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Managing Oral Anticoagulation Therapy

Clinical and Operational Guidelines

Ann K. Wittkowsky, Jack E. Ansell
e altri

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 432

Managing Oral Anticoagulation Therapy: Clinical and Operational Guidelines provides the resources and information to enhance the care of patients receiving oral anticoagulation therapy. Written by a diverse and multidisciplinary group of health care professionals with hands-on experience, this book focuses on the anticoagulation management service--a model of anticoagulation care that is systematic, organized, and coordinated. All aspects of development and implementation of this care model are addressed. The book is divided into two sections: Part 1, Establishing an Anticoagulation Management Service, and Part 2, The Use of Oral Anticoagulants. Chapters include guidelines and flow sheets used in anticoagulation programs, as well as policy and procedure examples.
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