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Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders

Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders
titolo Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders
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argomenti Medicina Neurologia Malattie neuromuscolari
Medicina Neurologia
editore Elsevier Science Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 768
pubblicazione 2011
ISBN 9780444520142
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The Handbook of Clinical Neurology Vol 100: Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders discusses hyperkinetic disorders related mainly to basal ganglia dysfunction and pathology. It contains 13 sections and 51 chapters written by authoritative and experienced investigators and clinicians in this extremely broad and diverse group of diseases and syndromes. The first section on choreoathetoid diseases and syndromes includes chapters on Huntington's disease and Huntington's disease look-alikes; spinocerebellar degenerations; neuroacanthocytosis; entatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy; neuroferritinopathy; neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation; mitochondrial disorders; acquired hepatocerebral degeneration; benign hereditary chorea; and "senile chorea. The remaining chapters focus on the abnormal involuntary movements associated with each disease or syndrome. These include immune-related chorea, vascular chorea, metabolic disturbances that can induce chorea, chorea in other medical settings (e.g., postpump chorea in children, cancer-related paraneoplastic syndromes), myoclonus, essential tremor, and dystonia, including dystonia plus syndromes. There are also chapters on tardive dyskinesia, unusual clinical syndromes, and tics and stereotyped movements in children. The text is a valuable resource for neurology and psychiatry residents, practicing neurologists and psychiatrists, and specialists in movement disorders. * An authoritative, comprehensive guide to movement disorders * An invaluable reference for the diagnosis and treatment of hyperkinetic diseases and syndromes * High-level discussions that are ideal for specialists in movement disorders, practitioners and residents alike

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SECTION 1 - Choreoathetoid Diseases and Syndromes. SECTION 2 - Immune Related Chorea. SECTION 3 - Vascular Related Chorea. SECTION 4 - Metabolic Disturbances. SECTION 5 - Chorea in Other Medical Settings. SECTION 6 - Other Syndromes. SECTION 7 - Athetosis. SECTION 8 - Myoclonus. SECTION 9 - Essential Tremor. SECTION 10 - Dystonia. SECTION 11 - Tardive Dyskinesia. SECTION 12 - Tics. SECTION 13 - Other Syndromes.

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