation, and techniques. Todd R. Tams and Clarence A. Rawlings, the foremost experts in veterinary endoscopy, provide the novice as well as the advanced practitioner with the information needed to deliver the safest, high-quality endoscopic services for small animals, including avian and exotics. Chapters are organized consistently and lavishly illustrated to help you easily find and understand key concepts and procedures. This edition includes a companion website with expert demonstrations of techniques and examples of patient discharge instructions for veterinarians to give to clients.
144,00 123,45

Small Animal Imaging

Bernd J. Pichler, Fabian Kiessling

editore: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K

pagine: 614

Small animal imaging has been recognized as an important tool in preclinical research. Nevertheless, the results of non-invasive imaging are often disappointing owing to choice of a suboptimal imaging modality and/or shortcomings in study design, experimental setup, and data evaluation. This textbook is a practical guide to the use of non-invasive imaging in preclinical research. Each of the available imaging modalities is discussed in detail, with the assistance of numerous informative illustrations. In addition, many useful hints are provided on the installation of a small animal unit, study planning, animal handling, and the cost-effective performance of small animal imaging. Cross-calibration methods, data postprocessing, and special imaging applications are also considered in depth. This is the first book to cover all the practical basics in small animal imaging, and it will prove an invaluable aid for researchers, students, and technicians.
204,00 193,80

Ecografia clinica del cane e del gatto. Testo atlante

Stefano Faverzani, Matteo Lodi

editore: Poletto

pagine: 304

L'ecografo potrebbe attualmente essere considerato come un'estensione delle capacità cliniche del medico, analogamente allo st
70,00 66,50

Practical Small Animal MRI

Patrick R. Gavin, Rodney S. Bagley

editore: Iowa State University Press

pagine: 376

Practical Small Animal MRI is the seminal reference for clinicians using Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of veterinary patients. Although MRI is used most frequently in the diagnosis of neurologic disorders, it also has significant application to other body systems. This book covers normal anatomy and specific clinical conditions of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, abdomen, thorax, and head and neck. It also contains several chapters on disease of the brain and spine, including inflammatory, infectious, neoplastic, and vascular diseases, alongside congenital and degenerative disorders.
196,00 186,20

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