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Scienza dell'alimentazione

Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Aging

Christine S. Ritchie, Connie W. Bale

editore: Humana Press Inc.

pagine: 675

A compendium of detailed strategies for using nutritional interventions to ameliorate a host of age-related disorders and an evidence-based review of what intervention are and are not effective. These range from the effects of nutrition on the aging eye, the sense of taste and smell, hearing loss, sarcopenia, and dementia, to the clinical role of nutrition in vascular and pulmonary disorders, cancer, immunity, endocrine and alimentary tract disorders, and renal and musculoskeletal disorders. The authors present the physiological basis for each disorder, provide the latest information about the interaction of nutrition with each condition, and review the potential routes and mechanisms for clinical intervention. All clinical chapters conclude with a summary of practical applications and treatment guidelines for secondary prevention, management, and therapy.
147,00 139,65

ABC of Nutrition

A. Stewart Truswell

editore: BMJ Books

pagine: 152

37,00 35,15

Kopple and Massry's Nutritional Management of Renal Disease

Joel D. Kopple, Shaul G. Massry

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 587

This in-depth review of metabolism and nutritional management of patients with renal disease is now in its Second Edition! Chapter topics are clearly defined and each chapter integrates basic and clinical sciences. Illustrations, diagrams, and tables enhance the text. New features include the latest National Kidney Foundation Clinical Practice Guidelines on Nutrition in Chronic Renal Failure; the most recent scientific discoveries and the latest techniques for assessing nutritional status in renal disease; and, literature reviews on patients who receive continuous veno-venous hemofiltration with or without dialysis. An easy-to-use book for busy clinicians, with extensive and up-to-date references, it provides information relevant to everyday practice.
120,00 114,00

The Control of Food and Fluid Intake in Health and Disease

Dilip Mahalanabis, Michael Farthing

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 351

Written by an international group of noted scientists and clinicians, this volume examines the latest findings on the control of nutritional and fluid balance in health and in various disease states. The contributors provide new insights into the role of the brain and gut in regulating nutrient intake, the mechanisms by which fluid homeostasis is disturbed in disease, and the pathogenesis and treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea, dehydration, anorexia, and obesity. Coverage of this title includes discussions of recent developments in oral rehydration therapy, novel interventions for disease-related anorexia, and new approaches to the reduction and control of body fat mass.
99,00 94,05

Food Allergy

Adverse Reactions to Food and Food Additives

D. Metcalfe, H. Sampson
e altri

editore: Blackwell Science Inc.

pagine: 608

Blackwell is pleased to present the third edition of Food Allergy: Adverse Reactions to Foods and Food Additives. In keeping with the successful formula of the previous edition, this text covers the topic of adult and pediatric allergic diseases from a scientifically-based approach. There is increased coverage of skin and respiratory tract involvement, occupational food allergy, nutrition and food information. New to this edition is extensive information on seafood toxins, food colorings and flavors, as well as hidden and cross-reacting food allergies.
170,00 161,50

Dietary Reference Intakes for Energy, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Fat, Fatty Acids, Cholesterol, Protein, and Amino Acids (Macronutrients)

A Report of the Panel on Macronutrients, Food and Nutrition Board
e altri


pagine: 1357

Responding to the expansion of scientific knowledge about the roles of nutrients in human health, the Institute of Medicine has developed a new approach to establish Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) and other nutrient reference values. The new title for these values Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs), is the inclusive name being given to this new approach. These are quantitative estimates of nutrient intakes applicable to healthy individuals in the United States and Canada. This new book is part of a series of books presenting dietary reference values for the intakes of nutrients. It establishes recommendations for energy, carbohydrate, fiber, fat, fatty acids, cholesterol, protein, and amino acids. This book presents new approaches and findings which include the following: The establishment of Estimated Energy Requirements at four levels of energy expenditure Recommendations for levels of physical activity to decrease risk of chronic disease The establishment of RDAs for dietary carbohydrate and protein The development of the definitions of Dietary Fiber, Functional Fiber, and Total Fiber The establishment of Adequate Intakes (AI) for Total Fiber The establishment of AIs for linolenic and a-linolenic acids Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges as a percent of energy intake for fat, carbohydrate, linolenic and a-linolenic acids, and protein Research recommendations for information needed to advance understanding of macronutrient requirements and the adverse effects associated with intake of higher amounts Also detailed are recommendations for both physical activity and energy expenditure to maintain health and decrease the risk of disease.
105,00 99,75

