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Comprehensive Atlas Of Ultrasound-Guided Pain Management Injection Techniques

Comprehensive Atlas Of Ultrasound-Guided Pain Management Injection Techniques
titolo Comprehensive Atlas Of Ultrasound-Guided Pain Management Injection Techniques
argomenti Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione Anestesia locoregionale
Medicina Ecografia Opere di carattere generale
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 1224
pubblicazione 2013
ISBN 9781451186703
215,00 204,25 (-5%)

Comprehensive Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Pain Management Injection Techniques depicts in crisp, step-by-step detail how to prepare and perform injections under ultrasound guidance. Over 160 ultrasound-guided injection techniques are depicted in short, easy to review chapters with hundreds of full color photographs and illustrations. The accompanying website presents many of these techniques in video. Coverage includes techniques for head, neck, shoulder, elbow and forearm, wrist and hand, chest wall, trunk and abdomen, low back, hip and pelvis, knee and lower extremity, and foot and ankle. Visualizing patient anatomy and correlating it to ultrasound output is a crucial skill for these procedures, and is clearly demonstrated with anatomical illustrations placed side-by-side with ultrasound images. Transducer positioning and proper needle angle are also clearly demonstrated in illustrations, photographs, and in video accompanying the text. This text demonstrates the ease and utility of ultrasound in a comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing layout. Images are oversized for viewing ease and text is direct, succinct, and easy to read. Features: each technique will illustrate the relevant anatomy; each technique is accompanied by full-color illustrations and photographs; uses a step-by-step, how-to approach to describe each technique; and accompanying videos further illustrate the techniques.


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