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Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash Injuries
titolo Whiplash Injuries
sottotitolo Diagnosis and Treatment
autori , ,
editore Springer Verlag
formato Libro
pagine 404
pubblicazione 2014
ISBN 9788847054851
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The new edition of this book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of whiplash-associated disorders, focusing in particular on a functional approach to clinical and instrumental diagnosis and rehabilitative treatment. It fully reflects the changes in our understanding of whiplash injuries since the first edition, and in particular the increased awareness that whiplash is a whole-body trauma in which forces act progressively from the lumbar region to the brain, through the cervical spine. Detailed attention is paid to the functional connections between the sense organs of the inner ear, the sympathetic system, and the spine with a view to optimizing diagnosis and treatment. It is explained how various treatment options can be employed to best effect in patients with different symptoms, following, but updating, the well-known Quebec Task Force guidelines. Underestimated aspects such as positional vertigo, somatic tinnitus, temporomandibular disorders, and back pain are also considered. This book will be an invaluable tool in everyday clinical practice for all who are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injury.


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1 Whiplash: an Interdisciplinary Challenge.- Part I General Aspects.- 2 Epidemiology of Whiplash Associated Disorders.- 3 Functional Anatomy.- 4 Kinematics and Dynamics of the Vehicle/Seat/Occupant System Regarding Whiplash Injuries.- 5 Whiplash Lesions: Orthopedic Considerations.- 6 Neurology of Whiplash.- 7 Radiological Evaluation.- Part II Pathophysiology.- 8 The Vestibulovertebral Functional Unit.- 9 Pathophysiology.- 10 Posturology in Whiplash.- 11 Autonomic Effects of Whiplash.- 12 Whiplash Associated Temporomandibular Disorders.- 13 Whiplash Injuries and Sport.- 14 Whiplash Associated Somatic Tinnitus.- Part III Evaluation.- 15 Anamnesis.- 16 Whiplash Effects on Postural Control: Introduction.- 17 Static Posturography and whiplash.- 18 Dynamic Posturography.- 19 Cervico-Cephalic Interaction.- 20 Whiplash Effects on the Inner Ear.- 21 Vestibular Evoked Potentials in Relapsing Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.- 22 Whiplash Effects on Brain: Voluntary Eye Movements.- 23 Whiplash Effects on Brain: Optokinetic Nistagmus and Visuo-vestibular Interaction.- 24 Abducting Interocular Ophthalmoplegia After Whiplash Injuries.- Part IV Treatment.- 25 Pharmacological Treatment of Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD).- 26 Physiotherapy.- 27 Manual Medicine in Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD).- 28 Rehabilitation Strategy According to the Quebec Classification.- 29 Vestibular re-education and vestibular rehabilitation.- 30 Vestibular electrical stimulation.- 31 The Neurophysiological Basis of Vestibular Electrical Stimulation.- 32 Ski trainer oscillating platform Proprioceptive Reeducation.- 33 Visual Feedback Postural Control Reeducation.- 34 Neurorehabilitation of Ataxia.- 35 Rehabilitation of multiple trauma patient.- 36 Acupuncture and chinese medicine in Cervical disorders and Chronic Pain.- 37 Acupuncture and chinese medicine in Equilibrium Disorders.- Part V Conclusive remarks.- 38 Management of Treatment of WADs: Conclusive Remarks.

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