Communication and Education Skills for Dietetics Professionals

Betsy B. Holli, Julie O. Maillet
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 416

Strong communications skills are essential for dietetics professionals helping patients improve their nutrition and eating habits. Based on the 2002 Commission on Accreditation in Dietetics (CADE) standards for education, this text aids nutritionists, dietitians, and allied health professionals in strengthening interpersonal relationships with clients and patients by offering current activities, case studies, techniques, and directives related to nutritional counseling. The Fourth Edition is updated with a guide to online resources, behavioral objectives, additional case studies, and new illustrations. The American Dietetic Association's competencies on communication are included. Also included is an online instructor's manual containing answers to the review and discussion questions, as well as information on each case study.
53,00 50,35

Principles of Human Nutrition

Martin Eastwood

editore: Blackwell Science Ltd

pagine: 704

This exciting new book is the updated and revised second edition of an extremely popular and well-received textbook. Written by Martin Eastwood, well respected internationally in nutritional sciences, this important new edition provides students with a thorough book that should be adopted for course use on many courses worldwide. Taking into account constructive comments received by students and teachers who used and enjoyed the first edition, this new edition retains the original freshness of the 1st edition, looking at nutrition as an exciting discipline. Special features within the book to help students include summaries, boxes and questions. Carefully laid out to assist learning, the book is divided broadly into sections, providing in-depth coverage of the following subjects: food in the community * metabolism of nutrients by an individual, dictated by genetic makeup, * measurement of an individual's nutritional status * essential, non-essential and non-nutrients; their selection, ingestion, digestion, absorption and metabolism * nutritional requirements in the normal individual and for specific diseases Principles of Human Nutrition, 2nd Edition is primarily written as a course text for those studying degree courses in nutrition and dietetics and for students on modular courses on nutrition within other degree courses, e. g. food studies, medicine, health sciences, nursing and biological sciences. It is also of great value as a reference for professional nutritionists and dietitians, food scientists and health professionals based in academia, in practice and in commercial positions such as within the food and pharmaceutical industries. Multiple copies of this valuable book should also be on the shelves of all universities, medical schools and research establishments where these subjects are studied and taught. For supplementary material associated with this textbook and its contents, please visit the web pages for this book, on the publishers' website: http://www. blackwellpublishing. com/eastwood/ Martin Eastwood was formerly consultant gastroenterologist at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, U. K. and Reader in Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, U. K.
66,00 62,70

Il mio peso, la mia salute. Come e perché si mettono su chili di troppo. Come si perdono in modo intelligente. Come si vive in forma sani e felici...

Arturo Cocchi

editore: Orme Editori

pagine: 232

Un piccolo manuale di stile alimentare e di vita, per ritrovare la linea migliore e mantenerla, imparando a gestire l'equilibrio tra entrate e uscite di energia, soprattutto combattendo la sedentarietà. E senza abboccare alle molteplici offerte di diete miracolose molto più efficaci a far perdere tempo e denaro piuttosto che chili. Con esempi pratici di comportamenti corretti ed errati, a casa e al ristorante, in una giornata di ufficio o festiva, in città o in spiaggia, a Firenze o a New York. Il tutto da un giornalista che segue l'argomento nutrizione da anni, e che obeso è stato davvero. Arturo Cocchi è giornalista professionista, nel 1995 entra alla redazione romana de "la Repubblica" al supplemento settimanale "Salute".

