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Essentials of Paediatric Urology

Essentials of Paediatric Urology
titolo Essentials of Paediatric Urology
autori , ,
argomento Medicina Pediatria Nefrourologia pediatrica
editore Taylor & Francis Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 264
pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9781901865257
143,25 121,76
Risparmi: € 21,49
Designed as an easy to use reference, Essentials of Pediatrics Urology provides concise, authoritative, and up to the minute information on the diagnosis and current management of the urological conditions of childhood. The authors combine a didactic and accessible format with content, which is, as far as possible, evidence-based. The book contains color diagrams and uses bullet points to give a syllabus-like presentation of the information. The charts, algorithms, and key points section allow for quick reference to the essential information presented in the text. The book presents pediatric urology in an easy to read manner that enables readers to easily grasp the complex concepts of this surgical specialty.

Indice testuale

Embryology. Renal Physiology and Renal Failure. Imaging. Urinary Infection. Vesicoureteric Reflux. Upper Tract Obstruction: Pathophysiology and Diagnosis. Upper Tract Obstruction: Clinical Management. Duplication Anomalies, Ureterocoeles and EctopicUreters. Posterior Urethral Valves and Other Urethral Abnormalities. Cystic Renal Disease. Prenatal Diagnosis. Stone Disease in Children. Urinary Incontinence. Neuropathic Bladder. The Urinary Tract in Anorectal Malformations, Multisystem Disorders andSyndromes. Bladder Exstrophy and Epispadias. Hypospadias. The Prepuce. Testis, Hydrocoele and Variocoele. The Acute Scrotum. Intersex and Pediatric Gynecology. Genitourinary Malignancies. Urogenital Trauma. Adolescent Urology.

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