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Management and Prevention of Thrombosis

Management and Prevention of Thrombosis
titolo Management and Prevention of Thrombosis
autori , ,
argomento Medicina Ematologia Emostasi e trombosi
editore Hodder Arnold
formato Libro
pagine 372
pubblicazione 2001
ISBN 9780340761250
66,90 63,56 (-5%)
This text provides a comprehensive practical guide to the understanding and management of thromboembolytic disease. Management of thrombosis, formerly the domain of the cardiologist or haemotologist, has become an increasingly significant issue in primary care and general practice, particularly as the range of therapies available has increased. With a uniform structure taking the reader through a background pathophysiology chapter, management strategies and drug administration, this text aims to provide a valuable guide to the general physician who lacks formal training in this area plus the trainee or pracitising cardiologist, haematologist and cardiovascular surgeon. Each chapter includes an introduction, background or pathophysiology when appropriate, and comprehensive coverage of management options. It also incorporates most therapies with exact dosing and administration schedules.

Indice testuale

Principles of homeostasis and thrombosis; the hypercoagulable state and laboratory assessment; hereditary clotting disorders; acquired hypercoagulable states; heparing and low-molecular weight heparing; antiplatelet therapy; warfarin therapy; modalities for assessing deep vein thrombosis; prophylaxis for deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism; treatment of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism; inferior vena cava filter; anticoagulation related bleeding; non-haemorrhagic complications for anticoagulant therapy; management of anticoagulation before and after invasive procedures; thrombosis therapy in atrial fibrillation; antithrombosis therapy in prosthetic heart valves; antithrombosis therapy in coronary artery disease and cardiomyopathy; antithrombotic therapy in cerebrovascular disease; establishing and operating an anticoagulation programme.

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