Integratori dietetici per gli atleti di endurance

Antonio Jose, R. Stout Jeffrey

editore: La Libreria di Olympian's News

pagine: 144

22,00 20,90
70,00 66,50
29,50 28,03
15,00 14,25

Dieta Mayr

Paolo Cataldi

editore: Red Edizioni

pagine: 107

Lo stato di salute di una persona è in stretta relazione con lo stato di salute del suo intestino. Conseguenza diretta o indiretta dell'intossicazione intestinale sono danni al tubo digerente, difetti di portamento, malattie del fegato e della pelle, allergie, reumatismi, nevralgie, disturbi cardiocircolatori e renali, e persino le dipendenze da fumo, caffè, alcol. La dieta Mayr indica i provvedimenti che risanano: un'iniziale digiuno, totale o attenuato, che pulisce e disintossica; la scelta dei cibi più digeribili, privi di cellulosa; l'uso abbondante di pane raffermo inzuppato nel latte; una masticazione corretta; il lavaggio del tubo digerente; il massaggio addominale. Dopo la cura, il libro indica come compiere quel delicato passaggio da una 'dieta di transizione' alla dieta definitiva.
10,50 9,98

Aggiornamenti in nutrizione clinica

a cura di M. G. Gentile

editore: Il Pensiero Scientifico

pagine: 206


L'alimentazione intelligente. Il piacere di nutrirsi mangiando

Alessandra Buronzo

editore: Edizioni Mediterranee

pagine: 160

L'alimentazione intelligente è un libro che permette a tutte le persone attente alla qualità della vita di trovare il modo di alimentarsi più adatto, scegliendo in piena libertà. Il suo scopo è quello di far cadere gli schemi imposti dalle teorie alimentari già confezionate per portare ogni persona a scoprire la propria natura, riuscendo così ad essere capace di cogliere il consiglio giusto per arrivare alla forma desiderata. Ci vengono spiegati gli "errori" che possiamo compiere senza neppure rendercene conto, schiavi come siamo delle solite vecchie abitudini, responsabili di tanti disturbi digestivi. Una volta definito ciò che è bene evitare, ci viene spiegato come si può facilmente trarre energia attraverso un'alimentazione corretta. Riusciamo finalmente ad avere un'idea chiara su alcuni alimenti oggi di moda, ma di cui poco realmente si conosce, come, per esempio, le alghe ed i vari tipi di latte vegetale; al tempo stesso possiamo approfondire le conoscenze su cereali, frutta secca, succhi di verdure e molti altri prodotti ancora. In questo libro vengono proposte alcune teorie del vasto e complesso mondo dell'alimentazione per permettere al lettore di avere una cultura in merito, ma soprattutto di poter riflettere sulle tante possibilità esistenti per nutrirsi corretttamente.
13,50 12,83

La dieta per la prevenzione del cancro. Alimentazione e macrobiotica nella lotta contro il cancro

Michio Kushi, Alex Jack

editore: Edizioni Mediterranee

pagine: 404

In quest'opera, l'autore, che cominciò a studiare il cancro in relazione alla dieta circa mezzo secolo fa, rende l'argomento estremamente chiaro e accessibile a tutti, presentando un programma alimentare di base che può essere facilmente attuato in ogni casa. Il volume contiene: una introduzione alla dieta: un regime alimentare macrobiotico equilibrato, basato sulla cucina tradizionale orientale e su quella occidentale; una guida per alleviare i quindici tipi di cancro più diffusi: cause alimentari, fattori causali e circostanziali, consigli dietetici, esercizi fisici e mentali; casi vissuti: le guarigioni ottenute con l'ausilio della macrobiotica, 100 ricette, menù settimanali e consigli pratici sull'alimentazione naturale.
19,50 18,53
18,00 17,10

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