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Libri di Duffy

Essentials of Paediatric Urology

Duffy, Rickwood
e altri

editore: Taylor & Francis Ltd

pagine: 264

Designed as an easy to use reference, Essentials of Pediatrics Urology provides concise, authoritative, and up to the minute information on the diagnosis and current management of the urological conditions of childhood. The authors combine a didactic and accessible format with content, which is, as far as possible, evidence-based. The book contains color diagrams and uses bullet points to give a syllabus-like presentation of the information. The charts, algorithms, and key points section allow for quick reference to the essential information presented in the text. The book presents pediatric urology in an easy to read manner that enables readers to easily grasp the complex concepts of this surgical specialty.
143,25 121,76

Essentials of Paediatric Urology

Anthony M. K. Rickwood, David F. M. Thomas
e altri

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 400

This excellent and superbly illustrated text provides surgical trainees and non specialists with an updated and extensively revised account of the urological disorders of childhood . The second edition reflects the many advances and innovations in paediatric urology since the first edition was published in 2002 and incorporates suggestions and feedback from readers and reviewers of the first edition of Essentials of Paediatric Urology. There are new chapters on "The Child as Patient" that highlights the important differences in the approach to caring for children and adults, and provides clarification on legal and ethical issues concerning consent; and, minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery, reflecting the innovative advances in effective patient care; and a new multiple choice question chapter with cross-references to the text, as requested by many readers of the first edition, thus providing an aide-memoire for those undergoing speciality examinations. This popular text was never intended to duplicate the large reference books written primarily for specialists. Instead it fulfils a unique role as the only textbook of paediatric urology written primarily for trainees and those practising adult urology, paediatric surgery and paediatric urology . The second edition continues to meet this need as well as providing a ready source of reference for non-specialists including paediatricians and nurses. Like the first edition, the new edition is accessible and concise with a visual format characterized by extensive use of colour illustrations, flow charts and diagrams.
245,00 208,25

Quantitative Methods for the Evaluation of Cancer Screening

C. Hill, Jacques Esteve
e altri

editore: Hodder Arnold

pagine: 176

Cancer screening programmes have become routine practice throughout the developed world -- aiming to detect the presence of the disease prior to the manifestation of symptoms, and to increase the likelihood of successful treatment. Naturally, these programmes require regular monitoring to ensure that screening quality is maintained, and to advance the early-warning system as much as possible. Quantitative Methods for the Evaluation of Cancer Screening is a professional title designed to provide the researchers of these screening programmes with up-to-date methods and tools for improving evaluation. The book presents an introduction to cancer screening and to the methods that are employed for its monitoring, followed by an in-depth account of the more complicated modelling approaches. Each chapter is written by an international expert in the field, and imparts practical specialist information that the reader can apply to the evaluation of their own programmes. Case studies illustrate the methods in practice and provide further illumination of the fields of breast, cervix, large bowel, and neuroblastoma screening.
76,44 64,97

Medical Complications During Pregnancy

Gerard N. Burrow, J Copel
e altri

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 592

The revised and updated 6th Edition of this popular reference presents multidisciplinary coverage on the full spectrum of complications associated with pregnancy, including pre-existing conditions. Thirty-one expert contributors offer readers state-of-the art guidance on the clinical management of the various conditions that affect and are effected by pregnancy. The book addresses the hottest topics in the field, such as post-partum depression and bioethics. For each condition, the book offers comprehensive coverage of pathophysiology as well as state-of-the-art guidance on effective management.
99,00 84,15

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