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Radiologia Interventistica

Kandarpa Handbook of Interventional Radiologic Procedures

Lindsay Machan, Robert Lewandowski
e altri

editore: Wolters Kluwer Health

pagine: 832

Focusing on time-tested protocols, tailored imaging and current procedural equipment, this popular, practical handbook by Drs. Krishna Kandarpa, Lindsay Machan, Robert Lewandowski, and Parag J. Patel features extensive updates to keep you current with rapid growth in the field. Now in brilliant full color throughout, Kandarpa Handbook of Interventional Radiologic Procedures, 6th Edition, is a convenient, easy-access guide to all current radiologic procedures. It’s an ideal resource not only for practicing interventional and general radiologists, but also for fellows and residents in training, IR nurses, and special procedure technologists.  Covers indications, contraindications, preparation, technique, postprocedural management, prevention, and management of complications for every procedure.  Includes expanded information on innovative oncological & lymphatic interventions.  Features an all-new full-color design and illustrations, and an outline format for quick reference.  Provides must-know information on vascular access and catheter-directed angiography, vascular imaging, trans-arterial procedures, trans-venous procedures, non-vascular procedures, and intra-procedural patient management.  ​Discusses risk management, nursing management (eBook only), and drugs and dosages.   Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience  Read directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech. 
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Infiltrazioni ecoguidate nelle patologie muscoloscheletriche

Henri Guerin, Jean-Luc Drapè

editore: Edra

pagine: 304

La grande diffusione delle pratiche interventistiche ecoguidate è ormai un dato importante della moderna radiologia interventi
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21,00 19,95

Pocket Interventional Radiology

Shiraz Rahim

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 400

Pocket Interventional Radiology is a practical, high-yield reference offering current, evidence-based practices and expert guidance in this fast-growing area. Featuring an easy-to-use, loose-leaf format, it contains key clinical information regarding the workup of patients, imaging, and necessary procedural details, including physical exam tips and tricks, medication information, and pre- and post-procedure patient management. Follows the popular Pocket Notebook format, featuring bulleted lists, tables, diagrams, and algorithms that make essential facts easy to find and retain. Provides concise coverage of all IR procedures, including noninvasive and diagnostic —ideal for interventional radiology residents, fellow trainees, and medical students on rotation. Covers pain management, floor management of commonly encountered conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, pediatric and pregnant patients, and ancillary topics such as radiation safety, imaging techniques, and the basics of other related specialties. Includes chapters of particular interest to residents and fellows, such as on call issues, hemostasis, and ICU care.
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Interventional Radiology

Fundamentals of Clinical Practice

Bradley B. Pua, Anne M. Covey
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 744

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Interventional Radiology: A Survival Guide

David Kessel, Iain Robertson

editore: Elsevier Health Sciences

pagine: 400

What are the must-know aspects to preparing for and performing the most frequently requested diagnostic and therapeutic interventional procedures? Interventional Radiology: A Survival Guide, 4th Edition gives you the information you need to provide safe care in an easy-to-read, concise format. Written by experienced radiologists Drs. H. David Kessel and Iain Robertson, this edition features clear, step-by-step instructions for fundamental skills in this fast-growing field.
67,00 63,65

L' Imaging nel Post-Operatorio

a cura di A. Carriero

editore: Idelson-Gnocchi

pagine: 444


Handbook for Clinical Trials of Imaging and Image-Guided Interventions

G. Scott Gazelle, Nancy A. Obuchowski

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 224

Handbook for Clinical Trials of Imaging and Image-Guided Interventions is the first single-source, multi-disciplinary reference, based on the didactic sessions presented at the annual Clinical Trials Methodology Workshop for radiologists, radiation oncologists and imaging scientists (sponsored by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)). It focuses on educating radiologists, radiation oncologists and those involved in imaging research with how to design and conduct clinical trials to evaluate imaging technology and imaging biomarkers. The internationally renowned contributors take a broad approach, starting with principles of technology assessment, and then move into specific topics covering the clinical trials of therapy and clinical research in imaging guided interventions including radiotherapy. They discuss the use of imaging as a predictor of therapeutic response, screening trial design, and the practicalities of how to run an efficient clinical trial and good working practices. Later chapters provide a comprehensive array of quantitative methods including: an introduction to statistical considerations in study design, biostatistical analysis methods and their role in clinical imaging research, methods for quantitative imaging biomarker studies, and an introduction to cost effectiveness analysis. Handbook for Clinical Trials of Imaging and Image-Guided Interventions will educate and prepare radiologists at all levels and in all capacities in planning and conducting clinical imaging trials.
91,00 86,45

