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Clinical Tuberculosis

Clinical Tuberculosis
titolo Clinical Tuberculosis
autori , ,
argomenti Medicina Pneumologia Anatomia patologica apparato respiratorio
Medicina Pneumologia Tubercolosi
Medicina Pneumologia
editore Hodder Arnold
formato Libro
pagine 576
pubblicazione 2008
ISBN 9780340948408
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Over three previous editions, Clinical Tuberculosis has established itself as an indispensable guide to all aspects of tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment. This fully revised and updated fourth edition provides practical guidance to healthcare professionals involved in any aspect of patient management or disease control; chapters are included on epidemiology, pathology, immunology, disease presentation, diagnosis, treatment and management options. The problem of TB associated with HIV infection is given special emphasis, as are the increasing problems of multi-drug resistant strains and environmentally opportunistic mycobacteria. Chapter authors have been hand-picked to represent the most up-to-date thinking in their particular subject areas, making Clinical Tuberculosis the essential reference work for the bookshelves of respiratory physicians, infectious disease specialists, public health workers and other individuals involved in the management and control of tuberculosis worldwide.


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PART 1 BACKGROUND 1 The history of tuberculosis from earliest times to the development of drugs 2 Epidemiology PART 2 PATHOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY 3 Genotyping and its implications for transmission dynamics and tuberculosis 4 Mycobacterium tuberculosis: the organism 5 The diagnosis of tuberculosis 6 Immunodiagnostic tests 7 Histopathology 8 Human immune response to tuberculosis PART 3 CLINICAL ASPECTS 9 Respiratory tuberculosis 10 Non-respiratory tuberculosis 11 Tuberculosis in childhood PART 4 TREATMENT 12 Clinical pharmacology of the antituberculosis drugs 13 Chemotherapy including drug-resistant therapy and future developments 14 New developments in treatment 15 International standards for tuberculosis care: integrating tuberculosis care and control 16 The surgical management of tuberculosis and its complications 17 Directly observed therapy and other aspects of management of tuberculosis care 18 DOTS and DOTS-Plus PART 5 TUBERCULOSIS IN SPECIAL SITUATIONS 19 The association between HIV and tuberculosis in the developing world, with special focus on sub-Saharan Africa 20 HIV and TB in industrialized countries 21 Tuberculosis and migration PART 6 PREVENTION 22 Preventive therapy 23 Clinical interpretation of tests for latent tuberculosis infection 24 BCG vaccination PART 7 CONTROL 25 Control of tuberculosis in low-prevalence countries 26 Control of tuberculosis in high-prevalence countries 27 The role of the specialist TB nurse 28 Global Plan to Stop TB 2006-2015 PART 8 RELATED ASPECTS 29 Environmental mycobacteria 30 Animal tuberculosis PART 9 CONCLUSIONS 31 Conclusions

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