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Sclerosi multipla

Multiple Sclerosis

Immunology, Pathology and Pathophysiology

Robert M. Herndon

editore: Demos Medical Publishing

pagine: 400

Knowledge has been described as being like an expanding sphere with the volume of knowledge contacting a surface on the unknown. This new comprehensive review of the many fields of basic and clinical research that impact our understanding of multiple sclerosis has its basis in this premise. In doing research on MS it is not enough to know clinical neurology or neurochemistry or neuroanatomy or pathology; it is important to understand the many other areas that relate to them. This volume provides an overview of MS related research and will benefit many investigators in the field and help to advance our efforts to cure this, thus far intractable, disease.
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Multiple Sclerosis

The Guide to Treatment and Management

William A. Sibley

editore: Demos Medical Publishing

pagine: 137

The huge expansion of information available about MS, not least on the Internet, has put the individual with MS in a position to take increasing responsibility for her or his own care. There is thus a need for a comprehensive, readily accessible guide to the present therapeutic options, which will give the inquirer a balanced guide to the relative effectiveness of individual treatments. This book is designed to do just that. This bestselling title is a unique compendium of the most frequently used treatments for multiple sclerosis, an authoritative reference for all physicians, and a factual guide for patients who need information about therapies. This new edition has been extensively revised both in content and format from previous editions. Its organization into sections dealing with the treatment of acute exacerbations, disease-modifying therapies, symptom management, and alternative therapies makes the book much more accessible to the reader. The title has been changed from "Therapeutic Claims in Multiple Sclerosis" to reflect the major restructuring of this edition and to better describe the range and focus of the content.
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Multiple Sclerosis Therapeutics

Richard Rudick

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 784

This textbook examines the most important aspects of multiple sclerosis that impact on clinical trial design, on the development of new disease therapies and on patient care. The international team of contributors discuss the clinical course of multiple sclerosis, its clinical heterogeneity, the presence of subclinical disease activity which occurs during the early stages of the disease. Multiple sclerosis presents clinical challenges: from unexpected and irregular relapses to profressive deterioration.
153,60 145,92

Neuropsicologia clinica della sclerosi multipla

Maria Catena Quattropani

editore: Armando Editore

pagine: 128

Un testo che nasce dall'esigenza di fornire agli studenti dei corsi di laurea in psicologia una revisione agevole per la comprensione dei principali disturbi neuropsicologici della sclerosi multipla. Sempre più frequentemente, infatti, gli psicologi operano in reparti di neurologia, trovandosi a dover valutare le funzioni cognitive in tale patologia per motivi diagnostici, riabilitativi o medico-legali. Il presente volume, oltre ad offrire una descrizione clinica dei principali disturbi neuropsicologici, affronta i metodi diagnostici con la descrizione delle specifiche prove e fornisce qualche commento sulla terapia.

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