Diagnostic Imaging: Interventional Procedures

T. Gregory Walker

editore: Amirsys, Inc

pagine: 800

"Diagnostic Imaging: Interventional Procedures" is the first Amirsys book focused on procedural guidance for interventional radiologists. Dr. Gregory Walker and his team of renowned radiologists provide fast-reading, bulleted instructions for over 100 common interventional procedures, including neuro, vascular, and non-vascular interventions. This book features over 800 outstanding medical images that include not only CT, MR, and US, but hundreds of pre-, intra-, and post-procedural photographs. All images are fully annotated to highlight the most important diagnostic information. Coupled with a companion eBook that includes expanded content and fully searchable text, this ground-breaking volume will become a valued go-to resource for interventional radiologists, radiologists, and vascular surgeons.
275,00 261,25

Percutaneous Tumor Ablation: Strategies and Techniques

Christos S. Georgiades, Kelvin Hong

editore: Thieme Medical Publishers Inc

pagine: 208

Leading authorities on percutaneous tumor ablation come together in this volume to provide a complete overview of everything physicians and other health professionals need to know to successfully implement and administer an image-guided ablation service. After an introduction to the protocols and attendant physics of ablation technology, concise organ-based chapters focus on a wide range of both straightforward and atypical cases to teach readers how to handle the unique clinical and technical challenges associated with percutaneous tumor ablation in different areas of the body. Succinct, step-by-step descriptions complement high-resolution images throughout to illustrate the nuances of each procedure. Features: * In-depth guidance on the advantages and drawbacks of various cutting-edge ablation modalities, including radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation, cryoablation, and irreversible electroporation * Numerous examples of difficult cases and advice on how to mitigate complications * More than 500 high-quality images document the cases and showcase all currently available ablation systems and probes * Practical chapters address practice building, patient selection, the pre- and post-operative care of high-risk patients, and more * Narrated videos on an accompanying DVD demonstrate state-of-the art tumor ablation equipment and procedures This must-have clinical reference will develop the technical and clinical tumor ablation skills of every fellow and practicing physician in interventional radiology, oncology, and surgical oncology.
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High-Yield Imaging


Anthony C. Venbrux, Charles Burke
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 768

This state-of-the-art "Interventions" title in the brand-new "High-Yield Imaging" series is ideally designed to let you quickly look up a diagnosis, treat the condition, and move on to the next case. Renowned authorities present the latest vascular and non-vascular interventions, nearly 1,000 optimally sized multi-modality clinical images, and at-a-glance bulleted text, to help you efficiently treat a wide range of diseases. A full-color design along with a consistent organization makes reference a snap.
235,00 223,25


Charles Burke

editore: Saunders

pagine: 640

Practical and clinically focused, this "Interventional" title in the new "Teaching Files Series" provides you with more than 300 interesting and well-presented cases and more than 1,100 high-quality images to help you better perform vascular and non-vascular image-guided interventions. Dr. Charles Burke uses a logical organization throughout, making referencing difficult diagnoses and treatments easier than ever before. Detailed discussions of today's modalities and technologies keep you up to date, and challenging diagnostic questions probe your knowledge of the material. This unique, case-based resource offers you an ideal way to sharpen your skills and study for exams.
158,00 150,10

Compendio di radiologia interventistica

editore: Idelson-Gnocchi

pagine: 476

L'impostazione della seconda edizione del Compendio tende ad esprimere, in modo più rigoroso e compiuto, lo stato attuale della Radiologia Interventistica, descrivendo gli sviluppi e i traguardi che questa Disciplina ha ormai raggiunto, attestandosi su un piano di procedure codificate, oggettivamente definite ed accettate dalla Comunità Scientifica. Su queste basi l'obiettivo primario del testo, sempre indirizzato agli studenti di Medicina e Chirurgia e ai medici di Medicina Generale, permane ma acquista una maggiore valenza conoscitiva e scientifica, in quanto mira a far conoscere un insieme di opportunità diagnostiche e terapeutiche operative, che devono ormai necessariamente far parte della formazione culturale di ogni medico e che sono indispensabili per una appropriata gestione del Paziente e della Salute Pubblica.

