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Nefrourologia pediatrica

Andrologia pediatrica e dell'adolescenza. Gestione e pratica clinica

a cura di M. Sulpasso

editore: Il Pensiero Scientifico

pagine: 216

Il Manuale nasce dalla collaborazione tra la SIA (Società Italiana Andrologia) e la SIP (Società Italiana di Andrologia)
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Nefrologia e fisiologia dei fluidi e degli elettroliti

Michel Bauman, William Oh

editore: Antonio Delfino Editore

pagine: 450

Nefrologia e fisiologia dei fluidi e degli elettroliti, 3ª edizione, vi mantiene aggiornati al meglio in questo settore in continua evoluzione grazie a: Nuovi capitoli sulle patologie ereditarie del calcio, fosfato e magnesio; la gestione dell’equilibrio idroelettrolitico nei neonati ad alto rischio; lo sviluppo del rene e la patogenesi molecolare della displasia renale; la valutazione prenatale dell’ipertensione, della patologia renale e di quella cardiovascolare, con la descrizione dei problemi prenatali che possono causare la comparsa dell’ipertensione, delle nefropatie e delle patologie cardiovascolari. I dati clinici più attuali e le più recenti acquisizioni sui meccanismi molecolari delle tubulopatie ereditarie e sulle patologie congenite dell’omeostasi del calcio, del fosfato e del magnesio. Nuove conoscenze in tema di ipertensione neonatale, somministrazione dei diuretici nel neonato, valutazione prenatale delle patologie dell’adulto, bilancio idrico a livello polmonare e molto altro ancora. Un’organizzazione razionale dei capitoli che consente di trovare gli argomenti d’interesse in modo rapido e agevole. I consigli di grande autorevolezza di neonatologi di fama mondiale, che mettono a disposizione la loro esperienza sui nuovi indirizzi e le recenti conquiste della terapia neonatale.   La collana Domande e controversie in Neonatologia tratta gli aspetti più impegnativi della terapia neonatale e fornisce riferimenti affidabili in relazione alle più aggiornate possibilità, sia diagnostiche che terapeutiche, in questo settore. In ciascun volume, esperti tra i più noti, affrontano le problematiche cliniche di maggiore interesse nella pratica clinica quotidiana e forniscono suggerimenti per affrontare gli aspetti più difficili della professione, assicurando, a ciascun paziente, le più efficaci tra le terapie evidence-based.  
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Manuale di nefrologia pediatrica

a cura di A. Edefonti, M. Picca

editore: Esculapio

pagine: 256

45,00 42,75

Nephrology and Fluid/Electrolyte Physiology: Neonatology Questions and Controversies

Expert Consult - Online and Print

Jean-Pierre Guignard, Stephen Baumgart
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 400

This exciting new reference brings you information about the most controversial nephrology challenges you face in your practice. The book confidently tackles these subjects and gives seasoned advice on the latest diagnostic and treatment strategies using evidence-based medicine wherever possible. It gives you the latest information you need to keep pace with the fast-paced, dynamic environment of neonatology.
85,00 80,75

Essentials of Paediatric Urology

Anthony M. K. Rickwood, David F. M. Thomas
e altri

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 400

This excellent and superbly illustrated text provides surgical trainees and non specialists with an updated and extensively revised account of the urological disorders of childhood . The second edition reflects the many advances and innovations in paediatric urology since the first edition was published in 2002 and incorporates suggestions and feedback from readers and reviewers of the first edition of Essentials of Paediatric Urology. There are new chapters on "The Child as Patient" that highlights the important differences in the approach to caring for children and adults, and provides clarification on legal and ethical issues concerning consent; and, minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery, reflecting the innovative advances in effective patient care; and a new multiple choice question chapter with cross-references to the text, as requested by many readers of the first edition, thus providing an aide-memoire for those undergoing speciality examinations. This popular text was never intended to duplicate the large reference books written primarily for specialists. Instead it fulfils a unique role as the only textbook of paediatric urology written primarily for trainees and those practising adult urology, paediatric surgery and paediatric urology . The second edition continues to meet this need as well as providing a ready source of reference for non-specialists including paediatricians and nurses. Like the first edition, the new edition is accessible and concise with a visual format characterized by extensive use of colour illustrations, flow charts and diagrams.
245,00 232,75

Comprehensive Pediatric Nephrology

Text with CD-ROM

Denis F. Geary, Franz S. Schaefer

editore: Mosby

pagine: 1040

This new clinical resource brings you a state-of-the-art comprehensive review on every clinical condition encountered in pediatric nephrology in one concise, clinically focused text. International experts provide you with the latest on epidemiology, diagnosis, investigations, management, and prognosis for a full range of pediatric kidney disorders. A full-color, highly visual, meticulously crafted format, makes this material remarkably easy for you to access and apply. "Comprehensive Pediatric Nephrology" also serves as an ideal resource for board review study for the ABP subspecialty boards in pediatric nephrology.
167,00 158,65

Handbook of Pediatric Urology

Barry A. Kogan, Laurence S. Baskin

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 348

Updated and expanded for its Second Edition, this handbook is an accessible guide to the diagnosis and treatment of urologic disorders in infants, children, and adolescents. It covers the full range of pediatric urologic problems in an easy-to-use outline format with numerous illustrations and tables. This edition includes new chapters on laparoscopy in pediatric urology, sports recommendations for children with solitary kidneys and other genitourinary anomalies, preparing pediatric patients for anesthesia, and treatment of urinary incontinence and constipation. A new appendix covers online pediatric urology recommendations. The updated Pediatric Urology Database chapter provides a quick reference on important medication issues.
45,00 42,75

Pediatric Urology

John P. Gearhart

editore: Humana Press Inc.

pagine: 332

A unique practice-oriented survey of how the new surgical, analytical, and biomedical advances are being applied to pediatric urology. Here the practicing urologist will find informative, easy-to-read reviews of the modern evaluation of prenatal hydronephrosis, the standard treatment of reflux vs the newer injectable techniques, and the spectrum of hypospadias treatment along with new developments in bladder exstrophy. Additional updated topics include what's new in undescended testis, the evaluation of difficult duplication anomalies, voiding dysfunction and neurogenic bladders, pediatric stone disease, and the developmental problems associated with genitourinary defects.
115,00 109,25

Essentials of Paediatric Urology

Duffy, Rickwood
e altri

editore: Taylor & Francis Ltd

pagine: 264

Designed as an easy to use reference, Essentials of Pediatrics Urology provides concise, authoritative, and up to the minute information on the diagnosis and current management of the urological conditions of childhood. The authors combine a didactic and accessible format with content, which is, as far as possible, evidence-based. The book contains color diagrams and uses bullet points to give a syllabus-like presentation of the information. The charts, algorithms, and key points section allow for quick reference to the essential information presented in the text. The book presents pediatric urology in an easy to read manner that enables readers to easily grasp the complex concepts of this surgical specialty.
143,25 136,09

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