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The Identification and Treatment of Gait Problems in Cerebral Palsy

titolo The Identification and Treatment of Gait Problems in Cerebral Palsy
Autori , , ,
Editore Mac Keith Press
Formato Libro
Pagine 660
Pubblicazione 2009
ISBN 9781898683650
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The only book to deal specifically with the treatment of gait problems in cerebral palsy, this comprehensive, multi-disciplinary volume will be invaluable for all those working in the field of cerebral palsy and gait (neurologists, therapists, physiatrists, orthopaedic and neurosurgeons, and bioengineers). The book is divided into two parts. The first is designed to help the reader evaluate and understand a child with cerebral palsy. It deals with neurological control, musculoskeletal growth, and normal gait, as well as cerebral injury, growth deformities and gait pathology in children with cerebral palsy. The second section is a comprehensive overview of management. It emphasizes the most fundamental concept of treatment: manage the child's neurologic dysfunction first and then address the skeletal and muscular consequences of that dysfunction. The book has been thoroughly updated since the previous edition, with a greater focus on treatment and several entirely new topics covered, including chapters on the operative treatment of orthopaedic deformities. The book is accompanied by a DVD containing a teaching video on normal gait and a CD-ROM containing the videos and motion analysis data of all case examples used in the book, as well as teaching videos demonstrating the specifics of many of the procedures used in the correction of gait deformities and gait modelling examples from the Department of Bioengineering at Stanford University.

Indice testuale

PART 1: GAIT PROBLEMS IN CEREBRAL PALSY SECTION 1 TYPICAL MUSCULOSKELETAL DEVELOPMENT 1.1 THE NEURAL CONTROL OF MOVEMENT Warwick J. Peacock (San Francisco, California, USA) 1.2 MUSCULOSKELETAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Steven E. Koop (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 1.3 NORMAL GAIT James R. Gage and Michael H. Schwartz (St Paul, Minnnesota, USA) SECTION 2: GAIT PATHOLOGY IN INDIVIDUALS WITH CEREBRAL PALSY 2.1 MECHANISMS AND MANIFESTATIONS OF NEONATAL BRAIN INJURY Adre DuPlessis (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) 2.2 THE PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF SPASTICITY Warwick J. Peacock (San Francisco, California, USA) 2.3 BASAL GANGLIA INJURY AND RESULTING MOVEMENT DISORDERS Leland Albright (Madison, Wisconsin, USA) 2.4 CONSEQUENCES OF BRAIN INJURY ON MUSCULOSKELETAL DEVELOPMENT James R. Gage and Michael H. Schwartz (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 2.5 MUSCLE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION IN CEREBRAL PALSY Adam P. Shortland, Nicola R. Fry, Anne E. McNee and Martin Gough (London, UK) 2.6 CLASSIFICATION OF CEREBRAL PALSY AND PATTERNS OF GAIT PATHOLOGY Sylvia Ounpuu (Hartford, Connnecticut, USA), Pam Thomason (Melbourne, Australia), Adrienne Harvey (Melbourne, Australia) and H. Kerr Graham (Melbourne, Australia) 2.7 NATURAL HISTORY OF AMBULATION WITH CEREBRAL PALSY Steven E. Koop (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) SECTION 3: PATIENT ASSESSMENT 3.1 CLINICAL ASSESSMENT Joyce P. Trost (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 3.2 FOOT BIOMECHANICS AND PATHOLOGY Susan Sohrweide (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 3.3 NEUROIMAGING OF THE BRAIN Beverly Wical (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 3.4 RAGIOGRAPHIC EVALUATION OF THE PATIENT WITH CEREBRAL PALSY KevinWalker (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 3.5 GAIT ANALSIS: KINEMATICS, KINETICS, EMG AND OXYGEN James R. Gage and Jean Stout (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 3.6 MODELING AND SIMULATION OF NORMAL AND PATHOLOGICAL GAIT Jennifer L. Hicks (Stanford, California, USA), Michael H. Schwartz (St Paul, Minneosta, USA) and Scott L. Delp (Stanford, California, USA) PART 2: TREATMENT SECTION 4: NON-OPERATIVE TREATMENT 4.1 PHYSICAL THERAPY Susan Murr and Katie Walt (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 4.2 ORTHOSES Tom F. Novacheck, Gary J. Kroll, George Gent, Adam Rozumalski, Camilla Beattie and Michael H. Schwartz (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 4.3 PHARMACOLOGICALTREATMENT WITH ORAL MEDICATIONS Marcie Ward (St Paul, USA) 4.4 PHARMACOLOGICAL TREATMENT WITH BOTULINUM TOXIN Kaat Desloovere and Guy Molenaers (Leuven, Belgium) SECTION 5: OPERATIVE TREATMENT 5.1 TREATMENT OF SPASTICITY WITH INTRATHECAL BACLOFEN Linda E. Krach (St Paul, Minneosta, USA) 5.2 TREATMENT OF SPASTICITY WITH SELECTIVE DORSAL RHIZOTOMY Joyce P. Trost, Mary E. Dunn, Linda E. Krach, Tom F. Novacheck and Michael H. Schwartz (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 5.3 NEUROSURGICAL TREATMENT OF DYSTONIA Leland Albright (Madison, Wisconsin, USA) 5.4 REHABILITATION FOLLOWING SPASTICITY REDUCTION Linda E. Krach (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 5.5 ORTHOPAEDIC TREATMENT OF MUSCLE CONTRACTURES Tom F. Novacheck (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 5.6 ORTHOPAEDIC TREATMENT OF LONG-BONE TORSIONS James R. Gage (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 5.7 ORTHOPAEDIC TREATMENT OF HIP DYSPLASIA Henry G. Chambers (San Diego, California, USA) 5.8 ORTHOPAEDIC TREATMENT OF FOOT DEFORMITIES Jon R. Davids (Greenville, South Carolina, USA) 5.9 POSTOPERATIVE CARE AND REHABILITATION Steven E. Koop and Susan Murr (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 5.10 GENERAL ISSUES OF RECURRENCE WITH GROWTH James R. Gage (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) 5.11 TREATMENT OF CROUCH GAIT Jean Stout, Tom F. Novacheck, James R. Gage and Michael H. Schwartz (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) SECTION 6: ASSESMENT OF OUTCOME 6.1 MEASUREMENT TOOLS AND METHODS Adrienne Harvey, Pam Thomason and H. Kerr Graham (Melbourne, Australia) 6.2 CONSEQUENCES OF INTERVENTIONS Pam Thomason and H. Kerr Graham (Melbourne, Australia)

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