Image-Guided Interventions

Anthony Venbrux, Christoph L. Zollikofer
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 1932

An international group of experts brings you an exhaustive full-color two-volume reference on every aspect of vascular and non-vascular interventions to help you effectively treat a full spectrum of diseases. More than 1,600 examples of cutting-edge modalities such as MR, multislice CT, CT angiography, and ultrasonography of this title highlight problem areas and show you exactly how to proceed. Each major entity includes full-color anatomic illustrations, drawn by a master illustrator, that illuminate key anatomic structures. User-friendly features including key points boxes, algorithms, protocols, and SIR practice guidelines help you avoid complications and put today's best practices at your fingertips.
300,00 285,00

Pain Management in Interventional Radiology

Charles E. Ray

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 344

As interventionalists become more involved with patients as care providers rather than solely as proceduralists, understanding and treating pain is a vital part of daily practice. This book provides an overview of the multiple techniques used in the management of pain in interventional radiology suites. Topics include techniques for the treatment and prevention of pain caused by interventional procedures, as well as minimally invasive techniques used to treat patients with chronic pain symptoms. Approximately half of the book is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of spinal pain; other chapters focus on intraprocedural and post-procedural pain management, embolization and ablation techniques used to treat patients with uncontrollable pain, and alternative treatments for pain relief. This book is a practical resource for anyone looking to acquire skills in locoregional or systemic pain control and wishing to improve the quality of life for patients undergoing procedures or suffering from disease-related pain.
72,00 68,40

Patient Care in Radiography

Ellen Dobie McCloskey, Joan A. Daly
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 464

"Patient Care in Radiography" is an instructor resource available for qualified adopters.
58,00 55,10

Vascular and Interventional Radiology

The Requisites

John A. Kaufman, Michael J. Lee

editore: Mosby

pagine: 510

Part of the successful series "The Requisites", this exciting ninth volume presents the essentials of vascular and interventional radiology. An efficient exam-prep tool or handy daily reference, the book covers the basic principles and practice of this rapidly advancing subspecialty. Carefully detailed descriptions, practice-proven tips, and other handy advice are offered to help you master the delicate procedures. Excellent, problem-solving discussions are superbly illustrated by 750 multimodality images of the highest quality. Trainee and practicing radiologists - as well as surgeons, cardiologists, urologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, and radiation technologists - will come to rely on this resource.
115,00 109,25


Top 100 Diagnoses

Peter Rogers

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

Each title in the "PocketRadiologist" series provides you with the 100 most important diagnoses in a particular radiological speciality. For each diagnosis, you'll find 2 crisply reproduced images, plus consistent, bulleted summaries of: key facts; imaging findings; differential diagnosis; clinical issues; pathological features; and, references. This unique organisation makes it remarkably easy to accurately and rapidly confirm or rule out a diagnosis! And all of the "PocketRadiologist" titles are available as soft cover, pocket-sized books or as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) software to meet you preferred reference style!It features: High Resolution Images - multimodality imaging, vibrant colour graphics, and crisp black and white images; Facts - bulleted text and most essential information; Imaging Findings - general findings, imaging details of each relevant modality, and standard and advanced imaging recommendations; Differential Diagnosis - differential list with brief descriptions and useful guidance to alternatives; Pathology Findings - gross microscopic, etiology epidemiology, and genetics; Clinical Issues - presentation, natural history, prognosis, and treatment options; and, Selected References. "PocketRadiologist" will run on all Palm OS[trademark]-based PDAs from manufacturers such as Palm[trademark], Handspring[trademark] or Sony running Palm OS[trademark] version 3.5 or greater.
110,00 104,50

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