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Responsabilità dell'ortopedico

Marco Vasapollo

editore: Maggioli Editore

pagine: 120

15,00 12,75

Williams manual of hematology

MArshall A. Lichtman

editore: McGraw-Hill Education


Surgery of the Hip 2°nd Edition

Berry, Lieberman

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 1240

Offering authoritative, comprehensive coverage of hip surgery, the 2nd Edition of Surgery of the Hip is the definitive guide to hip replacement, other open and arthroscopic surgical procedures, and surgical and nonsurgical management of the hip across the lifespan. Modeled after Insall & Scott Surgery of the Knee, it keeps you fully up to date with the latest research, techniques, tools, and implants, enabling you to offer both adults and children the best possible outcomes. Detailed guidance from expert surgeons assists you with your toughest clinical challenges, including total hip arthroplasty, pediatric hip surgery, trauma, and hip tumor surgery. Discusses new topics such as direct anterior approach for total hip arthroplasty, hip pain in the young adult, and hip preservation surgery. Contains new coverage of minimally invasive procedures, bearing surface selection, management of complications associated with metal and metal bearing surfaces, management of bone loss associated with revision THA, and more. Provides expert, personal advice in "Author's Preferred Technique" sections. Helps you make optimal use of the latest imaging techniques, surgical procedures, equipment, and implants available. Includes access to select procedural videos online. Covers tumors of the hip, hip instability and displacement in infants and young children, traumatic injuries, degenerative joint disorders, and rehabilitation considerations-all from both a basic science and practical clinical perspective. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
351,00 298,35

Fitzpatrick's dermatology in general medicine

editore: McGraw-Hill Education

410,60 349,00

Dermatology and Venereology in Italy

Carlo Gelmetti

editore: Cortina Raffaello

pagine: 234

This volume illustrates the history of dermatology and venereology in Italy from their origins to the present day, making up for chronic neglect in the scientific literature.
30,00 25,50

CT and MR in Cardiology

Suhny Abbara

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 850

177,00 150,45
16,00 13,60

Urgenze in psichiatria. Come e quando intervenire

Tiziana Amici, Elvira Di Gianfrancesco
e altri

editore: L'Asino d'Oro

pagine: 134

Può capitare, nella vita di ognuno di noi, di trovarci di fronte al malessere psichico di una persona cara, di un amico, di un
14,00 11,90

Manuale di geriatria

Raffaele Antonelli Incalzi, Matteo Cesari
e altri

editore: Edra

pagine: 592

Come si manifesta il dolore nell'anziano? Come stabilire una corretta valutazione multidimensionale? Come si mantengono l'equi
39,00 33,15
45,00 40,50

Nelson. Manuale di pediatria

Karen J. Marcdante, Robert M. Kliegman

editore: Edra

pagine: 864

Il volume è il classico per eccellenza in una materia in continua evoluzione che sa coniugare le nozioni di base con le più re
115,00 97,75

Diagnostic Imaging: Breast 3°rd Edition

Wendie A. Berg, Jessica Leung

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 1350

Covering the entire spectrum of this fast-changing field, Diagnostic Imaging: Breast, third edition, is an invaluable resource not only for radiologists, but for all health care professionals involved in the management of breast disease. From screening and diagnostic mammography and tomosynthesis, ultrasound, and MR to contrast-enhanced mammography and molecular imaging, Drs. Wendie Berg and Jessica Leung, along with their expert author team, provide carefully updated information in a concise, bulleted format. Thousands of high-quality illustrations highlight not only image acquisition and interpretation, but also screening guidelines, breast anatomy, genetic testing, image-guided procedures, determining the extent of disease and much more. This book provides essential, clinically-focused details for everyday breast imaging. Features more than 4,000 annotated, updated images throughout, including imaging findings complemented by histopathologic and clinical correlates of the spectrum of breast disease Provides timely coverage of less common but important topics such as gender reassignment, disease-causing mutations and risk assessment, malignancy in pregnancy, nodal disease in breast cancer care, and male breast disease Discusses new technologies, including abbreviated MR, contrast-enhanced mammography, and automated breast ultrasound Includes updated information on evolving medical, oncologic, surgical, and radiation, and oncoplastic treatment of the breast cancer patient, along with discussion of ongoing trials and future directions Offers expanded and updated information on dense breast reporting, screening recommendations, patients at elevated risk, and imaging paradigms in patients with dense breasts, as well as analysis of various updated breast cancer screening guidelines Uses bulleted, succinct text for fast and easy comprehension of essential information Enhanced eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices
300,00 255,00
90,00 76,50

QDT 2019. Quintessence of dental technology

Sillas Duarte

editore: Quintessenza Edizioni S.r.L.

pagine: 232

"La tecnologia digitale in odontoiatria è una realtà che non può più essere ignorata dalle istituzioni accademiche
100,00 85,00

Sicurezza sul lavoro 2019. Manuale normo-tecnico

a cura di A. Rotella

editore: Wolters Kluwer Italia

85,00 76,50
10,00 8,50

Point of Care Ultrasound 2°nd Edition

Neil Soni

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 400

89,00 75,65

Emergency Radiology: Case Review Series

Jamlik-Omari Johnson

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 254

Stay on top of the rapidly-changing area of emergency radiology with this new volume in the popular Case Review Series. This challenging subspecialty requires a range of knowledge and skills for rapid diagnosis of issues related to trauma and acute situations including cardiopulmonary emergencies, stroke, and fractures. Emergency Imaging offers highly illustrated, case-based preparation for board review to help residents and recertifying radiologists succeed on exams and provide state-of-the-art patient care. Presents 125 case studies organized by level of difficulty, with multiple-choice questions, answers, and rationales following the board review and recertification question format. Includes clinical information and diagnostic images highlighting important considerations for every case, with a recap of the procedure and explanations of key concepts. Features 400+ high-quality images spanning the full range of emergency findings from classic to less common. Covers the latest imaging technology and indications, including MDCT-angiography of vascular injury, CT and MRI of spine injuries and CNS emergencies, subtle and classic CT signs of bowel emergencies, cardiac angiography, and dual-energy CT. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices
64,00 54,40

Patologia generale. Anatomia patologica

Emanuel Rubin, David S. Strayer

editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria

pagine: 1641

Il volume è un testo fondamentale per il training e la pratica medica
150,00 127,50

Il metodo svedese per vivere in modo sano ed ecologico e combattere il cambiamento climatico

Martina Johansson, Fanny Lindkvis

editore: Newton & Compton Editori

pagine: 285

Cosa fare per salvaguardare il nostro pianeta? Viviamo circondati da prodotti che espongono costantemente il nostro corpo e l'
10,00 8,50

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