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Libri di William J. Weiner

Parkinson's Disease

Diagnosis and Clinical Management

Stewart A. Factor, William J. Weiner

editore: Demos Medical Publishing

pagine: 912

Parkinson's disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disease in the world. Still the only major text on the subject, the completely revised and updated second edition of "Parkinson's Disease: Diagnosis and Clinical Management" comes at a time when specialists have made important advances in our understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, investigation, and management of Parkinson's disease.The book includes 23 completely new chapters, and has updated information on: Genetics; Pathology; Biomarkers; Pathogenesis; Impulse control disorders in Parkinson's disease; Updated outcome measures; and, complementary and alternative medicine for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.Together the chapters form a comprehensive review of the many issues facing PD physicians today. Lucid and easily readable from beginning to end, each chapter may also stand on its own as a scholarly review of the individual subject. Each one is concisely written and heavily referenced for this purpose.The second edition of "Parkinson's Disease: Diagnosis and Clinical Management" provides a state-of-the-art review of where we've been, where we are now, and where we are going in treating this disease.
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Neurology for the Non-Neurologist

Christopher G. Goetz, Robert K. Shin
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 624

Neurology for the Non-Neurologist, Sixth Edition is a practical guide for primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and other non-neurologist clinicians who encounter patients with neurologic problems. The book begins with overviews of neurologic symptoms, the neurologic examination, diagnostic tests, and neuroradiology, and then covers the full range of neurologic disorders that non-neurologists encounter. Chapters follow a consistent structure with key elements highlighted for quick scanning. Each chapter begins with Key Points and includes Special Clinical Points interspersed with the text to focus readers on the most crucial details. The authors alert readers to Special Considerations in the Hospitalized Patient and When a Non-neurologist Should Consider Referring to a Neurologist. Each chapter ends with an Always Remember section emphasizing the most important practical issues and a series of self-study questions.
62,00 58,90

Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders

D. F. Swaab, Eduardo Tolosa
e altri

editore: Elsevier Science Ltd

pagine: 768

The Handbook of Clinical Neurology Vol 100: Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders discusses hyperkinetic disorders related mainly to basal ganglia dysfunction and pathology. It contains 13 sections and 51 chapters written by authoritative and experienced investigators and clinicians in this extremely broad and diverse group of diseases and syndromes. The first section on choreoathetoid diseases and syndromes includes chapters on Huntington's disease and Huntington's disease look-alikes; spinocerebellar degenerations; neuroacanthocytosis; entatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy; neuroferritinopathy; neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation; mitochondrial disorders; acquired hepatocerebral degeneration; benign hereditary chorea; and "senile chorea. The remaining chapters focus on the abnormal involuntary movements associated with each disease or syndrome. These include immune-related chorea, vascular chorea, metabolic disturbances that can induce chorea, chorea in other medical settings (e.g., postpump chorea in children, cancer-related paraneoplastic syndromes), myoclonus, essential tremor, and dystonia, including dystonia plus syndromes. There are also chapters on tardive dyskinesia, unusual clinical syndromes, and tics and stereotyped movements in children. The text is a valuable resource for neurology and psychiatry residents, practicing neurologists and psychiatrists, and specialists in movement disorders. * An authoritative, comprehensive guide to movement disorders * An invaluable reference for the diagnosis and treatment of hyperkinetic diseases and syndromes * High-level discussions that are ideal for specialists in movement disorders, practitioners and residents alike
220,00 209,00

Parkinson's Disease

Diagnosis and Clinical Management

Stuart A. Factor, William J. Weiner

editore: Demos Medical Publishing

pagine: 714

Parkinson's disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disease. As the population of the industrialized world ages the impact of this disease on clinical neurology will expand. The growing literature regarding PD reflects this phenomenon. The time is now appropriate for a comprehensive text on PD that provides the reader with an up-to-date review on the multiple aspects of the disease and puts them into perspective. The scholarly contributions from many of the leading researchers in the field has made such a text a reality. This book will be useful to movement disorder specialists, general neurologists and neurology residents, gerontologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, and neuroscience researchers. The text provides both theoretical and practical approaches to PD.
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